31 October 2011

Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky Octet - Live in Moers '79

Announced in the festival program as the E.L.Petrowsky Octet,
actually this group is the Ulrich Gumpert Workshop Band that
recorded two excellent albums for FMP (FMP 0600 - FMP 0710).
Perhaps, onxi may add some details.

Rec. live at the 8th Moers Jazz Festival, Moers, Germany,
on June 4, 1979 (mics recording)

Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky,soprano & alto sax,flute
Manfred Hering,alto & tenor sax
Helmut Forsthoff,tenor sax
Heinz Becker,trumpet,flugelhorn
Conrad Bauer,trombone
Ulrich Gumpert,piano
Klaus Koch,bass
Günter Sommer,drums

1. Aus Baby's Wunderhorn/Hilferuf einer Schnecke [G.Sommer](21:19)
2. Hahnenkopf/Echos von Karolinenhof/Unknown [U.Gumpert](24:46)
3. Blau Blusen Blues [C.Bauer](09:14)

Total Time 1:01:20


28 October 2011

Count Basie Orchestra - Live in Monterey '77

An explosion of swing in this land of avant-gardism...

Rec. live at "The 20th Monterey Jazz Festival", Monterey, CA,
on September 16, 1977 (radio broadcast)

Count Basie,piano,conductor
Eric Dixon/Jimmy Forrest,tenor saxes
Bobby Plater/Danny Turner,alto saxes
Charles Fowlkes,baritone sax
Bobby Mitchell/Lyn Biviano/Sonny Cohn/Waymon Reed,trumpets
Al Grey/Bill Hughes/Dennis Wilson/Mel Wanzo,trombones
Freddie Green,guitar
John Duke,bass
Butch Miles,drums
Clark Terry,flügelhorn (6)
Dennis Rowland,vocals (8)
Joe Williams,vocals (9-12)

01. The Heat's On (inc.) [S.Nestico](02:32)
02. Cherry [D.Redman](02:59)
03. Things Ain't What They Used To Be [M.Ellington](04:17)
04. Body And Soul [J.Green](05:46)
05. I Needs To Be Bee'd With [Q.Jones](04:35)
06. Basie! [E.Wilkins](04:17)
07. Summertime [G.Gershwin](04:28)
08. Every Day I Have The Blues [M.Slim](04:57)
09. Goin' To Chicago [C.Basie/J.Rushing](05:02)
10. All Right, Okay, You Win [M.Watts/S.Wyche]((02:42)
11. Cherry Red [B.J.Turner/P.Johnson]/Person To Person [E.C.Vinson](08:57)
12. Roll'em, Pete [B.J.Turner/P.Johnson](02:58)
13. One O'Clock Jump [C.Basie](01:21)

Total Time 54:58

Roll'em, Pete

26 October 2011

George Lewis Ensemble - Live in Verona '79

This post completes the documentation of a double performance by the G.Lewis Ensemble at the end of April 1979 in Verona (see AD/DE and GL/RT).
The same Ensemble that recorded "Homage to Charles Parker" for
Black Saint : the two long suites / compositions are clearly an
extended version of the songs on the album.

Special thanks to my dear friend Mr. Zero who recorded the concert.

Rec. live at "Sala della Guardia", Verona, Italy,
on April 30, 1979 (mics recording)

George Lewis,trombone,electronics
Douglas Ewart,alto sax,bass clarinet,flute
Anthony Davis,piano
Richard Teitelbaum,synth

1. Suite #1 (35:44)
2. Suite #2 (46:28)

Total Time 1:22:12

excerpt from Suite #2

Friedrich Gulda-Nachtricht Vom Lande-(Brain - 500.018 lp) 1976)

This is one of Gulda's Lesser known records , oddly enough produced for a label , that specialised in so called 'Kraut Rock', Great bands such as Wolfgang Dauner's Etcetera, Neu, Harmonia,Guru Guru and Embryo as well as tedious forgettable Euro trash, like Birth Control, Jane and Scorpions.. this now unfortunately rare double lp, is the most experimental jazz related outing on the cult label, and is regrettably despite being among the best things on the label almost unknown , certainly little heard ....
it deserves better ,  its a neglected Masterpiece!

