6 August 2019

What a long, strange trip ...

This blog is now in its 12th year, started back in February 2007 by Sotise, our correspondent from down under. Bundles of people have contributed over the years, some gone, others holding on and yet others joining and putting their distinctive mark on the contents and direction of the blog. Currently we have about half a dozen active posters and some very generous followers, judging from inputs to our contributions section, but we're always willing to recruit more. Potential authors can get in touch with us c/o our Blogger email addresses. We've had contributors from three continents, with a preponderance of Europeans overall.

The emphasis has been on the free/improv/experimental side of jazz, but with excursions into contemporary and classical music, from Europe and beyond. There are no rules, however; the blog is whatever the posters make of it, and we'd like to keep it that way. We focus on posting out of print material with the objective of drawing attention to music which otherwise might have remained out of sight and out of mind. Due to spam and some past experiences of personal attacks, we 've had to institute a moderator system, so comments may not appear right away, but they will be published.

With these few words, heading on ...

5 August 2019


Anything our readers and followers would like to contribute goes here. That may include recommendations, reviews, recordings, you name it.

The earlier contributions thread was unfortunately deleted, but we have managed to recover about three years of the last five years of posts. The recovered posts have now been moved to separate posts in the new thread. All links to files are working at the time of writing. If there is anybody out there who has found that their contributions are missing, feel free to repost them or if anybody has downloaded files when they were still available, the same thing applies.  Of course, we welcome any new contributions from our followers, anything that we and you should know about.

4 August 2019


Requests, broken links, re-ups and related topics go here. It may be easier for admins to be attentive to these topics if they are put here and not under the individual posts. There's no guarantee that we may be able to respond to everything, but we'll give it a try.

I've deleted the previous 'Requests' post as it was becoming a bit unwieldy.
I shall start the requests with the last one from the previous thread.

3 August 2019

Free form

Anything else goes here. Observations on the general state of the universe and its overall direction are particularly welcome, but also on more mundane matters as you may see fit.

1 August 2019


Hi , Heres a new section , which will feature links to the Original posts of things that are just being, or have recently been re uploaded..
the Contributions and request sections are too cluttered , making it difficult to keep track!
comments will be disabled for this section!

Please help us out, if you see comments asking for a re-upload, and you have the files!!
(preferably use only file hosts accessible to free users,do not use these files to make money!)
Please do not ask us to re upload records which are generally available, or have been recently reissued, whatever the format!!

Surely it goes without saying that all views expressed on this Blog , be they impressions  delusions
reveries, political statements, opinions are ours and ours alone , Music stimulates the imagination, so switch off y'r TV, listen ... make up your own minds.

So here goes, I'll start with a few I have recently re uploaded

Update March 23, 2019 -
We've shortened the list (again) for users' convenience:

