3 August 2017

What a long, strange trip ...

This blog is now in its tenth year, started back in February 2007 by Sotise, our correspondent from down under. Bundles of people have contributed over the years, some gone, others holding on and yet others joining and putting their distinctive mark on the contents and direction of the blog. Currently we have about half a dozen active posters and some very generous followers, judging from inputs to our contributions section, but we're always willing to recruit more. Potential authors can get in touch with us c/o our Blogger email addresses. We've had contributors from three continents, with a preponderance of Europeans overall.

The emphasis has been on the free/improv/experimental side of jazz, but with excursions into contemporary and classical music, from Europe and beyond. There are no rules, however; the blog is whatever the posters make of it, and we'd like to keep it that way. We focus on posting out of print material with the objective of drawing attention to music which otherwise might have remained out of sight and out of mind. Due to spam and some past experiences of personal attacks, we 've had to institute a moderator system, so comments may not appear right away, but they will be published.

With these few words, heading on ...

2 August 2017


Anything our readers and followers would like to contribute goes here. That may include recommendations, reviews, recordings, you name it.

1 August 2017


Requests, broken links, re-ups and related topics go here. It may be easier for admins to be attentive to these topics if they are put here and not under the individual posts. There's no guarantee that we may be able to respond to everything, but we'll give it a try.

I've deleted the previous 'Requests' post as it was becoming a bit unwieldy.
I shall start the requests with the last one from the previous thread.

Free form

Anything else goes here. Observations on the general state of the universe and its overall direction are particularly welcome, but also on more mundane matters as you may see fit.


Hi , Heres a new section , which will feature links to the Original posts of things that are just being, or have recently been re uploaded..
the Contributions and request sections are too cluttered , making it difficult to keep track!
comments will be disabled for this section!

Please help us out, if you see comments asking for a re-upload, and you have the files!!
(preferably use only file hosts accessible to free users,do not use these files to make money!)
Please do not ask us to re upload records which are generally available, or have been recently reissued, whatever the format!!

Surely it goes without saying that all views expressed on this Blog , be they impressions  delusions
reveries, political statements, opinions are ours and ours alone , Music stimulates the imagination, so switch off y'r TV,listen ... make up your own minds.

So here goes, Ill start with a few I have recently re uploaded

Update July 18, 2016 -
We've shortened the list (again) for users' convenience:

Jan Garbarek Trio - live at Moers 1973
Nonaka "Goku" Mitsumasa - Street Preaching At The Cheshire Cat
Manfred Schoof Quintet - Domicile München 1969
Jiří Stivín & Rudolf Dašek ‎– Tandem (Supraphon)
Lee Konitz Quartet - live in Manchester 1966
Roswell Rudd - Maine
Radio Jazz Group Stuttgart - Koppelaar-Carl-Reichel-Dauner-Honsinger - Stuttgart 1977
Theo Loevendie 4TET
Theo Loevendie Quartet -  Orlando
Theo Loevendie Quartet - Live in Moers 1979
Alan Davie - Phantom In The Room
Tetsu Saito - Tokio Tango
Oriental Wind - Sankirna
Niko Langenhuijsen - Hypo
CCMC - Vol 1
Eje Thelin - Polyglot
Takashi Kako / Toshiyuki Miyama & New Herd - EL AL
Voices - Rediscover The Beautiful
New Jazz Ensemble - Burning Flowers
Ruf der Heimat feat. Charles Gayle & E.L. Petrowsky - Köln, 1994
Fall, Few, Maka - Diom Futa
Machi Oul - Quetzalcoatl
Waterland Ensemble - Domesticated Doomsday
Loek Dikker Waterland Ensemble - Tan-Tango
Keshavan Maslak - Loek Dikker.... - Mayhem In Our Streets
Ekkehard Jost & Amman Boutz
Chris McGregor's Brotherhood of Breath - live at Siegendorff 1975
The Group - live in Cambridge, Mass. 1987
CMIF (Creative Musicians Improvisers Forum - 1983/84)
Andrew Hill - Big Band and Solo Live Recordings
Edward Vesala - I'm Here
Fred Van Hove & Cel Overberghe - With Strings - Met Strijkers - Avec Cordes
The Original Orchestra - Don't Play That Sentimental Ballad
Toshi Tsuchitori / Mototeru Takagi - Origination


25 July 2016

MUJICIAN - B.M.I. Birmingham 1989. Set 1

KEITH TIPPETT - piano, music box
PAUL DUNMALL - penny whistles, tenor and soprano saxophones
TONY LEVIN - drums

Set 1
1. 45:24

Birmingham and Midland Institute, Birmingham.  14th January 1989

The very first concert under the name Mujician.  What Keith Tippett does in the first ten minutes, taking it down to an exquisite, hear-a-pin-drop, almost-stop, is a beautiful thing.


Nice recording by Stu.

23 July 2016

DOMINIC DUVAL R.I.P. (* 27th April 1945 in New York City; † 22nd July 2016)

Support The Dominic Duval Fund


Again my thanks goes to the original uploader.

Evert Brettschneider, electric & acoustic guitar
Aloys Kott, electric & acoustic bass
Peter Eisold, drums, percussion

A1. Air Lines 8:15
A2. String Games 8:36
A3. Daddy Longleg 3:37
B1. Simply Symphony 9:00
B2. Silence 7:23
B3. Elbow Dance 6:06

Recorded October 1980 at Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg.

Japo Records – JAPO 60036 (vinyl rip)

21 July 2016


This is not my rip - so thanks goes to the original uploader!