Gulda , was one of 20th Century Musics Controversial Eccentrics, Starting his Career as a concert Pianist performing relatively conventional standard repertoire , he developed a reputation as a highly individual interpreter of Mozart, Bach, Schubert and so forth.
by the Fifties his interest turned more and more towards Modern Jazz, his first jazz record 1957's, at Birdland is considered a minor Classic,as is his wildly varied and experimental series of records for MPS, running the Gamut of everything from Third Stream big band , to Funky piano trios, solo free improvisation ,jazz rock and world fusion , to an Extraordinary ,very Bizzare 1971 collaboration with Hippie freak Out Outsiders , Paul And Limpe Fuchs' aka Anima Sound....

This record continues along that same Trajectory, and its basically a series of improvised Jams , with an occasional , structure , or short recurring theme thrown in for good measure..

the Mysterious Ursula Anders , was Gulda's life partner, and plays percussion and various objects on this .... when i originally found this gem 20 something years ago, off course i had no idea , who Gulda was , and was largely interested in Cecil taylor , Surman, Phillips , Mangelsdorff , and Stu Martin (whom incidently at around this time were performing and recording together as Mumps)... that all changed , i am now an Avid Gulda fan ... , it  ISVexing that so little of his fairly large body of work is currently available ...

Hope you enjoy this as much as i do , i have only given the rip a very minor surface clean ... its not an ECM cd , and i refuse to make it sound like one..,
we can only hope that in due course a properly mastered edition , of this including perhaps the material from the Concert which it is rumoured was left off the double lp...

Friedrich Gulda – Nachricht Vom Lande
Label:Brain – BRAIN 500.018 ,Released:1976
A1 Einsamkeiten
A2 Begegnung Auf Moosham
B Wechselnde Begegnungen Auf Moosham

Trombone – Albert Mangelsdorff
C- Mooshamer Begegnungen (Fortsetzung): "Das Gewitter"
Trombone – Albert Mangelsdorff
Composed By – Mangelsdorff*

D1- Mooshamer Begegnungen (Schluß): "Nach Dem Gewitter"
D2- Nachklänge - Rückkehr - Zweisamkeit

Electric Piano [Electro Clavichord], Recorder [Bass], Piano, Bongos, Whistle – Friedrich Gulda
Bass – Barre Phillips (tracks: A1, B to D1)
Composed By – Phillips* (tracks: A1, B to D1), Taylor* (tracks: A2 to C), Gulda*, Surman* (tracks: B to D1), Martin* (tracks: B to D1), Anders* (tracks: A1, B, C, D2)
Drums – Stu Martin (tracks: B to D1)
Drums, Whistle – Ursula Anders (tracks: A1, B, C, D2)
Electric Piano [Electro Clavichord], Recorder [Bass], Piano, Bongos, Whistle – Friedrich Gulda
Piano – Cecil Taylor (tracks: A2 to C)
Saxophone [Soprano, Baritone], Synthesizer – John Surman (tracks: B to D1)

Recorded live in Summer 1976 at Schloß Moosham in Lungau, Salzburg.
Track 2 also includes thunder, wind and rain as background sounds from a thunderstorm.

Please note , have not separated the 2 tracks on D , they run together anyway, NOTE the source vinyl is in only fair condition , playable but very crackly , these are the raw materials do with them what you will.. if anyone has a better rip, post it , if you want to clean this up and repost it here by all means do so.

