27 September 2011

Steve Lacy Trio-Stalks, (Yoshizawa, Togashi),Nippon Columbia – YQ-7507-N -(1975)Flac upgrade from Vinyl Source

Here's a Flac Upgrade of something posted here from a tape source in mp3's a few years ago,this is ripped straight from a vinyl source .. of Stalks , one of Lacys most challenging 70's lp, and also apparently one of the rarest..

Yoshizawa and Togashi truly are Lacy's masterful peers here,matching his most provocative textural explorations in an astonishing counterpoint ,the three floating together as they sculpt the void..with an elasticity that seems unique to Lacy's Japanese Collaborations!
 Much thanks ..and more than a little love to Dave 'the Wane'from Tasmania for this fresh.... rip!!!

to which i've done absolutely nothing.. no pretending even for a moment that this is from a Digital source

Steve Lacy – Stalks

Label:Nippon Columbia – YQ-7507-N Japan :1975
Tracklist .

A1 Stalks 10:35
A2 Moon 9:24
B1 Japanese Duck 6:40
B2 The Wane 6:46
B3 Bone 4:47
Soprano Saxophone, Written-By – Steve Lacy

Bass – Motoharu Yoshizawa
Percussion – Masahiko Togashi

Coordinator [Artist Co-ordination] – Aquirax Aida
Producer – Tsutomu Ueno

Recorded at Nippon Columbia 1st Studio, Tokyo, June 7, 1975.

Enjoy ...

 i'll be posting a few more Lacy rarities over the next few weeks

as i said all credit to Dave 'the Wane'.. for trading this with me.

Lp Covers, courtesy of Nick added Here

25 September 2011



Mototeru Takagi, reeds
Takashi Tokuhiro, bass
Tsutomu Ono, drums

1. Estado / Bird Song 21:32
2. Love Song / People In Sorrow 20:25

Recorded at Jazz Street 52, Kitakyushu, 28 March 1975.

Originally released on LP in 1975 by Offbeat Records.


23 September 2011

Jerry Bergonzi & Danish Radio Big Band Radiohusets Studie 2 Copenhagen, Denmark January 14, 1993 FM

FM broadcast > Philips CDR765 > Adobe Audition 2.0 > dBpowerAMP Music Converter 11.5
Danish Radio Big Band
Guest: Jerry Bergonzi (ts, fl)

Henrik Bolberg (tp
Lars Togeby (tp)
Steen Hansen (tb)
et al..

Rhythm section:
Nikolai Bentzon (p)
Thomas Ovesen (b)
Jonas Johansen (d)
1. Introduction by announcer  0:20
2. Just freinds (quartet)  7:38
3. Blues for workshop  9:51
4. Nocturne  7:15
5. The vision  7:05
6. Another you  8:05
7. A different look (quartet)  12:05
TT 52:22
*Taped & Transfered by peterw

Kirk Lightsey and Benny Bailey, Subawy, Koln Germany 1993

TV broadcast. This is just the audio. Sound A.

Benny Bailey- Trumpet
tp Kirk Lightsey- Piano
Jimmy Woode- Bass
Sangoma Everett- Drums   

1. Nostalgia 10:10,
2. I Can't Get Started 10:33,
3. Kansas City Statement 11:42,
4. Will You Still Be Mine 11:19

Toal 43:50

Archie Shepp Quintet - Live in Rome '81

Heterogeneous line-up led by Shepp (the French pianist
A.Jean-Marie replaces the announced M.Waldron while
L.Parsons member of the Kalaparusha group is on trumpet)
for a concert of good/medium level.

Rec. live at "Teatro Olimpico", Rome, Italy, on February 3,
1981 (mix recording)

Archie Shepp,tenor & soprano saxes,piano,flute
Longineu Parsons,trumpet
Alain Jean-Marie,piano
Santi Wilson Debriano,bass
John Betsch,drums

1. U-Jamaa [A.Shepp] (10:46)
2. You Don't Know What Love Is [G. de Paul] (16:59)
3. There Is No Greater Love [I.Jones] (12:01)
4. Piano Solo (02:54)
5. Unknown (09:37)
6. Lush Life [B.Strayhorn] (14:07)
7. Well You Needn't [T.Monk] (14:10)
8. 'Round Midnight [T.Monk] (15:08)
9. Giant Steps [J.Coltrane] (13:54)

Total Time 1:49:41

No Greater Love

Journal Violone II - John Surman - saxes, clarinets Barre Phillips - bass (synths?) Aina Kemanis - voice Unknown venue - June 13, 1979 (track 1)/ March 16, 1980 (tracks 2-4)

