10 June 2019

Walden Wimberley & His Musical Friends - What The Pyramid Told Me - self produced 2005

One can think that musicians who stay unknown belong to the sixties or the seventies but even from the recent times we can still discover some musicians that still play in the underground of the underground. It is the case for this talented pianist, if you check on the web you will find almost no informations about him directly. One of his first appearance seems to have been in a band created by Roy Campbell Jr and named « Shades And Colors Of Trane » with Hilliard Greene and Warren Smith. In 2004 and 2005 he made two cdr self produced and only available during his concerts, in 2006 he recorded with Ras Moshe for one of his « Live Spirits » volume, obviously… that’s all.
So if someone have more informations about him it will be appreciated.

Walden Wimberley: piano
Hilliard Greene: bass
Christopher Dean Sullivan: bass
Daniel Carter: saxophone
Ras Moshe: saxophone
Larry Boddie: percussion
Mike Thompson: drums
Recorded live at the Langston Hughes Public Library, Queens N.Y. 2005.
cdr self produced


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john_a said...

Thanks for the rare release!
This was my first exposure to the artist, some of the piano vamping reminded me of McCoy Tyner, not that they really sound much alike..

Some subsequent searching leads me to think Walden Wimberley the pianist is also the abstract expressionist painter Frank Walden Wimberley. Could this be?
A few art site references show his middle name (Walden) but the first name (Frank) seems to be more prevalent for the painter.


In his nineties today, looks like he's active and currently has a solo exhibition in NYC. The Bio on his art page indicates he played Jazz.

"Born in Pleasantville, New Jersey in 1926, abstract expressionist painter, Frank Wimberley later attended Howard University and studied with James Porter, Lois Mailou Jones and James Wells. While a student, he also played jazz (a consistent theme in his work) and later became friends with musicians such as Miles Davis, Ron Carter, and Wayne Shorter."

Also, I found a track list for 'What The Pyramid Told Me'
1. What the Pyramids Told Me (Part One) - 8:36
2. What the Pyramids Told Me (Part Two) - 6:35
3. Thoughts of Daniel - 1:55
4. Valley of the Kings - 7:22
5. Layin' Real Low on the Nile - 5:31
6. Lovely Morning Sunrise on the Sudan - 4:11
7. Eternal Time - 3:04
8. Land of the Pharoahs - 6:44
9. Announcement - 0:43

correct silence said...

Thanks a lot John for the informations, particularly for the track listing. In fact except the paper that I have scanned for this post I have the same art work for both cdr and it is the art work for the preview cdr with Sabir Mateen, those are really homemade cdr and art work. I can't say if the painter and the musician are the same person. On the few pictures that I have, Walden Wimberley looks younger than 80 years old, age that he supposed to have at the time of those recordings but it could be him.

john_a said...

I read another bio of the artist (Frank Walden Wimberley) that stated he had a son named Walden, but still nothing definitive to show either one is the pianist.

But I do suspect it's one of them, there's enough resemblence in their faces:



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Many thanks

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Thanks for this rarity. Never heard of the cat, but really dig it.

finn said...

Front cover is on the album's Allmusic page.

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

It is the son. See https://www.nytimes.com/1998/09/27/nyregion/neighborhood-report-harlem-buzz-coltrane-for-all-generations.html

correct silence said...

Thank you Ernst Now we have the answer of the riddle but due to the fact that there was nothing to win, can I still say "the winner is..."