Ursula Anders and Gulda ,recorded several other Albums together for Interchord, Amadeo.. well worth tracking down is 1980's 'Opus Anders '
i have a very worn Barely playable copy , and am looking to buy Cd which i believe was reissued on Amadeo.

buy some available items if you have the Opportunity
UPDATE- a friend has kindly ripped his own copy , which is in much better shape than mine , i'm deleting my links .... he says he doesnt like the album much , feels that its a complete mismatch .... anyhow here are his links
these are the ones you need

Thanks Glmlr

25 October 2011



Maarten Altena, double bass & cello
Maud Sauer, oboe & alto oboe
Paul Termos, alto saxophone
Wolter Wierbos, trombone

Side A:

1. Eine kleine Marschmusik (Altena) 02:21
2. Improvisation A 03:21
3. Kwik Kwek Kwak (Koppelaar) 04:08
4. Improvisation B 03:38
5. Sperwer (Altena) 04:37
6. Blokkendoos (Sauer) 03:14

Side B:

1. Maecenas (Termos) 04:20
2. Buks (Altena) 05:14
3. Improvisation C 06:45
4. Improvisation D 01:12
5. Veranda (Altena) 03:00

Recorded January 17 and February 7, 1982 at Salomé's, Amsterdam.

CLAXON 82.10 (lp rip)


24 October 2011

STEVE LACY QUINTET Maison de la Radio France, Studio 104, Paris, France Oct 17, 1976 FM

Steve Lacy ss
Derek Bailey g
Irene Aebi voc, violin, cello
Kent Carter b, cello, harp
Noel McGhee dr

1 The Crust
2 Micro Worlds
3 The Throes
4 Flakes

ca. 48 min, excellent sound (A- or a little better even)


Fm > ? > CDR Trade > eac > flac
 Since there's a Steve Lacy Love Fest going on now here's one from DIME, no idea who the original uploader was.

23 October 2011

E.Parker/R.Malfatti/T.Honsinger/R.Bellatalla - Live in Pisa '78

Evan Parker guest of a trio rather active in those years.

Rec. live at "Piazza dei Cavalieri", Pisa, Italy, on July 11,
1978 (mics recording)

Evan Parker,tenor & soprano saxes
Radu Malfatti,trombone (-1)
Tristan Honsinger,cello (-1)
Roberto Bellatalla,bass (-1)

1. EP (16:41)
2. EP/RM/TH/RB (48:57)

Total Time 1:05:38

EP/RM/TH/RB excerpt


Lacy's ,Greatest Japanese lp (IMO, not that i've heard them all), and a very strong Contender for Best Lacy record period !

this was without a doubt one of his very best bands, the searing ecstatic almost unbearable intensity of most of this set ,is unusual and not often found in Lacys ouevre
Even on 'Free'classics like forrest and the zoo,and Roba, lacy is often restrained ,dry analytical , and sounding slightly detached.

Here we have some of his most violently expressionistic gestural playing on record, all while maintaining the spacious and uncluttered character of this sequence of Japanese records...

This definitive version of Deadline ,  is incredibly haunting ,Ikeda, Yoshizawa and Midorikawa hazily shimmering beneath some opiated distant glimpse of a slowly submerging dissapearing floating world ..

Unique and very beautiful....


"This album has a very dark mood, especially with the arco basses and the dissonant piano. The percussion too adds to the mood.
Every one plays well and interprets Lacy's composistions in a way that works exclusively with the selected sideman. If the album was recorded with his regular group at the time (Abei, Potts, Few, Carter, Johnson) it would have been completely different."
'prospectus', (from the comments to our initial mp3 post)

Steve Lacy Sextet-THE WIRE,
1/ The Twain (Lacy) 6:31
2/ Esteem (Lacy) 8:40
3/ The Owl (Lacy) 4:17
4/ The Wire (Lacy) 4:58
5/ Cloudy (Lacy) 6:12
6/ Dead Line (Lacy) 8:06

Recorded at Nippon Columbia's 1st Studio, Tokyo, June 18, 1975
Steve Lacy: soprano saxophone
Masahiko Satoh: piano
Masahiko Togashi: percussion
Keiki Midorikawa: cello, bass
Yoshio Ikeda: bass
Motoharu Yoshizawa: bass

1977 - Denon Jazz (Japan), YX 7553 (LP) 
Note: (3) is a duo with Steve Lacy and Masahiko Togashi.

