28 April 2009

Mal Waldron & Johnny "Mbizo" Dyani - Live in Rome '79

Only one official record exists by this great duo :
"Some Jive Ass Boer: Live At Jazz Unité '81", so i
think that this recording could be an helpful
addition for both Waldron's and Dyani's lovers.

Rec. live at "Centro Jazz St. Louis", Rome, Italy, on
October 27th, 1979 (mics recording)

Mal Waldron,piano
Johnny Dyani,bass

1. Track #1 (39:30)
2. Track #2 (05:53)
3. Track #3 (43:27)

Total Time 1:28:52

26 April 2009

Arthur Blythe Quintet - Live in Milan '82

Probably the most curious group ever led by Blythe,
able to create a fascinating sound, perfect for his
own compositions.

Rec. live in Milan, Italy, on November 1st, 1982
(mics recording)

Arthur Blythe,alto saxophone
Kelvyn Bell,guitar
Bob Stewart,tuba
Abdul Wadud,cello
Bobby Battle,drums

1. Miss Nancy (16:29)
2. Faceless Woman (13:42)
3. Bush Baby (36:22)
4. Illusions/Break Tune #2 (17:37)

Total Time 1:24:12

25 April 2009

Max Roach / Archie Shepp - Force

vinyl rip, 320 mp3, Uniteledis

Max Roach - drums
Archie Shepp - ts

France 1976

Sweet Mao - La Preparation
Sweet Mao - Le Marche
Sweet Mao - Commencement
Suid Afrika 76


Brötzmann/Kondo/Pupillo/Nilssen-Love live in Europe 2008

I was going to post the Bimhuis set of this crew from 6 September when I made the discovery that it has just been commercially released on the Okka Disk label and can in fact be ordered directly from the label:


So, a quick change of plan, then. Instead, we'll have two other concerts from the same tour, the first one in Schorndorf in Germany on 8 September and the second in Barcelona on 14 September. Both dates are audience recordings, in contrast to the Bimhuis set which was professionally recorded by Dutch radio and also transmitted by BBC Radio 3 later in the month.

Brötzmann has played with Kondo before, most notably in the Die like a Dog quartet with William Parker and Hamid Drake providing the rhythmic backdrop. This crew is quite a different proposition with Massimo Pupillo from Zu manning the electric bass and Paal Nilssen-Love taking over on drums. These two guys change the sonics into a much tougher, heavier, hard-hitting aural assault, which to my mind recalls the spirit of Last Exit, if not the actual sound. Brötzmann did not quite agree, when I had a chance to chat after their Oslo gig (and to share a bottle of red wine with Kondo); Last Exit was different, he thought, but still, there is a decidedly different ambience to these sets which really energises the old gentleman and it is definitely beyond the usual genre boundaries of free jazz. Kondo is extending the sound of the trumpet with all sorts of electronic manipulations, possibly recalling the electric Miles of the 70s, but whereas Miles was steeped in deep funk, this setting better revitalises the noisy punk indie spirit of the times. Pretty hairy, bony stuff, in other words.

This quartet has become a regular working band and they will be gigging in Europe in both the first and second half of 2009 as well as in the first half of 2010, so take the opportunity to see them if they should cross your path (and get their Bimhuis record).

These go out as high-quality mp3s. I realised that posting both sets as lossless flacs would run well over one gigabyte which might be excessive for most downloaders. Thanks to uploaders and seeders at Dime, as usual.

Archie Shepp / Bill Dixon Quartet

Number 10 from I Forgot Clifford. This was one of the first posts on the blog and is still rare vinyl.

This is a vinyl rip 320 mp3 from the classic Savoy LP featuring Bill Dixon on trumpet and Archie Shepp on tenor sax. This has a mainstream feel for both artists and yet has a 60s pulse as they drive through originals and Leonard Bernstein. Bass and drums by Reggie Workman, Don Moore (b) and Paul Cohen, Howard McGhee (dr) October 1962.

1. Trio
2. Quartet
3. Somewhere
4. Peace



I am going to close the Clifford Blog. There were other favorites including Ethnic Heritage Ensemble, Hannibal, Paul Bley, Paul Smoker and more. I do plan to post some other stuff on this blog.

Cecil Taylor Unit - Live in Stuttgart 1966/1969

Number 9 from I Forgot Clifford. I had 3 Cecil Taylor posts and all 3 had many downloads. This was the most rare of the 3 posted. Cecil Taylor Quartet on 2 dates in Stuttgart. This stuff comes from Blue Mark Music produced by Zooey Records. A soundboard recording, presented in 320 mp3.

