30 March 2008

Leo Smith, Roscoe Mitchell, Joseph Jarman- live at the hot house ,chicago june 15 2000 ,lame 320kbs

while we are focusing on the aacm for a bit, heres a superb concert by leo smith , roscoe Mitchell, and joeseph jarman.

This is luminous,and beautifully recorded .
Many thanks to the original dime taper/seeder of this show.
.. its magnificent.
Unfortunately no flacs from me for this one.

Wadada Leo Smith
Hot House, Chicago, IL
June 15, 2000

Disc 1-Track 1 52:30

Disc 2-Track 1 36:52 ,Track 2 11:09
Wadada Leo Smith - trumpet
Roscoe Mitchell - reeds
Joseph Jarman - reeds
each disc has been uploaded seperately , and is individually downloadable( not a split archive)
thanks to boromir… for uploading part 1 of this stunning concert
Those residing in australia may be interested to know that leo is touring nsw and Victoria.
(playing a few gigs)
the dates and venues are
Apirl 25 Wadada Leo Smith in Workshop at Wollongong, AustraliaApril 26 Wadada Leo Smith’s 6 at SIMA Sydney, AustraliaApril 27 Wadada Leo Smith’s 6 at Bennett’s Lane, Melbourne Australia

The sima show in Sydney takes place at the Seymour centre, and is a paltry 25 bucks.
check out-leo smiths website
aacm pages


sotise said...


giu said...

Hey !! SUPER!! What a great Chicago sequence...
I' ve just downloaded the concert the first part looks like lating 6 hours...something is wrong??
now i check & super super thanks

sotise said...

gui theres nothing wrong.
you must be trying to use the burrrn freeware program.
i often experience similar issues.
if you want to burn this concert to disc, i would suggest another program.
it has something to do with the tagging of the files once they are converted from flac.
a glitch in the burrrn software.

i only had set two of this concert ,and so downloaded part 1 which was uploaded by boromir.
the same issue arose when using both burrrn and windows media software
nero had no problem at all, recognizing the files new tag.

1009 said...

RIP hot house. used to be a decent place to go (even if they did have a 2 drink min.), & only 3 blocks from my house, to boot.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the magnificent concert creed do not exist discs of this trio .
ps :one courtesy
the following blog has posted a concert of ART ENSEMBLE OF CHICAGO
but used DIME (TORRENT)
in possible for you changed on mp3
or others
thanks again
best regards

alessandria italy

Anonymous said...

sorry , this is the post



Ophira said...

Well written article.