15 November 2010

Harry Beckett on BBC Jazz Club

Here's the final batch of this Harry Beckett mini series. These are three different sessions done for the BBC's Jazz Club, the oldest from 1975 and the newest from 1982.

The first session was with Joy Unlimited and featuring a line-up which nearly matches that of the 1975 album we posted here earlier.

(1) Harry Beckett's Joy Unlimited

BBC Jazz Club session

Broadcast 27 July 1975

Harry Beckett (tp, flgl horn)
Brian Miller (el p)
Ray Russell (g)
Steve Cook (bg)
John Webb (dr)
Robin Jones (perc)

1. Green Stripes on Red 07:08
2. announcer 00:42
3. Not for Tomorrow, for to Now 10:07
4. announcer 00:30
5. Rings within Rings 7:59

The only difference is that Steve Cook is on bass guitar for this session, while Daryl Runswick takes care of bass duties on the "Memories" lp. Another nice difference is that none of the three selections here is on the actual lp, giving us three bonus pieces, which can't be bad, eh? The music is delightful, as expected, in the fusionist latinist mode of the two Joy Unlimited albums posted here before. Ample room for Beckett and Russell soloing on these pieces.

The next session is from sometime in 1981/82 with a fully different lineup:

(2) Harry Beckett Quintet

BBC Jazz Club session

1981 / 1982(?)

Harry Beckett (tp, flgl horn)
Elton Dean (as, saxello)
Martin Blackwell (p, el p)
Paul Rogers (b)
Tony Marsh (d)

1. Images of Clarity 07:53
2. announcer 00:52
3. Pictures of You 08:25
4. announcer 00:20
5. Time of Day 07:51

No clear indications of the date, though there is a brief mention of "last time" in the presentation which might be taken to mean that the quintet has guested on Jazz Club before. Highlights here; some very vital bass work from up-and-coming bass maestro Paul Rogers; a ballad solo from Elton Dean on the saxello (not quite what one might expect from that quarter).

(3) Harry Beckett Quintet

BBC Jazz Club session

Broadcast 14 Feb 1982

Harry Beckett (tp, flgl horn)
Elton Dean (saxello, as)
Michael Garrick (el p, p)
Paul Rogers (b)
Tony Marsh (d)

1. Symbols 09:12
2. announcer 00:58
3. Chandeliers and Mirrors 13:18
4. announcer 00:35
5. Chase me no more 07:15

Almost the same lineup here, except Michael Garrick has stepped in for Mr. Blackwell, not a bad substitute by any stretch. Highlights here; a Dean right-in-your-face outburst right at the beginning which sounds more like the venerable Peter Brötzmann than Mr. Dean himself; dramatic piano on the middle, slow, tune from Garrick (the second piece is always a slow one on these three sessions).

Astounding good sound quality on these sessions; only a little FM static in the background. I've no idea whether these sessions have been preserved in the BBC archives or whether the tapes have been wiped or deleted or whatever has happened. In any case, kudos to the preservationist ethos of whoever recorded this and whoever made it more widely available through the Dime network. I'm merely passing it on to the open domain, which is where it should be.

All three sessions hosted by legendary BBC jazz presenter Peter Clayton who, alas, is no longer with us.


kinabalu said...
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joesh said...

What's the Dime network?


kinabalu said...

"Dime a dozen" is a web site for exchange of bit torrent files. It specalises in so-called ROIOs, recordings of indeterminate origin, basically concert recordings and other sources (radio, tv) never commercially published or released. It's a member-only service so one has to register first.

john said...

thanks for these; British jazz from this era is not as well documented as it might be on cd, and obviously some of these groups never made studio recordings together anyway. Can't get too much Elton Dean in particular.

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All this Harry Beckett is great and maybe you can help me. I have a disc Harry Beckett and Courtney Pine Live Volume 2 with Chris McGregor, Fred TH Baker, Clifford Jarvis recorded in 87 in Stuttgart. Can share here if anyone is interested and wonder if anyone has vol 1?

kinabalu said...

Yes, I would certainly be interested. To be honest, I haven't heard of neither.

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Thanks so much for re-upping looking forward to hearing these.

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