T1 Journal Violone II (B. Phillips) (Parts 1-3)    27:04
T2 Journal Violone II (B. Phillips) (Part 1) 7:17
T3 Journal Violone II (B. Phillips) (Part 2) 8:33
T4 Journal Violone II (B. Phillips) (Parts 3-6) 21:27

fm > cassette (unknown gen) > wav > flac level 6 > eac (secure) > flac level 8 > dime
a litle hissy > A/A-

Yesterday I announced I had a Mountainscape set.  However, I had made this statement without having my notes ready and in the evening, trying to retrace that CD, I found I couldn't locate it.  I even began to doubt my memory: 'Had I really recorded any Mountainscapes or was I just imagining this?'  'Had I just misalaid or lent it and never bothered to get it back?'
What I did come up with, is this set (a double set, actually) which was - I think - originally seeded by Peter Losin, about a year back.
Journal Violone was - at first - a solo project by Barre which started out in 1968 as literally a kind of bass diary.  Journal Violone II was a trio effort, recorded by ECM and released in 1979. It somehow bridges the earlier trio-work (never on ECM) and the experimental work of Mountainscapes/Three Day Moon and the more vocal-oriented work on 'Music by Barre Phillips' (sadly never released on CD).
This seed is culled from two radio performances which are definitely not complete, but this is how it was originally seeded. The first session is interrupted rather abruptly during the applause but one can hear Barre tuning his bass and ready to go into another part.  Maybe more of this will be unnearthed one day?

PETER BRÖTZMANN - ULRICH GUMPERT - GÜNTER SOMMER "live at 'Ludwig Beck'" (Munich, 1990)

Here's an audience recording made in the building (right in the center of Munich) you can see above.

The picture (by Thomas Strobel) is from the now renovated facade. This exclusive departement store presented from the mid-eighties up to the nineties some concerts with Free Jazz!

Archie Shepp, Han Bennink, ROVA, Hal Russell's NRG Ensemble were among the musicians which played in this series.


Peter Brötzmann, reeds
Ulrich Gumpert, piano
Günter Sommer, drums, percussion

CD 1

1. unknown title 20:08
2. unknown title 14:01
3. unknown title 12:30

CD 2

1. unknown title 38:31
2. unknown title 04:00

Recorded at 'Kulturforum', Ludwig Beck, Marienplatz 11, Munich, Germany.
Date : 25th April, 1990.


22 September 2011

Cecil Taylor photos?

I've got an email from Phil Freeman:

Hello -

I'm the editor and publisher of the small magazine Burning Ambulance [http://burningambulance.com]. In our next issue, we're featuring a lengthy article on the Cecil Taylor Unit of 1978 (Taylor, Jimmy Lyons,Raphe Malik, Ramsey Ameen, Sirone and Ronald Shannon Jackson). Photos of this group are hard to come by, though, and I'm hoping maybe someone who reads your blog or someone you know might have some. If so, please point them my way. Thanks!

Phil Freeman

This message is self-explanatory, so if anyone in our readership can help, I'm sure Phil would be grateful. I have in my collection "3 Phasis" made by this version of the Unit. There was also another called "Cecil Taylor Unit", both of which released by New World Records. Please also note that I have posted an unreleased live concert from Köln with this line-up and it can be found here.

20 September 2011

Amina Claudine Myers & Rrata Christine Jones - Live in Rome '79

"I try to portray the feeling of what the song is about. I try to put
that feeling across. I try to paint pictures, make it visual.

Rec. live at the "1st Women Jazz Festival" in Villa Borghese, Rome, Italy, on July 5th, 1979 (mics recording)

Amina Claudine Myers,piano,vocals
Rrata Christine Jones,dance

1. Amina solo/Rrata solo (12:35)
2. Bessie Smith Medley : Jailhouse Blues/Dirty No Gooder's Blues/Unknown/Wasted Life Blues/It Makes My Love Come Down/Unknown/Unknown/Unknown/Jailhouse Blues (reprise)
3. Divine Fire [?] ((18:16)

Total Time 43:20

Jailhouse Blues

17 September 2011

Paul Bley/Lee Konitz/Jimmy Giuffre/Bill Connors - Live in Como '77

By this quartet only exist 37 minutes of officially recorded music
(IAI Festival) by Bley's "Improvising Artists" label. I hope this
recording is a welcome addition.

