1 August 2016

What a long, strange trip ...

This blog is now in its eight year, started back in February 2007 by Sotise, our correspondent from down under. Bundles of people have contributed over the years, some gone, others holding on and yet others joining and putting their distinctive mark on the contents and direction of the blog. Currently we have about half a dozen active posters and some very generous followers, judging from inputs to our contributions section, but we're always willing to recruit more. Potential authors can get in touch with us c/o our Blogger email addresses. We've had contributors from three continents, with a preponderance of Europeans overall.

The emphasis has been on the free/improv/experimental side of jazz, but with excursions into contemporary and classical music, from Europe and beyond. There are no rules, however; the blog is whatever the posters make of it, and we'd like to keep it that way. We focus on posting out of print material with the objective of drawing attention to music which otherwise might have remained out of sight and out of mind. Due to spam and some past experiences of personal attacks, we 've had to institute a moderator system, so comments may not appear right away, but they will be published.

With these few words, heading on ...

1 August 2015


Anything our readers and followers would like to contribute goes here. That may include recommendations, reviews, recordings, you name it.


Requests, broken links, re-ups and related topics go here. It may be easier for admins to be attentive to these topics if they are put here and not under the individual posts. There's no guarantee that we may be able to respond to everything, but we'll give it a try.

I've deleted the previous 'Requests' post as it was becoming a bit unwieldy.
I shall start the requests with the last one from the previous thread.

Free form

Anything else goes here. Observations on the general state of the universe and its overall direction are particularly welcome, but also on more mundane matters as you may see fit.

31 July 2015


Hi , Heres a new section , which will feature links to the Original posts of things that are just being, or have recently been re uploaded..
the Contributions and request sections are too cluttered , making it difficult to keep track!
comments will be disabled for this section!

Please help us out, if you see comments asking for a re-upload, and you have the files!!
(preferably use only file hosts accessible to free users,do not use these files to make money!)
Please do not ask us to re upload records which are generally available, or have been recently reissued, whatever the format!!

Surely it goes without saying that all views expressed on this Blog , be they impressions  delusions
reveries, political statements, opinions are ours and ours alone , Music stimulates the imagination, so switch off y'r TV,listen ... make up your own minds.

So here goes, Ill start with a few i have recently re uploaded

Update August 4, 2014 -
We've shortened the list for users' convenience:

Karen Borca / Irene Schweizer Quartet - Basel  1989
Joseph Scianni with David Izenzon - Man Running
Giorgio Gaslini Quartet & RAI Orchestra - Live in Milano 80
Dror Feiler & The Too Much Too Soon Orchestra - What's The Point Of Paris?
Leo Smith Creative Orchestra - Budding Of A Rose
Bergisch-Brandenburgisches Quartet - Köln 1981
Jimmy Giuffre Trio w/ Paul Bley + Steve Swallow - Graz, Austria 1961
Günter Christmann & Detlef Schönenberg - Berlin 1978
Ton-Klami - Paramggod
Ennio Morricone - Gli Occhi Freddi Della Paura
Archie Shepp - Live at the Donaueschingen Music Festival 1967
The Too Much Too Soon Orchestra -  Saw
Jan Garbarek - Til Vigdis
Andrew Hill - Live in London 2000
Billy Bang-John Lindberg-Duo 1979
Christmann/Altena/Nichols/Russell/Lovens - Vario II
Globe Unity - Berlin & Donaueschingen 1966/67 (unreleased)
Steve Lacy and Horace Tapscott live in Vancouver 1993
Butch Morris & X-Communication live at Willisau 1988
Masahiko Togashi - Bura Bura (new links)
Günter Christmann & Detlef Schönenberg - Padua 1979
Jack DeJohnette's New Directions - live in Lovere '79
John Tchicai and The Open Orchestra - live in Ceglie '08
Manfred Schoof & European Avantgarde - Köln 1972
Muhal Richard Abrams Quintet - live in Laren '78
The Ethnic Heritage Ensemble - live in Turin '78
Gil Evans Quintet and the RAI Big Band - live in Rome '80
Cecil Taylor Unit - Berlin 1975
Modern Jazz Quintet Karlsruhe - Trees
Muhal Richard Abrams - live in Rome '79
Gap - Gap
Me We Quintet - Ask Me Now
Reichel-Knispel-Niebergall-Waisvisz - Köln 1974
L.S.-F.M. - Adonis 21.10.1983
Wallgren-Ernryd-Niebergall-Sjökvist - Ballade an der Ruhr
Peter Brötzmann & Han Bennink ‎– Atsugi Concert
Brötzmann-Mangelsdorff-Bennink + Schlippenbach - Concert For A Friend
Free Jazz Group Wiesbaden - Frictions & Dieter Scherf Quartet - Interaction
Günter Christmann, Maarten Altena, Paul Lovens - Weavers
Floros Floridis - Krok Trio
Ivan Oscarsson & Consortes - Ivan The Terrible
Masahiko Togashi & Improvisation Jazz Orchestra - Al-Alaph
NYAQ - Mohawk
Radio Jazz Group Stuttgart: Brötzmann-Mangelsdorff-Dauner-Bennink - Stuttgart 1985
Sam Rivers Tuba Trio & Earl Cross Sextet - Jazz of the Seventies
Per-Henrik Wallin Quartet -  Umeå 1978
Charles Tyler - Folk and Mystery Stories
Baden-Baden Free Jazz Meeting 1971
Nicra - Listen Hear
Itakura Katsuyuki - Uminekono Shima
Steve Miller Trio feat. Lol Coxhill - The Miller's Tale
The Thing plus Otomo Yoshihide and Akira Sakata - live in Tokyo 2009
Tamia & Pierre Favre - Blues For Pedro Arcanjo
Masahiko Togashi - Guild For Human MusicEssence / Voice From Yonder / Story Of Wind Behind Left
Kang Tae Hwan - Korean Free Music & Sinawi Music From Korea
Anthony Braxton - Four Compositions 1973
Robert Ruff - Shaza-Ra
Michael Sell - Innovationen
Itaru Oki - Shirasagi
Carman Moore feat. Sam Rivers - Dragon
Yusef Lateef - Montreux 1970
Yamashita Trio - Clay
Harry Beckett at the BBC
Akira Sakata Trio - live in Moers 81
Andrea Centazzo - Alvin Curran - Evan Parker - live in Florence 78
Han Bennink and Daniele D'Agaro - live in Pisa 10
Willem Breuker Kollektief - The Dutch Jazz Scene Revisited
Eje Thelin - Acoustic Space
Fred Van Hove - Middelheim 1971
Manfred Schulze Bläser Quintett - Chroral-Konzert
Instant Composers Pool Orchestra - live in Sant'Anna Arresi 04
Archie Shepp Trio - live in Alassio 77
Masahiko Togashi - Speed & Space
Cecil Taylor - Carmen With Rings
Cecil Taylor Unit - Spring Of Two Blue J's
Albert Mangelsdorff Septet - Lindau 1961
Albert Mangelsdorff Quintet - Tübingen 1973
Jazz At The Opera
David Wertman - Kara Suite
Kazutoki Umezu - Seikatsu Kojo Iinkai
Folk and Mystery Stories-Labels and Covers added to the Post
Speed & Space-Union Vers ,Labels and Covers added to Post 
Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky Trio - NDR Jazz Workshop No.138
Fred Van Hove 'T Nonet - Basel 1998
Anthony Braxton - The Complete Braxton 1971
Anthony Braxton - Live in La Specia and Pisa 78
Anthony Braxton Quintet - live in Milan 77
Anthony Braxton Quartet - live in Milan 79
Lol Coxhill - Welfare State
Paul Lovens - Paul Lytton Quintett - Moers 1977
L.D. Levy And Richard Davis - Cauldron 1979
Free Jazz Workshop '79 - Wuppertal
Robert Wood - Tarot
Christmann/Frangenheim/Dutton -  Fruits De Mhère 2003
Heinz Sauer's Voices - Hamburg 1976
Heinz Sauer Quartet - Fabrik Hamburg 1979
Cercle - New York 1994
Clarence Peters - The Magnetic Athmospher
Rolf & Joachim Kühn Quartet - Munich 1966
Joachim Kühn - Eje Thelin Group - WDR-Köln 1971
O.M.C.I. - Contro
Leo Smith Trio - The Mass On The World
Dudu Pukwana - Zila 86
Manfred Schoof Sextet - Konstanz 1975
Kang Tae Hwan - Asian Spirits
Karlhanns Berger Quartet - Jazz Da Camera
Masahiko Togashi - Three Masters
Derek Bailey - Duo & Trio Improvisation
Masahiko Togashi Quartet - Sketch
King Übü Örchestrü - Munich 1992
King Übü Örchestrü - Nickelsdorf 1995
Erich Kleinschuster Sextet + John Surman - Vienna 1969

