23 March 2008

Iskrastra - Bath Festival 1998

Here is a stunning concert from the 1998 Bath Festival, recorded from the BBC broadcast, featuring Paul Rutherford's Iskrastra. The music is astounding, moving effortlessly from relatively conventional 'big band' figures to extended free improvisation. The comments from the players are also very interesting.

Paul Dunmall, Simon Picard, Evan Parker, Trevor Watts, Elton Dean, Pete McPhail (reeds)
Henry Lowther, Jim Dvorak (tpt)
Rob Paton, Martin Lawrence, Richard Fox (fr horn)
Dave Amiss, Alan Tomlinson, Dave Powell (tbn)
Howard Riley, Keith Tippett (p)
Marcio Mattos, Paul Rogers (b)
Louis Moholo (dr)

There is a very interesting interview with Paul Rutherford here which talks briefly about this ensemble, here;



Tantris said...



ubu said...

Fine one!

Date of recording is May 23, 1998, location is The Pavillion in Bath, the setlist is unknown, #1 compiles some statements from band members, #2-6 form some suite, #7 is the stage & radio outro.

If my files are correct, this comes from a live BBC Radio 3 broadcast.

Anonymous said...

Great choice, Tantris. RIP Paul Rutherford. How tragic that such a fine musician, such an important innovator / improviser, should die relatively unknown, broke and under-appreciated.

jazzme said...

Could not get track 4 to play everything else is fine

dalemcbdnl said...

Phenomenal group playing brilliantly. And all the tracks seem to be working at 11 + minutes into the 4th. Thanks Tantris.


serviceton said...

this is fantastic! - many thanks.

If anyone is interested -
From large ensemble to Trio...
'ROTOR' is - sadly, now "was" - Paul Rutherford, Keith Tippett, & Paul Rogers (all here in Iskrastra too).


They became 'ROTTOR' when joined occasionally by Julie Tippett ('The First Full Turn' on Emanem recommended highly)

This ROTOR gig recorded Ulrichsberg Austria May 5, 2005.
It's an audience recording but sound is pretty darned good.
And there's some quite wonderful improvising here..

(w/ big thanks to 'tricko')

Anonymous said...

hi sotise... you said earlier, that you would repost tony oxleys incus 8 release... well, could you do that..? thanx c.

sotise said...

thank you tantris and serviceton both.
for these marvelous looking concerts... cant wait to dig in soon.

anon, asking bloggers to respond to anonymous requests is asking a lot.

Anonymous said...

i apologise; i should have known that it is unkind... i'll do better next time. c.

Henriness said...

downloading this as I see Louis Moholo in the line up...searching for stuff related to Dudu Pukwana whom I experienced on several occasions at 100 Club...leaving comment now as I find it difficult to find posts again by the time I've checked the vibe.

Great stuff on this Blog so THANX for EVERYTHING..keep it up, much appreciated. Henri

wightdj said...

Excellent, thanks.

Vanderbrötz said...

Please Can you reupload please...Thanks in advance