31 July 2011


This quite rare, yet very interesting LP rip is again a gift from a friend.

Never heard about this LP before - and Ron Pittner was almost unknown to me - except for two recordings with him. One is to be found here >

...the other one is called "Jazz A Maison De Japon, Paris" with the same line-up as the present post.
(more from my friends treasure box will follow)

Maybe it's interesting to know that Angelus Records was a 'catholic' label (I was told) - the same is true for the german label 'Calig' (I know for sure) which issued for example Peter Brötzmann's "Nipples".

...I'm almost tempted to say - Enjoy! for god's sake...what a complex world.


Ron Pittner, drums & percussion
Kent Carter, bass & cello
Mototeru Takagi, tenor & soprano saxophone
Takashi Kako, acoustic & electric piano

1. Off - Duet for Piano and Percussion (03:54)
2. Stretch Street (Estado) - Quartett (12:25)
3. Out From The Edge - Quartett (20:06)

Recorded in concert March 2, 1974 Maison de Radio, Paris, France.


(lp rip)


30 July 2011

Ted Curson Quintet - Live in Monterey '77

"The main thing I picked up from Mingus was to 'do your own shit, straight ahead no matter what."

Rec. live at "The 20th Monterey Jazz Festival", Monterey, CA,
on September 16, 1977 (radio broadcast)

Ted Curson,trumpet
Nick Brignola,baritone & soprano sax
Jim McNeely,piano
David Friesen,bass
Ron Steen,drums

1. Jimmy Lyons Intro (0:13)
2. Children Of The Kingdom (D.Friesen solo) [D.Friesen] (04:44)
3. Reava's Waltz [T.Curson] (09:45)
4. Graft And Corruption [T.Curson] (15:01)
5. My Old Flame [A.Johnston] (08:53)
6. Unidentified (03:42)

Total Time 42:20

Reava's Waltz

28 July 2011

Anthony Braxton Quintet - Live in Milan '77

"At this point, speaking of Braxton and his music is difficult: he's an
artist exposed to all sorts of influences, very receptive, but also with
enormous intelligence and integrity, that always put him in a much
more critical perspective towards those influences.
His music reflects all this, there is no hint of complacency on one side
and there is no time to be ironic on the present on the other side.
The past, especially bebop, is perhaps an essential part of his inspiration.
The analyticity of Braxton's interpretations is a stimulus that is
difficult to escape.
" G.Dalla Bona - Musica Jazz July 1977

Now it's time for hourglasses...

Rec. live at "Teatro Lirico", Milan, Italy, on June 3, 1977
(mix recording)

Anthony Braxton,alto & sopranino sax
George Lewis,trombone,euphonium,sousaphone
Muhal Richard Abrams,piano
Mark Helias,bass
Charles "Bobo" Shaw,drums

1. Composition 40 M (17:53)
2. Composition 40 (?) (52:20)
3. Composition 40 B (07:48)

Total Time 1:18:03

The end of track #2


An astounding piece for percussion and Big Band - music for an imaginary movie.

Not my rip/cover - yet recommended!

+ Toshiyuki Miyama & New Herd Orchestra

Masahiko Satoh, piano, composer
Stomu Yamash'ta, percussion
Isao Kimura, Kazumi Oguro, alto saxophone
Mamoru Mori, Seiji Inoue, tenor saxophone
Shigeru Hirano, baritone saxophone
Shin Kazuhara, Kazumi Takeda, Shuji Atsuta, Yoshikazu Kishi, trumpet
Masamichi Uetaka, Takahide Uchida, Takashi Hayakawa, Teruhiko Kataoka, trombone
Masaaki Ito, electric bass
Isao Yomoda, drums
Toshiyuki Miyama, conductor

1. Metempsychosis I 17:32
2. Metempsychosis II 18:11

Recorded January 27, 1971 at Nippon Columbia Studio, Tokyo, Japan.

Note: Subtitle - 'Composition For Percussion And Jazz Orchestra'.


(lp rip)



Here's the second part of the International Jazz Festival compilation - this one is more in a Jazz-Rock style.
My favourite piece is from the Wolfgang Dauner Trio - but it's up to you to decide...