1 November 2014


....don't know wether this will be of interest for you - at least (again) something a bit different (;-]

Theatre of Eternal Music String Ensemble

Charles Curtis, cello, leader
Yuri Christiansen, cello
Reynard Scott, cello
Christopher Williams, double bass

'The First Dream of The High-Tension Line Stepdown Transformer'
from 'The Four Dreams of China' (world premiere)
)La Monte Young(

01. part I    03:57
02. part II   06:04
03. part III  05:48
04. part IV   18:29
05. part V    43:32

Recorded on August 4, 2007 in Polling, Bavaria at Kunst im Regenbogenstadl.


A1. Et Monk?
A2. Fast Fats
A3. Hot-Times
A4. Modo Azul

B1. Quiproquo

Roger Guérin, trumpet (A1-B1)
Fernand Verstraete, trumpet (A1-3, B1)
Luis Fuentes, trombone, (A1-3, B1)
Bobby Jaspar, tenor saxophone (A1-B1)
Walter Davis Jr, piano (A1-3, B1)
Doug Watkins, bass (A1-3, B1)
Art Taylor, drums (A1-3, B1)
Claude Civelli, tenor saxophone (A4)
Salvatore Parotta, tenor saxophone (A4)
Michel Gaudry, bass (A4)

Recorded in Paris, 1958

Palm ‎– PALM 21

LP Rip

30 October 2014


Dusko Goykovic, trumpet, fluegelhorn
Milo Pavlovic, trumpet, fluegelhorn
Åke Persson, trombone
Eric Van Lier, trombone, tuba
Eddie Busnello, alto saxophone
Johnny Griffin, tenor saxophone
Hans Koller, tenor saxophone
Mal Waldron, piano
Karl-Theodor Geier, bass, cello
Eddie De Haas, bass
Albert "Tootie" Heath, drums
Hans Gertberg, announcer

01. Rehearsal chatter                         0:16
02. Blues In The Closet (B. Powell)         5:05
Solos: Goykovic (tpt); Persson; Goykovic/Persson/Heath (4s)

03. Rehearsal chatter                         1:33
04. Keep The Fort (O. Pettiford)         4:17
Solos: De Haas (b); Geier (cello)

05. Rehearsal + chatter                 3:21

06. Remember O.P. (M. Waldron)                 5:10
Solos: Goykovic (tpt); Pavlovic (flh)

07. My Little Cello (O. Pettiford)         4:00
Solos: De Haas; Geier (cello)

08. Introduction (Hans Gertberg)         0:15
09. Keep The Fort (O. Pettiford)         4:14
Solos: Persson; Van Lier (tb)

10. Introduction (Hans Gertberg)         0:50
11. Bohemia After Dark (K. Clarke)         7:27
Solos: Pavlovic (tpt); Busnello; Griffin; Pavlovic/Busnello/Griffin (4s)

12. Introduction (Hans Gertberg)         0:41
13. Blues In The Closet (O. Pettiford)      7:08
Solos: Griffin; Heath; Griffin/Heath (4s)

14. Closing announcement                 0:22

Recorded on February 24, 1967 at Studio 10, Grosser Sendesaal des NDR Funkhauses, Hamburg.

