1 August 2014

What a long, strange trip ...

This blog is now in its seventh year, started back in February 2007 by Sotise, our correspondent from down under. Bundles of people have contributed over the years, some gone, others holding on and yet others joining and putting their distinctive mark on the contents and direction of the blog. Currently we have about half a dozen active posters and some very generous followers, judging from inputs to our contributions section, but we're always willing to recruit more. Potential authors can get in touch with us c/o our Blogger email addresses. We've had contributors from three continents, with a preponderance of Europeans overall.

The emphasis has been on the free/improv/experimental side of jazz, but with excursions into contemporary and classical music, from Europe and beyond. There are no rules, however; the blog is whatever the posters make of it, and we'd like to keep it that way. We focus on posting out of print material with the objective of drawing attention to music which otherwise might have remained out of mind and out of sight. Due to spam and some past experiences of personal attacks, we 've had to institute a moderator system, so comments may not appear right away, but they will be published.

With these few words, heading on ...

31 July 2014


Anything our readers and followers would like to contribute goes here. That may include recommendations, reviews, recordings, you name it.


Requests, broken links, re-ups and related topics go here. It may be easier for admins to be attentive to these topics if they are put here and not under the individual posts. There's no guarantee that we may be able to respond to everything, but we'll give it a try.

Free form

Anything else goes here. Observations on the general state of the universe and its overall direction are particularly welcome, but also on more mundane matters as you may see fit.

30 July 2014


Hi , Heres a new section , which will feature links to the Original posts of things that are just being, or have recently been re uploaded..
the Contributions and request sections are too cluttered , making it difficult to keep track!
comments will be disabled for this section!

Please help us out, if you see comments asking for a re-upload, and you have the files!!
(preferably use only file hosts accessible to free users,do not use these files to make money!)
Please do not ask us to re upload records which are generally available, or have been recently reissued, whatever the format!!

Surely it goes without saying that all views expressed on this Blog , be they impressions  delusions
reveries, political statements, opinions are ours and ours alone , Music stimulates the imagination, so switch off y'r TV,listen ... make up your own minds.