October 16, 1966

Second Amplitude Words

Cecil Taylor - piano
Jimmy Lyons - alto sax
Alan Silva - bass
Andrew Cyrille - drums

November 10, 1969

Fragments of a dedication to Duke Ellington

Cecil Taylor - piano
Jimmy Lyons - alto sax
Sam Rivers - tenor sax
Andrew Cyrille - drums




24 April 2009

Steve Lacy - The Crust

vinyl rip, 320 mp3, Emanem

Number 8 from I Forgot Clifford. You can't have a top ten jazz blog without some Steve Lacy. This one appeals on many counts, rare, Derek Bailey and John Stevens.

This was another classic Lacy session from the DJ archives. When I look back on the benefits of blogging it was to meet some new music pals like DJ and exchange music, ideas, opinions.

Steve Lacy - ss
Steve Potts - as
Derek Bailey - guitar
Kent Carter - bass
John Stevens - drums

The Crust
The Owl
A bit of the Dumps
Revolutionary Suicide

100 Club, London, July 30, 1973


My own music group below was very influenced by Lacy.


23 April 2009

Julius Hemphill - Dogon A.D.

vinyl rip, 320 mp3, Arista Freedom

Number 7 on I Forgot Clifford. I took the advice of a comment and added The Hard Blues from Coon' Bid'ness to this post.

Julius Hemphill - as, fl
Baikida Carroll - tpt
Abdul Wadud - cello
Philip Wilson - drums
Hamiet Bluiett - baritone sax*

St Louis 1972

Dogon A.D.
The Painter

The Hard Blues*


22 April 2009

Mary Halvorson Trio - Live at WFMU 9 december 2008

Mary Halvorson Trio

Live at WFMU on The Long Rally 12/10/2008
Recorded december 9th 2008
Engineer Trent Wolbe

Mary Halvorson guitar
John Hebert bass
Ches Smith drums

01. Too Many Ties (No. 6)
02. Momentary Lapse (No. 1)
03. Dragon's Head (No. 9)
04. No. 11
(Mary Halvorson interview?)

To mark the release of her new recording, Dragon's Head, on Firehouse 12, Mary Halvorson brought her trio down to the WFMU studios to throw down a fire breathing live set for The Long Rally. The band features Ches Smith on drums (Xiu Xiu, Marc Ribot's Ceramic Dog), John Hebert on bass (Uri Caine, the late Andrew Hill, his own band, Byzantine Monkey), and Mary Halvorson on guitar (People, Anthony Braxton, duo with Jessica Pavone). They tore through four of Mary's craggy tunes (three songs from the album plus a ballad called, "No. 11") and left all in attendence speechless. -Scott McDowell via Beware of the Blog


Taylor Ho Bynum & Tomas Fujiwaa duo live at WFMU 22 march 2009

Taylor Ho Bynum/Tomas Fujiwara Duo
Live at WFMU on Scott McDowell's Show 3/22/09
Recorded march 22nd 2009
Engineer Mark Triant

Taylor Ho Bynum cornet
Tomas Fujiwara drums

01. Basie/Wisdom (10:40)
02. Keys, No Address (04:49)
03. Untitled (06:27)
04. Leaning Reflection (05:30)
05. Ikuru (03:08)
06. Length 30:34

One of Scott's favorite musicians in modern jazz, Taylor Ho Bynum, drops by the Long Rally with his longtime accomplice Tomas Fujiwara for a cornet/drums improv throwdown. Tune in for brass titters, drum smears, and some prodigious musical telepathy. -Scott McDowell



Mary Halvorson trio:

Taylor Ho Bynum-Tomas Fujiwara duo:

21 April 2009

Sonny Rollins - Aix en Provence 1959

cd rip, 320 mp3, Royal Jazz

Number 6 from I Forgot Clifford. When I started the Clifford blog, I thought there would be more head bangers than toe tappers and was surprised later to find Sonny Rollins and Max Roach in the top ten! This is another rare find in France, great rhythm section.

Sonny Rollins - ts
Henry Grimes - bass
Kenny Clarke - drums

Woody n you
But not for me
Lady Bird

March 11, 1959, Aix en Provence, France


Fred Anderson Quartet Live in Moers '79

Seeing last Pablo's post (F.Anderson - Another Place;
rec. at the '78 Moers Festival) i've remembered that the year
after i taped the F.Anderson Quartet at the same festival :
here's the recording.
Let me add that, Mr. Anderson too, has celebrated his eightieth
birthday few weaks ago.

Rec. live at the 8th Moers Jazz Festival, Moers, Germany,
on Friday, June 1st, 1979 (mics recording)

Fred Anderson,tenor saxophone
Billy Brimfield,trumpet
Steve Palmore,bass
Hamid Drake,percussions

1. Three On Two/Trumpet & Bass Duet/Bombay (51:33)
2. Black Woman (18:23)
3. Like Sonny (13:50)

Total Time 1:23:47

Fred Anderson - Another Place

vinyl rip, 320 mp3, Moers Music

Number 5 from I Forgot Clifford. I had 4 Moers posts and this was the most popular. This is a great band for Fred and has a bit more jump than some of his Chicago recordings.