29 October 2014


A1. Laughin'Sophie
A2. Saxifrage
A3. Three-four Strings
A4. Parodixieland
A5. Big Ben

B1. Java For Raspail
B2. Before Z
B3. Horoscope
B4. Three-Four-Two
B5. King Of The Mountain
B6. Up To The Light

Jean-Luc Ponty, violin, clarinet (B6)
Bernard Vitet, flugelhorn (A1,2,5,6, B4,5)
François Jeanneau, soprano saxophone (A1,2, B2-6)
Jean-Louis Chautemps, tenor saxophone (A1-4, B2-6), baritone saxophone (A3,4)
Joseph Martin, french horn (A1,2, B2-6)
Claude Lenissois, bass clarinet (A1,2, B2-6), clarinet (B3)
Jef Gilson, piano (A1-4, B1-6)
Henri Texier, bass (A1,2,3-5, B1-6)
Stephane Vilar, drums (A1-4, B2-6)
Mowgli Jospim, trombone (A4, B4,5)
Pierre Bergeret, trumpet (A5, B1)
Ivan Jullien, trumpet (A5, B1)
Michel Poli, trumpet (A5, B1)
Jean-Pierre Burtin, trombone (A5, B1)
Dominique Watre, trombone (A5, B1)
Raymond Pichereau, bass trombone (A5, B1)
Joseph Martin, french horn (A5, B1)
RM Nicolas, clarinet (A5, B1)
Claude Lenissois, bass clarinet (A5, B1)
François Jeanneau, soprano saxophone (A5, B1)
Jean-Louis Chautemps, tenor saxophone (A5, B1)
William Boucaya, baritone saxophone (A5, B1)
Michel Portal, alto saxophone (A5, B1)
Claude Langue, harp (A5, B1)
Jean-Claude Petit, piano (A5)
Jacques Thollot, drums (A5, B1)
Willy Coquillat, percussion (A5, B1)

Recorded in Paris, Januray and March 1963

Palm ‎– PALM 19

LP Rip

28 October 2014


There is a request for Hotan Yamamoto's "Silver World" which I have as a LP. But unfortunately not yet ripped.
Honestly I don't know when I will be able to do so...
But I got three rips - some month ago - from a great shakuhachi player whom I previously only knew by name.
Have listened to the music only a bit - but it's quite special to say the least.....

Watazumido, shakuhachi (Hochiku)

01.   Saji  06'34
02.   Watazumi No Shirabe      06'14       
03.   Sugagaki  02'04
04.   Mushirabe  01'10
05.   Suzuru        02'52
06.   Sanya      11'23
07.   Sanan  09'22
08.   Kudariba (Kansai)  01'39       
09.   Kudariba  (Oshu)  03'10
10.   Kokuji       08'33
11.   Tamuke  03'08
12.   Hifumi No Shirabe  01'53
13.   Honshirabe  01'58       
14.   Reiho  03'11
15.   Shingetsu  05'05

Recording Date: 1968

Tracks 1-13 taken from "Watazumido (Hochiku)" (Polydor, 1968); track 14 from "Hochiku to shakuhachi" (Polydor, 1961), track 15 from "Hochiku" (Polydor, 1961).

POLYDOR UDC-499 (CD - Japan 2000)

WATAZUMIDO DOSO ROSHI (1910-1992) is perhaps the most legendary of all modern shakuhachi players and teachers. Amongst his many students is Yokoyama Katsuya, one of greatest players in Japan today.

Regarding himself as something other than a musician, Watazumido based his music in an uncompromising vigorous physical discipline. He was a practitioner of the Jo stick, a long hardwood pole with which he used to stretch, massage, pounds and invigorate his body in a daily regimen beginning at 3:30 AM each day. For over 3,000 consecutive days, he maintained this discipline.

Watazumido studied Rinzai Zen attaining the title of Roshi or Master and later became the Kanjo or unifying head of the Fuke sect of Zen Buddhism. He shunned traditional organized Zen practice for 32 years in favor of his own iconoclastic approach distinguished by breath training and vigorous exercise at its core. The lengthening of the "Out Breath" in his practice is directly descended from the wisdom of the breath as practiced in Zen.

Watazumido's music is as unique as it is intense. His style of shakuhachi playing is based on a discipline combining Zen breath awareness and the martial arts. He is known for the blowing an original, personal style of Honkyoku on bamboos of enormous size and length called hotchiku flutes. shakuhachi.com


Jörgen Ryg, trumpet
Hans Koller, tenor saxophone
Gerd Dudek, tenor saxophone
Willi Sanner, baritone saxophone
Attila Zoller, guitar
Werner Giertz, piano
Oscar Pettiford, bass, cello
Dave Moore, bass
Kenny Clarke, drums

Disc 1
01. Wiener Blues (A. Zoller)     4:40
02. Early Piece (A. Zoller)     3:05
03. Amusia (A. Zoller)     5:09
04. The Lady is a Tramp (R. Rodgers-L. Hart)     3:48
05. Bernie's Tune (B. Miller-J. Leiber-A. Stoller)     3:59
06. F.G.E. Blues (H. Koller)     5:50
07. The Box (H. Koller)     3:16
08. Yesterdays (J. Kern-O. Harbach)     4:09
09. Willow Weep for Me (A. Ronell)     4:30
10. Kenny's Feeling (A. Zoller)     3:43

Disc 2
01. Cohn's Limit (H. Koller)     6:26
02. Yardbird Suite (C. Parker)     4:01
03. Love Nest (A. Zoller)     4:11
04. Dark Glow (W. Giertz)     5:29
05. Stalag 414 (A. Zoller)     4:45
06. Gertberg Walk (O. Pettiford)     3:56
07. The Gentle Art of Love (O. Pettiford)     6:00
08. Willie der Bär (H. Koller)     6:40

Recorded: November 14, 1958 at Grosser Sendesaal (Studio 10) des NDR Funkhauses, Hamburg.


Kenny Wheeler, trumpet (or fluegelhorn)
John Surman, baritone saxophone
John Taylor, piano
Dave Holland, bass
Tony Oxley, drums

1. introduction  00:53 
2. unknown title 27:38
3. introduction  02:54 
4. unknown title 31:19
5. unknown title 16:39

Recorded in Ravenna at "Rocca Brancaleone" on July 4 , 1985.