Evert Brettschneider, acoustic & electric guitar
Aloys Kott, bass
Michael Jüllich, percussion, marimba, vibes

A1. Happy 7:30
A2. Circle 12:57
B1. The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog 3:49
B2. Stoned Tunes 3:56
B3. New Marks 10:17

Recorded January 1978 at Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg.

Japo Records – JAPO 60024  (vinyl rip)

17 July 2016


Thanks to the original uploader. Shame on me but I've forgotten whom I have to thank for this rip...


Urszula Dudziak, voice, synthesizer
Michal Urbaniak, violin, saxophone
Adam Makowicz, electric piano
Roman Dylag, bass
Czeslaw Bartkowski, drums


Bobo Stenson, electric piano, accordion
Palle Danielsson, bass
Lennart Aberg, tenor & soprano saxophone
Kjell Westling, soprano saxophone
Bengt Berger , drums, percussion


Wolfgang Dauner, keyboards, sitar
Attila Zoller, guitar
Armen Halburian, percussion
Fred Braceful, drums


Karl Berger, vibraphone, piano
Ingrid Berger, voice
Peter Kowald, bass
Allan Blairman, drums

Recorded at the 3. Internationales New Jazz Meeting auf Burg Altena, June 24 and 25, 1972.

JG RECORDS JG 32/33 (vinyl rip)


Since July 9 we're almost flooded by a wealth of Ornette Coleman ROIO's.
The last offer was given yesterday.....

We believe this more than generous contribution deserves a proper post.
Our appreciation goes to our anonymous donor!

Ornette Coleman live Paris 11-4-1965 in FLAC.


Ornette Coleman live Amherst 11-30-1967 in FLAC.


Ornette Coleman live Belgrade 11-2-1971 in FLAC.


Ornette Coleman live Bilzen 8-24-1969 in FLAC.


Ornette Coleman live Copenhagen 10-31-1965 in FLAC.


Ornette Coleman live Berlin 10-30-1965, Bremen 12-3-1965 and San Remo 3-27-1966 in FLAC.


Ornette Coleman live Cologne 11-11-1971 in FLAC.


Ornette Coleman solo live Cologne 11-11-1971or1972 in FLAC.


Ornette Coleman live Paris 2-12-1966 in FLAC.


Ornette Coleman live NYC 7-4-1972 in FLAC.


Ornette Coleman live Bracknell 7-8-1978 in FLAC.


Ornette Coleman live Moers 6-8-1981 in FLAC.


Ornette Coleman live Hartford 6-30-1985 in FLAC.


Ornette Coleman live Zuerich 10-30-1987 in FLAC.


Ornette Coleman live Austin 11-14-2004 in FLAC.


Ornette Coleman live Antwerpen 8-19-2007 in FLAC.


Ornette Coleman live Essen 2-14-2007 in FLAC.


Ornette Coleman live Rotterdam 7-15-2007 in FLAC.


9 July 2016

DIZZY GILLESPIE BIG BAND. London 1987. BBC broadcast

GLEN DREWES - trumpet
VIRGIL JONES - trumpet
EARL GARDNER - trumpet
JON FADDIS - trumpet
FRANK LACY - trombone
STEVE TURRE - trombone, conch
BRITT WOODMAN - trombone
JUKKA PERKO - alto saxophone
JERRY DODGION - alto saxophone, flute
SAM RIVERS - tenor and soprano saxophones, flute
RALPH MOORE - tenor saxophone
HOWARD JOHNSON - baritone saxophone
ED CHERRY - guitar
JOHN LEE - bass


01 Intro - Charles Fox  2:35
02 Prelude and Tocatta  12:54
03 Emanon  4:44
04 Lover Come Back to Me  5:44
05 'Round Midnight  10:30
06 Things to Come  8:13
07 Interview  20:19


01 Manteca  14:46
02 Without You, No Me  9:33
03 Night In Tunisia  16:53
04 The Champ  12:04
05 Olinga  11:52
06 Outro - Brian Morton  1:41

Royal Festival Hall, London.  July 1987

6 July 2016


This is the second installment from two cassettes featuring the CMIF, I've received some years ago.
The first one I've reupped two days ago.
And off course there is also the only official LP this cluster of musicians has ever released.
I got these cassettes from a dear colleague who got it from Bobby Naughton sometime during the seventies. 

Only collective personnel is available for this rare recording:

Muhal Richard Abrams, p
George Alford, tp
Marion Brandis, fl
Anthony Braxton,reeds
Wes Brown,b
Phil Buettner,reeds
Harrysson Busker,perc
Courtney Winter,reeds
Andrew Cyrille, perc
Joe Fonda, b
Frank Gordon, tp
Craig Harris, tb
Gerry Hemingway, perc
Leroy Jenkins, v
Bill Lowe, tp,tu
Peter McEachern,tb
Amina Claudine Myers, p
Scott Munson,vib
Bobby Naughton, vib
Genghis Nor, tp
Mahasin Nor, tb
Mario Pavone, b
Ned Rothenberg, reeds
Leo Smith, tp
Mark Whitecage, reeds
Yoharu [Yohura] Ralph Williams, perc

CD 1
1. Melancholia (Ellington)                    08:17
2. Two Pieces from Orch. Set No.3 (L.Smith)   24:44
3. Picric Wobble (Naughton)                   13:26

1. Concert Song No.3 (Abrams)                 19:13
2. Composition No.100 (Braxton)               11:22
3. Variations On A Duke Theme (Abrams)        07:38
4. Blue Rose (Hemingway) (incomplete)         08:49

Recorded at Hartford Jazz Society, [prob. Hartford, CT] on Dec.5, 1982

[ripped from a cassette]
all text found on the cassette and handwritten insert except [...] and no timings were given -
on CD2 tracking is a bit uncertain for track 4. Probably the last few seconds on the cassette/CD are the incomplete "Blue Rose".