Jiggs Whigham, electric trombone
Hans Rettenbacher, bass
Tony Inzalaco, drums

"unknown title" (13:05)


Wolfgang Dauner, piano, electric piano, melodica
Eberhard Weber, bass
Fred Braceful, drums

"unknown title" (20:06)


Rüdiger Schulz, tenor saxophone
Udo Will, vibes
Theo Kierdorf, bass
Gernot Meyer, drums

"NightLaughing" (Udo Will) (07:12)


Theo Lovendie, soprano & alto saxophone
Jan Huydts, electric piano
Alfred Haurand, bass
Leo de Ruiter, drums

"unknown title" (07:19)


Dave Pike, vibes
Volker Kriegel, guitar
Hans Rettenbacher, bass
Peter Baumeister, drums

"But Anyway" (Volker Kriegel) (05:26)


Dave Pike, vibes
Volker Kriegel, guitar
Hans Rettenbacher, bass
Peter Baumeister, drums

"unknown title" (13:35)

This is a compilation made from parts of two LPs.

Track 1 - 2 from JG RECORDINGS JG 21/22
"Internationales New Jazz Meeting Auf Burg Altena"
Recorded on June 27, 1970 at Altena, Burginnenhof, Germany.
The John Surman Trio was recorded on June 26, 1970.

Track 3 - 6 from JG RECORDINGS JG 24/25
"Remembering '70"
Recorded in 1970 at various concerts in Dortmund, Iserlohn and Altena.

(lp rip)


26 July 2011

On a personal note

I am sure that there are many who cannot have failed to hear about the events in Norway Friday last week, on 22 July. As a Norwegian citizen, I am deeply shocked and horrified by what transpired on that day; first the explosion in the government quarters in central Oslo and then the massacre on the inland island of Utøya, less than an hour from Oslo, killing youngsters in their teens and twenties. With thousands of others, my wife and I took part in a procession in my hometown yesterday, with fellow citizens and visitors and anybody who wanted to take part in commemoration of the dead and those missing and in extending sympathies towards their parents and relatives. We were carrying white roses from our own garden, many were carrying torches.

I have been thinking about a way this blog could contribute towards taking a stand against the inhumanity displayed by such horrific acts. I have written in a previous post, the Billy Bang Vietnam Aftermath band, that music can have a therapeutic function in coming to terms with and processing traumas derived from witnessing and taking parts in gruesome acts, particularly in wartime. I do also think that music can promote spiritual and humanist values, whether religious or secular, and that we have in a small way done that on this blog.

"Amazing Grace" is to me one of the most beautfiful tunes there are, and this version is my favourite among those I've heard. Some may remember it as the signature tune of Radio Geronimo which used to broadcast round about 1970-1971 and I sometimes tuned in on the old mediumwave at midnight to listen to the three-hour show. Years later, I remembered the tune during a visit to London and found it in a record shop, Rock On, in Camden Town, on Old Kentish Road. The shop is long gone, but I've kept the record and thought I share it with you all. Here it is.

In the aftermath of the tragedy, the poem "Til ungdommen" (To the youth) by Nordahl Grieg has become something of a national anthem, performed at several official functions in the last few days and also at the one we attended. Here is the text and an English translation:


and here is the song:


David Murray Cuban Ensemble - Live in Verona '11

David Murray with a Cuban Ensemble plays the music that Nat King
Cole recorded "en español" at the end of the Fifties. Fanciful.

Rec. live at "Teatro Romano", Verona, Italy, on July 1st,
2011 (mics recording)

David Murray,tenor sax,conductor
Ariel Bringuez Ruiz,tenor sax
Roman Filiu Oreilly,alto sax
Mario Morejon,trumpet
Denis Cuni Rodriguez,trombone
Josè "Pepe" Rivero,piano
Reiner Elizarde Ruano,bass
Georvis Pico Milan,drums

1. El Bodeguero [R.Egües](15:02)
2. Tres Palabras [O.Farrés](19:30]
3. Black Nat [D.Murray](10:32)
4. Quizas, Quizas, Quizas [O.Farrés](14:18)
5. No Me Platiques [V.Garrido](16:55)
6. Piel Canela [B.Capó](11:20)

Total Time 1:27:30

Black Nat

25 July 2011


Here is another early recording from Misha Mengelberg and Han Bennink.
Joined for three tracks by Gary Peacock, who only five month earlier participated along Sunny Murray in the seminal sessions which produced Albert Ayler's "Spiritual Unity" .


Misha Mengelberg, piano
Piet Noordijk, alto saxophone
Gary Peacock, bass (1 - 3)
Rob Langereis, bass (4)
Han Bennink, drums

1. Driekusman Total Loss (M.Mengelberg) 10:08
2. Nature Boy (Eden Ahbez) 10:42
3. If I Had You (T.Shapiro/J.Campbell/R.Connelly) 11:38
4. Remember Herbie (M.Mengelberg) 08:32

Recorded in Hilversum on 4th December (track 1-3)
and 28th June (track 4), 1964.

