31 August 2019

Gregg Bendian's Interzone - Live In Chicago 2001

Gregg Bendian is famous for his partnership with musicians like Cecil Taylor, Derek Bailey, William Parker or Peter Brotzmann. In the late nineties he had a very exciting band called Interzone that mixed jazz with free improvisation, rock and in a way also prog. The result was an unique sound that appears as one of the most successful in the mix of so different styles. The group has recorded three albums, one for Eremite and two for Atavistic, all oop but still easy to find for a reasonable price in the second hand market. Two musicians have made the trip from the beginning to the end beside Gregg Bendian: The Cline brothers, Nels and Alex. Bassists have changed during the short life of this band. The first cd have been recorded with Mark Dresser, the two others on Atavistic with Steuart Liebig. On this concert that comes from what appeared to be the last tour of the band, Kermit Driscol is the bassist. The show is superbe, intense with a very high musical level. It contains many tracks from their last album Requiem For Jack Kirby recorded around one year before this concert.

01 Primordial Ink
02 Kirby's Fourth World
03 New Gods
04 The Mother Box
05 Teaneck In The Marvel Age
06 Air Above Zenn-LaCD
07 Sunblade Strafe the Continent
08 Pattern Master For Octavia Butler
09 Diaspora
10 Blood: Sassoon zi tavit

-Gregg Bendian: vibraphone, glockenspiel
-Kermit Driscol : acoustic & electric bass
-Nels Cline : guitar, slide guitar
-Alex Cline : drums & percussions

Recorded Live In Chicago October 4, 2001
If some followers have others unpublished recordings of this band they are welcome to share them.


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Dominic said...

Hi everyone, apparently this concert happened at the Schuba's Tavern, in Chicago.

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Thank you Dominic, I didn't have this information, I didn't have more informations than the ones i've written.

Sevenfootjew said...

thanks for the post; does anyone know how long each of the first four songs are ? Instead of ten tracks, I ended up with two track 1, two track 2, two track 3, and two track four