1 July 2016

Audio Letter - It Is This It Is Not This (Neti-Neti) - 1988

Label: CNLF - CNLF-1
Format: Vinyl
Country: US
Released: 1988

Dennis Charles -  Drums, African Hand Drum, Indian Bells, Cymbals
Sue Ann Harkey - Prepared 12 String Guitar, Percussion, Train Whistle
Sharon Gannon - Words, Vocals, Violin Echo-plex, Tibetan Bells, Indian Ankle Bells
David Life - Sarengi, African Lyre, Steel Drums
Don Cherry - Pocket Trumpet, Doussn' Gouni, Berimbau, Flutes and Whistles

A1 - Paracelsus Paradigm    
A2 - Is This A Bridge Exactly?    
A3 - Gajananam    
B1 - Liberation From Samsara    
B2 - Neti-Neti    
B3 - Fading Green

Recorded on Mothers Day 1987 at Harold Dessau Studio, NYC.
Direct Metal Mastering at Europadisc NYC Hannukah 1987.

About Audio Letter:
The Past... In 1979, long before Seattle was known for Cobain and Cornell, vocalist/violinist Sharon Gannon and guitarist Sue Ann Harkey formed, as Gannon describes it, "a stream-of-consciousness experiment" which they dubbed Audio Letter. Although other musicians would drift in and out of their orbit, the duo remained a constant as their experimental nature allowed Gannon to incorporate her interests in alchemy, meditation, and Eastern philosophy into their work.

Relocating to New York in 1983, Gannon and Harkey became fixtures in the downtown experimental and world music scene, finding fellow musicians such as John Zorn, Fred Firth and Ikue More to be kindred spirits. Audio Letter's wholly improvised gigs in East Village venues like Life Cafe and 8BC attracted a growing number of fans including legendary jazz trumpeter Don Cherry, drummer Denis Charles, and artist/musician David Life. Collaborations with Cherry, Charles, and Life resulted in It Is This, It Is Not This, Audio Letter's first album, released in 1987.

The album garnered enthusiastic critical acclaim in the underground music world exemplified by future Rolling Stone critic Ann Powers who, then writing for The Rocket, described it as a "philosophical and musical stew different than any other aural communication in Seattle." However, the world had not yet awakened from the Reagan years and Audio Letter disbanded in 1988. Gannon and Harkey simply waited for the times to catch up to them

22 June 2016

Narada Burton Greene - European Heritage - 1978 (circle)

Narada Burton Greene -  Acoustic Piano, Prepared Piano, Bell, Wooden Flute, Misc. Percussion

A1 - Renaissance Variations I. Languan Lijornson     6:20    
A2 - Variations on Roumanian Folk         14:55    
B1 - March Sun                 9:00    
B2 - Museums                 5:54    
B3 - Renaissance Variations II. Kalenda Maya         5:32    

Recorded live in De Koepelkerk, Purmerend, Holland, November 12, 1978

Circle Records, RK 121178/18
Vinyl, 1978

11 June 2016


PAUL DUNMALL - tenor saxophone
TONY LEVIN - drums

1. 28:05
2.  7:38

Barbican Foyer, London.  8th May 1995  afternoon

May Bank Holiday in 1995 was moved to the second Monday to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the end of WWII.  So that's why it felt like a Sunday.  It was a mini jazz fest, I think, in the foyer of the Barbican.  Mujician were just one of several bands playing.  So there were loads of people who'd come out, sitting on the floor, kids running round.  I managed to hunker down near the piano and got this amazing cassette recording.  Enjoy.

6 June 2016


PAUL DUNMALL - tenor saxophone
TONY LEVIN - drums

1. 44:22

The Custard Factory, Birmingham. 5th May 1995

I love Keith Tippett's less-is-more feature.

31 May 2016

A tribute to Derek Bailey. Jazz on 3. 2006

A tribute to Derek Bailey

1. An overview of the music of guitarist Derek Bailey.
With commentary by Tony Oxley, Gavin Bryars, Evan Parker, Pat Metheny and Alex Ward.  47:26

2. Music Improvisation Company  10:32

3. Interview  4:24

4. Derek Bailey and Susie Ibarra  16:52

5. Derek Bailey and Alex Ward  7:18

Presented by Jez Nelson.  Jazz on 3.  BBC Radio 3.  Broadcast 20th January 2006


Scroll down to the seventh comment for links.  Thanks.

28 May 2016


Ornette Coleman, alto saxophone
Dewey Redman, tenor saxophone
Don Cherry, trumpet
Charlie Haden, bass
Ed Blackwell, drums
Emmanuel Ghent, electronic devices (A)

A. Man On The Moon (Dr. Emanuel Ghent & O. Coleman) 3:06
B. Growing Up  (O. Coleman) 2:17

Recorded in NYC, July, 1969.

Stateside – 2C 006-90.643 M (France)

(vinyl rip)

For further reading:

27 May 2016

John Zorn & Pierre Boulez ~ String Quartets ~ Jack Quartet ~ Cernier; 24th August 2015

I wasn't familiar with John Zorn's string quartets before listening to this recording, but on the strength of this, I'll be looking for more. The Remedy of Fortune is the strongest piece, and contains multiple quotes from other quartets I know and play, including the Beethoven's Grosse Fuge.