Rec. live at "Teatro Sociale", Como, Italy, on June 16, 1977
(mics recording)

Paul Bley,piano (1-4,9,11-13,16)
Lee Konitz,alto sax (8-15)
Jimmy Giuffre,soprano sax,clarinet & bass flute (5-7,9-15)
Bill Connors,acoustic & electric guitars (10,13,16)

01. Music Matador [PB] (06:22)
02. Ojos De Gato [PB] (07:25)
03. Unknown [PB] (07:04)
04. Mister Joy [PB] (06:19)
05. Unknown [JG] (03:43)
06. Gregorian Chant [JG] (02:42)
07. The Train And The River [JG] (03:19)
08. Unknown [LK] (08:30)
09. Unknown [PB/LK/JG] (09:36)
10. Unknown [LK/JG/BC] (08:13)
11. Unknown [PB/LK/JG] (07:56)
12. Lover Man [[PB/LK/JG] (06:27)
13. Sweet Georgia Brown [PB/LK/JG/BC] (04:16)
14. Sad Times [LK/JG] (03:53)
15. Blues In The Closet [LK/JG] (06:34)
16. Ida Lupino [PB/BC] (08:16)

Total Time 1:40:42

Sweet Georgia Brown

14 September 2011

Sakada Askatuta-(Prevost,Mattin,Erkizia)-RHCD-14,2004

Chewy slice of Electro Acoustic Improv.. lyrical in its Craggy way... featuring Basque activist /Improviser Bricoleur Mattin , with .. a few friends , one being AMM co founder , composer ,improviser ,Jazz drummer-Eddie Prevost.

Xavier Erkizia a like minded Spanish Improviser/sound Artist...

those who like Free floating Noise, dirty Sculpted Ambient Feedback ..and AMM, should enjoy this...cdr on the Australian Rhizome Label.

Sakada Askatuta
Eddie Prevost- Percussion
Mattin, Laptop feedback
Xavier Erkizia- Accordion, computer

Recorded 22nd of August-2003, at Arteleku Donosti
RHCD-14 The rhizomelabel, Australia
Anyone interested in Mattin's work can find more downloads completely Gratis , in Flac and Ogg.. on Mattin's own website.. here
here's a link to some Rhizomelabel, product via Mimaroglu music sales.


11 September 2011

Evan Parker Trio - Live in Rome '79

A "sequel" to this post. Unfortunately, the speaker intervenes
several times, partly spoiling the recording.
Well worth listening in any case.

Rec. live at "Murales", Rome, Italy, on March 24, 1979
(radio broadcast)

Evan Parker,tenor & soprano sax
Peter Kowald,bass
Paul Lytton,percussion

1. Monoceros [E.P.]/Jazzy [P.L.]/M.G. [P.K.] (32:47)

EPT excerpt

10 September 2011

Steve Lacy Quintet-Jazzbühne, East-Berlin, GDR-9-Apr 1977

Another great Steve Lacy snipet, plenty of radio static at certain points ... great music though and certainly worth a listen...

Here are the original Dime Seeders notes , (thanks to the Taper&; Seeders, of this wonderful snapshot)

STEVE LACY QUINTET,9-Apr 1977 (1977-04-09)
Jazzbühne, East-Berlin, GDR

source: "phase corrected transfer from radio broadcast recording"
Steve Lacy: ss,Steve Potts. as,ss

Irene Aebi: cello, voc, violin
Kent Carter: b,Oliver Johnson: dr
1. radio comment 00:33
2. The Crust 10:54
3. Papa's Midnight Hop 07:49
4. The New Duck 08:36
5. Revolutionary Suicide 09:18
In 1977, the Steve Lacy Quintet was invited to West-Berlin to take part in the Workshop Freie Musik, lasting from 7.4.77 to 11.4.77. So for this concert in East-Berlin, the band apparently made a little excursion when having a day off from the Workshop.

It was during this festival, more precisely on the last day, that they recorded the beautiful "Follies"-LP for FMP/SAJ. There's also a short radio broadcast recording from 8.4.1977 circulating (sounding seriously lo-fi!).


Throwing some light (see the cover ;) on the pre-history of ECM - Manfred Eicher was not content with the recording/music.

Obviously Paul Bley is an influence - hear for yourself...


Bob Degen, piano
Manfred Eicher, bass
Fred Braceful, drums

1. For A Better Tomorrow 10:26
2. Little Garden 05:49
3. Celebrations 08:15
4. Petal 03:52
5. Gem 07:05

Recorded on May 25th, 1968 at Tonstudio Villingen/Schwarzwald, Germany.

CALIG CAL 30 602

(lp rip)


8 September 2011

Amjad Ali Khan- King of Ragas Raga of Kings,EMI (Gramaphone co of India)- ECSD2824-1979

A magical performance by Amajad Ali Khan , one of the eminent masters of Hindustani classical instrumental music.. in one of his finest performances as yet unreissued to my knowledge... i ripped this for a few other friends , and may as well share it here ,it is so good.

