25 January 2016

PETER EVANS QUINTET : Three For Alice Registrato at Bimhuis, Amsterdam, on thursday 2.October.2014 FM FLAC

Peter Evans, trumpet
Sam Pluta, electronics and voice
Ron Stabinsky, pianoforte
Tom Blancarte, bass
Jim Black, drums and electronics  

here is an intergalactic suite by evans, partially composed and partially imrovised, all dedicated to Alice Coltrane: it's in alleged three parts, but it's all a matter of personal opinions where these three parts could start and finish, as it all sounds the same for 50 and more minutes... Mostly other people do the killing and Zebulon trio are where this guy comes from
Also included in this folder as track00 a short introduction with bio notes and commentaries - this intro runs for 3'08", you can skip downloading it if you don't understand ITALIAN. THIS RECORDING WAS KINDLY PROVIDED BY DIMER ALIFIB

(00-radio introduction)
Three For Alice suite:
01- I, Intergalactic  [11.43]
02- bass solo  [5.02]
03- II, Elemental  [12.34]
04- drums solo  [2.37]
05- III, 12 Earthly Branches, part I  [12.13]
06- III, 12 Earthly Branches, part II  [12.03]
07- bands intros  [0.41]
08- radio outro  [0.35]

running time : 56'53" (excluding radio intros)
WITH radio intro and outro it would be 60'36"
FM radio broadcast by "Battiti dal Vivo", Radio3 RAI [third channell of Italian national radio], on sunday 6 December 2015, 24:10 hours [CET].

AKAI Quartz Synthesizer Tuner AT-52 > TotalRecorder 8.4 (Build 4990) SE via Creative Sound Blaster soundcard > 44.100khz/16bit wav > edited with Sound Forge 8.0b (Build 53) > compressed with Trader's Little Helper 2.70 (build 172) > level 8 single flac file > mailed to survivor69 > tracksplitting with Audacity 2.0 > flacs > webtorrenting
folder size: 411mb
firstly upped by survivor69 on Dimeadozen.org, 15-December-2015 (dimeupload #1452)


upkerry14 said...
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francisco santos said...


apf said...

Thank you so much!

nikos said...

Many thanks!

Javier Roz said...

Thanks upkerry14!
I saw this quintet in Malaga´s Museo Picasso last year.
Some "clueless" left the place! But was a superb performance full of energy and finesse.
This one´s also great.

moreismore said...

"it's in alleged three parts, but it's all a matter of personal opinions where these three parts could start and finish, as it all sounds the same for 50 and more minutes... "

Thanks a lot man. An enormous amount of time and energy went into the shaping of this piece, and there are absolutely three clear, contrasting movement as any novice listener can comprehend. We've performed this dozens of times in the USA and Europe and I do pay attention to how people respond and what they hear.

Try not to insult the music you're posting. I'd be happy if you took this down.

Thanks, Peter.

onxidlib said...

How about a proper release? I'd be happy to buy one.

Tantris said...

... me too.

Peter - the hope is that the availability of recordings of some of your radio broadcasts does encourage people to go out and buy your CDs. This view can obviously be challenged, so if you prefer, we can also take down other posts which feature your music.

kinabalu said...

For the record: I've checked the source of the post description at the Dime torrent site and it's a verbatim reproduction of what was written by the uploader there. It represents the opinion of the uploader, but not necessarily the opinion of upkerry 14 who put it here. In general one should be careful in reproducing the views of others unless one agrees with them and if one doesn't, then at least say so.

That said, I have not heard the piece myself, but have seen Mostly Other People Do The Killing, of which Peter is amember, on two occasions and even posted a cellphone video recording of Jon Irabagon playing a Coltrane standard.

I think we should not take it down as long as it is understood that the views expressed are not necessarily shared by upkerry 14 or any of the other contributors to thus blog.


onxidlib said...

I agree with you kinabalu - I thought Peter Evans not only complained (mildly) about the above statement but the posting of his music.
However - maybe upkerry 14 is able to offer the links once more if appropriate.
I didn't dl the music so can't re-up it myself...

Andy said...

Not my place to say maybe, but I don't think it should be re-upped. I would delete the whole post.

kinabalu said...

Oh, I see it has been taken down already. In any case, I have downloaded it from Dime and am listening to it as I write. I am seeding it at the moment and will continue doing so for a while. It will be available for download for those who have access to Dime.

Unknown said...

Хорошо бы получить ссылку, материал уж больно хорош.