12 September 2014


A short recording by Takashi Kazamaki and Danny Davis from Sun Ra's Arkestra.
Raw and refined at the same time.

Danny Davis, altosaxophone, flute

Takashi Kazamaki, percussion

1. (Untitled)  19:11
2. (Untitled)  14:43

Recorded live at the Strange Fruit in Hadano, Japan on May 18, 1985

FOOL-003  (lp rip)


onxidlib said...
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Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing this brief but rare duo!

Takashi Kazamaki has a homepage here.

Kazamaki @ other blogs:

Zipangu posted on his Downtown Music blog "143 Ludlow St. NYC" (Dossier, 1988), feat. Samm Bennett + Zeena Parkins. On his japanese blog Big in Japan he posted "Moving" (Konnex, 1996), a recording of Kazamaki with Kalle Laar and guests Kazutoki Umezu and Samm Bennett. From the Kazamaki-Laar duo with guests I posted the earlier "Return to Street Level" (Ear-Rational, 1990), feat. as guest Elliot Sharp, Christian Marclay, Tom Cora, Nick Didkovsky and Paul Hoskin.

drhotte said...

To onxidlib,

many thanks for this rarity.

But you only need zo enlarge the discogs picture two times and you'll get a good cover.


hulaboy said...

Mahalo nui loa! I've always wanted to hear more of Danny Davis.

onxidlib said...


thank you for the information and links.


thanks for the tip - I'm not only new to IC but also to "photoshop" or blogging at all.

wightdj said...

Interesting, thanks.

Hookfinger said...

This stuff is really cool. Thanks for stirring up my brain cells.

Anonymous said...

Been wanting to hear this album! incredible! thanks :)

bruce kaplan said...

Danny Davis in duet with Marshall Allen was one of the highlights of live Arkestra performances from the 1970s. I heard the duet of DD and Kazamaki in a gallery in NYC in the mid-eighties. My recollection is of Kazamaki playing a single drum-- little drummer boy style-- hung from his shoulder. I really look forward to this!

onxidlib said...

This was one of my first posts in October 2010 - due for a re-up.

bventure said...

Couldn't agree more, t very much for the re-up.

ooftü said...

Such a classic. Thanks again for uploading this piece. I was lucky to find a minty copy last year!

Solardepresszo said...

Is anybody paying attention to the chilling shut-down by intimidation of "Adventure-Equation"? Not just the links but all that great information? To paraphrase Mingus,"what u gonna do when they come for u?"
Get rid of the flag/the politics/and give the site a bit of a make-over/ back to basics!
Revitalize the free-form section-the clown would post this there but no-one would read it there!
Soon we will be back to posting cassettes in the mail to each other, and maybe better off because of it!

Anonymous said...

I don't see a link??? Please and thank you.

kinabalu said...

Click on 1f in Onxidlib's comment dated 11 September 2014

-Otto- said...

Thanks for the re-up, onxidlib!

I dunno what to say to Solardepresszo. I agree that it is a real pity that Adventure-Equation shut down, but, assuming the e-mail is from a legit source, representing the affairs of the Sun Ra heirs, I think I cannot really argue all too much with it. The lawyer even expressed no objection to keeping the information there, just not the links. I think you gotta respect that.

Then, the call to "back to the basics" ... I don't see any indoctrination here or any fanciful "non-basics".

And thirdly, I don't know if it is all too helpful to call someone a clown that nobody would read. I don't find that comment sincere or well thought through. Not at all.

As I understand ics, this is a place to find material that is oop, and if something becomes available again, the links are removed. That's a reasonable way of dealing with the musicians' material, their rights, and the interest in these recordings by the readers of this blog.

sincere ol' clown-zo said...

sorry i called myself a clown.oops!

kinabalu said...

I wasn't aware of this Sun Ra blog, but having had a look at it, I'm more than sure that the demand to remove links to downloads is genuine. I agree with otto that the demand is only to remove links, not to scrap the entire blog.