Don Cherry -Organic Music Society, 1972 - double LP - Caprice CAP 2001 - RIKS DLP1, (Sweden)

A special gift , from our old Crony glmlr, Highly appreciated ....

Read a Review Here

Don Cherry-Organic Music Society
1972 - double LP - Caprice CAP 2001 - RIKS DLP1, Sweden

Recorded on various dates in 1971 & 1972, in Stockholm and Copenhagen.
"Documentary" (i.e. probable amateur) recordings.

Main performers:
Cherry Don, trumpet, piano, voice, percussion, flute
Vasconcelos Nana, percussion, voice
Berger Bengt, percussion, tabla
Temiz Okay, drums, percussion.
plus "various visitors and friends"
Stereo, except as below.

Side A
1. North Brazilian Ceremonial Hymn (mono)
2. Elixir / Manusha Raga Kamboji

Side B
1. Relativity Suite: part one
2. Relativity Suite: part two

Side C
1. Terry's Tune / Hope / The Creator Has a Master Plan / Sidhartha
(one continuous track).

Side D
1. Utopia & Visions
2. Bra Joe from Kilimanjaro (mono) / Terry's Tune (mono)
3. Resa (mono)

thanks Again glmlr!



Maarten Altena, double bass
Maud Sauer, oboe & alto oboe
Paul Termos, alto saxophone
Maurice Horsthuis, viola

Side A:
1. Hendrik Jan 06:20
2. Morina Di Pisa 04:21
3. Beertjes 04:35
4. Duizendpoot 05:56

Side B:
5. Portret van Emo Verkerk (a), Gemacramatiseerd portret (b) 03:23
6. Traan 06:23
7. Prettig Weekend 01:48
8. Bleekgezicht 03:18
9. Bakkum 04:27

Recorded April 13, 1981 (live concert in Pisa, Italy).
The concert was part of the winter program organized by "Center for Research into Improvised Music" (CRIM).

CLAXON 82.11 (lp rip)

Note: Not my rip - the first piece(s) from Side B are missing (B1. Portret van Emo Verkerk, B2 Gemacramatiseerd portret (Termos).

!!!! I got the missing piece !!!! Thanks to N. for sending it! See comments for the link...


22 October 2011

Jack Wright-Large Ensemble,8x9-LimitedSedition-LS025, 2000

For Kevin , and anyone else who missed it , Jack Wright's, large ensemble-8x9, on the Too little known , but Qualitatively Major ,CDR ,Artist operated Label LimitedSedition... check the links , and if possible we Urge you to support a very worthwhile ,rare  fixture on the American scene ,an Artist run independent label Specialising in Free improvised music....

As for this particular release , i consider myself fortunate to have chanced a purchase, Its superb highly imaginative , free music at its contemporary best, as fascinating as anything in the genre i have ever heard , truly stunning!!
Jack Wright deserves to be better known , as do many of the others performing here... i cant recommend this enough, its a disc i listen too frequently , which grows in stature with every listen..
A Knotty Listen ,Beautifully spontaneously orchestrated ...
I cant think of Anything on Erstwhile, Durian, Grob and a whole raft of other Labels , that i have enjoyed ,or revisited as frequently as this ,but you'll be hard pressed , to find an online review of any LimitedSedition product.
Criminally undeserved ,ignominious obscurity.


Jack Wright- saxes
, Matt Ingalls- clarinet, Bhob Rhainey-soprano sax,
 Mathew Sperry- contrabass, Morgan Guberman- contrabass,
 Tom Djill- tpt, Ron Heglin- tuba ,voice , John Shiurba- guitar, Karen Stackpole- percussion
recorded by shiurba on the 3rd of the 7th 2000
ONLY 109 Copies made


Jack Wright's blog


20 October 2011


Here's a Re-up load of something , posted here some years ago by Boromir, its been requested a few times.

Roughly contemporaneous, with the magnificent Dreams, on Savarah of the same year, yet sharing almost exactly the same line up as Scraps from 1974, an important slice of unofficial Lacyanna.