26 October 2014


A1. Watermelon Man
A2. Song For My Father
A3. Back Lush
A4. The Return Of The Prodigal Son

B1. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy
B2. Cantalope Island
B3. Little Sun Flower

Terumasa Hino, trumpet
Konosuke Saijo, tenor ssaxophone
You Tokuyama, piano
Yuji Ohno, piano
Kunimitsu Inaba, bass
Motohiko Hino, drrums

MCA Records - JMC-5001

LP Rip


Here's something entirely different - for a change...

I Wayan Lantir, gender, balinese drums, gong, flutes
Inus Vendri Putra Nugraha, javanese drums, javanese flute, percussion, koor vocals
Oen's Untung P. Sigalingging, violin, percussion, west java drums, bamboo gamelan, bass guitar
A.H. Purnomo, acoustic guitar, java-sitar, bamboo flutes, magic trumpet, koor vocals
Madi Kertonegoro, chinese, balinese & javanese flutes, sakahochi flute, drum, gangsa, percussion

01. Memory Of Ubud Monkey Forest  6:12
02. Rafting In Ayung River  7:20
03. Tell To The Rainbow That I Longing For Peace  9:06
04. Lalilu-lilalideng  5:12
05. From San Francisco To Mendocino  2:30
06. From Beijing To Padangbai  8:09
07. Palestina  8:19
08. Cross Culture  3:41
09. Diary Of Ubud Night Market Cleaner  6:06
10. Anti Black Magic  4:06

Recorded in Ubud, Bali.


(cassette rip)

25 October 2014



1. 4:53
2. 7:56
3. 7:38
4. 4:07
5. 5:33
6. 27:49
7. 7:29

BBC 1971


A1. Careful Bump / Lucky Man / Macho Mouth
A2. Cages
A3. Love Talk / Rescue / Hazard Heat
A4. Do It Now / Short Life
A5. The Jeweled Moths / Going On

B1. Taking Off
B2. Time Down / Love And Crush / Autumn Music
B3. Birthday Poem / Tune For Annie
B4. To My Love / Lady Of Fashin / A Lone
B5. In The Breath Of The Drum / Girl On The Bed
B6. Lullaby Land / Improv

Jeremy Steig, flute
Jeff Meyer, percussion
Bill Chelf, piano
Charles Tyler, saxophones
Barry Wallenstein, poetry

Recorded at Sound Hights Studio, Brooklyn, 1981

AK-BA Records ‎– AK-BA-1040

LP Rip

23 October 2014


Jimmy Owens, trumpet, fluegelhorn
Åke Persson, trombone
Albert Mangelsdorff, trombone
Eric Van Lier, bass trombone, tuba
Gerd Dudek, tenor saxophone, clarinet
Emil Mangelsdorff, alto saxophone, flute
Jan Konopasek, tenor & baritone saxophone, flute
Attila Zoller, guitar
Don Friedman, piano
Barre Phillips, bass
Stu Martin, drums, percussion
Albert "Tootie" Heath, drums

Disc 1
01. Meet in Berlin (A. Zoller) (first version) 4:32
Solos: Zoller, Emil Mangelsdorff (as), Owens, Dudek (ts), Friedman

02. Contrasts (D. Friedman) 5:07
Solos: Friedman, Persson, Konopasek (ts)

03. Flute Blues (A. Zoller) 7:07
Solos: Konopasek (fl), Emil Mangelsdorff (fl)

04. Dreambells (A. Zoller) 6:12
Solos: collective, Zoller, collective

05. Change 'Em Up (J. Owens) 7:42
Solos: Konopasek (ts), Albert Mangelsdorff, Zoller, Friedman

06. Three Times, One Theme (A. Mangelsdorff) 10:55
Solos: Albert Mangelsdorff, Konopasek (bs), Zoller

Disc 2
07. Alicia's Lullaby (A. Zoller) 8:08
Zoller, Phillips, Heath only. Solos: Zoller, Phillips

08. Danzig Suite (A. Zoller) 10:08
Solos: Albert Mangelsdorff, Zoller

09. Spring Signs (D. Friedman) 12:23
Solos: Friedman, Phillips

10. Three, Four, Five, Six (J. Owens) 11:49
Solos: Dudek, Friedman, Owens

Recorded on August 31, 1967 at the Grosser Sendesaal des Sender Freies Berlin, Berlin.

Produced by Hans Gertberg.
"Dreambells" and "Alicia's Lullaby" are included on the LP NDR Jazzworkshop '67 (NDR 599 865).


A1. Revenge, Liberty NY, Legend Of The Wild West
A2. In The Money Talk, All Messed Up
A3. Skimmer, Deception I And II, Snow Fire, A House In The Mountains

B1. Loss Of Parts, Complaint, Paranoia, Back Ache
B2. Beast Is A Wolf, Spider's Way, Snake
B3. A Sleeping Man, Field Of Questions, Shorty Life Of A Five-Minute Dancer
B4. Footprints, Where I Need To Be, Time After Time

Cecil McBee, bass, cello
Stanley Cowell, piano
Barry Wallenstein, poetry

Recorded at Downtown Sound, NYC, June 15, 1976

AK-BA Records ‎– AK-1020

LP Rip

21 October 2014


Michel Pilz, bass clarinet
Buschi Niebergall, bass
Uwe Schmitt, drums

A1. Celeste  4:19
A2. Prompt  8:45
A3. Mira  8:52
B1. Telep  7:43
B2. Mergansee  9:36
B3. Linde  6:25

Recorded Trion Sound Studio, Frankfurt, Germany in March 1978.