So here goes, Ill start with a few i have recently re uploaded
Lacy Carter/ Catch, 1977
Ron Pittner- Out from the edge
Francois Tusques- Après la marée noire.
The New Joachim Kühn - Eje Thelin Group - In Paris
Pauline Oliveros - Roscoe Mitchell - Leo Smith - John Tilbury - Live at Angelica 21 - 2011
Francois Tusques - Le Nouveau Jazz
Billy Hart - Enchance
Masayuki Takayanagi + Masahiko Togashi -  Pulsation
Marion Brown-Le Temps Fou, Flac Upgrade, Raw Vinyl Rip
Mongoose- Live at Penguin House (Flac Upgrade)
Ken Hyder's Talisker - The Last Battle
Louis Moholo - Viva-La-Black
Modern Jazz Quintet Karlsruhe - Trees (1st LP)   works fine
Modern Jazz Quintet Karlsruhe - Frankfurt, 1970
Presenting Burton Greene-1968, Flac upgrade from clean vinyl
Jacques Coursil -Black suite,Flac Upgrade
Francois Tusques-Jo Maka
Francois Tusques-Intercommunal 2
Yamashita Trio - Clay
Miroslav Vitous - Green Line
Lokomotiv Konkret - 2nd lp
Sei Miguel - Portuguese Man of War
Michael Smith - La Musique Blanche
Steve Lacy Trio - Stalks
Abdullah Ibrahim - Hamburg 1968
Sam Rivers - Contrasts
Laboratorio Della Quercia
Masahiko Sato - Penetration
M.Sato-P.Warren-P.Favre-Trinity 1971 (NEW  Better Rip)
Masahiko Togashi & Steve Lacy  - Eternal Duo
Revolutionary Ensemble-Mahattan Cycles , (New better Rip)
Sabu Toyozumi - Water Weed
Masahiko Satoh & Toshiyuki Miyama's New Herd - Yamataifu (+ artwork of the 1st edition) 
Howard Riley- Shaped, (new better rip)
Michael Smith-Geo Music 3..(new rip)
Kang Tae Hwan - Asian Spirits (re-up)
Sunny Murray- Shandar, 10.008 F,1968, (new rip)
Barre Phillips-For all it is, New Better Rip
Gato Barbieri - Obsession
Feza,Dyani,Temiz- Music for Xaba1,New Better Rip
Anthony Braxton and Roscoe Mitchell - Live in Pisa 1978
B.A.Zimmermann- the Numbered ,Tratto (Wergo-2549-005) 1969, new better rip
Masayuki Takayanagi - Free Form Suite
Charles Tyler -Definite Vol. 2
Baikida Carroll - The Spoken Word (mp3)
Arthur-Doyle-Takashi-Mizutani-Sabu Toyozumi - Live in Japan 1997
Bill Dixon 1982 (Edizioni Ferrari)
Michael Smith, Geomusic 1976, New Rip
Vienna Jazz Avantguard 1970-71  re-rip (24 bit-48hz)
Jazz Doctors-Intensive care
Jacques Cousil-The way ahead 1969 alt rip (zippy)
William Hooker-Is Eternal life 1977, incomplete (sides 1,2,3)
Walt Dickerson-Solo-live in Dorchester Ma 79
Herbert Joos-The Philosophy of the Flugelhorn
Wuchner - Koller - Joos - Degen - Lauer - Cremer - Piece For Mouth
Michael Naura - Ochsenzoll
D.Bailey,J.DeJohnette,B.Laswell-Frankfurt  1998
Le Quatuor De Jazz Libre Du Québec
Don Pullen-Castglione del Lago Umbria jazz '76 fm
Maarten Altena Quartet - Miere
Maarten Altena - Papa Oewa
Tommy Koverhult - Jan Wallgren Quintet
Maarten Altena Octet - Quick Step
Joachim Kühn - This Way Out
Oliver Lake Trio - Live in Alassio '79
Ekkehard Jost - Carambolage
Kang Tae Hwan & Sainkho Namtchylak - Live
Ton-Klami - Paramggod
Karen Borca - Irène Schweizer Quartet - Basel 1989
Kondo - Lovens - Lytton - Death Is Our Eternal Friend
Company (New Rip)- Fables
Abe - Yoshizawa - Kondo - Bailey - Aida's Call
Anthony Davis Episteme, Botticino 2009
SIC,trio-Altri Pezzi 1978,(Re Rip)
SIC,trio-29-9-78,Pezzo Alternative Rip
Lol Coxhill-Soprano Sax improvisations 1990, improved sound.
Brötzmann, Portal, Bennink - Paris 1977
Lee Konitz Quartet - Manchester 1966
Bergisch-Brandenburgisches Quartet - Köln 1981
Milford Graves Trio - France 2008
Willem Breuker/ICP - My Baby Has Gone To The Schouwburg
Derek Bailey - Duo & Trio Improvisation
Altena - Bailey - Day - Honsinger - Horsthuis - K'ploeng
Joseph Scianni with David Izenzon - Man Running
Human Arts Ensemble - Under the Sun/Whisper of Dharma
Les Rallizes Denudes - Live in Tokyo 1979
Roscoe Mitchell - Live in Pisa 1978
Uni Trio - rehearsal extract 1968
Steve Lacy - Straws (Cramps Records)
New Acoustic Swing Duo - Live in Essen 1968  
Steve Lacy-The Wire
Steve Lacy-Threads, Mega added
Groups In Front Of People 2 (Bead 15)
Rashied Ali, Charles Gayle and Sirone - live at Burghausen 2008
Jazz Composers Orchestra - Communication 64-65
George Lewis Ensemble - live in Verona '79
Anthony Braxton Quintet - live in Milan '77
Mototeru Takagi - Mosura Freight
Waldron & Lacy Quartet - Journey without end 1971-new rip+pics
Marion Brown-Juba Lee ,new Alt rip, Nippon Phonogram Vers +Pics
Mario Schiano and his Allstars - Cramps
Severino Gazzelloni-Il Flauto Contemporaneo, New Rip
Andrew Cyrille-Junction 1976 Trio,Vers, rerip
Chardonnens-Francioli-Malfatti-HumanAnimal,New Rip
Kenneth Terroade-Love Rejoice, New Rip Flac upgrade
Manfred Schulze Bläser Quintett - Choral-Konzert
Black Unity Trio - Al-Fatihah
Archie Shepp - Pitchin' Can
Parker, Edwards and Moholo - live at Total Music Meeting Berlin 2007
Baden-Baden Free Jazz Meeting - 1971
Baden-Baden New Jazz Meeting - 1976
Leroy Jenkins- Solo 1978 (zippy)
Joseph Jarman-Sunbound (zippy)
Area - Event '76
Jam Rice Sextet - Jam Rice Relaxin'
Evan Parker - Barry Guy - Paul Lytton - Tracks  (new rip)
Sven-Ake Johansson - Idylle und Katastrophen (mirror added)
Maarten Altena Quartet - Pisa
Tony Oxley's Celebration Orchestra - Tomorrow Is Here
Maarten Altena Quartet - Veranda
Abdullah Ibrahim and Carlos Ward - Live at Sweet Basil
Juhani Aaltonen Trio - Raahe 2001
Rolf Kuhn Septet - Creaction
Lol Coxhill - Toverbal Sweet Plus (cd reissue)  
Baden Baden Free Jazz Meeting - 1969 - flac upgrade w/extra tracks

