3 March 2008

cecil taylor- Reggio Emilia oct 13 2007 (hi fi version) flac + taylor -oxley duet live in modena 11 oct 2007 ,lame 320

heres a broadcast of taylors quartet featuring anthony braxton.
obtained by serviceton, who says....
"To recap: it's Cecil Taylor, Anthony Braxton, William Parker and Tony Oxley - Reggio Emilia -31st October 2007.Radio Broadcast The sound is great.
Hope some of you guys enjoy this.I am, still.
( note , any problems unpacking these rars should be solved by renaming them, for example part 1 = 1, the archive name is probably too long!)
and tantris (who earlier posted the aud of the above)
brings us a great cecil taylor and tony oxley duet, beautiful in every respect!!
"- here is the radio recording of the Cecil Taylor / Tony Oxley duo concert from 11th October, 2007, at the Teatro Comunale in Modena;MP3@320
I think it's excellent - interested in your views."


serviceton said...


From what I understand, the Bologna engagement of 12th October 07 was scheduled as a Taylor/Braxton duo. Punters at the Teatro Communal were treated to W Parker both playing a solo in the 1st set, and joining AB & CT to make trio music, after the break.
This was the gig that Mr Taylor did his much-discussed "walkout" from mid-tune, to effectively end the concert.
I wouldn't download it though for 'controversy value' - you'll probably be disappointed.
It must just be worth downloading for the music though...

1. Taylor announcing program
2. Taylor reads 2 poems
3. Braxton Solo (alto)
4. Parker Solo
5. Taylor Solo
6. Trio

Sound quality: fantastic
Format: MP3 (Have no flacs)
Thanks: hamhen





sotise - I've made these filenames a *bit* shorter - any better?

serviceton said...

I'm sorry, I'll feel that again...

Part 1


Part 2


Bit annoying having no 'edit post' option ..

Anonymous said...

Sorry to be a pain, but was the Reggio Emilia gig 31st October or 13th October? The question arose earlier here, but both dates are still being given.

Anonymous said...

serviton and tantris, many thanks for posting these fantastic radio concerts. beautiful music, all the way.

serviceton said...

glmlr - from the sponsoring cultural organisation's site:

" "R e g g i o E m i l i a
sabato 13 ottobre - ore 21 - Teatro Valli

Cecil Taylor pianoforte
Anthony Braxton sax alto, soprano, sopranino, clarinetto contrabbasso
William Parker contrabbasso
Tony Oxley batteria, percussioni "
(from http://www.aaa-angelica.com/)

Wonder why Cecil felt the need to call it his 'HISTORICAL QUARTET' ..

sambeck2001 said...

Looking aroound after some time. I'm amazed about the taylor braxton posts here.

Mr. seviceton is right: oct 12th was scheduled as a duo concert (world premiere!)

mr. glmlr: please look here:
All the dates given are right. And they did only one set in Reggio. All they have played was posted here.

some evidence (only a pic):

Usually i don#t read the comment carefully. but this time i did. the controversial opinions about the artistic worth of these concerts are surprising to me.
But, in fact, i'm a bit at a loss about it. It happende to me, that i could visit the Bologna and Reggio Emilia concerts. Both concerts didn't fulfill my expectations. In B. I expected a duo concert, and I got some solos and an abrupt ending trio. In RE I expected the historical quartet and got "the Feel Trio with Anthony Braxton being on stage" (the words of an acquaintance). My overwhelming impression was a long married (almost 20 years) couple - or menage a trois ;) - who did their long known talking and didn't let space for a stranger.

Don't misunderstand me: I'm aware of the special character of this kind of music. It depends in large parts on the moment. And the musicians here are great artists with big egos. It was a chance they caught in London, but not in Italy last year. Nevertheless I am glad, I could listen to their music.

Thanks to all the posters, especially for the broadcasts. I am a kind of collector, too, but it is not fun to listen only to "documents" instead of professional recordings.

So, have a good time, and I shall listen to recording instead of document.

By the way, monuments in Bologna (Europe's oldest university) are for university teachers and not for warriors. That must have been a plaesure for Mr. Braxton ...

sambeck2001 said...

ok, I was too late. thank you for the enlightenment, serviceton.

but in London earlier that year it has been a "Histoical Quartet", I suppose.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the clarification, gentlemen.

Anonymous said...

Dear Brothers,

thanks very much for sharing this fantastic recordings on Cecil Taylor Giro in Italy 2007.

best regards, Kike.

sotise said...

if you like id be happy to invite you to make y'r own posts on this blog.
all i need is a contact email address.

many thanks for the brax,cecil,parker trio.

serviceton said...

sotise - thanks - it might not be the greatest idea though.
You know my passions are Braxton, Dolphy and Streisand?
Oh, and Anfre Rieu.
Here's one that i never chaeck (but I'll check it this time)
alligatorbollivar. There is a @symbol, the domain is yahoo, and the DNS suffix is 'com'
Oh, and there's a dot in there too

Glad you enjoyed the trio.

King Kennytone said...

Serviceton old chap:
a thousand thanks for the Bologna MP3s, man.

Beautiful set.


centrifuge said...

- and thanks from me, too! just giving this (bologna) a listen now.

all this business of dates etc has got a bit confusing - i'm glad it got sorted out here so i didn't have to try and figure it out myself ;-)

braxton, dolphy and streisand eh? well, stick to the first two and there will be plenty of interest round here - the third one, you may not be entirely alone but i daresay you find yourself in a minority!

serviceton said...

Sh*t! I've only just now realised that I've contributed partially (or is it totally?) to the confusion about the *date* of this. I've just looked at what I typed originally
""To recap: it's Cecil Taylor, Anthony Braxton, William Parker and Tony Oxley - Reggio Emilia -31st October 2007." "

....well that's not a very good "recap"... it's wrong

Brainfade is my only excuse for muddying the waters by writing "31st" instead of "13th".
Apologies to those that this has puzzled or vexed.

Oh, and what a beautiful pic of Pops & Babs top of the mainpage this evening. And what a fine motion picture it was..

cheers to y'all !

Anonymous said...

Good to see the penny drop!

Tantris said...

Finally got home and found the time to listen to the trio - really excellent - thanks.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if the recent Cecil Taylor concerts last februari in Berlin, Gent and in Austria (Zurich?) have been recorded, any FM recordings?
Thanks for the Italian concerts.

Anonymous said...


I've heard the Berlin and Vienna 2008 concerts, (audience recordings), and I was not very impressed. Poor sound, and sluggish performances.

Sunmyth said...

I have high hopes for this one. I've always wanted to see Cecil Live. Just saw Braxton last weekend with John Zorn and Karl Berger as well.
Hopefully Cecil will drop by NYC in the near future.

hulaboy said...

The duets are wonderful. Thanks!