Fred Anderson - ts
Billy Brimfield - tpt
George Lewis - tb
Brian Smith - bass
Hamid Drake - drums

The Bull
Another Place

Moers Festival 1978

Anthony Braxton Sextet at Institute of Contemporary Arts - Boston (MA) november the 5th 2005

Ezio Minetti- Caresses

Anthony Braxton Sextet

Anthony Braxton


Taylor Ho Bynum


Jessica Pavone

violin, viola

Jay Rozen


Carl Testa


Aaron Siegel


November 5, 2005
Institute of Contemporary Art Boston, MA

01. Composition n° 345
02. Composition n° 349
03. Encore

In date 02/05/09 some corrections to the info of this blog thanks to the expertise of Centrifuge. A great THANKS !

Here is another unofficial recording date from the wonderful Braxton sextet, the one with my favourite Taylor Ho Bynum and Jesssica Pavone among others.

The Braxton sextet seems to carry on the tradition of free jazz and AACM music as that of a more generous reception in Europe (and Canada) than in USA. This year we "celebrate" the 40th anniversary of this long lasting tradition that began, as well known here, with the flyin' of many afroamerican musicians, AACM members in particular, to Paris.

The Philadelphia performance has been for sure the first 2005 American date of this astonishing ensemble as it has been reviewed here [http://www.bagatellen.com/archives/frontpage/001062.html] and here [http://www.allaboutjazz.com/php/news.php?id=7694].

The Victoriaville date is the only one officially documented [on Victo 108] and posted here [http://inconstantsol.blogspot.com/2009/04/anthony-braxton-sextet.html]. This post is decidedly from another tape source being of lesser audio quality but adding to the Victo album a little, marvellous extra: an about five minutes encore (wrongly posted twice at the end of composition 345 and as a file apart).

The november Boston date, posted here, has been the second, and last, american date of this group at least to my knowkedge. It was recorded the day after the Philadelpia concert that meet a strongly positive reception.

Down here an in-complete list of the group performances.

february 19 2007
Metastasio Jazz, Teatro Metastasio, Prato, Italy

february 17 2007
Piacenza Jazz Festival, Teatro President, Piacenza, Italy

february 14 & 15 2007
Porgy & Bess,
, Austria


November 4, 2005
Music @ International House

Philadelphia, PA

August 28, 2005

@ Sant' Anna Aressi Jazz Festival, Italy

July 20, 2005

Molde Jazz Festival
Molde, Norway

May 22, 2005

Victoriaville Festival, Canada

April 9
Corunna, Spain

April 8 2005
Banlieues Bleues Festival - Paris, France

April 7 2005
Warsaw, Poland

April 6 2005

Bimhuis - Amsterdam, Netherlands

It's my aim going on little contributin' to the Anthony Braxton gigography, and to the Henry Threadgill discography. In the next times I will add to this post all the infos I will found about this group and the DCW trio (both with Taylor Ho Bynum) and post here some more Henry Threadgill unofficial (broadcast and private recordings) date.

If someone here is interested in this two projects every effort will be wellcome.

In particular about the Threadgill discography project [http://discography.backstrom.se/threadgill/] I've found till now at least more than 100 audio documented dates and tens of non documented. I've just began to listen to some date to attribute correct titling and personnel infos but it is a very hard and long work.

On the other hand the Braxton discography and gigography, marvellously mantained by Jason Guthartz and otthers, constitute in my opinion a reference project. Here You can easily find every useful link [http://www.akamu.net/braxton/discography.htm]

Last but not least I'm going to complete the 35th AACM Anniversary Festival in the next monts.

20 April 2009

Don Pullen - Plays Monk

vinyl rip, 320 mp3, Paddewheel

Number 4 from I Forgot Clifford. I think this one scored mostly on rarity and I would not have predicted top 10. There is a curiosity factor here to see how DP would interpret some of Monk's most loved tunes. Pullen has a very solid following based on many strong discs with Mingus, Adams/Pullen 4tet and other solo discs. He is a great example of one of the defining ideals for a musician, you know it is him playing almost immediately.

Don Pullen - solo piano

1. Well You Needn't (Monk) 5:18
2. Round Midnight (Monk) 8:09
3. Monkin' Around (Pullen) 9:41
4. Trinkle Tinkle (Monk) 6:13
5. Gratitude (Pullen) 5:39
6. In Walked Bud (Monk) 5:51

NYC 1984


19 April 2009

Cecil Taylor Live in Pisa '82

For my first "official" post on IS i've chosen this recording,
even for paying tribute to the Great Master who, few weaks
ago, has celebrated his eightieth birthday.
The music, a six parts suite, reminds closely the Basel concert
(November 16, 1981) recorded and published by Hat Hut
(particularly the 2nd CD : Garden pt. 2).
The encore is missing : end of the cassette...