Mico Nissim Trio a correction
The Too Much Too Soon Orchestra - Saw 
Maarten Altena - Op Stap 
Kalaparusha Maurice McIntyre Quartet - Live in Lovere '79 
Charles Brackeen - Rhythm X 
Musiques du Viet-Nam- Disques Bam  (ld 434)
Ennio Morricone - Gli Occhi Freddi Della  Paura
Gruppo Di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza - Musica Su Schemi 
Cecil Taylor Jazz Unit - The Early Unit 1962 
Anthony Braxton-live in La Spezia and Pisa 78
Joseph Jarman, Don Moye and Johnny Dyani - live in Milan 79
AMM+Gunter Hampel, live in Frankfurt 1972
Steve Lacy Quartet - Moers 1974
Benny Bailey Sextet - Soul Eyes
AMM-La Sapienza di Roma-2008
AMM-Bielefeld Germany 1994
Roswell Rudd - Giorgio Gaslini - Sharing New Rip
Bobby Few / Alan Silva / Frank Wright - Solos & Duets Vol.1
Bobby Few / Alan Silva / Frank Wright - Solos & Duets Vol.2
The Frank Wright Quartet - Church Number Nine
Joachim Kühn - Eje Thelin Quartet - WDR Köln 1971 (new links)
Le Quatuor De Jazz Libre Du Québec 1969
Urs Blöchlinger Neurotica 1984
Urs Blöchlinger Aesthetik Als Widerstand
Rolf & Joachim Kühn - Monday Morning (new links)
Hüseyin Ertunç - Mûsikî (new links)
Mal Live 1 to 4
Frank Wright & Muhammad Ali - Adieu Little Man
Radu Malfatti - Ohrkiste
Cairo Free Jazz Ensemble - Heliopolis
Kalaparusha - Ram's Run (new links added)
Tony Malaby's Apparitions-Live-in Pantin '11
Ichiyanagi-Ranta-Kosugi -Improvisation 1975
David Murray - Flowers for Albert
David Murray - Low Class Conspiracy
David Murray - Low Class Conspiracy Circle 2 lp version
David Murray Quartet - Last of the Hipman
Albert Ayler - My Name is Albert Ayler
Noah Howard - Space Dimension
Friedrich Gulda - Nachricht Vom Lande
Cecil Taylor Quintet - Köln 1999 (new links)
Altena/Malfatti - Konfrontationen 1989 (new links)
Didier Levallet Octet - Scoop
Karl Berger & Company - Tune-In (new links)
Masahiko Togashi - Guild For Human Music + Essence (new links)
Stomu Yamash'ta & Masahiko Satoh - Metempsychosis
Chris McGregor's Brotherhood of Breath - Yes Please
Manfred Schoof Sextet - Köln 1972
Group Ongaku (new links)
Betty Carter Quartet - Rome 79
Mototeru Takagi Mosura Freight
David Murray - Organic Saxophone
Clarinet Summit - In Concert at the Public Theater
Jeanne Lee/Gunter Hampel-Florence-Pisa 78
Tony Oxley-Celebration Orchestra-Gütersloh
Keith Tippett - The Unlonely Raindancer (better rip with a bonus track)
Günter Sommer - Ascenseur Pour Le 28  (new links)
François Tusques - Intercommunal Music (new rip/links)
Interjazz 4 -  Starý Dobrý Cirkus / Good old circus (not new but still strong)
Daunik Lazro-Sweet Zee, the whole shebang, this time
Joachim Kuhn- Paris is wonderful- Mirror
Per-Henrik Wallin - The New Figaro (re-up)
Keshavan Maslak - Humanplexity (re-up)
Paul Rutherford - Autumn Initiatives (new links)
Joe Harriott - Southern Horizons
Yoriyuki Harada - Miu
The Dedication Orchestra - Spirits Rejoice
Albert Mangelsdorff Quintet & Guests - Hamburg 1973
Steve Lacy - The Kiss
Franz Koglmann Quartet & Steve Lacy - Balver Höhle 1974
Solal - Konitz - Scofield -  Ørsted Pedersen - Four Keys (new link)
Cooler Sessions, Cecil Taylor,T.Moore,T.Surgal-Oct 3, Sets 1 and 2 and 3
Alex von Schlippenbach Quintet + RAI Big Band - Rome 1980
Cecil Taylor - Yoshi's, December 1998 (new links provided by mew23!)
Brötzmann - Gumpert - Sommer - Live at 'Ludwig Beck' (new links)
Misha Mengelberg Kwartet - Driekusman  Total Loss
Misja Mengelberg Quartet - Jazz from Holland
The New Joachim Kühn - Eje Thelin Group - In Paris
Kazutoki Umezu - Bamboo Village
Kazutoki Umezu + Mal Waldron - Another Step
Mal Waldron - Terumasa Hino - Reminicent Suite
Evan Parker - Dave Holland - Paul Rutherford - Paul Lovens  -  The Ericle Of Dolphi

19 April 2014


A1. Anonimus

Recorded in October 1979 at Kichijoji Temple

Ito Fukuo, guitar
Masaru Soga, guitar
Kikuo Shimura, guitar
Masashi Shinohara, guitar
Kozo Tate, guitar
Seimatsu Shunsuke, guitar
Hisao Nakamori, guitar
Hironobu Maekawa, guitar

A2. Gap

Recorded in April 1974 at Gap Works, Sasazuka

Masaru Soga, electric guitar
Sano Kiyohiko, synthesizer
Masami Tano, percussion

A3. Cue

Recorded in December 1973 at Aoyama Town Hall

Kazuhiko Ogawa, guitar
Masashi Shinohara, guitar

B1. Toss-up

Recorded in May 1975 at Sophia University Hall, Yotsuya

Sano Yumiko, violin
Miyajima Motosakae, soprano saxophone
Naohiro Tsuke, trumpet
Fujisawa Nobuyuki, trombone
Hitoshi Nakamura, baritone saxophone
Murai AzumaTatsuki, contrebasse


Recorded in October 1975 at Sophia University Hall, Yotsuya

Kikuo Shimura, guitar, bass drum and cymbal


Recorded in November 1978 at Jean-Jean, Shibuya

Junko Oda, voice
Miura Takashi, saxophone
Fumiko Takahashi, keyboards

C1. Source

Recorded in October 1971 at the Tokyo American Centre, Akasaka

Piano, Jo Kondo
Oboe, Soichi Wakioka
Mouri Kyojin, cello
Yasu-sei Ken, guitar
Unknown Performer, flute, clarinet, viola, cor anglais
Vocals, Tokyo Music University Choir

C2. Space

Recorded in October 1975 at Sophia University Hall, Yotsuya

Ritsuko Tsuchiya, piano
Yasunori Yamaguchi, percussion
Unknown Performer, flute

D. Kiui

Recorded in October 1979 at Kichijoji Temple

Masami Tada, 13 and 17 string koto
Sano Kiyohiko, 20 oscillators
Masaru Soga, electric piano

ALM Records ‎– AL-3008-9

Vinyl Rip


Kenny Wheeler, trumpet, fluegelhorn
Trevor Watts, soprano saxophone
Derek Bailey, guitar
Dave Holland, bass, cello
John Stevens, drums

A. So, What Do You Think? (part 1) 24:39
B. So, What Do You Think? (part 2) 21:57

Recorded in London on January 27, 1971.


(vinyl rip)

18 April 2014


I post this because I don't find the original post anymore...
So the original intro is missing. But at least the original liner-notes are included in the files.

Maybe it is fitting that I do not find the first post as this LP was never released...
I believe the first poster was Pierre . correct me when I'm wrong!

