22 August 2015

LARRY KARUSH / GLEN MOORE - May 24, 1976 (JAPO 1976)

an oop vinyl posted previously on musicadegradata.blogspot.com


A1. Chi-Chi-Chi-Nngacah
A2. Solo I (To Motoki)

B1. To Apeiron
B2. IRc2
B3. Facing The New Morning
B4. Raise Your First!
B5. Solo II (To Hirose)

Junji Hirose, electric guitar, percussion, toys, remodeled junk
Koichi Ohki, self-made instruments
Yoshinori Motoki, tape, casio-tone, toys, electric guitar, reed-attached flute, drums, cymbal
Norizumi Morooka, toy piano, pianica, tape, toys

Recorded at Kid Ailack Art Hall, Tokyo, June 23, 1983; Akasaka International Artist Center, Tokyo, December 11, 1982; Terpsichore, Tokyo, June 25, 1983; Takoyaki-ya, January 12, 1984.

Cacoon ‎– CACOON-003

LP Rip

18 August 2015


Several weeks ago I was doing research for some liner-notes. Eagerly searching for information also at the www I came across a book called "Postserielle Musik und Free Jazz" by Hans Kumpf.
The contents of the book did not help in my search. But I encountered some informations (and a score) of Manfred Schoof's "Ode".
Luckily I found the music in the collection of a friend who generously send me the files.
"Ode" never was available officially although it seems to be a rather important piece of music for the development of German (European) Free Jazz.

Schlippenbach's "Globe Unity 70" is or better was available through Atavistic.
Seemingly it's OOP at the moment - therefore I left it for your enjoyment.

The title of Brötzmann's tune "Drunken in the Morning Sunrise" reminded me about the circumstances for the recording sessions of "Machine Gun".
Brötzmann and Buschi Niebergall went - after the first part of the session - for some beers.
Eventually they took shelter for a nap at a building lot. Next morning Niebergall and Brötzmann woke up, had a mouthful of beer and went back to the "Lila Eule" for the second part of their recording session......

Kenny Wheeler, trumpet, flugelhorn
Manfred Schoof, trumpet, flugelhorn, bach-trumpet
Tomasz Stanko, trumpet
Bernard Vitet, trumpet
Albert Mangelsdorff, trombone
Malcolm Griffiths, trombone
Paul Rutherford, trombone, tenor horn
Evan Parker, soprano & tenor saxophone
Gerd Dudek, soprano & tenor saxophone, flute
Michel Pilz, bass clarinet, flute, soprano saxophone
Heinz Sauer, baritone, tenor & alto saxophone
Peter Brötzmann, tenor & baritone saxophone, bassetthorn
Derek Bailey, guitar
Alexander Von Schlippenbach, piano, percussion
J.B. "Buschi" Niebergall, bass, bass trombone
Peter Kowald, bass, tuba
Arjen Gorter , bass,electric-bass
Han Bennink, drums, shell-horn, dhung, gachi
Paul Lovens, drums, percussion

Joachim-Ernst Berendt, announcement

1. Globe Unity 70 (A. von Schlippenbach)     17:51
2. Ode (M. Schoof)     12:54
3. Drunken in the Morning Sunrise (P. Brötzmann)     9:53

Recorded on November 7, 1970 at the Kongresshalle, Berlin.

(track 1 was released on Atavistic [UMS/ALP 223CD])

15 August 2015


A1-3.  Title

B1.     One
B2-3.  Glider

Recorded in July 1982 (A1-3), March 1983 (B1) and December 1982 (B2-3)

Cacoon ‎– CACOON-A

Cassette Rip

13 August 2015


A1. Duo # 1
A2. Duo # 2
A3. Duo # 3
A4. Duo # 4

B1. Why-So?
B2. Eight Hands
B3. Hodgepodge

Shuichi Nagano, bass
Yasuhiro Yamaz, drums
Akira Iijima, electric guitar
Junji Hirose, electric guitar, percussion, soprano and tenor saxophone

Recorded at A Studio, Tokyo, 19 September 1981 (A1-2); Far-Out, Atsugi, Tokyo, 17 October 1981 (A3-4); Kid-Ailack Hall, Tokyo, 9 October 1981 (B1-2); Far-Out, Atsugi, Tokyo, 2 May 1981 (B3).

Cacoon ‎– CACOON-002

LP Rip

8 August 2015


A1. Improvisation #8
A2. Improvisation #10
A3. Improvisation #5

B1. Improvisation #6
B2. Improvisation #12
B3. Improvisation #13
B4. Improvisation #2

Junji Hirose, soprano and tenor saxophone

Recorded live at Far-Out, Atsugi, Tokyo, on July 21 and August 18, 1980.