VARAJAZZ 210 - ...and all that Jazz volume 10

(lp rip)


24 July 2011

Archie Shepp & Richard Davis - Live in Verona '11 [New links]

Paraphrasing the title of a song by G.Monchur III (that Shepp
has played countless times) we can say: Archie's back!
It seems that after years of weary routine, the "old lion" is
enjoying a second youth, even thanks to the most appropriate
choice of partners.
Great concert, and exiting the stage, Shepp has candidly admitted
that they forgot to play a B-Flat Blues...

Rec. live at "Teatro Romano", Verona, Italy, on July 1st,
2011 (mics recording)

Archie Shepp,tenor & soprano sax,vocal
Richard Davis,bass

1. U-Jamaa [A.Shepp] (12:34)
2. Don't Get Around Much Anymore [D.Ellington] (09:38)
3. Body And Soul [J.Green] (11:18)
4. Blue Bossa [K.Dorham] (07:50)
5. Let My Peple Go [Traditional] (08:52)
6. Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child [Traditional] (07:02)

Total Time 57:17

Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child

22 July 2011


Here we have some pre-ICP recordings by Misha Mengelberg and Han Bennink.
Clearly rooted in the tradition but already with strong hints of their idiosyncratic style which came to the fore only some month later.

During the american tour (April) of the ICP Orchestra Misha Mengelberg had to leave for health reasons - I hope he has recovered now - "Long Live Misha Mengelberg".



Piet Noordijk, alto saxophone
Misja Mengelberg, piano
Rob Langereis, double bass
Han Bennink, drums

1. Peer's Counting Song 05:45
2. Auntie Watch Your Step 10:09
3. To John Hodjazz 07:10
4. Driekus Man Total Loss 07:37
5. Journey 12:11
6. Samba Zombie 02:29

Recorded March 4, 1966 in Amsterdam, Netherland.

ARTONE POP 41 (Serie Smeraldo)

(lp rip)


17 July 2011

Keith Jarrett - Live in Rome '83

The most capricious of jazz stars in one of his typical concert:
interrupted after the third song for too ambient noise...
(Ilario's tape)

Rec. live at "Piazza del Campidoglio", Rome, Italy,
on July 16, 1983 (mics recording)

Keith Jarrett,piano

1. Track #1 (09:25)
2. Track #2 (24:40)
3. Over The Rainbow (05:12)

Total Time 39:18

Over The Rainbow

16 July 2011

Barre Phillips-For all it is-(Japo -60003) 1973

This one goes out to the Cats from The Next Best Sound....(MEOW!)
My Belated ,2 cents worth towards the Out of Print Japo thread running through these pages.

Barre Phillips is no stranger to collaborating with other bassists, This and Ecm's music from 2 bases a collaboration with Dave Holland , set a pattern for so many such future forays..

a more recent and very wonderful example being 2004's After You've gone (Victo) with, Tetsu Saitoh, William Parker, Joëlle Léandre;and Peter Kowald.

for me certainly,Phillips is/Was, the most instantly recognizable voice on the instrument of the last 40 years..(The many other note worthy candidates not withstanding).
This was the first Phillip's record i ever bought , and its still a favourite ,
despite a fondness for almost all of his work , I'm certainly most partial to those that deal  in knotty, total improvisation.

This is one of those and more besides , and Because the Drummer is Stu Martin with whom he was in the trio (at the time)... a couple of tracks feature punchy grooves and thematic improvisations on simple melodic ideas ....indeed they ARE Funky!
Mostly though the music is abstract and textures open and free , with all four bassists exploring the full range of the instrument, and well beyond.

Greatly Imaginative music ,which a wrtitten review can never do justice to
.. Five unparalleled Master musicians literally Whooping it up and having a ball , a fully engaging, accessible Ride , and very beautiful conventionally so too
So Listen!!

Also,take note this is so very  far removed from what one might imagine to be merely a set of dazzling technically fascinating exercises.

Phillips &; Guy , are prolific and have many available cds .. on ECM,Maya, PSF,Cadence.. and loads of other labels ..well worth a purchase and the Exploration thereof

Barre Phillips – For All It Is
Catalog#:JAPO 60003 :Vinyl, LP ,Released:1973

A1 Just 8 7:00 ,A2 Whoop 3:50 ,A3 Few Too 5:30 ,A4 La Palette 4:00 ,B1 Y En A 5:43 ,B2 Dribble 7:13,B3 Y. M. 4:47
Bass – Barry Guy, J.F. Jenny-Clarke*, Palle Danielsson
Bass, Composed By, Producer – Barre Phillips
Engineer – Klaus Bornemann
Percussion – Stu Martin

13 July 2011

Wadada Leo Smith & Organic - Live in Milan '11 [New links]