TRION 3901 LP 

Note: the cover pics are mine but the rip is still the old one from glmlr which was posted in 2010 by Sotise  see here

LiMBO (2005)

LiMBO (self-released, 2005)

1. Takto! / This Way!
2. Vzpomínka na Afriku / Remembering Africa
3. Frygidní muži / Frygid Men
4. Mr. Long
3. Balada o starých časech / Ballad about Old Times
6. 4 v bazaru / 4 in Bazaar
7. Franta / Frankie
8. Karlíkovi z lásky / To Charlie with Love
9. Dalí na pastvě / Dalí on Graze
10. Nahý rabín (Krása, děkujem.) / Naked Rabi (Great, Thank You.)
11. Blues ze sna / Blues from a Dream
12. Tušení / Premonition
13. Škrunda / Clump  {bonus track}

PAVEL HRUBÝ - tenor sax, bass clarinet
FRANTiŠEK KUČERA - trumpet, flugelhorn
TARAS VOLOSHCHUK - double bass
MiLOŠ DVOŘÁČEK - drums, percussion

Recorded 13. - 14.5. 2005, Faust Records studio, Prague

Czech group Limbo (well, the bass player is Ukrainian, and current drummer from Slovakia), led by reed player Pavel Hrubý, will celebrate 10 years anniversary soon. As acoustic quartet, they are always operating ECM-like side of freebop with slight direction towards improv (at concerts especially). Other (sometimes parallel) seven piece, so called electro-acoustic incarnation is no less attractive. Presented here is their self released acoustic debut, which was reissued last year as mp3 download by blogspot netlabel Signals from Arkaim with one bonus track.
Their fourh (third acoustic) album titled Koncert from 2012 is out on Polí5 label and available in all formats with Name your price option on label's bandcamp store.

19 October 2014


Hans Koller, soprano & tenor saxophone, announcements
Zbigniew Seifert , violin
George Gruntz , electric piano, synthesizer
Adelhard Roidinger, bass
Janusz Stefanski, drums, percussion

1. band intro  1:43
2. Adea (Seifert) 24:57
3. Space (Koller) 21:58
4. Red Robin Hood In Baghdad (Gruntz) (incomplete - radio ann. v/o) 8:20

Recorded at Audimax der Universität, Wien (Austria) on June 12, 1974.


A1. Chakan
A2. Valse Pour Helene
A3. Le Duel
A4. Eric

B1. Peristyle
B2. Wild Coast
B3. Ubirajara
B4. Rencontre
B5. This One My Last
B6. I Saïe
B7. Creole Love Call
B8. Strings For One

Georges Arvanitas, accordion (B3-5), piano (B7)
Hubert Fol, alto saxophone (B6-7),
Jacques Di Donato, alto saxophone (A2-4),
Michel Portal, alto saxophone (B3-5)
Jean-Louis Chautemps, baritone saxophone (A1-4, B1-5, B7-8)
Claude Lenissois, bass clarinet (A1, B6-7)
Soloists Of Paris, bassoon, clarinet, clavichord, flute, french horn, percussion, strings, trombone, trumpet
Gilbert Rovère, double bass (A1-4, B1-6)
Henri Texier, double bass (B8)
Jacky Samson, double bass (B7)
Charles Saudrais, drums (B7)
Daniel Humair, drums (B3-5)
Pierre-Alain Dahan, drums (A1-4, B1-2, B6)
Stéphane Vilar, drums (B8)
Eddy Louiss, organ (B3-5)
Jean Schultheis, percussion (B3-5)
Jef Gilson, piano (A1-4, B1-5, B8)
Ubirajara Cabral, piano (B3-5)
Nathan Davis, soprano saxophone (A1-4)
André Jaume, tenor saxophone (B6)
François Jeanneau, tenor saxophone (A1, B1-5)
Jean-Louis Chautemps, tenor saxophone (A2-4, B8)
Nathan Davis, tenor saxophone (A2-4)
Pierre Caron, tenor saxophone (A2-4)
André Ferraud, trombone (B6)
André Siot, trombone (B6)
Charles Orieux, trombone (B6)
François Guin, trombone (A2-4, B1-6)
Marc Steckar, trombone (B1-5)
Raymond Fonsèque, trombone (A2-4)
Georges Bence, trumpet (B1-6)
Henri Vanhaeke, trumpet (A1)
Ivan Jullien, trumpet (A1, B1-5)
Jean Liesse, trumpet (A2-4, B6)
Louis Laboucarié, trumpet (B6)
Roger Guérin, trumpet (A1-4)
Tony Russo, trumpet (B6)
Bernard Lubat, vibraphone (A2-4)
Jean Schultheis, vibraphone (B3-5)
Jacques Francis Manzone, violin (A1)
Jean-Luc Ponty, violin (B8)
Vocals – Anna-Maria Bondi (tracks: A1, B7)

Recorded in Paris, 1963-1975

Palm ‎– PALM 20

LP Rip


Roger Guérin, trumpet
Dusko Gojkovic, trumpet
Hans Koller, alto & tenor saxophone
Michael Hausser, vibraphone
Attila Zoller, guitar
Armin Rusch, piano
Oscar Pettiford, bass
Jimmy Pratt, drums

Disc 1
1. Blues In My Mind (M. Hausser)     11:52
2. Long Ago And Far Away (J. Kern-I. Gershwin)     5:05
3. Blues Around Joe (H. Koller)     7:08
4. Yesterdays (J. Kern-O. Harbach)     3:50
5. I Like To Recognize (A. Zoller)     4:38
6. Back In Paradise (H. Koller)     4:56
7. Are You Real? (B. Golson)     3:43
8. Autumn Leaves (J. Prevert-J. Mercer-J. Kosma)     4:36

Disc 2
1. H.E.C. Blues (M. Hausser)     8:14
2. How About You? (R. Freed-B. Lane)     4:55
3. Moanin' (A. Blakey)     6:42
4. Tune Up (M. Davis)     4:46
5. Minor Meeting (H. Koller)     4:33
6. Sometimes I'm Happy (I. Caesar-V. Youmans)     4:42
7. Happy Afternoon (A. Zoller)     2:49

Recorded in December 22, 1958 at Grosser Sendessaal (Studio 10) des NDR Funkhauses, Hamburg, Germany.


