19 April 2009

Max Roach - The Loadstar

vinyl rip, 320 mp3, Horo

Number 3 from I Forgot Clifford. I had 5 Max Roach discs on Clifford, and 2 of them were in the top ten (this one and Confirmation). This may be a bit surprising since much of the blog had free jazz. Max transcended generations having bopped with Bird and later played with Braxton, Cecil Taylor, Shepp, hip hoppers, MBoom, etc. I have posted this one because it is very rare and contains a lot of music. As noted previously, Billy Harper is great on this disc. If you are new to Max's drums, listen to the dialogue he sets up between snare and bass drum. The last of this breed may be Roy Haynes.

Max Roach - drums
Billy Harper - ts
Cecil Bridgewater - tpt
Reggie Workman - bass

The Matyr
Six Bit Blues

Horo, July 27, 1977, Rome


orleyfarm said...

Dear Pablo, I always had trouble leaving comments on Clifford so I hope this one comes through. This isn''t a thanks for Max Roach per se (but of course thanks for Max) but for everything you've been posting. Tuning into your collection has been an education for me and no doubt many others.

kinabalu said...

One reason, apart from the popularity of Max Roach himself, could be that Horo records are practically unobtainable these days. My no. 1 download up to now has been Lester Bowie's "African Children", also on Horo.

Solomon said...

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I've downloaded a couple records from this site over the past two days and I just wanted to thank you folks for all your effort in making this incredible music available for us.

I know acknowledgement is rare on these sites, in relation to the number of downloads. But this blog is spectacular and very much appreciated.


jdubb said...

Thank you--I loved this band back in the day--used to go see its' various incarntions at the Keystone Korner in SF, CA, USA back in the day.

guijira said...

I love this blog and I miss I Forgot Clifford. I know I don't comment as much as I should, so let me offer up a Horo of my own to try and make things right.

Here is

Stafford James
Jazz A Confronto 26

Side One:
Costa Bruciata
Neptune’s Child

Side Two:
City of Dreams
I Ain’t Named It Yet

Recorded July 31, 1975

Stafford James- Bass
Enrico Rava- Trumpet
Dave Burrell- Piano
Beaver Harris- Drums


downlowsoul said...

Damn....this is great. Many thanks.

Mr. Graupera said...

Wow, thank you. Very heavy.

Anonymous said...

thank you...

JazzDoIt said...

Thanks for a superb one!. This quartet is amazing, I am looking all what they do. If anybody needs something else of this great lineup, here you have a couple:

1976 Nommo



or Here:


1977 Max Roach Quartet Live In Tokyo, Vol. 1 - Calvary; Vol. 2 - Scott Free


You have to look in this page for the albums and post a comment asking for the links.

If anybody know where to find the other Quartet record, I think would be welcome.

1977 Max Roach Quartet Live In Amsterdam - It's Time (Baystate (J) RVJ 6029)

1978 Max Roach - Confirmation (Fluid (F) FLU 103)

1979 Max Roach - Pictures In A Frame (Soul Note (It) SN 1003, 121003-2)

Anonymous said...

Roach was quite a talent, but I wish I could pull up the interview w/ him that I read once. (It was in a print magazine). Whether he was drunk, had a headache, or was just an intolerant bigot...I don't know, but in the interview he had venom toward so-called 'white' artists whom he claimed had stolen variations of African-American music. It's a looney-tunes rant that really destroys any sense of credibility about the guy. Apparently Roach was quite a racist, which is terribly sad.

Anonymous said...

I found one of them here- http://www.mediafire.com/?zxlzlayjlkn