Fourth (or so) re-up (May 2015) - first ny Boromit than from Kinabalu. Or was is it Sotise before him - and now....enjoy...

Steve Lacy, soprano saxophone
Derek Bailey, guitar
Irene Aebi, cello, violin, vocals
Kent Carter, bass, cello, harp
Noel McGhie, drums

1. The Crust (Lacy)
2. Micro Worlds (Lacy)
3. The Throes (Lacy)
4. Flakes (Lacy)

Studio 104,Maison De Radio France,Paris, France
October 17, 1976

Info from Jazz-Realities magazine No.3 November 1983

this originates from Dime-A-Dozen
thanks to whomever preserved it for posterity!


19 October 2011


Dear Andy - Thank you!

Read this wonderful essay on John Stevens >



Annie Whitehead, trombone
Ed Jones, tenor & soprano saxoophone
Neil Metcalfe, flute
Paul Rogers, bass
John Stevens, drums

Set 1:

1. unknown title 14:08
2. unknown title 18:40
3. unknown title 08:42

Set 2:

1. unknown title 14:32
2. unknown title 11:26
3. unknown title 15:59
4. unknown title 06:24
5. unknwon title 13:00
6. unknwon title 13:57

Recorded on 22nd June, 1990 at the Tic Toc Club, Coventry, UK.


18 October 2011

Steve Lacy/Kent Carter-Catch,(Horo (It)HZ08,LP) 1977

The latest in our out of print Lacy series , not exactly a Personal favourite, rather a perfectly pleasant intimate duo session with Kent Carter ,Lacys regular bassist for a dozen or so years.
Nice moments , including some rare tunes(Hex,Vow) Which don't seem to have been otherwise recorded .

 So certainly not a desultory effort by any means , just a little unremarkable in an  under powered /or lacking energy kind of way ... I'm glad i heard it without paying the big bucks for which it sells at auctions...

This is not my rip , so thanks again to LeMo ,from Sfrp who posted this some years ago!

 CATCH: Steve Lacy, Kent Carter

1/ Mumps (Lacy) 8:14
2/ Tickets (Lacy) 7:18
3/ Hex (Lacy) 5:58
4/ Vow (Lacy) 3:49
5/ Catch (Carter) 8:43

Recorded at Chantalain Studio, Rome, September 17, 1977
Steve Lacy (except on (5)): soprano; Kent Carter: bass.
1978 - Horo (Italy), HZ 08 (LP)

PS/ Big Thanks to Mew23, who has provided some cover scans! (see comments)

17 October 2011

Tristan Honsinger & Günter Christmann - Live in Moers '79 [New Links]

One of the "Morning Project" at the 8th Moers Festival.

Rec. live at the 8th Moers Jazz Festival, Moers, Germany,
on Sunday, June 3, 1979 (mics recording)

Tristan Honsinger,cello
Günter Christmann,trombone,bass

1. Cello & Trombone (25:16)
2. Cello & Bass (12:38)

Total Time 37:54

excerpt from Cello & Trombone

14 October 2011

Barry Altschul Trio - Live in Moers '79

Full version of a concert published years ago by Moers Music
with some cuts, due to the time limits of the vinyl.

Rec. live at the 8th Moers Jazz Festival, Moers, Germany,
on Saturday, June 2nd, 1979 (mics recording)

Barry Altschul,drums,percussion
Ray Anderson,trombone
Mark Helias,bass

1. The Complete Performance (58:28)
2. Encore (03:43)

Total Time 1:02:11


12 October 2011

Amiri Baraka & Dave Burrell - Live in Rome '11

Just got this concert from dear friend PINO27 who recommends
the listening : brief but intense!