Cecil Taylor, piano solo

Recorded live in Pisa, Italy, on July 24th, 1982

1. Part 1 (28:46)
2. Part 2 (15:47)
3. Part 3 (13:22)
4. Part 4 (10:58)
5. Part 5 (11:42)
6. Part 6 (06:40)

Total Time 1:27:17

Max Roach - The Loadstar

vinyl rip, 320 mp3, Horo

Number 3 from I Forgot Clifford. I had 5 Max Roach discs on Clifford, and 2 of them were in the top ten (this one and Confirmation). This may be a bit surprising since much of the blog had free jazz. Max transcended generations having bopped with Bird and later played with Braxton, Cecil Taylor, Shepp, hip hoppers, MBoom, etc. I have posted this one because it is very rare and contains a lot of music. As noted previously, Billy Harper is great on this disc. If you are new to Max's drums, listen to the dialogue he sets up between snare and bass drum. The last of this breed may be Roy Haynes.

Max Roach - drums
Billy Harper - ts
Cecil Bridgewater - tpt
Reggie Workman - bass

The Matyr
Six Bit Blues

Horo, July 27, 1977, Rome

18 April 2009

Ran Blake / Jeanne Lee - Stockholm 1966

cd rip, 320 mp3, Columbia (France)

Number 2 from I Forgot Clifford. Who would have guessed that Ran would out pace Cecil Taylor, Paul Bley, Don Pullen ? A traditionalist with avant roots, he continues to present solo records with harmonic deconstructions of standards and older tunes. His discs with Braxton, Jeanne Lee and on Hatology brought him into the free zone. Many loved the Newest Sound
Around disc with this pairing. I think the reason there were so many downloads on this one was because for many bloggers this was a new discovery. I found it in France.... Enjoy and predict the next in the top ten.

Ran Blake - piano
Jeanne Lee - vocals

Ticket to Ride
Kind a sweet
Let's go
Crystal Trip
A Taste of Honey
Night and Day
I Can Tell
Take the A train
Living up to life
A Hard Day's Night
The Girl from Ipanema
You Stepped out of a dream
I can tell more
One note samba
Stars fell on Alabama
Just Friends
Free Standards
I'll remember April
Honeysuckle Rose

Stockholm 1966


17 April 2009

Sun Ra Quartet - New Steps

cdr rip, 320 mp3, Horo

Pablo's back ! I had announced plans to shut down I Forgot Clifford which generated all kinds of comments from all planets. I was graciously invited to be able to post and administer at Inconstant Sol. I thought I would transfer my top ten downloads from Clifford to this site before closing down Clifford. This was the number one download. I believe it was because Horo has been been hard to find and everyone wants to here John Gilmore in a quartet with the Ra. There is a second cd in this series, Other Blues. I had it on a car cassette and remember preferring this one.

Sun Ra - keyboards
John Gilmore - ts
Michael Ray - tpt
Luqman Ali - drums

My Favorite Things
Moon People
Sun Steps
Exactly like you
Friend and friendship
Rome at twilight
When there is no sun
The Horo

January 1978


6 April 2009

Even more Sam Rivers

Here's another 70s trio, perhaps the ultimate one with Dave Holland and Barry Altschul. This was recorded live at the "New Foxhole Café", Philadelphia, on April 19th, 1976 (2nd set).

Sam Rivers,tenor & soprano saxophones,piano,flute
Dave Holland,bass
Barry Altschul,drums

1. Improvisation (1:08:12)

This is another scorcher with Altschul very much to the fore in the mix. As indicated above, only one piece slightly over one hour, similar to the Foggia set posted here before. This is a format that suits Rivers very much, so no complaint this time about being cut short, due to the limitations of the album format. As on the Foggia date, he starts out on tenor, switches to soprano at the 20+ minute mark and rounds off with two briefer interludes on piano and flute after the 50+ minute mark. New to this date is the piano section which in my view is the weaker part, but others may disagree. Top interaction throughout and it is particularly facinating to hear Altschul and compare with Steve Ellington on the other date. Altschul comes off as more forceful and intense and with Holland on board, this set rocks and sizzles from beginning to end.

This gem was supplied by riccardo in our contributions section, so a tip of the hat for that one. I thought it warranted a proper post as it dovetailed nicely with the recent Rivers postings here. Readers are advised to dig in for more gems from riccardo and others.

3 April 2009

Anthony Braxton Sextet

Anthony Braxton Sextet
Colisee Des Bois-Francs
Victoriaville, QC
May 22, 2005

Anthony Braxton, Taylor Ho Bynum, Jay Rozen, Jessica Pavone, Chris Dahlgren, Aaron Siegel