30 May 2020

Clifford Thornton - Ketchaoua

Following up a request from fellow blogger Correct Silence, here is another of the many records coming out of Paris in the late 60s, mixing mostly American expats with French musicians and released on the legendary Byg Actuel label. This has cornetist Clifford Thornton in four different ensembles, from multimember down to trio. Only four tracks, from the boisterous "Brotherhood" to the moody atmospherics of the tile track to the chant-infused "Pan-African festival". He was to release another album, The Panter and the Lash, on America, another French label documenting the same scene.

Due to alleged connections to the Black Panther Party, he was denied entry to France in 1970, but the ban was lifted the year after. Due to this interruption, he was unable to continue teaching and performing in France and eventually relocated to Geneva in Switzerland. Durinng this period he made The Gardens of Harlem, again for a large ensemble, which to my knowledge has not been released on cd. Later on he was featured on an allbum by Joe Malinga, a South Asrican expat.


A1 Ketchaoua

Alto Saxophone – Arthur JonesBass – Beb GuerinCongas, Gong, Percussion – Earl FreemanCornet, Congas – Clifford ThorntonDrums – Sunny MurrayPiano, Bells – Dave BurrellSoprano Saxophone – Archie SheppTrombone – Grachan Moncur III

A2 Pan African Festival

Alto Saxophone – Arthur JonesBass – Beb Guerin, Earl FreemanCornet, Congas – Clifford ThorntonDrums – Sunny MurrayPiano – Dave BurrellSoprano Saxophone – Archie SheppTrombone – Grachan Moncur III

B1 Brotherhood
Alto Saxophone – Arthur JonesBass – Beb Guerin, Earl FreemanCornet – Clifford ThorntonDrums – Claude Delcloo

B2 Speak With Your Echo (And Call This Dialogue)
Bass – Beb Guerin, Earl FreemanCornet – Clifford Thornton

Recorded August 18, 1969 in Paris.

26 May 2020

TONY OXLEY GROUP - 1974, 1976

TONY OXLEY amplified percussion
ALAN DAVIE cello, reeds (8)

1. Framed Embrace  12:40
2. announcer (Miles Kington)  0:57
3. Collage  4:23
4. announcer  0:31
5. Detonation  9:14
6. announcer  0:23
7. Intro (Oxley)  1:03
8. Symphony In  18:25

1-6 BBC Jazz in Britain 18 March 1974
7-8 BBC radio  28 October 1976

25 May 2020

BARRE PHiLLiPS - Journal Violone (1969)

I got this in mp3 only from torrents, but maybe somedody can add flac version.

BARRE PHiLLiPS - Journal Violone (Opus One 1969)

Journal Violone Part One  18.31
Journal Violone Part Two  19.41

Barre Phillips - double bass

23 May 2020

Cecil Taylor - Live in Birmingham UK 1987

CECIL TAYLOR  solo piano

1. 59:37

Adrian Boult Hall, Birmingham

24th November 1987

BBC Radio 3 broadcast.  Outro Charles Fox.

A couple of blemished minutes edited out. Good sound.

21 May 2020

Upcoming release: Karl Evangelista - Apura!

We had a nice mail from Karl Evangelista commending us for keeping the blog running and for contributing to his musical education and asking us whether we could spread the word about his upcoming release. We are only too happy to oblige, considering that the release is right up our musical alley. It is a highly interesting meeting of two generations with Evangelista and Alexander Hawkins representing the youngsters and Trevor Watts and Louis Moholo-Moholo the veterans.

Scheduled for release on 22 May, tomorrow as of writing, it can be ordered from the Bandcamp site:


Karl A.D. Evangelista - guitar
Alexander Hawkins - piano
Louis Moholo-Moholo - drums
Trevor Watts - alto and soprano saxophones

Recorded October 14-15, 2018 by Benedic Lamdin at Fish Factory Studios, Willesden, London, England.

