25 January 2016

DEK - Didi Kern, Elisabeth Harnik, Ken Vandermark The Sugar Maple Milwaukee, WI July 17, 2016 AUD FLAC

1. intro by Vandermark
2. Unknown Title #1
3. Unknown Title #2
4. Unknown Title #3


5. Unknown Title #4
6. spoken outro
7. Unknown Title #5

Sound quality slightly better on second set.

Ken Vandermark - tenor sax, baritone sax, clarinet, bass clarinet
Elisabeth Harnik - piano
Didi Kern - drums, percussion, small instruments, vocalisation

Aud - Core Binaurals - Zoom H2(16/44.1) - Sound Studio - Xact, flac level 8

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"DEK- featuring Didi Kern (drums), Elisabeth Harnik (piano), and Ken Vandermark (reeds)- is a trio that creates music which displays the impact that improvisation, new composition, and the genres of rock, funk, and afrobeat have on each other. First established in September of 2014, the group has worked together on a regular basis in Europe, and will release their first album on the Trost label in 2016; a year which will feature performances by the band in New York City during Vandermark's Stone residency during January, in Milwaukee as part of the Option Milwaukee series, and during an extensive tour of Europe in October."


upkerry14 said...


Richard said...

Thanks for this. I picked it up on DIME, but it's always nice to see Ken's music shared.

By the way, it should be obvious now (but maybe not in a year or so) that this concert was held at the venerable Sugar Maple on January 17 and not July 17.

Thanks for your hard work.

wightdj said...

Cool, thanks.

upkerry14 said...

I am surprised how many people don't do torrents. At first I thought it was pointless to post shows from DIME here but many people don't torrent apparently. Re: the date, correction appreciated. Yes, it may have been corrected but I just reprint whatever the text file says. I can't keep up with listening to music let alone all the post uploaded corrections etc...Thanks, bill

David said...

Can this be re-upped please? Thanks!