Rudd-Tchicai-Lacy-Carter-McCall + RAI Big Band - Rome 1980
Globe Unity - Berlin + Donaueschingen 1966/67
Wadada Leo Smith's Golden Quartet - live in NYC '11
George Lewis - live in Florence '78
Gérard Grisey - Quatre chants pour franchir le seuil 
Brötzmann - Breuker Quartet - Lübeck 1987
Brötzmann / Bennink - Atsugi Concert
Robert Ruff - Shaza-Ra 
Sunny Murray - Big Chief
Harry Miller's Isipingo - Live at 100 Club 1976
Bill Cole - The First Cycle
Dror Feiler & The Too Much Too Soon Orchestra ‎- What Is The Point Of Paris?
Gap - Gap 
Lokomotiv Konkret - Stockholm Augusti, 1978
Masabumi Kikuchi Sextet - Collaboration and Hairpin Circus combined file
R.D. Levy and Richard Davis -  Cauldron
Frances-Marie Uitti - The Second Bow
Dollar Brand / Don Cherry / Carlos Ward - Third World Underground
Paul Bley - Mr. Joy 
IST - Anagrams To Avoid
COWWS - Ulrichsberg, 1988
Ulrich Gumpert Workshop Band - Berlin, 1979
Radu Malfatti Orchestra - Innsbruck 1989
Toshinori Kondo & Tristan Honsinger - This, That And The Other
Halki's Collective - Jive
Jimmy Lyons Quintet - WKCR, 1975
Valdo Williams - New Advanced Jazz
Barry Guy New Orchestra & Elliott Sharp - Berlin, 2009
Alan Silva Celestrial Communications Orchestra - The Shout
Alan Silva Celestrial Communication Orchestra - Desert Mirage
Halki Collective - Κολλεκτίβα Χάλκης
Keizo Inoue - In Moers
Sunny Murray - Sonny's Time Now
Jacques Thollot Trio / Howard Riley Trio - Jazz Harmonie 1972
Test - Test
Harry Miller Quintet - Köln, 1983
Manfred Schoof Quintet - Helsinki, 1974
 L., S. - F., M. - Adonis
Per-Henrik Wallin Quartet - Umea
Paul Lovens - Paul Lytton Quintet - Moers 1977
Günter Christmann & Detlef Schönenberg - Berlin, 1978
London Music Now - Jazz Festival Berlin 1972
Albert Mangelsdorff Septet - Lindau, 1961
Albert Mangelsdorff Quintet - Tübingen, 1973
Cecil Taylor Unit - Spring Of Two Blue J's
Fred Van Hove 'T Nonet - Basel, 1998
Christmann - Frangenheim - Dutton - Fruits De Mhère, 2003
Frank Wright - Alan Silva - Muhammad Ali - Hamburg, 1976
Circle - Hamburg, 1971
Julius Hemphill & Abdul Wadud - Live in New York
Paul Rutherford - Old Moers Almanac
George Russell Sextet - Stockholm, Gyllene Cirkeln 1964/65
Europe Jazz All Stars - Room 1220
Karl Berger - Fron Now On
Karen Borca - Irène Schweizer Quartet - Basel 1989
Yoriyuki Harada Unit feat. Andrew Cyrille - Ehyang
Ray Russell - Dragon Hill
Glenn Horiuchi - Issei Spirit
Freebop - Live Tracks
Masahiko Togashi - Bura-Bura
Jayne Cortez & Firespitters - Maintain Control
Friedhelm Schönfeld - Friedhelm Schönfeld (Amiga)
Charles Tyler - Definite Vol.2
Johnny Mbizo Dyani - Witchdoctor's Son Together
A.R. Penck - Going Through
Jeanne Lee - Don't Freeze Yourself To Death Over There On Those Mountains
Gunter Hampel & Jeanne Lee - Oasis
Jeanne Lee - Im Stadtgarten Köln
Charles Tyler - Definite Vol.1
Charles Tyler - Jazz Festival Umeå
Ushio Sakai - Jam in Yokota
TTT - Be Cool In Munich - Live Concert
Masahiko Togashi Quartet - Speed & Space 
Lee Won Hui and Kikuchi Koji - Grow
Mototeru Takagi - Mosura Freight
Mototeru Takagi - Man-Bou
Mototeru Takagi - Makaya Temple
Mototeru Takagi - Kuku, Nagoya, 2002
Mototeru Takagi - 2001.07.06
Mtume Umoja Ensemble - Land Of The Blacks
Johnny Mbizo Dyani - Grandmother's Teaching
Dewey Redman - Look For The Black Star
Henry Threadgill's Zooid - Pop Start The Tape, Stop 
Phillip Wilson Trio - Fruits
Carla Bley Big Band - Live in Berlin 1979