A couple of tracks can be previewed on the site. Interestingly, the word "apura" in Tagalog (spoken in the Philippines) translates into English as "Very Urgent" which was the title of an album released in the late 60s by the Chris McGregor Group of which Moholo-Moholo was a member and Alexander Hawkins is a member of Moholo-Moholo's current outfit, Five Blokes. Trevor Watts was very much a part of the late 60s alt-jazz scene, too. Just connecting the dots ...

17 May 2020


LARRY STABBINS  tenor and soprano saxophones

1. Bracknell Jazz Festival, Recital Room, 4th July 1981  34:36
2. BBC R3 'Jazz in Britain' (inc) b'cast 1981  22:26
3. Seven Dials Jazz Club, London 3rd January 1985  30:58

There's been some recent interest in the great Larry Stabbins who has sadly hung up his saxophone these days.  I had a look through some boxes and came up with these sessions.  None are exactly hifi but all are listenable.  I didn't record any of them, so thanks to the original tapers.

The Eddie Prevost Quartet also existed with Evan Parker instead of  Larry. One of their gigs I attended at the Duke of Wellington goes down as one of my favourite gigs of all time.  Unfortunately unrecorded.


A.  A Beginning And Some Middle

B1. More Middle
B2. An Ending

Ian Menter, alto saxophone
Barry Leigh, cronian bagpipe, glass disc
Mark Langford, bass clarinet, tenor saxophone
Colin Wood, cello
Georgie Born, cello
Piers Mostyn, double bass, melodica
Tim Powell, double bass, trumpet
John Eaves, flutes, soprano saxophone
Martin Mayes, French horn
Peter Cusack, guitar
Bob Helson, percussion
John Fairbrother, percussion
Roy Ashbury, percussion
Paul Jolly, reeds, flute
Aaron Standon, soprano and alto saxophone
Will Menter, soprano saxophone, piccolo flute
Alan Tomlinson, trombone
William Embling, trumpet, sousaphone
Melvyn Poore, tuba
Peter Evans, violin

Side one was recorded at the Palais des Beaux Arts, Brussels, on 24th October 1980.

Side two was recorded at the Arnolfini, Bristol, on 31st January 1981.

Zyzzle Records ‎– ZYZZLE 10

LP Rip

14 May 2020

Motation - Live At The Hillside

Alacra Records ‎– AL 1014
Released 1988

A1 - Perception (George Sovak)        7:11
A2 - Sincerly (George Sovak)        4:33
A3 - Mar's Bars (Michael Musillami)     8:05
A4 - Bottle Of Blues (Thomas Chapin)    6:03
B1- Paul And Josi (Michael Musillami)     6:53
B2 - Spinning (Thomas Chapin)        5:28
B3 - Sheila's Swing Thing (Michael Musillami)     3:24
B4 - A Prayer (Mario Pavone, Michael Musillami, Mike Duquette, Thomas Chapin)    7:36

Thomas Chapin -  Alto Sax, Flute
George Sovak - Alto and Tenor Sax
Peter McEachern - Trombone
Michael Musillami - Guitar
Mario Pavone - Bass
Mike Duquette - Drums

Recorded live direct to digital 2 track, at the Hillside Restaurant and Jazz Club in Waterbury, Connecticut on April 23, and June 4, 1988.

13 May 2020


A1. Contribution
A2. The Way She Moves
A3. Carousel With Carol

B.  Six By Six

Arthur Blythe, alto and soprano saxophone
Ken Hutson, bass
Ron Rahsaan, drums
Richard Dunbar, French horn
Courtney Wynter, tenor saxophone, clarinet, bassoon
Olu Dara, trumpet

Recorded on 17 August 1977 at Downtown Sound, N.Y.C.

Chiaroscuro Records - CR 172

LP Rip

5 May 2020


Kaoru Abe - 19770916@Ayler, Sapporo (Doubtmusic) - out now

New Direction - Live at Jazzbed (Jinya Disc) - out now

New Direction - Live at Station '70 (Jinya Disc) - end of May