Prince Lasha, flute
Sonny Simmons, alto saxophone
Clifford Jordan, tenor saxophone
Don Cherry, trumpet
Fred Lyman, fluegelhorn
Bill Wood, bass
Orville Harrison, bass
Charles Moffett, drums

1. Lost Generation 20:50
2. The Trane       11:20
3. Prelude To Bird 05:25

Procucer : Fred Lyman

Recorded at Zounds Recording Studios, New York City, May, 1963.

ZOUNDS L-71863

Notes :

* : It is common practice among discographers to list Prince Lasha as the leader of this session. This short extract of a Fred Lyman interview suggests that this may not be exactly the case (courtesy of Ben Young and Marc Chaloin) : « ... mostly a jam-session [...] they were all in my studio, I don't know how they got these particular guys up there, it was probably Clifford Jordan got it together. And they just started to play and I started recording, and I played on it too, I played fluegelhorn on this track. And it turned out pretty good, [...] it was an example of what I liked to think music could be at that time. » According to Lyman, they picked up Don Cherry in the street…

** : Johann Heidenbauer suggests it could be read as crypted indication of the publishing date : L-7-18-63, i.e. Lasha, July 18, 1963.

*** : Read also the original liner notes (*.rtf format). Many thanks to A. Lukas for providing the original transfer, pictures of the original plain cardboard sleeve, labels, and liners notes, and to Pierre Crepon for relaying the info.


Günter Christmann, trombone, bass
Detlef Schönenberg, drums, percussion
Harald Bojé, electronium, synthesizer

1. Announcement                     02:02
2. Christmann - Schönenberg         15:56
3. Christmann - Schönenberg         05:35
4. Christmann - Schönenberg         08:46
5. Christmann - Schönenberg & Bojé  06:23
6. Christmann - Schönenberg & Bojé  11:25
7. Christmann - Schönenberg & Bojé  10:38

Recorded on October 4, 1976 at Saal 1, WDR, Köln, Germany.
Broadcast on WDR's "Nachtmusik im WDR".

17 April 2014


And this is the 10th and last of the Radio Jazz Group recordings - at least for the moment.
Got it about two months ago from Dime - thanks to the original uploader!

Track 1-3 (March 31):

RJGS feat. Engstfeld/Herr Quartet + Didier Loockwood

Wolfgang Engstfeld, tenor saxophone
Didier Lockwood, violin
Wolfgang Dauner, piano
Michel Herr, piano
Palle Daniellson, bass
Leroy Lowe, drums

Track 4 (April 25):

RJGS feat. Toto Blanke's Electric Circus

Charlie Mariano, soprano saxophone
Johannes Faerber, trumpet
Wolfgang Dauner, piano
Toto Blanke, guitar
Norbert Daeumling, bass
Heinrich Hock, drums
Trilok Gurtu, percussion

1. Continuous Flow 07:20
2. Changes         07:43
3. Blues For Ede   07:22
4. Bolero Torcello 23:32

Recorded at Radio SWR Studio, Villa Berg, Stuttgart, Germany on March 31 (tr.1-3) and April 25 (tr.4), 1980.

HARRY BECKETT - PAUL DUNMALL - CHRIS BOLTON - TONY LEVIN. Jazz Club Friday, Cannonball, Birmingham. 1989

HARRY BECKETT, trumpet, flugelhorn
PAUL DUNMALL, soprano and tenor saxophones

KEITH TIPPETT makes a brief appearance on vocal and flugelhorn near the end.

Set One
1. 18:56
2. 20:40

Set Two
1. 46:54

Jazz Club Friday at the Cannonball, Birmingham.  13 January 1989

Monotype 1985 by Paul Dunmall.

16 April 2014


1. Im Stadtgarten Köln

Frank Wollny, bass
Gunter Hampel, bass clarinet, vibraphone, flute
Butch Morris, cornet, amplified cornet, flute
A.R. Penck, drums
Alan Silva, keyboards
Jeanne Lee, vocals

Recorded at Stadtgarten Konzertsaal, Köln, Germany

Mara Records ‎– 6012

CD Rip


Rolf Kühn, clarinet
Joachim Kühn, piano
Klaus Koch, bass
Reinhard Schwartz, drums

A1. Mobile Waltz (Rolf Kühn) 7:05
A2. Green Stocking (Joachim Kühn) 7:16
A3. Corruption (Joachim Kühn) 5:57
B1. The Mad Man (Rolf Kühn) 8:34
B2. Life From The Moon (Joachim Kühn) 10:45

Recorded on June 3, 4 and 5, 1965 at Amiga-Studios, Berlin, Germany.

CBS S 62407

(vinyl rip)

15 April 2014


1. 8:48
2. 5:14
3. 11:03
4. 12:40

Rüdiger Carl, clarinet
Georg Wolf, bass
Detlef Kraft, drums

Recorded live at F.I.M. Festival, Gallus Theater, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 28 November 1998.

14 April 2014

Terumasa Hino-Live in Berlin 1971-(Victor SMJX-10128)

 More Terumasa Hino, here's a favourite, unbelievably out of print, by Hino's touring quintet of the early 70's, incredibly inventive unit , stradling freeish post Bop, Fusion you name it..
Of note specifically is some remarkably free shredding by guitarist Kyoshi Sugimoto,(Taku Sugimoto's father) who steals the show here, for me , along with Hino's folksy vocal tone and incendiary attack...

Cycle Circle, on side one has a lurching ominousness that's very similar territory to K.Komeda's Astigmatic.