This concert also includes performances of both the early and late versions of Boulez's Livre pour Quatuor; beautiful serial works that condense an entire narrative into small gestures.

John Zorn: The Alchemist
Pierre Boulez: Livre pour quatuor (1948/49)
Pierre Boulez: Livre pour quatuor (2011/12)
John Zorn: The Remedy of Fortune

Jack Quartet
Christopher Otto, violin
Ari Streisfeld, violin
John Pickford Richards, viola
Kevin McFarland, cello

Cernier, Switzerland; 24th August 2015

22 May 2016

Robert Landfermann Quartet ~ Münster, 29th January 2016

01 - Black is the colour / Iktsuarpok / Katarrh
02 - radio / commentary
03 - Chrach
04 - radio / commentary
05 - Night will fall (parts 1 and 3)

Robert Landfermann Quartet
Chris Speed – ts, cl
Achim Kaufmann – p
Robert Landfermann – b
Jim Black – dr

Theater, Münster, Germany; 29th January 2016

16 May 2016

SAALFELDEN JAZZ FESTIVAL FIRE! ORCHESTRA Registrato al Congress Centre, Saalfelden, il 30.08.2015 mp2

 Mats Gustafsson sax tenore
Johan Berthling basso elettrico
Mariam Wallentin voce
Sofia Wernberg voce
Anna Högberg sax alto
Mette Rasmussen sax alto
Lotte Anker sax alto e tenore
Jonas Kullhammar sax basso
Goran Kajfes cornetta
Niklas Barnö tromba
Mats Äleklint trombone
Per-Ake Holmlander tuba
Andreas Berthling elettronica
Finn Loxbo chitarra
Julien Desprez chitarra
Martin Hederos tastiere
Mads Forsby batteria
Andreas Werliin batteria

13 May 2016


Irene Schweizer - piano
Henry Lowther - trumpet
Jon Corbett - trumpet
Marc Charig - trumpet
Alan Tomlinson - trombone
Conrad Bauer - trombone
Radu Malfatti - trombone
Steve Wick - tuba
Trevor Watts - reeds
Evan Parker - reeds
Pete McPhail - reeds
Simon Picard - reeds
Paul Dunmall - reeds
Phil Wachsmann - violin
Barre Phillips - bass
Barry Guy - bass, composer
Paul Lytton - drums

1. Theoria  (Guy)  55:00

Written for Irene Schweizer's birthday

Recorded 22nd March, 1991.   Shaw Theatre, London, UK.

12 May 2016

Horațiu Rădulescu ~~ String quartet no. 4 ~~ Asasello Quartet; Cologne, 3rd May 2016

Rădulescu's fourth quartet is one of the more radical spectral pieces; it's for nine string quartets, one of which plays live, with the remaining quartets played back from recordings from different locations in the hall. The idea is to explore the harmonic spectrum, and to allow the audience to experience new spectra as the sounds criss-cross, interact and interfere.

The extent to which this is achieved is debatable, but a performance is undoubtedly an enthralling experience. A recording can only hint at this, but here is a recording from Colognes' Acht Brücken festival by the Asasello Quartet, from earlier this month.

Horațiu Rădulescu:

infinite to be cannot be infinite, infinite anti-be could be infinite (infinit a fi nu poate fi infinit) op. 33 (1976; rev. 1987) - fourth string quartet for nine string quartets

Asasello Quartet
Trinitatiskirche, Cologne; 3rd May 2016


Kenny Wheeler, trumpet
Bob Norden, trombone
Chris Pyne, trombone
Ray Warleigh, alto saxophone
Trevor Watts, alto & soprano saxophone
Brian Smith, tenor & soprano saxophone
Mike Pyne, piano
Marcio Mattos, bass (right channel)
Ron Mathewson, bass (left channel)
John Stevens, drums

Side A (24:44)

A1.     Part One: Expectancy    
A2.     Part Two: Birth    
A3.     Part Three: Thanksgiving    
A4.     Part Four: Time Goes On (Version A)

Side B (25:34)

B1.     Part Four: Time Goes On (Version B)    
B2.     Part Four: Time Goes On (Version C)    
B3.     Part Five: You Know

Recorded on 18th November 1970

TANGENT TNGS 107 (vinyl rip)

11 May 2016


Henry Lowther - trumpet
Jon Corbett - trumpet
Marc Charig - trumpet
Alan Tomlinson - trombone
Conrad Bauer - trombone
Radu Malfatti - trombone
Steve Wick - tuba
Trevor Watts - reeds
Evan Parker - reeds
Pete McPhail - reeds
Simon Picard - reeds
Paul Dunmall - reeds
Phil Wachsmann - violin
Howard Riley - piano
Barre Phillips - bass
Barry Guy - bass, composer
Paul Lytton - drums

1. Harmos  (Guy)  46:45

Recorded 22nd March, 1991 at Shaw Theatre, London, UK.

10 May 2016


Henry Lowther - trumpet
Jon Corbett - trumpet
Marc Charig - trumpet
Alan Tomlinson - trombone
Conrad Bauer - trombone
Radu Malfatti - trombone
Steve Wick - tuba
Trevor Watts - reeds
Evan Parker - reeds
Pete McPhail - reeds
Simon Picard - reeds
Paul Dunmall - reeds
Phil Wachsmann - violin
Howard Riley - piano
Barre Phillips - bass
Barry Guy - bass
Paul Lytton - drums

1. Double Trouble (Guy)  55:04

21st March , 1991.  Shaw Theatre, London, UK.