Mario Pavone - Digit
Eli's Chosen Six -  College Jazz: Dixieland
Grumpff - Unhip Trip 
Grumpff - Ich Weiss Auch Nicht Was Los Ist
Wadada Leo Smith / Sabu Toyozumi - Cosmos Has Spirit
Mal Waldron & Steve Lacy - Journey Without End
Kazunori Takeda - Infinity
Reichel - Knispel - Niebergall - Waisvisz - Köln 1974
Mirage - Now You See It... 
Interspecies Music - Whalescapes
Akira Sakata Trio - Dance 
Kosuke Ichihara All Stars / Masahiko Satoh & Garan-Doh - デマ (Dema)
Paul Bley - Solemn Meditation 
Michel Portal - Our Meanings And Our Feelings 
David Wertman - Kara Suite
Buschi Niebergall Trio feat. Michel Pilz - Moers 1978
Günter Christmann & Detlef Schönenberg - Live in Padua '78
Yosuke Yamashita Trio - Concert In New Jazz
Cecil Taylor - Live in Genoa '83
Art Ensemble of Chicago - live in Nervi '79
Chris McGregor - live in Mestre '80
Charlie Haden's Liberation Music Orchestra - live in Genoa '91
Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky Trio - NDR Jazz Workshop No.138
Isao Suzuki - Three Cushion
Steve Lacy - live in Florence '78
Steve Lacy Quintet - live in Cremona '78
Paul Bley - Live in Genoa '03
Sunny Murray - Live in München '79
Sunny Murray Trio - Live in Alassio '79
ROVA Saxophone Quartet - Live in Verona '79
Chris McGregor's Brotherhood of Breath - Live in Moers '81
Billy Bang Sextet - Live in Moers '80
Jemeel Moondoc - Live Medford Ma 1985
Hans Reichel & Rüdiger Carl - Live in Lovere '79 
Alexander von Schlippenbach - Live in Nürnberg '76
Archie Shepp Quintet + RAI B.B. - Live in Rome '80
Archie Shepp Quartet - Live in Brescia '79
Archie Shepp & Roswell Rudd Quartet feat. Amiri Baraka - Live in Rome '04
Max Roach & Archie Shepp - Live in Nervi '78
Anthony Braxton - Live in Milan '79
80/81 - Live in Rome '81
ROVA Saxophone Quartet - Live in Moers '79
Lol Coxhill - Live in Florence '78
Misha Mengelberg / Peter Brötzmann / Han Bennink - Live in Lovere '77
Gunter Hampel & Jeanne Lee - Live in Florence and Pisa '78
Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky Octet - Live in Moers '79
Andrea Centazzo & Lol Coxhill - Live in Lovere '78
Masahiko Sato & Wolfgang Dauner - Pianology
Masahiko Sato and the Soundbreakers - Amalgamation
Masahiko Togashi & Improvisation Jazz Orchestra - Al-Alaph
String Trio Of New Yorl - Live in Moers '79
ROVA Saxophone Quartet - Live in Novara '09
Lee Konitz All Stars - Live in Genoa '81
Gaetano Liguori Idea Quintet - Live in Milan '79
Don Byron's New Gospel Quintet - Live in Hamburg '09
Cassandra Wilson - Live in Verona '94
Steve Lacy Trio - Live in Milan '77
Paul Bley - Live in Nervi '96
Mike Westbrook Brass Band - Live in Willisau '77
Charles Mingus Quintet - Live in Berlin '75
Arthut Blythe Quartet - Live in Newport '80
Archie Shepp Quintet - Live in Rome '81
Horace Tapscott Pan African People's Arkestra - Moers '95
Sabu Toyozumi - Water Weed
Jimmy Lyons Featuring Karen Borca - Riffs
Ivo Perelman - William Parker - Rashied Ali - Live at the Knitting Factory
Kutteldaddeldu - Live in Lausanne
Gruppo Immediato - Live in Lovere '79
Dudu Pukwana - Diamond Express
Ted Curson Quintet - Live in Monterey '77
George Russel + RAI Big Band - Live in Rome '80 
Marty Ehrlich & John Lindberg Quartet - Live in Moers '80
Mal Waldron & Geri Allen - Live at Vicenza '02
Keith Tippet - Live in Milan '79
Rashied Ali, Charles Gayle and Sirone - Live in Burghausen '08
