6 January 2014

FRANÇOIS TUSQUES "INTERCOMMUNAL MUSIC" (Shandar lp sp 10 01) 1971, flac

pierre brings us another inspired , rare shandar release.
francois tusques intercommunal music from 1971.
pierre says
'Know that this record is a good one ! One of my favourite of this period where the French musicians played and recorded with the Americans in Paris. And for those who understand French, don't forget to take a look at the song titles.'

those who prefer mp3 may want to visit our friend sunmyth at the brewing luminous blog.
its in the links under t not b

François Tusques, piano, guitar, maracas
Alan Shorter, trumpet
Steve Potts, alto saxophone
Alan Silva, cello
Beb Guerin, bass
Bob Reid, bass
Sunny Murray, drums
Louis Armfield, percussion

     Intercommunal Music (24:40)
A1. Intercommunal Music     08:00    
A2. Les Forces Progressistes     10:10    
B1. Les Forces Réactionnaires     03:00    
B2. La Bourgeoisie Périra Noyée Dans Les Eaux Glacées Du Calcul Égoïste 03:30
      Intercommunal Music! (6:00)
B3. L'Impérialisme Est Un Tigre En Papier 06:00
      Portrait D'Erika Huggins (8:04)
B4.         Untitled     00:44    
B5.         Untitled     07:20

Recorded May 11, 1971 in Paris.


Track 1 (18:20) is A1 + A2;
Track 2 (12:36) is B1, B2 +  B3;
Track 3 (8:31) is B4 + B5.


sotise said...
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Tantris said...

I am really looking forward to this, as I know very little about free music that emerged in France and Italy.

Other pointers would be gratefully received.

kinabalu said...

One guy to look out for is Michel Portal. He's on the Sunny Murray album. He did some amazing bass clarinet work on "Alors" where he plays with the John Surman trio. In the course of the 70s, he released two albums with his Unit at Chateauvallon. I've got one of them and am about to order the other one. Still very much active, though it's probably fair to say that he's branched out in all sorts of directions since the seventies. Definitely worth investigating more.

Tantris said...

kianbulu - thanks; I think that there is a Michel Portal concert on France Musique in the not too distant future, so I will look to record that, and post it here if it any good.

nad3170 said...

Tantris, in case you can read French there is an interesting book called "Chants Libres : Le free jazz en France 1960-1975" by Vincent Cotro and published by the editions Outre Mesure. http://pagesperso-orange.fr/outre.mesure/collections/books/chants/book.html

French players (Tusques, Beb Guerin, Claude Delcloo for example) can be encountered on several BYG dates playing with the Americans and if you can find them - good luck ! - there are other records by Jef Gilson, Barney Willen, Portal, plus several collectives from around the same period.

The rarest of them all "Le Nouveau Jazz" by Tusques & Willen was posted here by Boromir. If somebody has the other Tusques record on Mouloudji - "Free Jazz" from 1965 - on CD it may also be shared here as it is now out of print.

There was also singer which is I think rather unknown on the international scene called Colette Magny who made several records with the French free jazzmen. Her singing is also "free" and in my opinion has not aged as well as the music ... but if there is interest I have four of these that I can share.
Last thing, check out Brigitte Fontaine's "Comme à la radio", a collaboration with the Art Ensemble of Chicago from 1970 which is to my ears one of the best encounters between French and American musicians from that time period.
Maybe more later !


sotise said...

the rare 1969 michel portal album 'our meanings our feelings" is available here

at 160

and the ground breaking milestone of european improv
'new phonic art quartet'
featuring, portal, carlos roque alsina,jean pierre drouet, and vinko globkar can be found at ana blog here
at 320 and in flac on the avant guard project repository page here

folly for to see what said...

Thanks Pierre and Sotise for this record.
I've got a copy but who knows where!
And thanks for flac, I prefer much more than mp3, but I think like I saw on previous posts that some people prefer to download mp3. Maybe flac eats to much hard disc.

I don't know if you saw my invitation to Boromir and co. If not I Invite you to my new blog. Sotise I think that some of the music I'm going to post will like you.


Tantris said...

Looks like some great leads above. I shall certainly try Corto's 'Chant Libres' and listen to the recordings which are available.

France Musique is broadcasting a Michel Portal / Jacky Terrasson duo concert from a 2007 Austrian festival next week - with any luck I will remember to record it.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but zipit doesnt work with mac intel…

Anonymous said...

Can you please repost it I really want to listen to this album...

Anonymous said...

great team, please repost!


onxidlib said...
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Tuzo the Shandar said...

Every family in the world, and those on exo-planets,too, should have a copy of this to play for the grandchildren, as we rock in our ez chairs talking about the good ol'days,when music wasn't BS.

Clifford Allen said...

Classic LP... I wrote a short piece on Tusques for AAJ some years back, still available here: http://www.allaboutjazz.com/php/article.php?id=20242&page=1#.UsymUmRDs3w

Nick said...

Thanks for the link and article Clifford. It's probably a good time to point out that François is going strong, with his most recent recordings available from improvising beings

IB said...

Thanks to all for your appreciation of François' work (old and new)!

One good news if I may advertize a bit: in addition to his forthcoming album in March (a free trio with two very astute tenors, Alexandra Grimal and Sylvain Guérineau), the label Finders Keepers has undergone a serious program of reissues.

First out is the soundtrack to "La Reine des Vampires" (1967) which extensively features Barney Wilen and Beb Guérin.

Next are coming "Le Nouveau Jazz" and "Free Jazz", that are currently being remastered from the original master tapes.

Also in the works is the very elusive 7" with Don Cherry "La Maison Fille du Soleil"! and lots of outtakes.

Stay tuned!

DW said...

sotise, onxidlib, thanks! My education continues..

akaboshi14 said...

Could you re-up this again?

kinabalu said...

New link:


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