6 May 2016


Johannes Bauer * July 22, 1954 - † May 6, 2016

4 May 2016


Here's a short recording by Theo Loevendie's Consort from Antibes previously offered in some comments or in the contributions section.

It was recorded the same year as the Blue Notes (in Antibes) after they left South Africa.
From both groups there was a french TV footage but apparently it has been deleted from youtube.
 Which may not have a whole lot to do with this recording but it seemed like a good place to start....

Theo Loevendie, alto saxophone, piano
Hans Dulfer, tenor saxophone
Joop Mastenbroek, baritone saxophone
Willem Van Manen, trombone
Nedly Elstak, trumpet, piano
Maarten Altena, bass
Johnny Engels, drums
Martin van Duynhoven, drums

1. Mr. Brook, part one  01:44
2. Mr. Brook, part two  07:00
3. Pepy                 05:38
4. Mandela!             08:11

Recorded on July 27, 1969, Antibes, Juan-les-Pins, 10th International Jazzfestival.

3 May 2016

TAMIA "SENZA TEMPO" (T Records, 1981)

Tamia, voice / vocals

1. Madrugada              4:49
2. Appels              2:33
3. Out Of Air             10:51
4. Lamento              1:16
5. Stray Wind              8:13
6. Dance              5:03
7. Chant Pour Une Étoile 3:05

This album has been recorded in october 1981 in Paris at the Studio Acousti by Alain Cluzeau.

The first version of "senza tempo" has been created in concert for the 1979 Autumn Festival in Paris.
This record has been realised exclusively with successive recordings of Tamia's voice on a 16-track tape recorder.
The voice has not been submitted to any technical effect.


29 April 2016

Michel Portal & Hamid Drake "Michel Portal Acoustic Tour" Ville de Savigné L' Evêque France 2012-April-05

Culturebox Live Webcast > Php/AdobeHDS > HDD > Flash Video

Format Flash Video
Overall bit rate: 2 249 Kbps

Format: AVC
Format profile: Main@L3.1
Bit rate: 2 127 Kbps
Width: 1152 pixels
Height: 648 pixels
Display aspect ratio: 16:9
Frame rate: 25.000 FPS
Scan type: Progressive

Format: AAC
Bit rate: 192 Kbps
Channel(s): 2
Sampling rate: 48.0 KHz

Michel Portal: sax, clarinet, bandoneon
Hamid Drake: drums, percussion

Improvisations (Michel Portal, Hamid Drake)
La Javanaise (Serge Gainsbourg)

Running Time: 0:53:54

28 April 2016

Heavenly Sweetness Festival Florian Pellissier Quintet (Jazz) + Cotonete + Special Guest JAZZLIVE mardi 5 avril 2016 mp2

Florian Pellissier en direct du New Morning
Un pied dans le New York du début des 60’s, l’autre résolument ancré
dans la scène jazz parisienne actuelle…Voilà pour l’esprit qui anime le Florian Pellissier Quintet, un groupe actif depuis 11 ans et qui présentera ce soir son troisième album, "Cap de Bonne Esperance"  au New Morning...Un concert à suivre en simultané dans Jazzlive

Pianiste hyper-actif qu'on retrouve avec des projets aussi variés que Setanta, Guts, Camarao ou Leron Thomas, Florian Pellissier revient avec le projet qui lui tient à cœur, son quintet de jazz.
Après le succès critique de son deuxième album « Biches bleues», Florian Pellissier a décidé d'enchainer rapidement avec un nouvel opus. L'équipe de haut vol n'a pas changé, mais le style s'est affirmé, et ce « cap de Bonne esperance » devrait un peu plus imposer Florian Pellissier sur la scène jazz française.
== Line up ==
Florian Pellissier (Piano), Yoni Zelnik (Contrebasse), David Georgelet (Batterie), Christophe Panzani (Saxophone), Yoann Loustalot (Trompette) 

Myra Melford "Snowy Egret" 23 marzo 2016 Locandina IL CARTELLONE JAZZ & WINE OF PEACE mp2

Myra Melford "Snowy Egret"
pianoforte, melodica Myra Melford
tromba Ron Miles
chitarra Liberty Ellman
basso acustico Stomu Takeishi
batteria Ted Poor

Registrato alla Cantina Renato Keber, Cormòns, il 25 ottobre 2015

27 April 2016


This wonderful document of unrecorded (as far as I know) quartet was shared on DIME by Owombat back in 2009, and later probably here in Contributions section, or maybe somewhere else. I did kind of remastering and spliced together original three parts of each set, as they were continuous performancces. It took four stages of equalization to make sound somehow balanced, although saxophone is still loudest instrument. Enjoy.

BROTZMANN, TiPPETT, MiLLER, KELLERS - Unterfahrt München, 1983-07-05

Set I  (41:12)
Set II  (32:35) 
Set III  (28:55)

Total concert 102:38

Peter Brötzmann - clarinet, tenor & baritone sax
Keith Tippett - piano & piano interior
Harry Miller - bass
Willi Kellers - drums & vibes

Audience recording

Darmstadt 28.11.15 Fred Frith – TA TA TA mp2

Im Rahmen von "cresc… – Biennale für Moderne Musik Frankfurt Rhein Main" inszeniert Fred Frith diese besondere Begegnung seines Ensembles mit ausgewählten Musikern der hr-Bigband.