A1. Blues In Disguise
A2. Dixieland Blues
A3. Jef's Blues
A4. Chant Inca
A5. Requiem Pour Django
A6. Audytion

B1. Bizz_Arre
B2. Le Grand Bidou
B3. Fable Of Gutemberg
B4. Arva-Et-Viente
B5. Marigny Square Garden
B6. Madison For Mad

Pierre Merlin, cornet (A1)
Claude Luter, clarinet (A1)
Jef Gilson, clarinet (A1,2, 3), piano (A4, B1-3)
Mourgli Jospim, piano (A1)
Michel Pacout, drums (A1)
Jacky Vermont, trumpet (A2)
Claude Romain, clarinet (A2)
Jean-Claude Fohrenbach, tenor saxophone (A2, 4)
Raphael Shechoun, piano (A2)
Henri Cenni, guitar (A2)
Georges Hadjo, bass (A2, 3)
Fernand Minete, drums (A2)
André Persiany, piano (A3)
Jean Bonnal, guitar, (A3)
Jean Liesse, cornet (A4)
Jean-Louis Chautemps, tenor saxophone (A4, B4-6)
Guy de Fatto, bass (A4)
Robert Barnet, drums (A4)
Georges Kirsch, percussion (A4)
Gilbert Diaz,  trumpet (A5, 6)
Alex Renard, trumpet (A5, 6)
Raymond Fonsèque, trombone (A5, 6)
Roland Audy, alto saxophone (A5, 6)
Georges Bessières, tenor saxophone (A5, 6)
Henri Jouot, baritone saxophone (A5, 6)
Gilbert Gassin, bass (A5, 6)
Armand Cavallaro, drums (A5, 6)
Georges Gay, trumpet (A6)
Raymond Katarzinsky, trombone (A6)
Alain Tabarnouval, soprano saxophone (B1-3)
Pierre Caron, tenor saxophone (B1-3)
Lloyd Miller, balafon, microrgan (B1-3)
Alain Melet, electric bass (B1-3)
Henri Texier, bass (B1-3)
Pierre-Alain Dahan, drums (B1-3)
Georges Bence, trumpet (B4-6)
Ivan Jullien, trumpet (B4-6)
Jacques Nourredine, baritone saxophone (B4-6)
Georges Arvanitas, piano (B4-6)
Paul Piquillem, guitar, (B4-6)
Pierre Sim, bass (B4-6)
René Nan, drums (B4-6)

Recorded in Paris, 1946-1962

Palm ‎– PALM 18

LP Rip

17 October 2014


...upon request    :-)

Michael Mantler, trumpet
Steve Lacy, soprano saxophone
Prince Lasha, alto saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet
Hans Koller, tenor saxophone
Ronnie Ross, baritone saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet
Attila Zoller, guitar
Carla Bley, piano
Paul Bley, piano
Kent Carter, bass
Barry Altschul, drums
Hans Gertberg, announcement

Disc 1

1. Touching (A. Peacock)                  05:36
Paul Bley, Carter, Altschul

2. Both (A. Peacock)                          05:29
Mantler, Lacy, Koller, Paul Bley, Carter, Altschul

3. Unknown Title (fragment)                  00:05

4. Isis (C. Bley)                          07:18
Mantler, Lacy, Koller, Paul Bley, Carter, Altschul

5. Cartoon (A. Peacock)                  08:59
Mantler, Lacy, Lasha, Koller, Ross, Paul Bley, Zoller, Carter, Altschul

6. Walking Battery Woman (C. Bley)          03:43
Mantler, Lacy, Carla Bley, Carter, Altschul

7. Communication No. 7 (M. Mantler)          06:30
Mantler, Lacy, Lasha, Koller, Ross, Paul Bley, Zoller, Carter, Altschul

8. Slow Dance (C. Bley)                  07:34
Mantler, Lacy, Lasha, Koller, Ross, Paul Bley, Zoller, Carter, Altschul

9. Closer (C. Bley)                          07:51
Mantler, Lacy, Zoller, Carla Bley, Carter, Altschul

10. Doctor (C. Bley)                          08:10
Mantler, Lacy, Zoller, Carla Bley, Carter, Altschul

Disc 2

1. Introduction (Hans Gertberg)          02:14

2. Floater (C. Bley)                          08:24
Mantler, Lacy, Lasha, Koller, Ross, Paul Bley, Zoller, Carter, Altschul

3. Communication No. 11 (M. Mantler)          11:57
Mantler, Lacy, Lasha, Koller, Ross, Carla Bley, Zoller, Carter, Altschul

4. Closer (C. Bley) (inc (fade out))          05:37
Mantler, Lacy, Zoller, Paul Bley, Carter, Altschul

TT ~ 90:00

Recorded at Studio 10, Grosser Sendesaal des NDR Funkhauses, Hamburg on October 29, 1965.
Produced by Hans Gertberg.

16 October 2014

Jimmy Giuffre-Music for People Birds Butterflies and Mosquitoes 1973+ River Chant 1975

 Jimmy Giuffre genre bender extraordinaire, without who's contribution contemporary free improvised music might not even exist ..or would at least be very different.

.He did it before AMM, SME,MEV.. or any other Acronymed cats!....

Innovative arranger with Woody Herman in the 40's,inventor of folk inflected chamber
Jazz,,............pioneer of so called third stream... and  in a lesser trawled period as on these lp's synthesiser of a raw rhythmically but paradoxically ethereal.. propulsive  freewheeling free Jazz,with strong Asian and African accents ....and the tunes are in no way generic or anodyne (despite the track titles new age connotations)

Giuffre had the gift here of a flexible creative rhythm section ..(where the F..are they now?), huge dynamic range .. extraordinary MAGICO empathy!

Damned...these records are ., too beautiful ,for this grotesque corrupting physical reality we are obliged to inhabit..or think we inhabit... trapped in some Devils dream time!

I know the Choice catalogue has been reissued in Japan circa early thousands , i think there was also an abridged reissue culled from both these lp's .. but that's long gone too..i think!



