18 March 2008

Billy Bang, Dennis Charles - 'Bangception'

Serviceton has very kindly upped a great Billy Bang recording, and also supplied some further backgound to Bang, (many thanks, serviceton):-

most of Billy Bang's back catalogue is still in print - including his great 80s records on Soul Note (stuff arcturus is referring to above), and the String Trio of New York albums on Black Saint (recommended).There are 2 albums more recently issued that reflect on his Vietnam experience, feat. Threadgill, Butch Morris, F Lowe etc - these are really worthwhile too. (+ other titles avail. that I haven't heard)

This one, is a duo with Dennis Charles - 'Banception'. Relased early 80s on Hatart, and reissued in the late 90's on CD. Although some shops seem to have copies of the CD, the Hat website shows it as Out Of Print.These files ripped from vinyl though, not CD. The LP had an amazing dull brown cover, which I've included a scan of, for those that dig 'dull'The music is far from it.

mp3 at 320kbps



jazzme said...

Thank you serviceton keep your eyes on folly I have a couple this weekend to upload , it's a surprise though . jazzme

dalemcbdnl said...

Thanks for the rip on this album. I have for a long time really liked this and the Duet with Lindberg on Amiga. I think they are two of his finest solo efforts. Having said that I'm a little surprised that people seem reticent to comment on Bang's "out of tune" sound. I guess his bowing technique is so unique that one might assume that his approach to pitch (being regularly flat) is ALWAYS intentional. I don't buy that and when I hear it in a larger context (with more musicians like on your recent post "the fire within") it sounds UNINTENTIONALLY dissonant. It's the same with Richard Davis (the bass player). I like many of his albums (either as main or side performer). BUT why don't other people notice it when R. Davis OR B. Bang play flat? Haven't other people heard or noticed? Don't get me wrong, I'm actually a fan of these two musicians and have a lot of their stuff; but I just wondered why I never hear/see remarks about their senses of pitch?

Interesting disparaging remark on the cover art. I sort of agree with you about the cover but not because of its simplicity or brownness. It's the damned spiral ring notebook thing (found on many of the early hatHuts and hatArts); AND the decision to put the informational stuff on both front & back. If the shadowy/abstract cave art (in the brownish field) and the one sweeping line had been left alone (with NO repetitious spiral ring and NO performance details) I think the dullness would have turned to subtlety. Could have been a "SUBTLE" rather than "DULL" cover. Where was the art director during production?


P. S. To reiterate - THANKS FOR THE SHARE!

dalemcbdnl said...

A correction in my comments. The Lindberg/Bang duo is on ANIMA, NOT AMIGA. I was going from memory so sorry about any confusion on the point. This recording on Anima was from about the same time the String Trio of New York was getting going. "First String" (Black Saint 1979) was recorded in the same year.

hookfinger said...

Absilutely dig Bang's stuff. Thanks for sharing this beauty.

hulaboy said...

Thanks a lot. Denis Charles makes me wanna dance.

Anonymous said...

ACK!I'm SO disappointed that this link is DEAD.I have this on vinyl but have been itching to WALK to this record.

jdogg said...

Please re-up. Thanks.