24 February 2016

Charles Austin, Roy Babbington, Joe Gallivan - Home from Home

Charles Austin Roy Babbington Joe Gallivan - Home from Home
Ogun OG 522 (1979)

Due to a request from Miloš, here is a trio recording from 1977, released on the Ogun label in 1979. This is a set of quiet, emphathetic sketches, most of them fairly short, at least by jazz standards. Chamber jazz might be a word to describe what we hear on this record. Not the stuff to leap at you, but to grow insidiousaly after repeated listenings. Quite a fine little gem, in my humble opinion. Nice flute playing with an oriental touch, sinuous electric bass to the fore and there is even a synth creeping in on several tracks.

Charles Austin and Joe Gallivan have cooperated a lot over the years and both are active up to the present date. Austin is a resident of New Orleans and devoting more time to teaching than to playing in later years. Gallivan played with several stalwarts on the UK jazz scene while living in the UK for some years in the 70s, but also made a memorable album with Larry Young, well worth seeking out. Babbington was associated with the Canterbury scene in the 70s, playing in one version of Soft Machine, but also with Elton Dean and Keith Tippett and later with Barbara Thompson.

Side One

Oriental Fantasy
Piecing It Together
Soft Day
Percussive Moments
Whistle Two-thirty-eight
Two On A Train

Side Two

Soul One
Catch Me If You Can
Winter Solace
Finding Speed
On Top Of the World
Zero Is The Hour

Charles Austin    Flutes Oboe Saxophones
Roy Babbington    Bass Bass Guitar
Joe Gallivan    Drums Synthesizer Percussion


kinabalu said...




rev.b said...

Wow. I know these players and I imagine this music is in the Spellbindingr realm. I didn't know this recording existed and wanted to thank you and Miloš for allowing it to be heard. The Austin/Gallivan album Peace on Earth has haunted me for 30+ years, so I really look fwd this!

francisco santos said...

and what a request!...excellent!...

jazzuk said...

Many thanks for this

rebf942 said...

This looks good - many thanks.

Solomon said...

Thank you!

Miloš Latislav said...

Thank you kinabalu. It is worth listening, like every Ogun release.

@rev.b - I never heard Peace on Earth, got only Mindscapes album, which I love a lot. Is there anybody willing to share Peace on Earth? I think it is unavailable too.

corvimax said...

I am really enjoyng this, many thans Kinabalu.
Milos, Peace on earth I found it time ago on a blog called fattoro, now it looks closed. but the link is still alive! is a 320


Miloš Latislav said...

Thanks corvimax, I am fine with mp3. Just finished listening, voices are bit unapropriate, but otherwise it is nice album.

john said...

Thanks, I didn't know this and it looks interesting.

nodyrrech said...

Great request and thanks Kinabalu for this fantastic album. Just finished to listen to it and it is a real nice album with strong personal feeling. Others Austin Gallivan in the future?

bventure said...

Sounds right up my street! Thanks kinabalu.

onxidlib said...

Thank you!!