Fred Frith, Gitarre, Electronics
Lotte Anker, Alt- und Tenorsaxofon
Susana Santos Silva, Trompete
Okkyung Lee, Cello
Christine Wodraszka, Piano
Heike Liss, Visual Arts
Oliver Leicht, Electric Clarinet
Steffen Weber, Tenor- und Sopransaxofon
Christian Jaksjö, Posaune
Martin Scales, Gitarre
Thomas Heidepriem, Bass
Jean Paul Höchstädter, Schlagzeug

26 April 2016

Art Ensemble of Chicago live at the North Sea Jazz Festival 1990

Here's one I keep coming back to regularly. Beautifully recorded by Dutch radio, this is an excerpt of their performance at the NSJF in Scheweningen in 1990. I went to see them in 1987 and I recall they were playing up on the roof of the main concert building in Scheweningen which is just outside The Hague. I'm not sure whether this is the first set or whether it is a cut and paste of their full performance. There is a longer audience tape of the full one, but of lower audio quality. So I'm sticking with this one instead, even if shorter.

We get to hear first the serene "Prayer for Jimbo Kwesi" which was out on "The Third Decade" album. Then follows an improvisational passage, featuring Roscoe Mitchell among other exciting happenings, and after that it segues into the stately "Song for Atala" which was on their "Dreaming of the Masters", showing that the AEC can play 'em as straight as anybody. The info file that came with this set lists more than what you actually get to hear here.

The line-up is the usual quintet which you can see above. So what else to say but enjoy the company of the masters! Just possibly my fave ensemble of all and anytime!

Jazz na Fábrica - Anthony Braxton Quartet & Roscoe Mitchell

I was in Brazil for a few weeks recently, and came across these two live recordings of the Anthony Braxton Quartet (from 2014) and Roscoe Mitchell solo (from 2013), from the Ao Vivo Jazz na Fabrica  festival in Sao Paulo.

They're both excellent, and show both musicians at the top of their game, so I can strongly recommend buying these. No rips here, obviously, but there are some samples on the SESC web page, here.

Hugues Dufourt ~ Apollon et les continents ~ Witten, 23rd April, 2016

From this year's Wittener Tage für neue Kammermusik, this is one of the more impressive pieces, inspired by the enormous fresco of 'Apollo and the Continents' in Würzburg by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo.

The first two pieces - Africa and Asia - show Dufourt's spectral background, and could be described as music for large spaces, or installations. The last two - Europe and America - are much more energetic and remind me at times of the large group pieces by Braxton - hence the post here. The recording from WDR3 is fine, although the announcer did decide to talk over the first few seconds of 'America'.

Hugues Dufourt 
Apollon et les continents, d'après Tiepolo für Ensemble
World premiere of the cycle

L’Afrique d’après Tiepolo (2004)
L’Asie d’après Tiepolo (2009)
L’Europe d’après Tiepolo(2011)
L’Amérique d’après Tiepolo (2016)

Jean-Pierre Couleau - piano
ensemble recherche 
Recorded at the Blote Vogel Schule, Witten; 23rd April 2016

24 April 2016

Dave Douglas Quintet beim Jazzfestival Leibnitz 2015 FLAC

Dave Douglas (trumpet), Jon Irabagon (tenor saxophone), Matt Mitchell (piano), Linda Oh (bass), Rudy Royston (drums)


There was too much junk on this broadcast so I converted the mp2 file to WAV, edited the files and converted to flac.
Enjoy, Bill

22 April 2016


John Surman, soprano & baritone saxophone
Fred Anderson, tenor saxophone
Dieter Glawischnig, piano
Ewald Oberleitner, bass
John Preininger, drums

1. Part 1 (45:46)
2. Part 2 (43:23)

Recorded at Schloss Freiberg, Gleisdorf, Austria on June 3, 1978.

20 April 2016


Erich Kleinschuster, trombone
Karl Drewo, soprano & tenor saxophone
Fritz Pauer, piano, electric piano
Harry Pepl, guitar
Heinz Jäger, bass guitar
Fritz Ozmec, drums, percussion

CD 1
01. Autumn Lady (Pauer)                   11:56
02. Autumn Air (Pauer)                    06:37
03. Brave Knight (Pauer)                  13:11
04. Peach Cup (Pauer)                     10:46
05. Maurische Anekdoten (Kleinschuster)   20:18

CD 2
06. Selbstgespräch (Kleinschuster)        10:49
07. Symphony for a Lady (Kleinschuster)   21:58
08. DEEG (Kleinschuster)                  15:10

Recorded by ORF @ Konzerthaus (Mozartsaal), Vienna (Austria), October 4, 1976.

ELTON DEAN QUiNTET - Live in Perugia 1980

I think this is a killer. Remastered from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68VZ2v8-tGk.

ELTON DEAN QUINTET - Live in Perugia, Moz Art, Gennaio 1980 

ELTON DEAN - alto sax, saxello
MARC CHARiG - cornet
KEiTH TiPPETT - piano
LOUiS MOHOLO - drums

01. Improvisation incl. ?   23:37

Good audience recording.

