9 March 2008

ICP 10-TET - Tetterettet (1977)

There was a request for this one, so another dip into the archives.
This is a tentet recording from 1977, out on the ICP's own label, and comprising a, shall we say, star-studded bunch of continental free jazzers. Not your usual 40-minute blow-out, but a genre-bending exercise in burlesquerie, circus, old-style waltz, march tunes and what not. Not unlike what the Willem Breuker Kollektief would get up to (with which this troupe is strongly connected). Altogether jolly delightful, I'd say.
Line - up:
Misha Mengelberg, piano;
John Tchicai, alto and soprano saxophones;
Gilius Van Bergeyk, alto saxophone, oboe;
Peter Bennink, alto and sopranino saxophones;
Peter Brötzmann, alto, tenor and baritone saxophones;
Bert Koppelaar, trombone;
Tristan Honsinger, cello;
Michel Waisvisz, crackle box;
Alan Silva, bass;
Han Bennink, drums, bass clarinet.
Tetterettet V + VI (04.53)
Tetterettet IX (04.36)
Tetterettet XII (01.03)
Tetterettet XIV (07.24)
TetterettetXV (06.41)
Alexander's marschbefehl (07.10)
Rumboon (03.34)
Kwik kwek kwak (03.17)
Valse trouvée (02.37)
Ludwig's blue note (04.57)
Dank (01.17)
Recorded on 14-17 September 1977 at Uithoorn, Amsterdam and Utrecht.
The record was posted on the Swami Hermeticus Solus blog which appears to have folded and as a contiguous side one and two. Anybody is free to split the sides into separate tracks, if one should so wish, but I'm reposting it as it was.
Enjoy! (I did)


kinabalu said...

Available from here as VBR mp3s:




Tantris said...

kinabulu - thanks, looks good! By the way, I found the Japanese CD reissue of the Human Arts Ensemble 'Under the Sun' over the weekend - are you interested in a lossless rip of this?

kinabalu said...


thanks for the offer, but I do have a "lossless" rip of the album (in the wav format) as a kind of master copy, even though it was posted as mp3s to save space. I was not aware that it's on cd. I've never seen it anywhere on the net, but it could be for Japan only.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kinabalu! A fun record.

1009 said...

damn, kinabalu. what to say? "thanks!" occurs to me!

serviceton said...

kinabalu - delighted to see this here . What a blast. Thankyou.

It's weird to "eavesdrop" on you guys discussing 'Under The Sun' by HAE - I received a copy of it 4 days ago and it was literally spinning when I read the above..

And it was sealed - the breaking thereof which took me off on a sort of trip..... ;o)
As that "fresh paper from 1975 smell" came wafting out of the freshly opened cover, the "Buy Our Other Releases" flyer dropped out.
You tick the boxes of what you want, enclose $6.98 for each title and mail to Arista Records 'Dept F', 1776 Broadway, NYC (remember those tick-boxes?).
I just so badly wanted to tick ALL the boxes , enclosing a check for the full (laughably small) amount.
Marion Brown, Albert Ayler, Charles Tolliver, Cecil Taylor, Roswell Rudd, Andrew Hill, Dewey Redman, Randy Weston, Julius Hemphill,Frank Lowe, Archie Shepp, Paul Bley - and on... and on ....
I really like *both* the Human Arts Ensemble records.
I think of Under The Sun as "the groove one" and "Whisper of Dharma" as the "mellow trippy incense one"
But then again, I'm shallow..

Like you kinabalu, I've never seen them on CD.
Right, self indulgent rambling ceases now.
Thanks again for ICP !

Anonymous said...

yo yo yo, kinabalu!

holy shit!!!

this is the crap i'm looking for. thanks a ton, grazie mille, terima kasih, vielen dank - whatever!! :)

matt w said...

WOW this is great. Thanks for posting it kinabalu!

It's especially interesting to hear Waisvisz in this setting -- I've only ever heard him on Steve Lacy's much different Saxophone Special -- if you like what he does I completely recommend that (http://www.emanemdisc.com/E4024.html).

Sunmyth said...

Just by the lineup I can tell this is going to be epic. Great post!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this rare album.

Here are links to a vinyl rip of ICP 007 & 008 (flac 415mb):






Anyone have ICP 001?

Gato Medio said...

Well, it's almost a year since the links for ICP 007 & 008 in flac have been posted, so it's no big surprise that they're no longer alive.
But if you're still looking for ICP 001, here is an mp3 @ 320 version:


And, lest I forget, many many thanks to kinabalu for the many many excellent posts. This particular one I already had.

Anonymous said...

Thanks - link and music still good after all these years.