Rec. live at "Casa del Jazz", Rome, Italy, on October 3rd, 2011,
during "Normali Marziani Festival" (mics recording)

Amiri Baraka,reading
Dave Burrell,piano

1. Funk Lore (14:41)
2. Be Bop Poem (03:54)
3. Allah Mean Everything (11:01)
4. Somebody Blew Up America (12:27)

Total Time 42:04

Be Bop Poem

Steve Lacy-Points, Le Chant du Monde LP (F)LDX74680-1978

There have been a few requests for this over the years, a fine record from 1978, long out of print, which opens with a stunning Version of Ellingtons the Mooche, which as recorded by Sydney Bechet in 1941, apparently was the catalyst for Lacy finally dedicating himself to the Soprano saxophone
and the Arrangement is not light years removed from the original , apart from a few trade mark whole tone scales..
although at first it seems rather clunky ,somehow the spare less effusive treatment , gives the great tune a more distant  outer worldly character, lacy seems for a few fleeting moments in his solo to directly quote Bechets own ... the blues feeling of which is almost completely erased , the Blues was never a huge influence on lacys repertoire , Potts touches on those aspects very effectively.

Pot Pourri the second piece is a brief solo medley , and one of the few times in his entire discography where Lacy directly references John Coltrane, by quoting  Tranes arrangement of my favourite things , as everyone knows Lacy's Soprano saxophone playing ,inspired Coltrane in much the same way Bechet inspired him , with very different results,some of which have had baleful dire consequences on players of the instrument ever since .

The rest is the band in gloriously fulsome free mode , including the 3 very fine at times explosive Potts/Lacy duets which make up the 3 points suite, Potts is so great on this ,every bit as engagingly inventive as Lacy ,often Upstaging him.... what a wonderful under appreciated , under recorded master saxophonist!

All in All a typically wonderful session from this period


PS-I picked this up online at  the SFRP Forum,  four or five years ago , this is not my rip... A Big thanks to LeMo ,the Original presumed ripper, and Uploader !!
i havent changed the files in anyway.. other than tagging them.

-Points- : Steve Lacy (sop) Steve Potts (sop,as) Kent Carter (b) Oliver Johnson (d)
Paris, February 1978,Le Chant du Monde (F)LDX74680
The mooche
Pot-pourri solo (sl solo) -
Stalks (sp out) -
Three points suite : Free point (sl,sp duet) -
Still point (sl,sp duet)
Moot point (sl,sp duet)

11 October 2011

Eastern Rebellion - Live in Milan '79 [New Links]

This line-up, the same day, recorded at "Barigozzi Studio"
(in Milan) the B.Higgins album "Soweto" for Red Records.

Rec. live at "Capolinea", Milan, Italy, on January 21, 1979
(mics recording)

Cedar Walton,piano
Bob Berg,tenor sax
Tony Dumas,bass
Billy Higgins,drums
Larry Nocella,tenor sax (5/6)

1. Ugetsu (Fantasy In D) [C.Walton] (11:09)
2. For All We Know [S.M.Lewis/J.F.Coots] (09:42)
3. Ojos De Rojo [C.Walton] (08:03)
4. Holy Land [C.Walton] (10:00)
5. Blue Monk/Rhythm-A-Ning [T.Monk] (19:12)
6. I Can't Get Started [V.Duke]/The Theme [M.Davis] (12:28)
7. I Didn't Know What Time It Was[L.Hart/R.Rodgers]/Off Minor [T.Monk]/Firm Roots [C.Walton] (27:02)

Total Time 1:37:39

Ojos De Rojo

10 October 2011


...thanks to Andy for another round of some really good recordings - sound-wise and the music...you decide for yourself.

And the first one is:


Paul Rutherford, trombone
Peter Brötzmann, reeds
Paul Hession, drums

Set 1

1. unknown title 13:51
2. unknown title 12:59
3. unknown title 14:48

Set 2

1. unknown title 15:21
2. unknown title 12:11
3. unknown title 18:54

Recorded at the City Gallery, Leicester, UK on 28th October, 1992.


