20 September 2011

Amina Claudine Myers & Rrata Christine Jones - Live in Rome '79

"I try to portray the feeling of what the song is about. I try to put
that feeling across. I try to paint pictures, make it visual.

Rec. live at the "1st Women Jazz Festival" in Villa Borghese, Rome, Italy, on July 5th, 1979 (mics recording)

Amina Claudine Myers,piano,vocals
Rrata Christine Jones,dance

1. Amina solo/Rrata solo (12:35)
2. Bessie Smith Medley : Jailhouse Blues/Dirty No Gooder's Blues/Unknown/Wasted Life Blues/It Makes My Love Come Down/Unknown/Unknown/Unknown/Jailhouse Blues (reprise)
3. Divine Fire [?] ((18:16)

Total Time 43:20

Jailhouse Blues


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Terrific Riccardo, thanks once more time (pity we can't experience the dancing...)

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Thank you!!! AC Myers is one of my favorites.

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