29 March 2008

Fred Anderson Reunion Band - Live Chicago Jazz Festival 1994 (FM broadcast)

Chicago Jazz Festival
September 4, 1994
Fred Anderson [ts]
Kidd Jordan [ts]
George Lewis [trb]
Bill Brimfeld [tpt]
Doug Ewart [reeds]
Harrison Bankhead [b]
Hamid Drake [d]
Source: FM Broadcast
Total Time 46:15

Fred brought together his 70s band, together with guest, fellow veteran tenorist, Kidd Jordan for the festival. I'll let the music speak for itself. The band was really smoking that night. This is the best Fred Anderson recording I've ever heard.
Thanks to billien for seeding. Link in comments.


Boromir said...

Link mp3 VBR high quality


Flac link to follow.

Slothrop said...

Wow -- what a great recording. For all the dozens of times Fred Anderson and Kidd Jordan have played together, the only recording we have of them is the Eremite double CD. It's wonderful -- and if pushed, I'd say I still prefer the clear counterpoint between the two to this -- but it isn't enough. It's also terrific to hear a mix in which Billy Brimfield sounds bright and not muffled. Terrific player, but it's hard to get close to what he's doing on the older recordings.

Many, many thanks!

sotise said...

this looks great , im looking forward to it thanks boromir.

Boromir said...

Flac links


Anonymous said...


crocojazz said...

great! really a burning set!

thanks a lot for this post and for all the great music you are posting on this blog.

jeff said...

this looks like a great show. I saw kidd jordon about a year ago and I couldn't believe the power that guy gets out of his horn - it was like he was tearing I-beams in half. great assembly of players here, and pretty much anything with Hamid Drake on it is worth hearing in my book. thank you.

roberto t. said...

A concert like this in flac? You spoil us, but thank you, great work!

teddywilson said...

Thanks for this great recording.

Anonymous said...

The Eremite record, "Two Days in April" (with William Parker and Hamid Drake) is also a must-hear.

wightdj said...

Essential listening, thanks.

Colin said...

Any chance of a re-up? Thanks

francisco santos said...

after todays post this one deserves to get back to life !...
THX !....

onxidlib said...

....didn't realise this was posted. It's the same what I have posted yesterday > http://inconstantsol.blogspot.de/2015/09/fred-anderson-reunion-band-chicago-1994.html