31 August 2011

Eliane Radigue - Adnos I - III

Here is a spectacular item from the late and lamented Table of the Elements record label. It is getting increasingly hard to come by and hence more and more expensive, unfortunately. There are some rips of Adnos floating around on the web, but as far as I have seen, only in the mp3 format. I believe that a lossy format does this record a great disservice because the sonic richness of these three pieces really needs to be heard across the entire frequency range. I was able to locate it on a torrent site and in flac, so even if the files are much larger, I believe it's worth the extra time it takes to download them.

What to say about these three pieces? They are drone-based with obvious references to the US minimalist scene in the 60s and later around figures like La Monte Young, but to these ears, they never become monotonous. There are subtle changes going on all the time throughout these 70 minutes pieces, but it takes an attentive ear attuned to the nature of slowness to fully discover them. As such, they are meditative and in a certain way buddhist in design and execution. Radigue later got immersed in Mahayana Buddhism and these pieces provide an explanation.

Radigue likens her music metaphorically to the movement of water, to the changes of sound waves whereby the ear filters, selects and emphasizes some areas of hearing or by by looking at shimmering water, always in motion, yet remaining the same.

These are better heard on a good stereo than on an computer or a portable listening device. The acoustic ambience of the room within which these pieces are heard is part of the performance, and you may find that sound generates sound, set off by the vibrations of sound waves.


To move stones around in the bed of a river does not affect its course, but can only change the play of the waves on the surface.

John Tchicai Group Montmartre, Copenhagen May 29, 1981 FM

John Tchicai - as, fl, perc
Peter Oye - g, perc
Hugo Rasmusen - b
?? Trangaard - dr


Fred Frith/Christian Marclay The Kitchen NYC February 12 1987 AUD

From DIME, original notes. Thanks to the original uploader.

Aud>Sony Stereo Condenser>Marantz PMD340>cass(1 generation)>Peak>Waves L1>Xact>flac
Fred Frith- Guitars on the table, violin, voice, percussion etc
Christian Marclay - Turntables
You want noise, you got it here ;-)
Other than some minor mic knocking this is a very good document of a rare meeting between these two master improvisors

30 August 2011



Joachim Kühn, piano, alto saxophone
Peter Warren, bass, cello
Daniel Humair, drums, percussion
Gerd Dudek, tenor & soprano saxophone, flute

LP 1

01. Brother Rolf 01:55
02. Byg Bridge 06:03
03. Amok 05:59
04. She's A Beauty 04:42
05. Spaced In 04:24
06. Body And Soul 05:20
07. Phallic Danse 06:09
08. Juxtaposition 03:55
09. All The Things You Are 03:55
10. Paris '72 01:00

LP 2

01. This Way Out 05:02
02. Do Dat Dudek 05:31
03. Sound Color One 02:05
04. Sound Color Two 01:17
05. Other Way Out 03:51
06. Unison Union 20:13

Recorded January 1973 at MPS-Studio in Villingen, Germany.
Gerd Dudek plays only on LP 2.

MPS 29 21752-3

(lp rip)


Brotherhood of Breath live at Siegendorff 1975

This is a one-hour excerpt from a BoB concert in Siegendorff in Austria on 11 July 1975. The final track in this set is unfortunately faded out before the end and I've no idea whether there were more tunes, but I have a hunch there might have been.

The line-up is not entirely certain, but quite possibly similar to the BoB line-up at the Willisau concert the same year. I've added Harry Beckett as he was playing on both 1975 gigs featured on the "Bremen to Bridgwater" cd released by Cuneiform, so there is a likelihood that he is on this gig as well though one cannot be entirely sure (unless one can pick him out from the audio). New to BoB is Bruce Grant on baritone sax, stepping in for John Surman, one might say. He also appeared on the "French" version of BoB on "Yes Please" which we have posted here earlier.

There was no set list given when this was posted on the Dime network, so I've had to reconstruct the list by listening to the tunes and crosschecking with other BoB albums. Interestingly, many of the tunes here were never released in a studio version, might not even have been recorded, but were regulars in the BoB live repertoire. From what I've been able to find out, these are the tunes:

01. warming up + Ismite is Might (Chris McGregor) (16:10)
02. The Serpent's Kindly Eye (Chris McGregor) (10:48)
03. Untitled original (Mike Osborne) (8:10)
04. Tunji's Song (Tunji Oyelana) (6:18)
05. Mra (Dudu Pukwana) (12:24)
06. Kongi's Theme (Chris McGregor) (cut off) (4:55)

The third tune was never given a title, but according to information from the "Bremen to Bridgwater" double cd, was written by Mike Osborne and appears as the final track on cd1, recorded at Bridgwater earlier that year. Nice to hear the anthem-like "Ismite is Might", appearing at roughly at the 11-minute mark on the first track here, after a false start of "Mra".


Chris McGregor - piano
Dudu Pukwana - reeds
Mike Osborne - reeds
Evan Parker - reeds
Elton Dean - reeds
Bruce Grant - reeds
Mongezi Feza - trumpet
Marc Charig - trumpet
Harry Beckett - trumpet
Nick Evans - trombone
Radu Malfatti - trombone
Harry Miller - bass
Louis Moholo - drums

This is an audience recording. The sound is fairly good, and the BoB is at their shambolic best, as always.

29 August 2011

Steve Lacy Quintet - Live in Cremona '78

A concert of surreal beauty (like much music by Lacy) with a wonderful
(and very long) version of "Existence" from the Tao Suite.