"Organic was organized to present an electric music idiom that utilized the same performance principles that Wadada’s other ensembles use. This means that the ensemble’s use of languages and systems are fundamental to the conception of making music. The instrumentation consists primarily of electric strings (4 guitars, cello, 2 basses), but what is truly different with Organic’s music is its ability to establish a polycentric / polytonal and multi-layered grid where each performer has the right and responsibility to creatively organize the ensemble’s musical space and ideas as it moves across the performance dimension. The value placed on electronics is communal in character and has a philosophy centered in the art of sound making, and is not noise based.
Organic’s music is powerfully electric and electronic in nature; fiery and interactive in character; contemporary, spiritual and politically conscious, its creative energy is heartfelt and connected with the human feeling."

Only European date.

Pictures by Roberto Cifarelli.

Rec. live at "Teatro Manzoni", Milan, Italy, on March 27, 2011
(mics recording)

Ishmael Wadada Leo Smith
Michael Gregory/Josh Gerowitz/Brandon Ross/
Lamar Smith,guitars
Okkyung Lee,cello
Skuli Sverrisson,electric bass
John Lindberg,bass
Pheeroan AkLaff,drums

1. Track #1 (40:00)
2. Track #2 (1:04:59)

Total Time 1:45:00

excerpt from track #1

10 July 2011

Abdullah Ibrahim & Ekaya - Live in Milan 2011

Something recorded this winter.
Every help in naming unknown tracks is welcome.

Rec. live at "Teatro Manzoni", Milan, Italy, on
January 30, 2011 (mics recording)

Abdullah Ibrahim
Andrae Murchison,trombone
Antonio Hart,alto sax & flute
Keith Loftis,tenor sax
Tony Kofy,baritone sax
Belden Bullock,bass
George Gray,drums

01. Track #1 (07:03)
02. Track #2 (16:11
03. The Mountain (03:16)
04. Nisa (07:07)
05. Track #5 (03:04)
06. Blues For A Hip King (10:21)
07. Tuang Guru (05:20)
08. Star Dance (06:29)
09. Joan Capetown Flower (26:56)
10. Duke 88 (03:57)
11. The Wedding (04:15)
12. Sotho Blue (06:15)
13. Water From An Ancient Well (22:46)

Total Time 2:03:05

The Wedding

9 July 2011

Chris McGregor's Brotherhood of Breath - Yes Please

There were a couple of requests for this one, so as we pride ourselves for being service-minded (to the best of our ability), here it is. This is BoB Mark II, with many new faces and a few carry-overs from Mark I. Missing are key regulars such as Dudu Pukwana, Harry Miller and Lois Moholo, though Harry Beckett, Nick Evans and Radu Malfatti are well-known from earlier installations of the BoB. New to the combo are some top-notch jazzers from the French scene as well as the venerable John Tchicai.

The repertoire is a mix of some new and some not so new. "Andromeda" was of course on their debut album, "Sonia" turned up on their "Procession" lp, recorded in France in 1977 and "Burning Baby" was given an airing on Chris McGregor's solo piano album, "Piano Song vol. 1", recorded for the French label Musica Records in 1977. "Maxine" cropped up again on "Country Cooking", which appeared in 1988, also recorded in France, the chosen country of residence for Chris and Maxine McGregor.

A more, shall we say, restrained and well-ordered version of the BoB here, not given to 15-minute collective otbursts which of course had its charms as I will be the first to admit. The accent here is on arrangements, carefully written-out passages, perhaps more to Chris McGregor's liking than the earlier slightly more anarchic version. But it's all good stuff, nonetheless. A couple of surprises, the funkified vibe of "Sea Breeze" with some tasteful cello playing from Caroline Collins, and the flair of "Yes Please", the latter a Malfatti composition, definitely in his pre-minimalist phase.

Basic facts:

Chris McGregor's Brotherhood Of Breath – Yes Please - Angoulème 1981

Label:In And Out

Catalog#:IaO 1001


A1 Andromeda – Mc Gregor
A2 Sonia – Feza
A3 Maxine – McGregor
A4 Sea Breeze – McGregor
B1 Burning Bush – McGregor
B2 Duku – Pukwana
B3 Uqonda – McGregor
B4 Yes Please – Malfatti


Piano, Flute – Chris McGregor
Cornet, Trumpet [Alto Horn] – Mark Charig
Trumpet – Peter Segone
Trumpet, Flugelhorn – David Defries, Harry Beckett
Trombone – Nick Evans, Radu Malfatti
Saxophone [Alto], Clarinet [Bass] – Andre Goudbeek
Saxophone [Baritone], Oboe, Flute – Bruce Grant
Saxophone [Soprano And Tenor], Clarinet [Bass] – François Jeanneau
Saxophone [Soprano],clarinet, Clarinet [Bass] – Louis Sclavis
Cello – Caroline Collins
Bass [Acoustic] – Didier Levallet
Bass [Guitar] – Ernest Shololo Mothle
Drums, Percussion – Brian Abrahams, Jean-Claude Montredon


Recorded 1ST and 2nd June 1981 in Théatre Municipal, Angoulème
Recorded By – Daniel Deshayes*

New scans courtesy of Nemo!