A-1-Alap) Jor,Jhala A-2-Gat) Madhiyalaya Tritaal
 B-1-Gat)Ektaal B-2-Gat)Tritaal
Amjad Ali Khan-Sarod
Sabir Khan-tabla

very decent rip , record VG+, minimal cleaning or processing Downsampled from wavs @48-24, to 44-16 Encoded @FLAC level 6 Enjoy!!!

go here for an mp3 rip of a cassette version of this same record

Phillip Wilson Trio - Live in Rome '79

A "prequel" to this post.

Rec. live at "Centro Jazz St.Louis", Rome, Italy, on March 24, 1979
(mix recording)

Phillip Wilson,drums
Olu Dara,trumpet,harmonica,vocals
Donald Smith,piano,flute,vocals

1. 1st Set (40:44)
2. 2nd Set (50:05)

Total Time 1:30:50

Lush Life

Solal - Konitz - Scofield- Ørsted-Pedersen – Four Keys (1979-MPS,1A 064-63157)

Here's another to me rather Special lp on MPS, Lee Konitz ,and Martial Solal ,two masters with a long shared performance and recording History.

I've always felt that they played down some of their most adventurous music together..

this one is outrageously good, they run the gamut from straight Bop compositions based on standards to free improvisations ,the title track is a piece played in four Different keys,simultaneously..

N.H.O.P , and a young J.Scofield are equal participants and round off one of the great ones in the Solal /Konitz shared discography.
still out of print to my knowledge , and very worthwhile

the mp3's for those who prefer those are available from "Magic Purple Sunshine"

Lee Konitz has apparently not been well lately , having been hospitalised just before a sheduled appearance at the Melbourne jazz Festival in June this year.

I have no idea whether he has fully recovered , perhaps a reader who is more au courant can fill us in .

we wish him all the best.

Martial Solal, piano
Lee Konitz, alto saxophone
John Scofield, guitar
Niels-Henning Ørsted-Pedersen, bass

1. Brain Stream     6:43    
2. Not Scheduled     7:27    
3. Grapes             6:26    
4. Retro Active     6:03    
5. Energy             4:42    
6. Satar             4:35    
7. Four Keys             3:15

Recorded May, 1979 in Villingen at MPS-Studio.

MPS 0068.241

6 September 2011


A very rare occaison to hear Karen Borca as a leader - Enjoy!!!!


Karen Borca, bassoon
Irène Schweizer, piano
William Parker, bass
Andrew Cyrille, drums

01. unknown title 48:20
02. unknown title 08:10

Recorded at 'Kaserne', Basel, Switzerland on April 16, 1989.

Source/Lineage/Quality: Sony ECM155 - Sony TC D5M - Denon DR 1000 – flac – dime – B+
(thanks to the original uploader and to J., from whom I got this rare treasure!)
[picture (here only partially) by Frank Rubolino]

5 September 2011

In Cahoots Bürgerhaus, Bremen, Germany 20 May 1986 Radio Bremen FM broadcast

1. Second Sight
2. Truly Yours/Double Talk
3. Eastern Region
4. Kandoo/Band Introduction
Phil Miller, Hugh Hopper, Pip Pyle, Peter Lemer, Elton Dean
Parts of this show were used for the official "Live 86-89" CD.
Those tracks are not included here.
FM > MC > ? > CDR > EAC > WAV > FLAV (L7)

Misha Mengelberg - Live in Berlin '75

"I’m nothing as a pianist. I’m not a pianist at all, but I play the piano.
It’s my vehicle to play. I’m absolutely unfit to play a horn, or anything
else. I play what I think is needed there, to play. So it can be exotic or
exuberant, or it can be harsh, minimizing the material. It depends.

Rec. live during "Workshop Freie Musik No.7", 27 to 31 March 1975, at Akademie der Künste, Berlin, Germany (radio broadcast)

Misha Mengelberg,piano

1. Berlin '75 (18:33)

excerpt from Berlin '75

4 September 2011



Steve Lacy, soprano saxophone
Michael Smith, piano
Kent Carter, bass
Kenneth Tyler, drums

1. Scraps/Weal (continuous)                 18:13
2. Flakes                                   12:04
3. The Schoals (Memory Of Duke Ellington)   11:52
4. Moms/Crops/Esteem (applause between)     25:54
5. The Rush/Announcement(Steve Lacy)        04:58

Note: the following is the info file I got with the cdr - the above is what I have...yet they play at least 'The Schoals (Memory Of Duke Ellington).
Maybe anyone can help?

... Thanks to marten512 and hloess for the track titles!

1. Scraps 10:12
2. Weal 07:00
3. Flakes 02:04
4. The Schoals (Memory Of Duke Ellington) 11:46
5. Moms 11:00
6. Crops 08:00
7. Esteem 07:00
8. The Rush 04:00
9. Announcement Steve Lacy 01:00

Recorded at Moers, 3.New Jazz Festival on 1st June 1974.