A. On Being Invisible Part I

B. On Being Invisible Part II

David Rosenboom, live electronics

Recorded at The Music Gallery, Toronto, on 12 February 1977

Music Gallery Editions, MGE 4

LP Rip

David Bond Trio - Odyssey (Vineyard 1980)

David Bond has been on the jazz scene since the late 1970's, performing in New York, Boston, New England and Europe with jazz heavyweights such as Archie Shepp, Dewey Redman, and Sonny Fortune. Mr. Bond has recorded several albums with the likes of Bob Moses, Marion Brown, and Dennis Charles. He has performed in famous venues such as Lincoln Center and in numerous concert series including the Annual Black Musicians Conference and summer concerts at the Hatch Memorial Shell in Boston. http://musicians.allaboutjazz.com/davidbond

Peter Sowerwine - Cello
Charles Miller - Conga, Percussion
David Bond - Saxophone Alto

A1 - Glide         8:15
A2 - Gravity     9:00
A3 - Bond's Blues     4:45
B1 - Dance Gallery     7:05
B2 - Illusion     5:55
B3 - Anthem     7:30

recorded in New York, 6 april 1980

Vineyard Record Company - VRC 1001
Vinyl rip

David Bond is still making music, and good one, you can check it here http://www.davidbondjazz.com/recordings.html
'The Key of Life' and  'Quintet: The Early Show' are the most enjoyable on my advise

14 October 2014

Richard Davis trio-Feat Joe Beck& Jack Dejohnette- Song for wounded Knee 1973

Richard Davis what can one say!.. his records under his own name are so undervalued.. most of them are out of print...
This is a passionate testament to the trio's heartfelt political activism, something considered corny and passé in todays largely arid musical landscape... evermore relevant though in a world that is arguably geopolitically worse off than it was in 73.
Its a world where bread and circuses take on a whole other dimension, the illusion of personal freedom indistinguishable from and so frequently confused with the sphere of personal consumption.

I've always  loved the more abstract side of Davis's musical sensibility amply displayed here in a set
of glowing largely improvised pieces..on the opening Blues" Song for Wounded knee" , Davis uses the melody to blue Monk.. but the rest is pretty free.. Davis's arco is evident throughout.. some passages on 'America the beautiful "or "Agnewstic"wouldn't be out of place in a chamber piece by Helmut Lachenmann...
staggering.. gorgeous!
ps.. this may have been partially inspired by the great book "Bury my heart at Wounded Knee"which came out around that time

Richard Davis.Org
Vinyl rip ... split tracks, no syrup!

13 October 2014


AB. Mary Mary

C1. After You Left A
C2. After You Left B

D.  Tortuga

E.  Push Pull

F.  Breakout

Jimmy Lyons, alto saxophone
Hayes Burnett, bass
Karen Borca, bassoon
Munner Bernard Fennell, cello
Roger Blank, drums

Recorded live, May 6, 1978 at the Collective for Living Cinema NY.

Hat Hut Records ‎– Y/Z/Z

LP Rip


C. What To Do About #1 And #2

Jimmy Lyons - alto saxophone
John Lindberg, bass
Sunny Murray, drums

Recorded live at Jazz Festival Willisau on Saturday August 30, 1980.

Hat Hut Records ‎– TWENTYONE (2R21)

LP Rip

12 October 2014


Here's a post for Rasimov77 - he shared some goodies in the 'Contributions' section.
Among the links was one for a GUO recording from 1979.
It turned out that it was a part of the recording presented here.

Manfred Schoof, trumpet
Enrico Rava, trumpet
Kenny Wheeler, trumpet
Albert Mangelsdorff, trombone
Paul Rutherford, trombone, euphonium
Günter Christmann, trombone
Steve Lacy, soprano saxophone
Gerd Dudek, soprano & tenor saxophone, flute
Evan Parker, soprano & tenor saxophone
Michel Pilz, bass clarinet
Bob Stewart, tuba
Alexander Von Schlippenbach, piano
J.B. "Buschi" Niebergall, bass
Paul Lovens, drums & percussion

Disc 1
1. Flat Feet (E. Rava)     13:51
2. Reflections (M. Schoof)     12:48
3. Trom-Bone-It [Trombonaut] (G. Christmann)     7:56
Disc 2
1. Boa (A. von Schlippenbach)     11:26
2. Nodagoo (K. Wheeler)     10:47
3. Quasimodo (S. Lacy)     11:23
4. Worms (S. Lacy)     9:53
5. The Forge (A. von Schlippenbach)     9:15
6. Improvisation (Globe Unity Orchestra) (encore)     5:59

Recorded January 26, 1979 at Stadttheater Bad Godesberg, Germany.


A1. There It Is
A2. U.S. / Nigerian Relations
A3. I See Chano Pozo
A4. Skin Diver

B1. Opening Act
B2. If The Drum Is A Woman
B3. To A Gypsy Cab Man
B4. Blood Suckers

Jamaaladeen Tacuma, bass
Farel Johnson Jr, bongo, bells, congas
Abraham Adzinyah, congas
Denardo Coleman, drums
Bern Nix, guitar
Charles Moffett Jr, tenor saxophone
Bill Cole, shenai, musette, korean sona
Jayne Cortez, poetry

Recorded July 22, 1982 at O.A.O. Studio, Brooklyn, New York

Bola Press - BP-8201

LP Rip

Marion Brown-Duets with Wadada Leo Smith and Elliott Schwartz-1970-3

Some" rescue remedy" ,for Aussie Tony.. a perfect antidote to those brutal nightmares you've been having of waking up naked in a room full of hamsters, razor blades,plastic tubes and Western Australian Senator Cory Bernardi  also naked... i'm appalled and terrified at the intensity of shock you must be suffering ... hope this helps  its magnificent...
Elliott Schwartz interview.. Changes in Contemporary Music


Rhodri Davies, harp
Mark Wastell, cello
Simon H. Fell, bass

A1. Index Of Microgrooves 07:00
A2. Strim Stram Strellach 11:12
A3. Adolphus Hailstork And The Barlow Composers 05:19
B1. Chwit Chwat Chwilen Bwgen 13:22
B2. Used Sacks To Iceland 08:32
B3. A Beaker Full Of Death 03:54

Recorded at Soundworld, Chelmsford on 8 August, 5 September and 15 December 1995.