My advice is to keep the posts, but substitute the links to downloads with links to sites where these items can be purchased or ordered (as we have done several times here), if indeed they are in print at this time.

We have posted several Sun Ra items in the past, but these were mostly bootleg recordings of concerts with the exception of a release on the Horo label which at the time of posting was definitely out of print. Noe there appears to be a cd reissue, so we are obviously not going to update the links, which have expired anyway.

Another thing I wasn't aware of was that Irwin Chusid has become the curator of the Sun Ra estate. He's not a lawyer, but a radio presenter at WFMU, based in Jersey City, and also something of a preservationist of the weird and (not so) wonderful.

Michael Anderson who is in charge of the Sun Ra archives is also a presenter at WFMU, known as the "Good Doctor", though on a more irregular basis and he was also a member of the Arkestra back in the day.

As for the Bozo's suggestion to go back to exchanging cassettes, I do have a couple of cassettes put together by Mr. Chusid. We could start there ...

Finally, I'm not so sure why these comments belong here.

Marshall in Charge-zo! said...

Clowns like to make people laugh, not upset them, so sorry to bring up an uncomfortable issue. Firstly, why couldn't AE have been asked quietly w/o being
strong-armed into deletions? {maybe they were, and i'm digging in deeper!]Yotte certainly decided to step back heavily and quickly...
The conservatives and others want to make it easier for rich people to pass on their wealth with less or no tax ramifications, but liberals generally oppose this. But in music people with very little involvement in the artist's life or philosophy can sometimes wind up controlling the musical legacies, soon forever!, of great, timeless artists. This seems very interesting to me, that's all...Meet the new boss, same as the old one?
Hopefully these guys are great, wise people- we all hope they are. But the RA legacy seems to have too many generals coming and going to the battle, with the seasoned veterans left out in the cold...
The time and effort spent chasing down relatively CHUMP change in this field, instead of enthusiastically trying to spread the message to a much larger base of potential fans stikes me as ridiculous.
It may be sacriligous; a word i can't even spell, but I'm sick of hearing about artist's rights, and never a word about the FAN's "Rights" to enjoy music fairly,too. I buy every album I possibly can, all the time, and certainly feel i have the right to speak up once in awhile when i feel something is out of wack! I got mad to seee such an enthusiastic site fold, is all.

coming and going

Solomon said...

Thank you!

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...


rev.b said...

Thank you for this reup Ernst. I don’t know about Takashi, but I imagine Danny Davis’ had few recordings published under his name , so this is certainly a rarity in many ways. I concur with Bruce, Marshall and Danny certainly made lots of jaws drop when they’d launch one of their wild duets in the Arkestra’s live shows. As with Solardepresszo, I was pretty devastated by Irwin Cusid’s “new sheriff in town” attitude in pushing the Adv.Eq. off the music blog map. John’s (yotte’s) efforts had nothing to do with exploitation or money. It was all deep abiding love for Sun Ra’s work. That said, with young children to take care of and increased work responsibilities, I think he was ready to resign from the time requirements of blog maintenance. A lot of the information is still accessible. A few of the links still work as well.


rev.b said...

BTW, it bears noting that during his time on this planet, Sonny’s family basically disowned and ostracized him. From spending time visiting with him, I think the feeling was mutual. I also remember Ra being less than happy with “Dr.” Anderson’s maintenance of his library, complaining more than once about sheet music and recordings being is a state of disarray. I appreciate Mr. Cusid’s intentions, but in reality, I believe any proceeds from the sale of Sun Ra’s music should go the the people who devoted their lives and careers to his vision and music; the members of the Arkestra. After the original members have left us, the proceeds should go to the young players who are continuing this legacy. These are the people who need and I believe rightly deserve that support. You can find them here: http://www.sunraarkestra.com I don’t think they get much of anything the family’s lawyer on an ongoing basis. I’m more than happy to be corrected if I’m mistaken.