Position Alpha - don't bring your dog!

Position Alpha

1983-may 21+22, Atlantis Studio Stockholm
Dragon/Sweden drlp50

Jonny Wartel ... ss,ts,cl,tp,bells,music-tube,train-whistle,voc
Jonas Aakerblom ... as,bars,woodfl,duck-call,train-whistle,voc
Mats Eklöf ... bars,tp,cl,fishophone,voc
Thomas Jäderlund ... as,bcl,woodfl,triangle,voc
Sture Erikson ... as,ts,woodfl,harm,music-tube,fl,voc

A-1) barbamola
A-2) roma coma
A-3) well you needn´t
A-4) fisk 14
A-5) good bye
A-6) jelly roll
A-7) framat mot stenalderen

B-1) good evening
B-2) ore-se-rere
B-3) everybody´s got a hungry dog to feed
B-4) good morning
B-5) fisk 3

lp-rip by O.

the first LP of the swedish sax quintet.
first of all, those cats really can handle their instruments.
the music oscillates between free jazz, twisted adaptions of (here) not expected tunes (but then, they used to do just the unexpected), and a good portion of humour. a great live band as well.
have fun.

3 July 2011


Here's my first attempt for a compilation. In general I prefer "proper" albums, but with such a line-up I couldn't withhold myself.

A special mentioning goes for a rather unusual piece by Albert Mangelsdorff's group (in my ears) and to the Schlippenbach Trio with Paul Lovens and Michel Pilz! Some month ago I was convinced that there is no official recording by this trio.
( see > http://inconstantsol.blogspot.com/2010/10/schlippenbach-trio-first-incarnation.html ) - to err is human...and in this case quite joyful.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.



Joachim Kühn, piano, alto saxophone
Rolf Kühn, clarinet
Eje Thelin, trombone
Hardy Roitlinger, bass (Adelhard Roidinger ?!)
Jacques Thollot, drums

"unknown title" 11:08


Albert Mangelsdorff, trombone
Heinz Sauer, alto saxophone
Günter Lenz, bass
Ralf Hübner, drums

"unknown title" 12:45


Manfred Schoof, trumpet, fluegelhorn
Peter Trunk, bass
Cees See, drums

"unknown title" 12:26


John Surman, soprano saxophone, bass clarinet
Barre Phillips, bass
Stu Martin, drums

"unknown title" 11:50


Wolfgang Dauner, piano, electric piano, melodica, hohner-pinnet
Eberhard Weber, bass
Fred Braceful, drums

"Summertime" (excerpt) 07:10


Alexander von Schlippenbach, piano
Michel Pilz, bass clarinet
Paul Lovens, drums

"Yarrak" 06:21


Alan Skidmore, tenor saxophone
John Surman, baritone saxophone
Barre Phillips, bass
Stu Martin, drums

"Dee Tune" 07:42

This is a compilation made from parts of two LPs.

Track 1 - 4 from JG RECORDINGS JG 21/22
"Internationales New Jazz Meeting Auf Burg Altena"
Recorded on June 27, 1970 at Altena, Burginnenhof, Germany.
The John Surman Trio was recorded on June 26, 1970.

Track 5 - 7 from JG RECORDINGS JG 24/25
"Remembering '70"
Recorded in 1970 at various concerts in Dortmund, Iserlohn and Altena.


1 July 2011

Anthony Davis & James Newton Quartet - Live in Rome '79

A supplement to a previous post.
(Ilario's tape)

Rec. live at "Centro Jazz St. Louis", Rome, Italy, on December 15,
1979 (mix recording)

James Newton,flute
Anthony Davis,piano
Rick Roozie,bass
Pheeroan akLaff,drums

1. Lake [J.Newton] (17:28))
2. An Anthem For The Generation That Died [A.Davis] (16:54)
3. Meditations On Integration [C.Mingus] (28:06)
4. Hocket In The Pocket [A.Davis] (08:35)
5. Unknown [inc.] (21:08)

Total Time 1:32:13

Hocket In The Pocket