13 April 2014


1. Where Are You?
2. Blame It On My Youth
3. Waltz Step
4. Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man
5. Don't Take Your Love From Me
6. The Things We Did Last Summer
7. Desert Wind
8. A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening

Hideo Ichikawa, piano
Ikuo Sakurai, bass
Masahio Togashi, drums

Recorded at Music Inn, Tokyo, 8 July 1994

Venus Records - TKCV-79057

CD Rip

BOBBY WATSON & HORIZON - Live webcast from MCG

In case you missed it...

Audio only.

Bobby Watson & Horizon
April 12, 2014 (early show)
Manchester Craftsmen's Guild Concert Hall, Pittsburgh, PA

01. The Young Rabbits  8:28
02. Sweet Dreams  14:35
03. Seventh Avenue South  15:58
04. chat  2:44
05. A Moment Of Silence  1:24
06. chat  0:32
07. From The Heart  8:09
08. chat  1:13
09. The Look Of Love  4:46
10. In Case You Missed It  8:19

Bobby Watson - Alto Saxophone
Terell Stafford- Trumpet
Edward Simon - Piano
Peter Washington - Bass
Victor Lewis - Drums


This is the 9th part in the thread of Radio Jazz Group recordings from Stuttgart - one more to come.

Peter Brötzmann, soprano, tenor & bass saxophone, clarinet
Wolfgang Dauner, piano, electric piano
Fred Van Hove, piano, organ, accordion
Adelhard Roidinger, bass
Han Bennink, drums, percussion

1. unknown title         25:17
2. unknown title (inc.)  26:37

Recorded at Radio Studio SWR, Villa Berg, Stuttgart, Germany on April 9, 1976.

12 April 2014

Blixt live at Moers 2013

Here's a full performnce of this power trio at last year's Moers festival in Germany. The announcer draws the power trio lineage as far back as Cream, a band that always left room for long stetches of improvisation, even though their repertoire was song-based. This lot, though, is fully improvisational throughout, or at least, that's how it sounds. Raoul Björkenheim has worked in the trio format before, notably with the Scorch Trio which has been inactive lately and Bill Laswell played in the Painkiller trio with John Zorn and Mick Harris. We'll get to the Scorchers in due course. The name, meaning lightning in Swedish, does sort of indicate what they're up to.

I saw them last year, on the same tour I think, and recorded the entire thing on the cell phone, but listening to the playback, quickly realised that a cell phone can't handle the sonic barrage of these gentlemen. Of course, listening and watching this video is hardly any substitute for watchng them live. The propulsive playing of drummer Morgan Ågren betrays his background in prog and metal which was to some extent a defining characteristic of Painkiller which in fact  released some of their work on metal labels. Anyhow, here's a set of loudness interspersed with quieter passages, but not for too long. I happen to like the quiet parts better, but that's just me.

Moers Jazz Fest
Moers Germany
May 18 2013


This is the Arte live Webcast of Blixt's red hot performance at moers

Raoul Björkenheim Guitar
Bill Laswell bass
Morgan Ågren Drums

Technical point: This video is in the flv format and it works well with the VLC player. I should add that the action starts at the eight minute mark. Ideally it could have been cut shorter, but I don't have the requisite software for that.

Kudos to "punkjazz" at the Dime site for grabbing and uploading.
To be ferociously enjoyed, as always.

11 April 2014


A1. Sankirna
A2. Bahagya
A3. Bitlis

B1. Aurun
B2. Fidayda
B3. High Fly

Stefan Brolund, acoustic bass
Okay Temiz, drums, goblet drum
Lennart Åberg, soprano and tenor saxophone
Bobo Stenson, piano

R. A. Rajagopal, ghatam
T. N. Shashikumar, kanjira
T.A.S. Mani, mridangam
R. A. Ramamani, vocals

Recorded & mixed at Sonet Studios, Stockholm in October - November 1984.

Sonet ‎– SNTF 930

Vinyl Rip

RADIO JAZZ GROUP STUTTGART feat. Christmann-Schönenberg-Bojé "STUTTGART 1976"

Günter Christmann, trombone
Detlef Schönenberg, drums
Harald Bojé, synthesizer
Wolfgang Dauner, piano

1. Cave Canem              07:57
2. Tet-Anus                10:56
3. Sueddeutscher Rundfunk  11:45
4. Trio One                06:42
5. Trio Two                09:38

Recorded at Studio Villa Berg, Stuttgart, Germany on November 19, 1976.

10 April 2014



A. Journey To Air 1

B. Journey To Air 2

Dave Liebman, alto & tenor saxophone
Steve Grossman, alto & tenor saxophone, flute
Lanny Fields, bass
Teruo Nakamura, bass
Mike Garson, piano, electric piano
Terumasa Hino, trumpet, flugelhorn
Dave Holland, bass
Gary Pribec, alto saxophone
Pete Yellin, alto saxophone, flute
Bobby Moses, drums
Motohiko Hino, drums, handclaps
Olu Dara, trumpet

Recorded at Upsurge Studio, New York City, March 1970.

Love Records - TP-103; Canyon Records ‎– CAJ-1001

Vinyl Rip


A.  In To The Heaven

B1. Jun's Dreams
B2. Just Flash In The Cosmic Pan

Dave Liebman, soprano & tenor saxophone
Steve Grossman, soprano & tenor saxophone
Lanny Fields, bass
Teruo Nakamura, bass
Mike Garson, piano
Reggie Workman, bass
John Carbone, bass
Randy Brecker, trumpet
Joe Bonner, electric piano
John Abercrombie, guitar
Lenny White, drums
Steve Jackson, percussion
Yosuke Tonoki, percussion, flute

Recorded on 15 June 1970.

