3 March 2008

tony scott- golden moments, and i'll remember - live at the showplace ,n.y.c aug 1959, flac and lame ( muse lp's 5230, and 5227)

Inspired by the response to the jimmy guiffre posts below.
Here are a couple of prized lp’s by tony scott another pioneering maverick clarinetist.
Scott was a musical nomad and amateur musicologist , who travelled the world playing music with people of different musical traditions.

This is an electrifying concert , and was as I understand his very last gig in the us, before leaving for south east Asia . and further travels in Africa, India and Europe.

Born in 1921, as a young man Scott who was (I think of Sicilian parentage) wound up making friends with and playing on 52nd street with everyone from Ben Webster, and Coleman Hawkins to Charlie parker and dizzy Gillespie, he’d studied as a youth with serial composer Stephan wolpe .

This concert is remarkable for its looseness , freedom and the raw expressive intensity of Scott's own very ecstatic delivery.
At times on the tracks ill remember April and walkin' there are dervish like wails , Scott drawing on middle eastern modal patterns.
Later of course he made some amazing early examples of what would these days be called world music fusion .

I’m no great fan of bill Evans (though I like him…who doesn’t at some level) his playing here is angular ,funky and the attack much more staccato than on his own classic records.
Scott recorded this himself and leased or sold the rights to muse in 1982, so the balance is far from perfect.
I love this concert!!

I think that golden moments( the 1st of these 2 discs ) may have been posted at orgy in rhythm about a year or so ago , this is the complete show.

Ill try to get some mp3’s up soon.

Tony Scott Quartet
Tony Scott (cl -1/4,6/9) Bill Evans (p) Jimmy Garrison (b) Pete LaRoca (d)
"The Showplace", NYC, August 1 & 9, 1959
Muse MR 5230
I Can't Get Started
Free And Easy Blues
My Melancholy Baby
Like Someone In Love
Stella By Starlight
Muse MR 5266
I'll Remember April
A Night In Tunisia
Garrison's Raiders
* Tony Scott - Golden Moments (Muse MR 5230)* Tony Scott - I'll Remember (Muse MR 5266)


Anonymous said...

hi there. i wonder if anyone is able to post tony scott's "sung heroes" album with the phantastic bill evans-trio feat. scott lafaro & paul motian ? that would be great. greetings. c.

sotise said...


sotise said...

Ill remember

Golden moments

Jazz-Nekko said...


thanks for offering up this unknown set to us. could you please try to clarify for me which tracks belong to which album: i mean "i'll remember" has just side a & b and "golden moments" has only two tracks. so i do not how to lable these accfording to the tracks you listed. . .

sorry for my ignorance -



sotise said...

hope you enjoy it , one of my very favourites

heres the tracklist.

ill remember
side a-
1) stella by starlight
2) ill remember april
side b-
1) night in tunesia
2) garrisons raiders

golden moments
side -a
1) like someone in love( trio track)
2) walkin'
3) i cant get started
side b-...
1)free and easy blues
2) my melancholy baby.

sorry j-n
hope this clarifies things!!
i guess i didnt bother because t.scott announces most if not all the tracks.

let me know what you think of the record.
not much from the late 50's is a exiting (to me ) as this set!

zero said...

Nice call, Sotise. The recording quality may not be of the highest professional calibre, but I think the slightly home-brewed character gives it an appealing intimacy. With all the "standard" Bill Evans out there, it's easy to forget the ostensibly more adventurous stuff of his earlier years. Terrific line-up with lots of good turns all around. Puts me in mind of some of the Giuffre boots I've heard from the same era.


zero said...

JN, the order of the tracks is:
side a, side b, track 1, track 2

I just tracked all of it. After I eliminated a few seconds of silence at some of the starts, it came out like this:

Golden Moments
side a
1) Like Someone In Love (trio) 5:56
2) Walkin' 12:07
3) I Can’t Get Started 3:35
side b
4) Free And Easy Blues 8:50
5) My Melancholy Baby 11:42

I’ll Remember
side a
6) Stella By Starlight 10:05
7) I’ll Remember April 8:45
side b
8) Night In Tunisia 8:22
9) Garrison’s Raiders 14:37

Peter said...

Looks X L N T - thanks!

castafiori said...


castafiori said...


Michalis said...

very good thanks

Cri said...

Hi, any chance for a re-up?