Leo Smith, Roscoe Mitchell, Joseph Jarman - Hot House Chicago 2000
Reggie Workman Quartet - Live in Cambridge MA 1986
Sunny Murray Trio - Live in London 2003
Michel Portal & Bojan Zulfikarpasic - Live in Genoa '99
Paul Bley Trio - Live in Genoa '87
Pharoah Sanders Quartet - Live in La Spezia '79
Roswell Rudd Malicool - Live in Rome '04
Stan Getz Quintet - Live in La Spezia '79
Lee Konitz Nonet - Live in Middleheim '79
Steve Lacy & Mal Waldron - Live in Basel '85
World Sax Quartet meets M'Boom Live in Serravalle Scrivia '10
The Cookers - Live in Milan '12
Tim Berne Quintet - Live in Genoa '88
Tim Berne's Snakeoil - Live in Bergamo '12
Bennie Wallace Trio - Live in Como '79
Bennie Wallace Trio - Live in Moers '80
George Lewis & PMJO - Live in Rome '10
Gil Evans Orchestra feat. R.R. Kirk - Live in Dortmund '76
Arthur Doyle, Wilber Morris, Rashid Bakr - Live at the Afterknit
Paul Dunmall - Solo Bagpipes (DLE001)
Dunmall/Adams/Sanders - Live at the Subtone (DLE002)
Dunmall/Marsh/Gibbs - It Escapes Me (DLE003)
K.Wheeler/E.Parker/P.Rutherford/B.Guy/N.Morris + RAI B.B. - Live in Rome '80
Dunmall/Adams/Marshall/Sanders/Noble- Zap II  (DLE004)
Dunmall/Gibbs/Adams/Marshall/Marsh/Noble- Zap III   (DLE005)
Hozan Yamamoto & Masahiko Sato - Silky Adventure
Betty Carter Quartet - Live in Monterey '77
Matana Roberts' Coin Coin - Live in San Vito al Tagliamento '11
Dunmall/Gibbs/Balachandar - Manjah (DLE007)
Gibbs/Rogers/Dunmall- Gwinks (DLE009)
Matthew Shipp & Günter Baby Sommer - Live in Pavia '11
Toshiaka Yokota - Primitive Community
Gibbs/Adams/Dunmall - Something Normal (DLE010)
Paul Dunmall/Andy Isham - Long Meadow (DLE011)
Paul Dunmall - Bagpipes II (DLE012)
Paul Dunmall/Paul Rogers / Ja Ja Spoon (DLE013)
Paul Dunmall/Tony Marsh - Live at the Klinker (DLE016)
Dunmall/Gibbs/Tippett/Bellatalla/ Fairclough - Kunikazu (DLE017)
Dunmall/Gibbs/Dodds/Bianco - Dark Clouds Gathering (DLE018)
Masahiko Satoh - Yun - Solo Piano Vol.2
Masahiko Satoh - Multi Spheroid - Solo Piano Vol.3
Ivan Oscarsson & Consortes - Ivan the Terrible
Dunmall/Jeffery/Gibbs/Adams/Marsh - Zooplongoma (DLE019)
Dunmall/Gibbs - All Sorts of Rituals (DLE020)
Dumall/Gibbs - The Vision (DLE021)
Dunmall/Rogers/Gibbs - The State of Moksha (DLE022)
Dunmall/Rogers/Gibbs - Live at the Quaker Centre (DLE023)
Dunmall/Rogers/Gibbs - The State of Moksha Live (DLE024)
Dunmall/Gibbs/Ball/Metcalfe/Jeffery - No Agents of Evil (DLE026)
Dunmall/ Jeffery/Marsh - High Bird, Low Bird (DLE027)
Dunmall/Gibbs/Jeffery/Bianco - Gaganchelopes (DLE028)
Anthony Braxton Creative Music Orchestra ‎– RBN----3° K12
Phil Gibbs/John Adams - Seen a Mouse (DLE030)
Dunmall/Gibbs/Adams - Can't Just Be a Body (DLE031)
Dunmall/Gibbs/Ball/Metcalfe/Jeffery - Newsagents (DLE032)
Paul Dunmall/Paul Rogers - Log Cabins (DLE033)
Paul Dunmall/Tony Irving - Cocteau's Ghost (DLE034)
Paul Dunmall/Bruce Coates - 19 Years Later (DLE035)
Dunmall/Rogers/Gibbs - Nimes (DLE036)
Dunmall/Rogers/Davies/Gibbs - Moksha or Mocca (DLE038)
Dunmall/Thoumire/Edwards/Gibbs - Brothers in Music (DLE039)
Rogers/Ball/Gibbs/Impett/Dunmall - Undistracted (DLE040)
Dunmall/Gibbs/Kane/Davis - Bernd Wimmer on the Burnt Zimmer (DLE042)
Dunmall/Coates/Gibbs/Jeffery - Live at the Old Library (DLE043)
Tippett/Tippetts/Gibbs/Dunmall - Mahogany Rain (DLE044)
Gibbs/Rogers/Dunmall - The Big Return (DLE045)
Dunmall/Stockhausen/Gibbs - Tapaleit (DLE047)
Gibbs/Hymas/Dunmall - Neen (DLE048)