SIWA Records SIWA#3

10 October 2014


1.  Sunny Side Of The Page
2.  Pocket Trumpet
3.  Afro Spot
4.  Beautiful Sea Of Waves
5.  In The Morning
6.  About Flyin' Home
7.  A Miles Davis Trumpet
8.  Dialogue On Violence
9.  Mr. Louie
10. Know Your Reality
11. Somewhere A Woman Is Singing
12. What's Your Take

Sam Furnance, alto saxophone
T.K. Blue, alto saxophone
Alex Harding, baritone saxophone
Al MacDowell, bass
Charnett Moffett, bass
Ron Carter, bass
Denardo Coleman, drums
Bern Nix, guitar
James "Blood" Ulmer, guitar
Jan Cherry, violin
Frank Lowe, tenor saxophone
Jayne Cortez, poetry

Recorded on 26 May, 29 July and 23 August 2002 at Harmolodic Studios, NY

Bola Press ‎– BLP2003

CD Rip


1.  Taking The Blues Back Home
2.  Bumblebee, You Saw Big Mama
3.  Mojo 96
4.  Cultural Operations
5.  The Guitars I Used To Know
6.  Talk To Me (For Don Cherry)
7.  I Have Been Searching
8.  Global Inequalities
9.  Blues Bop For Diz
10. You Can Be
11. Endangered Species List Blues
12. Nobody Knows A Thing

Talib Kibwe, alto saxophone
Al MacDowell, bass
Denardo Coleman, drums
Bern Nix, guitar
Carl Weathersby, guitar
Billy Branch, harmonica
Nakoyo Suso, vocals
Abdoulaye Epizo Bangoura, djembe
Salieu Suso, kora
Sarjo Kuyateh, kora
Frank Lowe, tenor saxophone
Jayne Cortez, poetry

Recorded and mixed at Harmolodic Studios, Harlem, NY.

Harmolodic ‎– 531 918 2, Verve Records ‎– 531 918 2

CD Rip

9 October 2014


...from the OOP CD ...

Howard Riley, piano
Barry Guy, bass
Alan Jackson, drums
Barbara Thompson, flute (tr.7 only)

1. Exit          5:01
2. Gormenghast          7:08
3. S & S          2:18
4. Fragment          7:47
5. Angle          7:18
6. Aftermath          2:36
7. Three Fragments   3:04
8. Gill          5:44

Recorded in London, 3rd December 1968 and 2nd January 1969.

COLUMBIA – 4944332 (CD rip)

Originally released in 1969 as LP (CBS 52669)


1.  Adupe
2.  Maybe
3.  Drying Spit Blues
4.  What's Happening
5.  Make Ifa
6.  Stockpiling
7.  Firespitters
8.  Everybody Wants To Be Somebody
9.  Push Back The Catastrophes
10. Nelson Mandela Is Coming 2
11. Everywhere Drums

Talib Kibwe, alto and soprano saxophone
Al MacDowell, bass
Denardo Coleman, drums
Ed Blackwell, drums (2, 11)
Bern Nix, guitar
Bill Cole, Korean hojok
Adzenyah Donno, talking drum, congas, percussion
Abraham Kobena, talking drum, congas, percussion
Frank Lowe, tenor saxophone
Jayne Cortez, poetry

Recorded at Sound Ideas Studios, NYC, on 21 June 1990.

Bola Press ‎– BP9001

CD Rip

8 October 2014

Ray Russell-Dragon Hill-1970

Here's a great little LP on the short lived CBS Realm label series,which released other quite stunning albums by..Gordon Beck,Frank Ricotti Tony Oxley, and Barry Guy among others.

Ray Russell, a british Guitarist who despite having a jazz background,much like his contemporary Chris Spedding say, seems to have spent a lot of his professional life in the studios,
making library records for TV, and Films as well as playing on dozens of well known rock albums by Phil Spector, Art Garfunkel, Tina Turner, Dionne Warwick and countless others.

.He was also notably in Harry Beckett's Sound of Joy and similar fusion projects in the mid 70's.

This though is an exploratory at times quite free set of sophisticated extended post bop compositions , flavoured by  touches of RnB, and Rock.

Russell's an interesting thoughtful player who's playing here is fluid,inventive even ecstatic!.yeah very beautiful sitting to these ears somewhere between 60's john Mclaughlin and Sonny sharrock's
'Tauhid" period, and just as interesting..

relistening again after many years... one hears a strong stylistic connection to early Soft Machine,as well as Jack Bruce Elton Dean  and Keith Tippett's contemporaneous free inflected Fusion albums...

heres a link to his website
and discogs entry

be nice to know more about some of the other players here, of whom really only Ron Mathewson, Harry Beckett, and Lyn Dobson are familiar names..

This record has to my knowledge, yet to be reissued , though the even better "Rituels" from 1971 posted here by boromir in 2008 , has been, as has live at the ICA on RCA also from 71
Righteous RAY!!


A.  Fall's Mystery

B1. Folly
B2. Voyage From Jericho

Charles Tyler, alto and baritone saxophone
Ronnie Boykins, bass
Steve Reid, drums
Melvin Smith, guitar

Recorded live at the Umeå Jazz Festival, Sweden, 24-26 October 1975.

AK-BA Records ‎– AK 1010

LP Rip


1.  Hello Everybody
2.  Samba Is Power
3.  I Wonder Who
4.  She Got He Got
5.  War Devoted To War
6.  Find Your Own Voice
7.  Sacred Trees
8.  I'm Gonna Shake
9.  Into This Time
10. I Got The Blues
11. Cheerful & Optimistic

Talib Kibwe, alto and soprano saxophone
Al MacDowell, bass
Denardo Coleman, drums
Bern Nix, guitar
James Carter, baritone saxophone
Abdoulaye Epizo Bangoura, djembe
Salieu Suso, kora
Sarjo Kuyateh, kora
Frank Lowe, tenor saxophone
Jayne Cortez, poetry

Recorded at Polarity, NYC, on 22 February and 14 March 1994.

Bola Press ‎– BP9401

CD Rip

7 October 2014


A1. Voyage From Jericho
A2. Return To The East

B1. Just For Two
B2. Children's Music March
B3. Surf Ravin

Arthur Blythe, alto saxophone
Charles Tyler, alto and baritone saxophone
Ronnie Boykins, bass
Steve Reid, drums
Earl Cross, trumpet

Recorded July 1974 at Studio ONE, N.Y.

AK-BA Records ‎– AK 1000

LP Rip