8 October 2011



Don Cherry, pocket trumpet, piano, vocal
Steve Lacy, soprano saxophone
Dave Holland, bass
Masahiko Togashi, drums, percussion

CD 1

1. The Crust (Lacy) 11:07
2. Contrast (Togashi) 11:35
3. I Speak To The Star Last Night (Togashi) 11:44
4. Flakes (Lacy) 12:40
5. Luna Turk (Gianpiero Pramagione) 05:06

CD 2

1. Bura-Bura (Togashi) 12:16
2. Wickets (Lacy) 12:16
3. Mopti (Cherry) 05:32
4. Quakes (Lacy) 11:15
5. Spiritual Nature (Togashi) 17:57

Recorded live at Yubin Chokin Kaikan Hal, Tokyo on May 14, 1986.

PAN MUSIC/ALFA 50XB-107/8 (2 x CD)

Other Issues :
BURA - BURA. PAN ALZ-28006 (2, 4, 6-7 only) (LP)
BURA - BURA. PAN PMC-1103 (EUR) (6-10 only) (CD)

Notes :
Recorded from "Masahiko TOGASHI 30th Anniversary Concert - Now and Future" .
Album produced by TOGASHI Masahiko, et al.
Cover painting by TOGASHI Masahiko.


7 October 2011

Albert Mangelsdorff Quintet + RAI B.B. - Live in Rome '80

Sixth event/concert for the series "I Concerti di Un Certo Discorso".

here the complete list of all concerts.

Rec. live at "Teatro dell'Opera", Rome, Italy, on April 21, 1980
(radio broadcast)

Albert Mangelsdorff
Manfred Schoof,trumpet & soprano flugelhorn
Giancarlo Schiaffini,trombone
Paolo Damiani,bass
Billy Higgins,drums
RAI Big Band :
Nino Culasso/Doriano Beltrame/Cicci Santucci/Michele
Lacerenza,tps - Giancarlo Beccattini/Ernesto Pumpo/
Marco Pellacani/Gennaro Baldino,tbs - Gianni Oddi/Baldo
Maestri/Sal Genovese/Beppe Carrieri/Carlo Metallo,reeds
- Sergio Coppetelli/Pino Rucher,gt - Maurizio Majorana,b -
Carlo Zoffoli,vib

1. Supraconductivity [A.M.] (10:16)
2. Introduction And March Of The Jazz Aspects [A.M.] (14:19)
3. Unknown (15:30)
4. Mood Indigo [D.E.] (06:41)
5. Unknown (10:04)
6. Oh Horn! [A.M.] (08:59)
7. Mood Azur [A.M.] (04:29)
8. Open Mind [A.M.] (09:28)
9. Unknown [inc.] (13:40)

Total Time 1:33:30

Mood Indigo

6 October 2011



Steve Lacy, soprano saxophone
Jean-Jacques Avenel, bass, calimba
Masahiko Togashi, drums

1. Door (Lacy) 08:43
2. Orange (Togashi) 08:07
3. Action (Togashi) 09:40
4. In The Pot (Togashi) 08:37
5. Cliches (Lacy) 14:38

Recorded at the FM TOKYO HALL, Tokyo, June 14, 1988.



3 October 2011


One week before the realisation of "Eternal Duo" took place in Tokyo, Lacy and Togashi joined their forces with Kent Carter. The fruits of this endeavor can be heard through the "Spiritual Moments" on this exquisite recording.


Steve Lacy, soprano saxophone
Kent Carter, bass
Masahiko Togashi, drums, percussion

1. It's Freedom Life (TOGASHI) 08:52
2. The Window (LACY) 07:28
3. Poem In The Shadow (TOGASHI) 07:51
4. Steps (TOGASHI) 04:33
5. The Crust (LACY) 06:19

Recorded at King Records Studio #2, Tokyo, October 15-16, 1981.


(this version PJL MTCJ 5603)



1 October 2011



Steve Lacy, soprano saxophone
Masahiko Togashi, drums, percussion

1. News From The Bell (Togashi) 11:16
2. Twilights (Lacy) 08:40
3. Wickets (Lacy) 04:54
4. Little Black Bird (Togashi) 03:17
5. Retreat (Lacy) 09:37

Recorded at King Records Studio #2, Tokyo, October 22-23, 1981.


(lp rip)