8 March 2008

Spontaneous Music Ensemble - Unreleased early recordings

There was a request for this one, necessitating another dip into the mp3 archives. We do pride ourselves on providing a good and rapid service around here, don't we?
This is a good collection of five tracks, partly studio, partly live.
These are excerts from the early phases of SME which would go on in a variety in formats, sometimes down to a duo with John Stevens and Trevor Watts (which also ran their fusion-oriented bands in the 70s - Away and Amalgam - to be documented in due course).
Info on the individual tracks:
Juicy (from the unreleased Cul-de-Sac soundtrack)(K. Komeda/2:14/completed track)Kenny Wheeler (tp), Paul Rutherford (tb), Trevor Watts (as/breathing**), Jeff Clyne (b), John Stevens (d/perc). Rec. by Eddie Kramer, prob. at Olympic Sound Studios, London, April 1966. The Ensemble was apparently commissioned via Eddie Kramer to record compositions by Krzysztof Komeda for the soundtrack of Roman Polanski’s 1966 film Cul-de-Sac, an offbeat black-comedy set on the island of Lindisfarne.

Springboard (and radio announcement)(Stevens/3:29)Kenny Wheeler (tp/fh), Paul Rutherford (tb), Evan Parker (ss/ts), Trevor Watts (as/fl/oboe), Derek Bailey (g), Barry Guy (b), John Stevens (d). Rec. live by BBC Radio at the Paris cinema, London, Mon March 20, 1967; tr: BBC Radio Light Programme The Jazz Scene (Jazz Club slot), March 26, 1967.
Willow Trio - Part 2(extract 8:03)Evan Parker (ss), Barre Phillips (b), John Stevens (perc). Rec. by Eddie Kramer at Olympic Sound Studios, London, October 6, 1967. Willow Trio sessions.
Double Trio - Part 1Evan Parker (ss), Trevor Watts (as), Dave Holland (b), Peter Kowald (b), Rashied Ali (d/perc), John Stevens (d/perc). Rec. by Eddie Kramer at Olympic Sound Studios, London, March 10, 1968. Unreleased studio session.
Originally posted by "not really", and reposted by BigO, from where this came.
The radio announcer I would guess is Humphrey Lyttelton (back on the BBC Light Programme in 1967 - before it came Radio 2).


kinabalu said...

Posted on BigO as 192 kbps mp files and reposted as such here:


Anonymous said...

hi kinabalu, maybe i am just stupid, but i cannot read the link !! it ends with ...Ens.." what is the secret to read the rest of it ? thanx for your help. c.

kinabalu said...


no secret, really, just that the browser splits long URLs into two lines, so that you have to read the full URL as one long line.

Anyhow, try this instead:


Anonymous said...

hey kinabalu, that was fast. thank you. problem is just, that there isn't any second line of the link... it just gets cut off by the frame... but anyway, thanx for your help, i am really looking forward listening to those recordings - i didn't even knew they existed, not even watson mentions them in his bailey-biography. greetings c.

kinabalu said...

Ah, yes, the Mozilla browser doesn't, but the Internet Explorer does cut it in two lines. But the TinyURL should help you out ...

Boromir said...

Thanks very much kinabalu. And Humph's still going strong after all these years.

gilhodges said...

You are as generous as you are speedy. Glad Karma has smiled upon you and Given the Kinabalu Some. What goes around comes around!

kinabalu said...


instant karma?

sambeck2001 said...

Thank you, kinabalu. i had been looking around for that for a long time, since i became aware, that it had been posted on bigO. But they never did repost it.

The people of BigO are posting sometimes very interesting concerts. Actually there is a Gunter Hampel/Jeanne Lee Concert online.
Some weeks ago they had Anthony Braxton/Marilyn Crispell in London 1993. The links are no longer active. But if sombody is interested, i shall upload it to rs.

anonymous c.
i'm using a mozilla browser, too. My way is to mark the complete line by double clicking, and copying it with Ctrl-C. Even the part that isn't shown will be copied. Then paste it into the location bar (ctrl-V). Enter and finished.

sotise said...

hey sambeck
im interested in the brax crispell
i missed that one!

Tantris said...

sotise (and everyone else) - the infinite foolishness blog has recently posted Anthony Braxton's Music for Two Pianos, which I'm listening to now, and which is very good.

1009 said...

speedy service indeed, kinabalu! i'm on my way from l.a. to chicago & just saw this posted. nice welcome home!

as long as i've had this luck, i might try & see if anyone has the icp *teterettet* record posted on swami hermitus solus a year or so ago. i broke it into tracks & in the process accidentally shrunk it down to 128. i'd be much happier to have it at whatever it was but not broken into tracks.

thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Some archaeological treasures in this SME set! (And I don't mean Humph).

Tantris said...

Hi glmlr - I agree - the 32 minute Double Trio is sensational.

sambeck2001 said...

I must agree: this is great music.

Then I have to apologize for one mistake: If one wants to select a line, he has to triple click on that line.

And now ... Anthony Braxton and Marilyn Crispell in London


Much Fun!

kinabalu said...


I've already put it up as a main post, but we do appreciate quick service around here! Thanks all the same!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the excellent music, of which this is a prime example. Incidentally, re the earlier posts on the link being split, I use IE and the link is fine on mine.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for these rarities!!