8 March 2008

noah howard- ole (chiaroscuro lp-2016) 1979, flac, lame vbr

Noah howard, One of the great musicians of that second wave of new jazz from the 60’s..Was born in new Orleans in 1943.
Apparently he was inspired to play by hearing paul gonsalves, monster solo on diminuendo and crescendo in blue from Ellington’s great Newport 58 concert.
In the mid sixties after a stint in san Francisco he moved to new york , playing with sunny murray , frank wright ,archie shepp ,sun ra and the aeoc, howard was also documenting his work prolifically , and it was at that time that he started his altsax label ,the catalogue of which is still sporadically in circulation.

In 69-70 ,he went to Europe where being surprised by the level of respect accorded the new jazz , he was to return and settle in 1973.
Howards got an intense and personal sound, though I guess after the critical success of classics like the black arc, live at the village vanguard and at Judson hall people thought they had him pigeon holed and lost sight of him after he( confounded expectations and) moved on into other more subdued and or eclectic areas.

This is a record I quite love now though initially I was pretty disappointed having heard , the esp albums and the black arc first, to be fair I didn’t much like the black arc at the time either.
Anyway this is a great band.
Personnel is as follows
Noah howard –alto sax
Takashi kako- pno
Kent carter- db, oliver Johnson- dr on ole (only)
Muhammad ali- dr ( on the rest)

Track list
Side- a
2)kanpai- 9’’
side b
1)creole girl- 11’
2) new arrival- 6’’
3)lift every voice and sing- 4’

there aren’t too many references to this on the net, sadly I cant find a professional review or intact cover.

Check out howards homepage, which also previews new releases on his altsax label, provides info on tours and new projects and some sample mp3’s


sotise said...

vbr 256- http://rs289tg.rapidshare.com/files/97829500/nhah_wrdole.zip


1009 said...

haven't heard this yet, but looking forward. thanks!

Boromir said...

Thanks for this one sotise. I've always enjoyed the stuff he did with Frank Wright, but I've never even heard of this one. Very brave of him to tackle such a well known Coltrane original as Ole, but he created a very good rendition of it.

serviceton said...

this has got me a bit excited - thanks sotise!
didn't know it existed: - a look at noahhoward.com/discography.html seems to show this material also on "Live in Europe Vol 1 (1975)".
.. which i don't have and have never seen, hence excitement!

And the one I was going to ask you about doesn't appear in Noah H's discog. page at all - it's "Traffic" from 1980(?), released on Frame Recs (Europe only[?])
Heard 'Traffic'?

thanks again for this anyway!

sotise said...

serviceton.. no i dont know traffic at all, ive never heard of it.
are you offering it?

probably my favourite is live at the village vanguard 1972,with frank lowe and rashied ali.
im not sure that that is available.
im pretty sure the cd i paid full price for is a boot, it appears to be a cdr replica.

1009 said...

this is a very nice rip & a swell record. one can definitely hear connection to black ark, but w/out arthur doyle it's bound to be a different beast.

sotise, i think i've seen that boot (@ chicago's jazz record mart). i know atanase had it up @ the old church (wch is where i got my copy). i'd be happy to donate his rip of that if you'd like. (sorry forgot bitrate.)

sotise said...

1009 , i dont recall seeing that up at the church..
but yeah that'd be swell
id consider myself lucky to hear new howard ,im unfamiliar with.

so yes please

serviceton said...

1009 - I'd second that!
I too would be interested in that one.

sotise, I'd offer Traffic if I had it.
an auction site that you may be familiar with (ahem) is currently (16/03/08) showing 1 copy of Noah Howard's 'Traffic' available as a BuyItNow item.

I have hesitated thus far due to
a) groundless suspicion that this is a 'quickie-on-tour' knock off date

b) extreme current financial disability

:o( . . . . .

zero said...

Thanks a lot for Ole. I played it a few times today and was totally taken with it. A beauty of an album and a fine rip to go along with it.

Here's a link to a decent quality scan of the cover:


zero said...

Hmm. That link doesn't display completely. Here it is again, split this time:


Sunmyth said...

I love Noah Howard!! I haven't heard this one yet. Do you have any of his other rarer albums?

jazzme said...

There is a posting of this L.P at this blog http://ajbenjamin2beta.blogspot.com/ . The title of this is Noah Howard Live In Europe Vol;1 complete with a nice cover scan front and back with download >

peskypesky said...

Thanks for this. I've only recently stumbled across Noah Howard and his music....I really like what I've heard, so I'm looking forward to this one. Howard seems like a cross between two of my faves, Pharoah Sanders and John Coltrane, But I'm sure real jazz experts would laugh at my facile comparisons.

noteworthy said...

Like Peskypesky, I'd never heard of Noah Howard until I found your site. His music is wonderful, as is your site. Thank you for this, and all the other great posts on here.

aaron aardvark said...

Thanks for contributing so many pieces to my " jigsaw of joy "
Peace AA

bho wani said...

I dream about a re-up of this chef d’œuvre .....

akaboshi14 said...

Could you re-up this?

kinabalu said...

New link:


A beautiful record, this one.

francisco santos said...


akaboshi14 said...


Javier Roz said...

Thanks kinabalu, a nice one!

sotise said...

here it is Again ... NEW RIP WITH COVER PICS