Columbia - YS-2400-AX

Vinyl Rip

RADIO JAZZ GROUP STUTTGART feat. Schlippenbach-Kowald-Lovens-Lytton-Parker "STUTTGART 1977"

Günter Christmann, trombone
Evan Parker, soprano & tenor saxophone
Alexander von Schlippenbach, piano
Wolfgang Dauner, piano, synthesizer
Peter Kowald, bass
Paul Lovens, drums, percussion
Paul Lytton, drums, percussion, electronics

1. unknown title  15:33
2. unknown title  14:43
3. unknown title  19:30
4. unknown title  09:18
5. unknown title  11:16

Recorded at Radio Studio SWR, Villa Berg, Stuttgart, Germany on June 13, 1977.

TONY LEVIN and PAUL DUNMALL. Bristol 22.1.93 (Set 2)

PAUL DUNMALL, alto, soprano and tenor saxophones

1. 28:53
2. 11:21

Rare Music Club, Bristol.  22 January 1993 (Second set)

Did someone say Tony Levin?

Yikes!   This sounds great, and rarer than the rarest rare rarity.

Would appreciate some feed-back.  Thanks.

9 April 2014


A1. Element Of Surprise
A2. Resulting Confusion
A3. A Solution Found

B1. Journey In Hope
B2. Speedy Preparation
B3. A Little German Clap And You Have It

John Surman, baritone and soprano saxophone, bass clarinet, synthesizer
Tony Levin, drums, percussion

Recorded live at Moers Festival 16 May 1975

Ring Records ‎– Ring 01006

Vinyl Rip

8 April 2014


Manfred Schoof, fluegelhorn, cornet
Michel Pilz, bass clarinet
Eero Koivistoinen, soprano & tenor saxophone
Pekka Sarmento, bass
Reino Laine, drums

1. introduction             00:27
2. Naima (J. Coltrane) (inc)     14:18
3. introduction             00:13
4. unknown title             26:06
5. introduction             01:47
6. Neum (M. Schoof) (inc)     18:52

Recorded at Tavastia Club, Helsinki, Finland on April 18, 1974.

6 April 2014

RADIO JAZZ GROUP STUTTGART feat. Carl-Reichel-Wittwer-Schweizer-Honsinger-Altena-Bruhin "STUTTGART 1978"

Rüdiger Carl, tenor saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet, flute, piccolo, accordion, percussion
Hans Reichel, violin
Stephan Wittwer, guitar
Irène Schweizer, piano, percussion
Wolfgang Dauner, piano (not on tr.3)
Tristan Honsinger, cello, voice
Maarten van Regteren Altena, bass, cello
Anton Bruhin, voice, harmonica, percussion, poem

Dieter Zimmerle (fm announcer)

1. Zichtels Wunsch > Steel Five  15:36
2. announcement                  01:07
3. Ouvertüre > S'Zehnerli        33:40
4. announcement                  00:25

Recorded at Radio Studio SWR, Villa Berg, Stuttgart, Germany on June 8, 1978.


A1. Op De Eén
A2. Slick
A3. Ruime Slakken
A4. P.S.

B1. Op De Twee
B2. In G
B3. Hypo II
B4. Hypo I

Niko Langenhuijsen, piano, melodica, synthesizer
Arnold Dooyeweerd, bass
Ernst Reijseger, cello
Willem Van Manen, trombone
Toon De Gouw, trumpet
Bohuslav Zola, violin

Recorded on 8-9 February 1984 in VARA-Studio 5, Hilversum, Holland.

VARAJAZZ ‎– 4214

Vinyl Rip

3 April 2014


A. Don't Freeze Yourself To Death Over There In Those Mountains

B. Sorry, Brother

Jeanne Lee, vocals
Frank Wollny, bass
Denis Charles, drums
A.R. Penck, keyboards
Clarence Sharpe, alto saxophone

Vinyl Rip

RADIO JAZZ GROUP STUTTGART feat. Rutherford-Carl-Dudek-Reichel-Honsinger-Garrett "STUTTGART 1976"

Paul Rutherford, trombone
Rüdiger Carl, tenor saxophone, clarinet, flute, accordion
Gerd Dudek, soprano & tenor saxophone, flute
Hans Reichel, guitar
Wolfgang Dauner, piano, synthesizer
Tristan Honsinger, cello, vocals
Donald Rafael Garrett, bass

1. unknown title 06:22
2. unknown title 11:54
3. unknown title 16:03
4. unknown title 21:27

Recorded at Radio Studio SWR, Villa Berg, Stuttgart, Germany on February 27, 1976.

2 April 2014


A1. Iberian Sunset
A2. Bamboo Shoots
A3. Tail Wind
A4. Commodore Drive

B1. Silky Adventure
B2. Funauta
B3. Earlham Blues
B4. Village West

Hozan Yamamoto, shakuhachi
Masahiko Sato, piano

Recorded 26 August 1986 at Sound City Studios.

Broadway - 28MB-5001

Vinyl Rip

1 April 2014

MUJICIAN - Second set. Torrington. 1993

PAUL DUNMALL, tenor, baritone and soprano saxophone

1. Second set  51:54

Live at The Plough Arts Centre, Torrington.  11 September 1993

31 March 2014


A1.  Something Coming
A2.  Pray
A3.  Let's Sing, Let's Dance

B1.  Ballad For Loneliness
B2.  Heartstrings
B3.  Whispering Stars
B4.  Something Leaving

Masahiko Togashi, percussion

Recorded August 12-14, 18-20, 1980 : King Records Studio #2, Tokyo.

Paddle Wheel / King K28P-6050

Vinyl Rip

Paul Bley Trio-Canada 1968

For an Australian friend...
A great Paul Bley trio session, put out by radio Canada international transcription service, recorded in Montreal in December 68, i believe this was Bley's last  entirely acoustic release from the sixties and for some time until ECM'S, Open to Love, last in a glorious sequence spanning ten or so indispensable records, and one of the few which has never made it to cd ..

