11 March 2008

rolf kuhn septet- going to the rainbow, aka "creaction" 1970 , flac and lame vbr

Heres a fusion record I really like, a stunner.
Not much can be faulted here and tony oxley really stokes that engine room in a way he never would now, his playing here is similar to that on the classic extrapolation by john mcglaughlin from a year or so before .
At times corea and Joachim kuhn do tend to dominate somewhat, neither are particularly known for subtle understatement.

A lot of this is obviously influenced by bitches brew era miles.. with a little bit of a unique European free flavour,.
An exiting stew.
Oxleys one of my favourite musicians, and im planning to reup both incus 8 and febuary papers as well as a couple of other fusion albums from roughly this same time.

Id love to hear peter warren’s bass is from the same year if anyone has that , an early enja release also featuring corea and surman.
this is ripped from the 1978 acanta lp reissue.
Rolf Kuhn (cl) Alan Skidmore (ts) John Surman (bars, ss, el-p) Joachim Kuhn (p, org) Chick Corea (el-p) Peter Warren (b) Tony Oxley (d)
Koln, West Germany, December 14 & 15, 1970

Roundhouse Rock
BASF [G] CRC 008

Sad Ballade


Going To The Rainbow

Racing It Down
Rolf Kuhn - Going To The Rainbow (BASF [G] CRC 008)v
Chick corea , rolf kuhn, Joachim kuhn- creaction – acanta lp 1978 cc23.097


Andy said...

i love this kind of fusion too and i had no idea this even existed!

i have warren's "bass is" but need to find it. will up when i do.

what oxley fusion records are you referring to?

i also like hearing him in non-improv settings as well (although i love his improv playing and improv in general). the sugarcane harris record oxley is on is great.

thank you for sharing

Anonymous said...

a nice album but does anyone have rolf and joachim kuhn "reunion in berlin" on cbs ? it would be a fantastic post.thanks for the music as usual. gz

sotise said...

yeah andy, its the sugarcane harris album.. it is good... an odd tension there when oxley whips out his contact mikes and throws in those low fi stereo effects and electro cymbal washes while the others funk and riff all around him..

no i dont have reunion in berlin sadly.. i have very little rolf K.


ones a psych fusion album from 68 or 9, called 'hello doctor leary or some such thing"

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, the cover image also appears on Devil in Paradise - Rolf Kuhn Jazz Group - MPS 20 21078-2 recorded in Cologne, 20&21June 1971, by Rolf Kuhn, Skidmore, Albert Manglesdorf, Joachim Kuhn, Wolfgang Dauner, Oxley and Eberhard Weber

sotise said...

devil in paradise sounds great ...perhaps youd consider ripping it, mp3 's high vbr would be adequate.. how about it eh!!

Andy said...

hi sotise,

Peter Warren - Bass Is:


thx again for all your shares!

Andy said...

dear sotise,

would you consider upping the other Roger Dean Lysis LP you mention as "less interesting" in the original post, I'd love to hear that!


sotise said...

andy , i shall rip the other roger dean album sometime, i have other things id like to post first, and ill tell you from the outset its no where near as good.

is there any possibility of re ripping the track subrahar on bass is its very digitaly glitched.
thanks for doing it though , its a great album and the digital glitching is at a cursory listen only pervasive on the one track.
what do you say eh??

im curious as to whether anyone else noticed the glitching on that track.

Andy said...

hi sotise,

Sorry about that, the glitching is definitely there. I have 2 different rips of the album, neither of which are mine. I'll find the second and up.
I look forward to the Lysis. Lysis Plus was a very good LP, I'm not surprised this other one suffers in comparison.

thanks again

ish said...

Devil in Paradise is available at Magic Purple Sunshine.


Anonymous said...

Hi sotise,

I just found these links (filed as: John Surman-Bass is):


No digital glitching audible ... wonderful music ...

Enjoy, dan-the-man

mike said...

the links appear dead, can it possibly be reupped?

many thanks, this is a great blog, check mine, if you want


onxidlib said...

You have to use for part one (flac)> http://rapidshare.com/files/98605572/rlfkhun7.part1.rar

The rest as above.

Thad said...

Unfortunately, it looks like all the links are gone again.

Thad said...

I just realized I still have the FLAC version if you need it. Also have a 256 kbps version of "Devil in Paradise" if you need that. :)

onxidlib said...

Hi Thad - your offer is highly appreciated!

Thad said...

"Devil in Paradise" now in the Contributions folder!

martyn said...

Hi, could anyone re upload the Rolf Kuhn/Surman Going to the Rainbow LP? the links at rapidshare are no more.
many thanks

kinabalu said...

New link:


James Manion said...

Thank you Kinabalu much appreciated here is something for you. fhttp://vinilinflamable.blogspot.com/2013/04/rolf-kuhn-group-connection-74-1974.htm

kinabalu said...

Lovely! Downloading as I write this.

James Manion said...

Kinabalu the address I left doesn't take you to where I intended, at least not now should I delete or what do you think.

James Manion said...


This one should work if you want to post. I noticed an f got caught in address may have been the problem it's your decision.

Nick said...

Works fine thanks

apf said...

Thank you!

SOTISE said...

i can post my usual, low quality album pics if anyone needs... back in 2008 i didn't have a camera

miloo2 said...

A new línk for Devil in Paradise, Rolf Kuhn Jazzgroup from the same year as Creaction, mp3 @ 256 version posted previously in Contributions


Anonymous said...

Hi is it possible to post a link for Creation again plz. thx Nick

nottheguru1 said...

Hello is it possible to re-up
the link for Creation.
RS does not work anymore.
regards and thx for all the effort.

Miloš Latislav said...

Here http://www.uloz.to/x9NopAug/rolf-kuhn-septet-creaction-bellaphon-1971-7z

nottheguru1 said...

Thankyou Milos much appreciated.