24 July 2011

Archie Shepp & Richard Davis - Live in Verona '11 [New links]

Paraphrasing the title of a song by G.Monchur III (that Shepp
has played countless times) we can say: Archie's back!
It seems that after years of weary routine, the "old lion" is
enjoying a second youth, even thanks to the most appropriate
choice of partners.
Great concert, and exiting the stage, Shepp has candidly admitted
that they forgot to play a B-Flat Blues...

Rec. live at "Teatro Romano", Verona, Italy, on July 1st,
2011 (mics recording)

Archie Shepp,tenor & soprano sax,vocal
Richard Davis,bass

1. U-Jamaa [A.Shepp] (12:34)
2. Don't Get Around Much Anymore [D.Ellington] (09:38)
3. Body And Soul [J.Green] (11:18)
4. Blue Bossa [K.Dorham] (07:50)
5. Let My Peple Go [Traditional] (08:52)
6. Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child [Traditional] (07:02)

Total Time 57:17

Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child


Andy said...

Looking forward to this one!

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Andy said...

Terrific sound quality! I like Archie's 'looser' latter day sound. Many thanks indeed.

kike said...

Grazie mille! You made my day,thanks.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for this Shepp/Davis. There can never be too much Archie Shepp! Looking forward to comparing this to their previous recordings.


john said...

thanks; don't know Shepp all that well but this looks good.

JC said...

Thank you. Nice evening there.

zardoz1984 said...

Archie stays an unique voice of the afroblack diaspora. His tone still sends shivers in the spine & -as you rightly says- recently he's enjoying an indian summer for the good of every music lover. Thks for sharing that beautiful concert!

PS Anybody would kind enough to reupload the 1975 Massy in flac quality: terrific concert!

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thank you very much

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riccardo said...

New links

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duck said...

Thanks again for this and the new links, greatly appreciated Riccardo

quique said...

riccardo...please, repost

hello from spain

Alejandro Oviedo said...

New links please.