17 April 2016

FRED FRITH & TRIO LOST FREQUENCY Bellinzona, Teatro Sociale Sabato 16 aprile 2016 mp2


Fred Frith chitarre
Mina Fred viola e voce
Benjamin Brodbeck percussioni
Giancarlo Nicolai laudes e oggetti sonori
Una collaborazione Teatro Sociale Bellinzona - Associazione AMIT - RSI Rete Due
Nell’ambito di Fred Frith a Bellinzona, 16-17 aprile 2016
Diretta radiofonica su RSI Rete Due
Il 17 aprile, nella stessa sede (ore 17.00), concerto finale del workshop Fred Frith e l’Orchestra del Caso
Il compositore, improvvisatore e polistrumentista inglese Fred Frith è una delle più importanti personalità della musica improvvisata e del rock progressivo. Deve la sua celebrità alla rivoluzione che portò nel modo di suonare la chitarra elettrica a partire dal 1974 con i suoi soli. È stato autore e improvvisatore in diversi gruppi rock quali Henry Cow e facendo musica in studio di registrazione. Ha composto molti temi per spettacoli di danza e per film, e ha collaborato fra gli altri con Brian Eno, John Zorn, Ensemble Modern, Hieronymus Firebrain, Arditti Quartet, Robert Wyatt, Bang on a Can All Stars, Concerto Köln e Rova Sax Quartet.
Frith insegna improvvisazione libera al Mills College di Oakland, California e alla Musik Akademie di Basilea. A lui è dedicato il celebre documentario Step Across the Border di Nicolas Humbert e Werner Penzel. Dopo l’ultima apparizione in Ticino con il suo più recente gruppo rock, Cosa Brava, Fred Frith torna dalle nostre parti, a Bellinzona in particolare, per due diversi concerti al Teatro Sociale. Il primo sabato 16 aprile (ore 20.45) con il Trio Lost Frequency, nato nel 2013 alla Musik Akademie di Basilea, che propone una originale musica da camera contemporanea. Il giorno seguente invece suonerà con l’Orchestra del Caso, ensemble che nasce da un workshop in cui i partecipanti si familiarizzano con i segni grafici e gestuali utilizzati da Frith nella creazione del corpo sonoro.

15 April 2016


GORDON BECK - piano, el piano
STAN SULZMANN - tenor and soprano saxophones, flute
FRANK RICOTTI - vibes, percussion
RON MATHEWSON - bass, bass guitar
TONY LEVIN - drums, percussion

1. Nice One  19:43
2. Variations / 1st Version  9:07

3. Variations / 2nd Version  10:42
4. One, Two ,Three...Go!  18:36

Recorded live on Capital Radio, London  April 1974

Jaguar JS2  Cassette

14 April 2016


JOHN TAYLOR - piano, el piano
KENNY WHEELER - trumpet, flugelhorn
STAN SULZMANN - tenor and soprano saxophones, flute
CHRIS PYNE - trombone
TONY LEVIN - drums

1. Interfusion  8:31
2. Fragment  5:27
3. The other One /1  5:20
4. piano solos  6:29
    Happy Landing
    Easter Eve
5. The Other One /2  2:08

6. Room for Improvement  7:28
7. For Chris  16:42
8. Irene  4:47

Recorded live on Capital Radio, London.  January 1975

Jaguar JS4 Cassette

12 April 2016


Art Farmer, trumpet, flugelhorn
Erich Kleinschuster, trombone
Hans Salomon, soprano & tenor saxophone, bass clarinet
Boško Petrović, vibraphone
Fritz Pauer, piano, electric piano
Peter Marshall, bass
Erich Bachträgl, drums

01. Raindrops In Sunshine  4:23
02. Green Mood 6:02
03. With Pain I Was Born  6:37
04. Offertorium 3:59
05. Balkan Express 3: 56
06. Late Spring 2:45

Recorded at ORF Studios in Wien (Austria) on April 10, 1970.

11 April 2016


Robert Politzer, trumpet, fluegelhorn
Erich Kleinschuster, trombone
Hans Salomon, alto & tenor saxophone, bass clarinet
Harald Neuwirth, piano
unknown, guitar
Rudolf Hansen, bass
Erich Bachträgl, drums
Karin Krog, vocals

1. Hi-Fly (R.Weston)                              04:28
   Solos: Neuwirth, Politzer

2. Corcovado (A.C.Jobim)                      02:25
   Solos: Politzer/Kleinschuster/Salomon

3. Lazy Afternoon (J.LaTouche/J.Moross)      03:37
   Solo: Neuwirth

4. Mercy, Mercy (J. Zawinul)                      03:09
5. I've Got Your Number (C.Coleman/C.Leigh)      03:56
   Solos: Kleinschuster, Salomon (ts)

6. Sing Me Softly Of The Blues (C.Bley)      06:19
   Solos: Kleinschuster, Salomon (bcl)

7. Once Upon A Summertime (J.Mercer/M.Legrand/E.Marnay/E.Barclay)     05:01
   Solos: Politzer, Salomon (ts)

8. Please Send Me Someone To Love (P.Mayfield)  05:11
   Solo: Salomon (ts)

Recorded at the Austrophon Studio, Vienna in February 1968.


Tracks 1 - 12
Robert Politzer, trumpet
Erich Kleinschuster, trombone
Hans Salomon, tenor saxophone
Phil Woods, alto saxophone
George Gruntz, piano
Rudi Wilfer, piano
Rudolf Hansen, bass
Erich Bachträgl, drums
Klaus Schulz, announcement

01. Introduction                                    00:11
02. Weekend (P. Woods)                                    06:08
    Solos: Woods, Kleinschuster, Gruntz(?)