Cacoon ‎– CACOON-001

LP Rip


1932 born in Rome: composer, pianist, musical constructivist.

1951-61 classical and musical studies (composition with G. Petrassi and piano with R. Caporali) in Rome; electronic music in Utrecht (G.M. Koenig).
From 1956 he performs widely as concert pianist in Europe, as a soloist with orchestra (with Bruno Maderna, Daniele Paris, Mario Rossi, Paul Hupperts, Roelof Krol and others) and in recitals.
1962 price Nicola d'Atri (S. Cecilia National Academy) for SEI PEZZI PER ORCHESTRA.

Mario Bertoncini: CIFRE (1964/67)
for prepared piano(s) - Detail
Photographer: Gerd Rische
Mario Bertoncini: QUODLIBET (1964)
Page of the Score

1964-68 first experiments with prepared instruments (QUODLIBET, CIFRE, TUNE, SCRATCH-A-MATIC). 1965 price of the Fondation europeènne de la Culture for QUODLIBET. 1965-73 member of the improvisation group »Nuova Consonanza« in Rome. 1967-73 Professor at the State Conservatory G. Rossini in Pesaro, Italy. Music Theater; theoretic and practical work on a functional interaction of sound and gestures (SPAZIO-TEMPO, ›Note per un teatro della realtà‹).
1968 EPITAFFIO: correspondence between the action of drawing and writing a text and its sonorous result. 1970 première (Venice, Biennale d'Arte) of SPAZIO-TEMPO. Construction of his first sound objects on the priciple of the Aeolian harp.
1970-72 president of contemporary music society Nuova Consonanza, Rome. 1974 invited to Berlin as »artist in residence« of the DAAD art program; realization of the first ambitious project of open air kinetic sound-sculptures (VELE, Berliner Festwochen).
1975-76 associate professorship at the McGill University, Montréal: realisation of an experimental composition course called ›Musical Design Course‹ (founder of the MUD group, later known as SONDE).
From 1980 (to 1997) professorship at the Hochschule der Künste, Berlin. 1986 co-founded the theater group VIE with Matina Schaak and Roberto Capanna; german patent of an interactive system for the transformation of dance-gestures in optical and acoustic signals called
1992-93 development and german patent of the ›Stabdämpfer‹ (bar mute), a special device for the preparation of stringed instruments.
Combined compositional work with performing activities as a pianist: works by Scarlatti, Schönberg, Stravinsky, Satie, Messiaen, Scelsi, John Cage, Terry Riley, Morton Feldman etc. and own arrangement: Earle Brown 4 SYSTEMS; Cage CARTRIDGE MUSIC. Concert/Lectures in Germany, Italy, USA, Canada, Europe, Corea, Israel.
2004 leaves Berlin and settles in Cetona, Italy.
info from Mario Bertoncini's website > http://www.mariobertoncini.com/

 Mario Bertoncini: QUODLIBET (1964)
Performers: Osvaldo Remedi (vla),
John Heineman (perc.), Luigi Lansillotta (vcl)
Photographer: Roberto Carnevali

1. Scratch-A-Matic (1971) for piano (strings) [piano/DC-motor] 21:24
(operated by nine DC motors + tape delay with speed variation)

2. An American Dream (1974) for prepared piano [piano/motors] 06:54

3. Cifre (1964/67) [three pianos] 07:41
(for piano(s) and a variable number of performers)

4. Quodlibet (1964) for viola, cello, bass and percussion 12:46
(score to be projected in sections ordered by the performers)

5. Chanson pour instruments à vent (1974) for aeolian harps 14:17
[aeolian harp & gongs + player]
(operated by compressed air, 1 performer)

6. Tune (1965) for x series of five suspended cymbals 10:34

I got this from a friend (cassette rip) - all informations in [...] are from
my copy (provided with the cd-r) - all information in (...) are from M.Bertoncini's website.

{recordings by the composer - were meant for release on Edition RZ - which never happened...}

.....reup of a post I did in 2011 somewhere else...far too interesting for oblivion....

4 August 2015

Ornette Coleman & Prime Time - Live in Nervi '78

Posted originally by Riccardo back in 2011, updated and with new links.

Another memorial post.

There was a request for Ornette from the period 1976-80 :
this is a typical concert of those years.

Rec. live at "Teatro ai Parchi", Nervi, Italy,
on July 24, 1978 (mics recording)

Ornette Coleman,alto sax,trumpet & violin
Charles Ellerbee/Bern Nix,guitars
Albert Arnold,elect. bass
Ronald Shannon Jackson/Denardo Coleman,drums

1. Sleep Talk (13:21)
2. Song X (15:48)
3. Lonely Woman (22:12)
4. Macho Woman (15:22)
5. 3 Wishes (11:19)

Total Time 1:18:05

excerpt from Macho Woman