29 January 2016

Garrett List - Fire & Ice (Lovely Music 1982)

Byard Lancaster - Alto Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Flute, Piccolo Flute
Ronald Shannon Jackson -   Drums, Percussion, Hand-drum
Garrett List - Trombone, Piano, Vocals 
Youseff Yancy -  Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Theremin, Electronics
Genie Sherman - Vocals 

A1 - Fire And Ice   3:20
    words: Robert Frost, music: Garrett List        
A2 - Dialogue Of The Angels   3:23
    words and music: Ronald Shannon Jackson        
A3 - Now And How   3:08
    words and music: Garrett List         
A4 - Passion Of Miles   5:55
    music: Youseff Yancy         
A5 - Rib Crib    3:18
    music: Byard Lancaster         
B1 - Fly Hollywood   4:10
    words: Ed Friedman, music: Garrett List        
B2 - Oleo/Tune-Up   3:42
    music: Eddie Cleanhead Vinson, Sonny Rollins. arranged by Byard Lancaster, Garrett List.    
B3 - My Mother's Belly   3:30
   words: Blaise Cendrars, music: Garrett List       
B4 - You Are More Beautiful Then The Sky And The Sea   6:36
    words: Blaise Cendrars, music: Garrett List   
B5 - Sweetness   4:07    
    words and music: Byard Lancaster

recorded between 1972 and 1979
Lovely Music 1982, LP


corvimax said...

w cover pics

Solomon said...

Thank you.

mike said...

I’ve not downloaded this yet, and there is a chance I may not. But I want to say THANK YOU for posting an actual album, and not a recorded show or bootleg!

Color me weird that way.

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Great find corvimax.
I simply can not sit tight and listen to this. This calls for standing, even better - dancing. :)
All the best dear friend

Drew said...

Many thanks! Have been hoping tl hear this one for a long time.

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Javier Roz said...

Wow! Very nice album. Thanks Corvimax!