17 September 2011

Paul Bley/Lee Konitz/Jimmy Giuffre/Bill Connors - Live in Como '77

By this quartet only exist 37 minutes of officially recorded music
(IAI Festival) by Bley's "Improvising Artists" label. I hope this
recording is a welcome addition.

Rec. live at "Teatro Sociale", Como, Italy, on June 16, 1977
(mics recording)

Paul Bley,piano (1-4,9,11-13,16)
Lee Konitz,alto sax (8-15)
Jimmy Giuffre,soprano sax,clarinet & bass flute (5-7,9-15)
Bill Connors,acoustic & electric guitars (10,13,16)

01. Music Matador [PB] (06:22)
02. Ojos De Gato [PB] (07:25)
03. Unknown [PB] (07:04)
04. Mister Joy [PB] (06:19)
05. Unknown [JG] (03:43)
06. Gregorian Chant [JG] (02:42)
07. The Train And The River [JG] (03:19)
08. Unknown [LK] (08:30)
09. Unknown [PB/LK/JG] (09:36)
10. Unknown [LK/JG/BC] (08:13)
11. Unknown [PB/LK/JG] (07:56)
12. Lover Man [[PB/LK/JG] (06:27)
13. Sweet Georgia Brown [PB/LK/JG/BC] (04:16)
14. Sad Times [LK/JG] (03:53)
15. Blues In The Closet [LK/JG] (06:34)
16. Ida Lupino [PB/BC] (08:16)

Total Time 1:40:42

Sweet Georgia Brown


riccardo said...

mp3 (225 MB)

flac (480 MB) part1 part2

Wallofsound said...


Félix said...

Thank you riccardo!
Would you by chance have the IAI Festival recording you mentioned?

matt w said...

A welcome addition indeed! Thank you.

Arcturus said...

more than a welcome addition - many thanks (yet agin, riccardo)

matt w said...

Track 4 (last Paul Bley solo) is Annette Peacock's "Mr. Joy," I'm pretty sure.

trane said...

Any Paul Bley addition is more than welcome, thanks a lot

riccardo said...

Exact Mr. matt w !

JC said...

Thanks. Looks like a very interesting show.

klakadak said...

Konitz, Giuffre and Blay together! Amazing - thanks a lot Riccardo!

wcpaeb said...

Matt W is right #4 is definitely Mr. Joy.
This was one of the songs I performed with a bass player at a noon time concert at my College's amphitheater 38 years ago.

Thank you Riccardo for this and all the other Paul Bley concerts you've posted here.
Paul Bley and Jimmy Giuffre shows are always appreciated

Dolphy said...

Thanks very much for the show. One small correction on the writing credits however, "Music Matador" was actually written by Prince Lasha and Sonny Simmons.

black sun said...

even though it sounds like a possible variation on carla bley's "ida lupino" theme, the last track is actually a paul bley original, entitled "please, don't you ever leave me", aka "please", later transformed into "noosphere" with the help of gary peacock.

Anonymous said...

As of October 2012, all the files are unfortunately gone from all of the download links at all the sites...

twgoble said...

possibly a re-up of this?? thanks.

kinabalu said...

Possibly ...



twgoble said...

thanks for the re-upload kinabalu
-much thanks!!

kinabalu said...

Enjoy! It's really a great concert!

PXF said...

Track 8 is based on Konitz's "Subconscious-Lee" -- he plays most of the melody with one minute to go, but doesn't play the full bridge and then closes with "What is This Thing Called Love."
Track 9 is also based on the changes of "What is This Thing Called Love."
Track 11 is "Sweet and Lovely."

Banyai said...

I have a lot of Konitz, Bley, Giuffre,,,, but every new recording with them (any of them) is a Gift..

Thanks very much

Formosa Coweater said...

That's a helluva lineup. Thanks a lot, Kinabalu.