12 September 2014



Kenny Wheeler - trumpet
Hugh Fraser - conductor
Norma Winstone - voice
Gwilym Simcock - piano
John Parricelli - guitar
Dave Holland - double bass
Martin France - drums
Lee Konitz - alto saxophone
Evan Parker - tenor saxophone
Julian Arguelles - saxophones
Duncan Lamont - saxophone
Stan Sulzmann - saxophone
Ray Warleigh - saxophone
John Barclay - trumpet
Ian Hamer - trumpet
Henry Lowther - trumpet
Derek Watkins - trumpet
Gordon Campbell - trombone
Barnaby Dickinson - trombone
Richard Henry - trombone
Mark Nightingale - trombone

1. Marked Time  17:25
2. How Deep Is The Ocean (+ ann.)  14:07
3. Long Suite 2005 (+ outro) 42:16

Recorded at Queen Elizabeth Hall, 14th January 2005
BBC Jazz on 3 broadcast

Again...Please donate to help the great Kenny Wheeler at his time of need.

Through PayPal to friendsofkennywheeler@gmail.com 

This from the Ottawa Citizen.


Andy said...


wightdj said...

Thanks. Peace to Kenny, I hope the donation site is for real. PayPal doesn't like any spaces in the donation address.

Andy said...

Thanks wight. Yes I'd erroneously introduced a space, now gone. Your comment is valid. I have voiced my concerns to Evan Parker who passed them on to Mark Wheeler. I said how it would be comforting to receive a confirmation of payment. I'm sure this could be set up through PayPal (has it yet?). If there was a dedicated web page with a donate button it would be an improvement. I get the feeling that the technology is a bit beyond Mark and I've suggested he finds someone who could help.
Rest assured though that this is for real. Thanks.

onxidlib said...

I have donated yesterday - but paypal says it hasn't been booked yet!!

matt w said...

Paypal is rejecting my credit card for some reason; I hope Mark is able to find some help in setting up another way to receive payment. If not, are there any purchases (e.g. bandcamp) that would go directly to Kenny?

Andy said...

My mistake: I discover that I DID receive a 'You have sent a payment to Mark Wheeler' email from Paypal. This makes me feel more comfortable. Onx - has your payment shown up yet?

onxidlib said...

Hi Andy - no, it's still not booked.
BTW - Probably I will not be able to answer mails or here as my pc has severe problems to launch windows.
Maybe I will be offline for some days...

Tantris said...

Listening to Deer Wan now; delighted to make a donation.