03. Introduction                                    00:48
04. Sweet Snoops (P. Woods-G. Gruntz)                  05:00
    Solos: Gruntz, Salomon, Politzer, Woods, Kleinschuster

05. Introduction                                    00:41
06. And When We Were Young (P.Woods)                  06:21
    Solos: Woods

07. Introduction                                       00:08
08. Samba du Bois (P. Woods)                            06:02
    Solos: Salomon, Woods, Kleinschuster, Gruntz

09. Introduction                                    00:49
10. The Perils of Poda (P. Woods)                    07:19
    Solos: Salomon, Politzer, Kleinschuster, Bachträgl

11. Introduction                                    00:42
12. Dance of the Dum-Dums (P. Woods)                    07:13
    Solos: Politzer, Woods, Kleinschuster, Salomon, Wilfer or Gruntz, Woode

Note: according the announcer only Gruntz plays piano on "When We're Young".

Tracks 13 - 23
Robert Politzer, trumpet
Erich Kleinschuster, trombone
Hans Salomon, tenor saxophone
Phil Woods, alto saxophone
Fritz Pauer, piano
Jimmy Woode, bass
Erich Bachträgl, drums
Klaus Schulz, announcement

13. Radio Intro "Jazz Profile"                            00:28
14. Introduction                                    00:20
15. Black Cherry Fritters (P. Woods)                    06:45
    Solos: Kleinschuster, Politzer, Salomon, Pauer, Woods

16. Introduction                                    00:14
17. Guess What? (P. Woods)                            05:28
    Solos: Woods, Kleinschuster, Pauer

18. Introduction                                    00:10
19. Gentle Eyes (F. Pauer)                            06:51
    Solo: Woods

20. Introduction                                    00:11
21. Philanthropy (H. Salomon)                            04:09
    Solos: Salomon, Kleinschuster

22. Introduction                                    00:11
23. For My Friends (R. Politzer)                    05:52
    Solos: Salomon, Woods

24. Introduction                                    00:14
25. Riot (H. Hancock) (inc. [fade out])            01:39
    Solo: Salomon

Recorded May 2, 1969 at Austrophon Studio, Vienna (for which session?).

1 April 2016

TRIO RAPHIPHI "trio Raphiphi" (ITM, 1990)

Radu Malfatti, trombone
Phil Minton, voice
Phil Wachsmann, violin & electronics

01. oh, music  31:09
02. too / well - done  44:50

Recorded on March 24, 1990 at Loft, Köln, Germany

ITM 1465 (CD)

31 March 2016

Charles Mingus Sextet in Oslo 1964

The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) is in the process of digitising its huge archive of programmes dating back several decades. Among the items to be uncovered is this gem which should be of huge interest to jazz enthusiasts.

It is the Charles Mingus Sextet recorded at the University hall at the University of Oslo on 12 April 1964. A very classic Mingus line-up on this date:

Charles MINGUS, bass,
Eric DOLPHY, alto sax,
Clifford JORDAN, tenor sax,
Johnny COLES, trumpet,
Jaki BYARD, piano
Dannie RICHMOND, drums

The tunes:

1. Goodbye, Eric Dolphy, hurry back
2. Orange was the Colour of her Dress, then Blue Silk
3. Ow/Parkeriana
4. Take the A train

Altogether close to one hour of music and it is a particular delight to see Eric Dolphy in action!

More items to come from this archive as I find them!

27 March 2016


JIM DVORAK - trumpets


PAUL DUNMALL - saxophones

PAT THOMAS - piano

STEVE DONE - guitar

TIM WELLS - bass


Set 1
1. 17:25
2. 47:14

Set 2
1. 35:28

Duke of Wellington, Dalston, London.  26th January 1990

Happy Easter Bernd

23 March 2016

Nickelsdorfer Konfrontationen 2015 Duo Paul Lovens/ DJ Illvibe und Globe Unity Orchestra Bells & Builders mp2

Solist/Solistin: Paul Lovens /Schlagzeug
Solist/Solistin: DJ Illvibe /Turntables
Länge: 17:05 min


21 March 2016


Dusko Goykovich, trumpet
Robert Politzer, trumpet
Erich Kleinschuster, trombone
Hans Salomon, tenor saxophone, bass clarinet
Fritz Pauer, piano, e-piano
Jimmy Woode, bass
Erich Bachträgl, drums
Fritz Ozmec, percussion

1. Formel (E. Kleinschuster)     7:27
2. A Dream Realized (E. Kleinschuster)     5:30
3. Hang My Tears to Dry (E. Kleinschuster)     4:43
4. Bossa for Pavel (D. Gojkovic)     3:24
5. Moustache (D. Gojkovic)     4:14
6. Rhythm Rocket (D. Gojkovic)     2:36

Recorded on December 2, 1969 at the Austrophon Studio, Vienna.


Dusko Goykovich, trumpet, fluegelhorn
Robert Politzer, trumpet
Erich Kleinschuster, trombone
Hans Salomon, soprano & tenor saxophone, bass clarinet
Fritz Pauer, piano, electric piano
Jimmy Woode, bass
Erich Bachträgl, drums

1. It's About Time (E. Kleinschuster)       5:47
2. Sega se Karame (E. Kleinschuster)       7:28
3. Night in Skopje (D. Gojkovic)       5:20
4. Tell It Like It Is (F. Pauer)       5:29
5. Old Fisherman's Daughter (D. Gojkovic) 5:48
6. Madison Walk (E. Kleinschuster)       4:36

Recorded on January 15, 1970  at the Austrophon Studio, Vienna.