13 August 2009

Michel Portal in Kleve 1978

Continuing with the Portal series, we're now up to 1978 and a concert in Kleve in Germany. A different line-up from the earlier Portal Unit postings here:


8-May 1978
Stadthalle (WDR Jazzmeeting), Kleve, Germany
source/line-age: FM > ? > CDR (trade) > Flac (level 6) > Dime

Michel Portal: cl,sax,bandoneon,voc
Dieter Feichtner: synth
Barre Phillips: b
Pierre Favre: dr,perc

1. unidentified title 28:23
2. unidentified title 14:24
3. radio announcement 00:24

Scholleck notes that "this recording doesn't include the complete concert (but likely the complete broadcast); it is usually circulating like this, but I've seen listed a longer version (actually with 8-May 1979 as date!!)

The setlist of that version:

1. Volcan (MP,comp) 30:18 (likely track 1 in this seed)
2. Journal Violone (BP,comp) 24:50
3. Bauernfreund (DF,comp) 15:23"

The second track in the posted set here may be "Bauernfreund" which sounds quite different from the first track - not unlike a type of electronically enhanced folk music from an unspecified location - shades of the Balkans and North Africa in there - something Terry Riley might have concocted. The first track is typical Portal - more to the fore here than in earlier Unit postings with Phillips laying down a steady rhythmic backbone for Portal improv. The second track from the alternative setlist seems to be missing - a Phillips composition which wound up up on a solo bass record of the same name. And no Portal is complete without him whipping out the bandoneon - right there at the end of the last track.

Still more Portal to come (and some Francois Tusques as well)


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thank you very much for sharing this show,MP is one artist on the top of my list to see live if I ever get a chance,thanks again for sharing this

James Manion said...

kinabalu,I just downloaded this and both files appear to have the same 3 trks. I was informed that file 1 was a damaged archive although it showed up in archiver with prt2. Do I only need to convert part 2 to be complete or convert both and see where they fall? Sorry to bother you.

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kinabalu, Never mind were good.

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Can this re-up? Thanks.