Four great tunes by Annette Peacock , his wife at the time, with Mario Pavone's only stint in Bleys acoustic trio.
 For some inexplicable reason this album is not mentioned In the Paul Bley entry on the Jazz discographies project site.
this album's been posted as mp3's at lucky psychic hut , and may well still be available somewhere in that format.
Bley's website, a rich source of articles , interviews and home of  the IAI label

Steve Lacy Three-The Lost Tracks from Capers,1979

I was pretty pissed off years ago when i bought the CD, New York capers and quirks, only to find that almost half the material had been left off including my favourite piece "the crunch" where Ronnie Boykins seems most inventive(and audible), i had given the scratchy old beige soft cover double lp away , because it sounded muddy, and i'd ordered the cd from a shop..
This reissue box edition from 1981 is a huge sonic improvement , on the first edition.
Boykins is not as audible as on the cd versions.. but otherwise the sound is great..
Anyone know why this material hasn't been reissued?

The Crunch is particularly great one of those  sprawling blow out monsters, like the thing, where Lacy stretches his extended technique to the limit.
Dennis Charles Beating out Melodic Martial tattoo like rhythms in unison with Lacy is a Joyous aural feast, a pity this trio didn't record more!
recorded live at soundscape by Peter Kuhn on December 29-1979

27 March 2014

Helen Merrill with the Gary Peacock trio-S'posin 1971

The great Helen Merrill's most challenging, outer worldly record ever,,featuring loose , free  highly textured arrangements, by Masahiko Sato, and Peacock , recorded just 4 months before the epochal.. "Samadhi' by the trio...
This also features a touching version of Ellington's in a sentimental mood' which is so obviously Gary Peacock's,very moving tribute to Jimmy Blanton... beautiful oh so beautiful, painfully so..

Only reissued on Cd in Japan and out of print to the best of my knowledge ..
This rip is taken from the early 70's Storyville LP ..

Helen Merrill is as far as i know still recording...and well worth supporting !
she has a website here



Soundwise these recordings are a bit muffled but the music's really excellent IMHO.
Maybe someone has a better version!?

The Double Trio track was recorded about two month before Brötzmann's 'Machine Gun' - makes for an interesting comparison.

Maybe one day it will see a proper release....

1. Juicy (from the unreleased Cul-de-Sac soundtrack) (K. Komeda/2:10/completed track)
Kenny Wheeler, trumpet
Paul Rutherford, trombone
Trevor Watts, alto saxophone, breathing
Jeff Clyne, bass
John Stevens, drums, percussion

Recorded by Eddie Kramer, probably at Olympic Sound Studios, London, April 1966.
The Ensemble was apparently commissioned via Eddie Kramer to record compositions by Krzysztof Komeda for the soundtrack of Roman Polanski’s 1966 film Cul-de-Sac, an offbeat black-comedy set on the island of Lindisfarne.

2. Springboard (and radio announcement) (Stevens/3:56)
Kenny Wheeler, trumpet, fluegelhorn
Paul Rutherford, trombone
Evan Parker, soprano & tenor saxophone
Trevor Watts, alto saxophone, flute, oboe
Derek Bailey, guitar
Barry Guy, bass
John Stevens, drums

Recorded live by BBC Radio at the Paris cinema, London, Mon March 20, 1967;
tr: BBC Radio Light Programme The Jazz Scene (Jazz Club slot), March 26, 1967.

3. Willow Trio - Part 2 (extract 7:59)
Evan Parker, soprano saxophone
Barre Phillips, bass
John Stevens, percussion

Recorded by Eddie Kramer at Olympic Sound Studios, London, October 6, 1967. Willow Trio sessions.

4. Double Trio - Part 1 (32:05)
Evan Parker, soprano saxophone
Trevor Watts, alto saxophone
Dave Holland, bass
Peter Kowald, bass
Rashied Ali, drums, percussion
John Stevens, drums, percussion

Recorded by Eddie Kramer at Olympic Sound Studios, London, March 10, 1968. Unreleased studio session.
 Island (unissued)

26 March 2014


1. Scene
2. Song For Twilight
3. Chromatic Lady & Pentatonic Guy
4. Tears
5. Hoy Hoy
6. Song Of Nothing
7. In The Pot
8. Typhoon
9. Midnight Talking To Me

Masahiko Togashi, percussion

Recorded on 27-29 September 1987 at Studio A, Tokyo.

Cornelius Records - CCD 701

CD Rip



25 March 2014


Here's for you to discover....

An interview with Cleve (Robert) Pozar:


Mike Zwerin, bass trumpet, trumpet
Kathy Morris, cello
Jimmy Garrison, bass
Robert Pozar, drums

1. The mechanical answering service of
...Chris and Martha White 03:38
2. Robin Hood 03:05
3. Renfield 09:39
4. Keying in your bank 06:57
5. Sweet little Maia 05:48
6. Good Golly, Miss Nancy 04:35

Recorded in 1966

(produced by Bill Dixon)

SAVOY MG 12189


Again : will this excellent album ever be reissued?

Do yourself a favour and check it out - the same goes for my previous post > Robert Pozar's "Good Golly, Miss Nancy".

An interview with Ed Curran >

Without friends a lot of my posts wouldn't be possible...thank you J. , W. , K. , M. and J. from F.!!


Marc Levin, cornet, fluegelhorn, mellophone
Ed Curran, alto saxophone, clarinet
Kiyoshi Tokunaga, bass
Robert Pozar, drums

1. Cire 06:16
2. Why 03:47
3. Mid Tempo 03:52
4. Looking Back 05:11
5. Duns 04:12
6. Lady A 04:48
7. Nicole 06:52
8. Drac 03:27

Recorded in New York on March 17th, 1967.

