22 April 2009

Mary Halvorson Trio - Live at WFMU 9 december 2008

Mary Halvorson Trio

Live at WFMU on The Long Rally 12/10/2008
Recorded december 9th 2008
Engineer Trent Wolbe

Mary Halvorson guitar
John Hebert bass
Ches Smith drums

01. Too Many Ties (No. 6)
02. Momentary Lapse (No. 1)
03. Dragon's Head (No. 9)
04. No. 11
(Mary Halvorson interview?)

To mark the release of her new recording, Dragon's Head, on Firehouse 12, Mary Halvorson brought her trio down to the WFMU studios to throw down a fire breathing live set for The Long Rally. The band features Ches Smith on drums (Xiu Xiu, Marc Ribot's Ceramic Dog), John Hebert on bass (Uri Caine, the late Andrew Hill, his own band, Byzantine Monkey), and Mary Halvorson on guitar (People, Anthony Braxton, duo with Jessica Pavone). They tore through four of Mary's craggy tunes (three songs from the album plus a ballad called, "No. 11") and left all in attendence speechless. -Scott McDowell via Beware of the Blog


Taylor Ho Bynum & Tomas Fujiwaa duo live at WFMU 22 march 2009

Taylor Ho Bynum/Tomas Fujiwara Duo
Live at WFMU on Scott McDowell's Show 3/22/09
Recorded march 22nd 2009
Engineer Mark Triant

Taylor Ho Bynum cornet
Tomas Fujiwara drums

01. Basie/Wisdom (10:40)
02. Keys, No Address (04:49)
03. Untitled (06:27)
04. Leaning Reflection (05:30)
05. Ikuru (03:08)
06. Length 30:34

One of Scott's favorite musicians in modern jazz, Taylor Ho Bynum, drops by the Long Rally with his longtime accomplice Tomas Fujiwara for a cornet/drums improv throwdown. Tune in for brass titters, drum smears, and some prodigious musical telepathy. -Scott McDowell



Mary Halvorson trio:

Taylor Ho Bynum-Tomas Fujiwara duo:


LYM said...
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Anonymous said...

looks cool.
thanks for posting.

jazzme said...

Your Taylor Ho is a link to the Media Fire home page not the link

maready said...

Thank you very much for even more of these fine musicians. As far as the kbps go, I find 256 perfectly adequate for a live recording ... to my ears, it's only around 192 or so that I can't listen to it. But then, I still persist in preferring vinyl to anything in the digital realm ... by the time it gets to digital, its ALL compromised to my hoity-toity eardrums!

Thanks for the recent avalanche of posts! Henry Threadgill! Henry Threadgill!

bongomccongo said...

many thanks. I agree music such as this is great regardless of the bitrate. thanks for the Mary - had no luck with the link to the taylor . much appreciated - incredible musicians

crocojazz said...

many many thanks for this post. I agree with you, this is so fresh that who cares of the bitrate.

btw, can you check the ho bynum's link?



centrifuge said...

thanks, i really enjoyed those trios (the duo link misdirects btw). very nice to hear mary stretching out a bit on her own material.

Scott said...

Thanks for the love, LYM. I'm a big fan of inconstant sol and have played tons of stuff on the radio that I first encountered here.

I should mention that these tunes are available as part of WFMU's Free Music Archive http://freemusicarchive.org . I generally will post future guest spots in the FMA, if the artist is in agreement. (You might also dig the recent set with Mike Pride's From Bacteria to Boys, or the set from Peter Evans from last year, just do a search.) Mary Halvorson, Peter Evans and Weasel Walter are coming to do a trio in a few weeks and hopefully that will find its way up there.

Thanks again for your interest and for spreading the music.


1009 said...

Thanks so much LYM! 256 is ok; in fact I have most of MH's stuff at that rate because I bought it off Amazon. Love her work.

The THB link appears to be incorrect, though.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for these! Two Halvorson/Ho Bynum gems in one post!

However, the second link is not working (looks like it's been cut off somehow).

Festoonic said...

The Halvorson trio stuff is wonderful, brash and noisy and enthusiastic, and great chops to boot. Never would have encountered this without your generosity. Thank you!

robo said...

Many thanks for this. I've really been digging Halvorson's playing lately.

The Ho Bynum link seems to be incorrect, btw.

Great site you've got here.

ghostrancedance said...

These links don't work, unfortunately. The second link points to only one's own files (if one has them) on Mediafire, BTW.

Rob said...

Thank you very much for the Halvorson. Love her music ever since I heard Dragon's Head.
Could the link for the Bynum be fixed? Would love to get that also.
Thanks. Rob

jazzme said...

Will the link for Taylor Ho be fixed

david said...

WFMU's Beware of the Blog just posted another great live set from Scott McDowell show. Follow the link below for a great performance by From Boys To Bacteria, featuring:

Mike Pride - drums
Darius Jones - alto
Peter Bitenc - bass
Alex Marcello - piano


LYM said...

@ Hi to everyone here,
first a great THANKS for Your appreciation!
then I apologize for the wrong link of the Taylor duo set.
here (and on front page) the right one:

SEE YOU Enjoy The Music


papagianni said...

thank you for the wonderful blog, and for the many exciting musical adventures. MH is a real gem of an artist

crocojazz said...


thanks for fixing the links.

by the way, i've just had the chance of listen live to a gig of the bynum-halverson-fujiwara trio... very impressive!!


DW said...

LYM, thank you!!