(produced by Bill Dixon)

SAVOY MG 12191

24 March 2014


Again - before I continue with some german Free Jazz - here a fantastic recording from the far north of Europe. On this album all three - Vesala, Andersen and Aaltonen - were at their creative peak. Enjoy!

update march 2014:

Juhani Aaltonen, tenor & soprano saxophone
Arild Andersen, bass
Edward Vesala, drums

1. Alhambra Mood (Aaltonen)         6:35
2. Nana (Aaltonen/Andersen/Vesala)  4:15
3. Joiku (Aaltonen)                 7:10
4. My B (Andersen)                 5:05
5. Gamma (Aaltonen)                 6:00
6. Fill In (Vesala)                 1:25
7. Albatros (Aaltonen)                 4:00

Recorded on August 25, 1970, location not given.

BLUE MASTER BLU-LP 125  (vinyl rip)

23 March 2014


Mario Schiano, alto saxophone
Gianluigi Trovesi, bass clarinet, alto clarinet, piccolo flute
Pino Minafra, trumpet, fluegelhorn, vocals
Radu Malfatti, trombone
Peter Kowald, double bass
Paul Lovens, drums

1. A     05:12
2. B     04:12
3. C     03:03
4. D     07:13
5. E     10:22
6. F     06:14
7. G (Lover Man) 02:56

Recorded on March 10, 1989 at the Colosseo Theatre, Roma, Italy during the International "Controindicazioni 3" Festival.


Note: Benefit concert for the repurchase of the pendulum of Mr. Foucault.

22 March 2014


1. Trio
2. Waspgame
3. Shakuachi # 2

4. L'Histoire De Mme. Tasco

 Prés De Thionville
 Coup D'Oeil
 Morceau Qui Marche
 Endless Waltz

5. To Day And To Morrow
6. L'Âme Profonde
7. Sag Mir Warum

Rüdiger Carl, accordion, clarinet
Joëlle Léandre, bass, voice
Carlos Zíngaro, violin

Recorded March 25 and April 3, 1992 at Stadtgarten Köln and Alte Oper Frankfurt. 

hat ART ‎– hat ART CD 6122

CD Rip

19 March 2014


Here is a wonderful piece of news and a treat for us all. Ian Brighton is recording again!

Ian has kindly emailed a few times and I have summarized some of his news.

Hi Nick,

At nearly 70 I have decided to come out of retirement, so to speak, and start recording again: I stopped playing in 1990 after finishing the FMR 001 album, Eleven Years From Yesterday. I could never play full time, as I had a family and required a steady income.  However I kept playing the guitar over the years developing my improvisation forms, but no opportunity to perform in public. Just before I retired from work five years ago, I spoke to Evan Parker, who said something along the lines, "You should come back and start playing again, most of your old friends are still living". After Lol Coxhill passed on, I started listening to our old tapes and realised that my playing has changed so much since those early recordings. Therefore I decided to start recording again and these days it is so much easier with Pro Tools.

I thought you maybe interested that I have released a track called, "A voice you left behind" on my Facebook page Ian Brighton Art and Music.

This is dedicated to Derek Bailey, my mentor and friend. Before the improvisation there is a short section with Derek being interviewed about peoples approach to listening to improvisation. When Derek passed away I felt a tremendous sense of loss, because I always considered him like a distant cousin, who I was close to for a while and thereafter knew I could always call him and it would be just like yesterday. Although he was a massive influence, I never sought out to copy him, as having small hands, I could not stretch my fingers over the fretboard to achieve the same chordal structures.

Next week, I hope to be releasing another one called "Chasing Lol". We played together many times, especially in duet form and it was always a wonderful challenge. In many ways he was a similar player to Sonny Rollins, in as much as his ideas were out of nowhere; sometimes gentle and then with great ferocity; the music being so varied. I will also use as a prelude to the improvisation a comment he made to me on stage at the 1979 Bracknell Jazz Festival, when a man in audience called out for A Night in Tunisia.

These tracks are part of a series of improvisations I will be releasing, where I think of the character as part of the improvisation, instead of just playing a solo performance comprising different aspects of my playing, where I am drawing from my library of sounds. 

Another track will be a conversation with myself, similar to Bill Evans. I am using acoustic and electric guitars in the way that he used acoustic and electric piano but instead of improvising on a particular tune I am using the same approach as per Derek and Lol; to focus on the character.

My son Paul Brighton aka Cuz Beats has recorded and produced the tracks. He is also featured on one of them, when he produces live electronic sound that I use as a background to another improvisation.

If you like the track, please share with other like minded people. It can be downloaded from Soundcloud.

Best regards


The track is great and more to come!

A very happy 70th birthday to Ian.

MUJICIAN. Half Moon Theatre, London. 1989

PAUL DUNMALL, clarinet, tenor and soprano saxophones

1. 52:12

Half Moon Theatre, London E1.  Jazz Lunarcy Festival. 12th November 1989

L.S.-F.M. "ADONIS 21.10.1983"

This is for Brian and Andy ;-)

Paul Lytton, percussion
Hans Schneider, bass
Floros Floridis, soprano & altosaxophone
Pinguin Moschner, tuba & euphonium

A. Adonis fourth part   [21:21]
B. Adonis second part   [19:27]

Recorded on October 21, 1983 at Theatre Adonis in IH´Dimitria, Greece.

j.n.d.1 CP 962

(lp rip)

My thanks goes to owombat for the original rip.

18 March 2014

PLIFF - (1996)


1. Trio 1  4:55
2. Solo Moschner  4:09
3. Solo Tomlinson  3:03
4. Trio 2  6:39
5. Trio 3  5:09
6. Interview with Brian Morton  11:08

BBC Radio 3 'Impressions'.  1996

One for brian.  I missed the Edwards solo (maybe more).