Rec. live at "Teatro Ponchielli", Cremona, Italy,
on May 2, 1978 (mics recording)

Steve Lacy,soprano sax
Steve Potts,alto & soprano sax
Irene Aebi,vocal,cello & violin
Kent Carter,bass
Oliver Johnson,drums

1. Stamps (06:55)
2. Follies (14:34)
3. Troubles (09:39)
4. Lesson (13:39)
5. Ducks (16:58)
6. Tao Suite : Existence/The Way/Bone/Name/The Breath/Life On Its Way (56:05)
7. The Dumps [encore] (05:32)

Total Time 2:03:25

excerpt from Existence

27 August 2011

Donald Rafael Garrett Ensemble - Live in Milan '78

A brief document from the time when Garrett was living in Italy.

Rec. live at "Cineteatro Ciak", Milan, Italy, on January 28,
1978 (mics recording)

Donald Rafael Garrett,bass,clarinet,flutes
Daniele Cavallanti,tenor & soprano sax,clarinet
Roberto della Grotta,cello
Filippo Monico,drums

1. Improvisation (30:04)



Virtuosic and swift - four leading members of european Free Improvised Music.
Paired on this OOP CD with a bit more than twenty minutes music of an underrecorded ensemble - the late S.M.E.



Evan Parker, soprano saxophone
Paul Rutherford, trombone, euphonium
Barry Guy, bass, electronics
John Stevens, percussion, voice

1. 1,4,4, (04:33)
2. 2,4,4, (11:05)
3. 3,4,4, (07:45)
4. 4,4,4, (18:25)
5. 5,4,4, (01:42)

Recorded in London, October 4, 1979, at Riverside Studios.
Originally as VIEW VS 0011
Note: date given by Evan Parker; on Cover as August 1979.


Nigel Coombes, violin
Roger Smith, acoustic guitar
John Stevens, drums, mini-trumpet

6. Surfaces (23:10)

Recorded in London, August 18, 1992 at Watershed Studios.



25 August 2011

DAVE DOUGLAS NEW JAZZ MEETING November 20, 1998 Tollhaus Karlsruhe, Germany

Track List (1:04:11):
1. Introductions - 3:04
2. Lewinsky March - 9:04
3. Song Introduction - 1:04
4. Episode for Taslima Nasrin - 8:09
5. One More News - 17:39
6. Woman at Point Zero - 12:54
7. Mamuse, Ma Muse? - 12:14

Dave Douglas - trumpet
Louis Sclavis - clarinet, saxophones
Rabih Abou-Khalil - oud
Michel Godard - tuba, serpent
Vincent Courtois - cello
Mark Feldman - violin
Nabil Khaiat - frame drum
Jim Black - drums

SWR digital radio broadcast

DRB >DAT at 48 kHz >DAT clone >.wav via S/PDIF and M-Dio 2448 digital soundcard >CoolEdit Pro 2.0 >CD Wave >CDR >EAC (secure) >FLAC Frontend (level 6, SBE OK)

Received from source, who made the recording to DAT, labelled as "part one." I have never come across a part two.

Although also given as digital broadcast, the frequency analysis shows no dip in the high frequencies, so although the bitrate was not given it is surely exceptionally high and demonstrates a lossless source.


This concert was intented as a quartet (or quintet) but the others members of the group
were stranded somewhere on their way from the Netherlands to Austria.

Wether Frank Wright plays a Selmer saxophone during this concert is unknown...


Frank Wright, tenor saxophone
Jerry Griffin, drums

1.unknown titel 21:57
2.unknown titel 13:57
3.unknown titel 10:33
4.unknown titel 15:50
5.unknown titel 11:36

Recorded at "Jazz im Stall", Saalfelden, Austria, November 30, 1979.


Lester Bowie's Brass Fantasy Music Is An Open Sky Festival Sweet Basil NYC USA Februay 7 1985 FM

Lester Bowie Trumpet
Stanton Davis Trumpet
Malachi Thompson Trumpet
Bruce Purse Trumpet
Craig Harris Trombone
Steve Turre Trombone
Bob Stewart Tuba
Phillip Wilson Drums

original text file:
here's an early Brass Fantasy show, as broadcasted by WKCR-FM in NYC.
They open with Great Pretender, but the I have no titles for the rest.....please help out if you can.

Note: I don't care what the tune names are, feel free to name them if you want to.

24 August 2011


I don't know wether the title is genuine but the music is marvelous - as are all Manfred Schoof's projects during the seventies.
A time which is seminal for the european Jazz in general.
But listen and judge for yourself.


Manfred Schoof, trumpet
John Tchicai, alto saxophone, flute
Michel Pilz, bass clarinet
Gunter Hampel, vibes, bass clarinet, clarinet, soprano saxophone
Peter Trunk, bass, cello
John Stevens, drums, cornet

01. Moment's Treat 10:54
02. Announcement M.Schoof 04:39
03. European Accents 18:02
04. Announcement M.Schoof 00:48
05. Time Changes 12:06
06. Announcement M.Schoof 00:59
07. Collective Actions 06:48
08. Announcement M.Schoof 00:33
09. Surprising Things 06:19
10. final applause/'thanks' 00:23

Recorded on 11th March at Jazz aus Studio 2,WDR, Köln, Germany.


23 August 2011

Homage To Albert, Fred And Bill - Live in Sant'Anna Arresi '10

A concert (part of the XXV edition of "Ai Confini Tra Sardegna E Jazz")
in memory of the great Albert Ayler, whose dedication, sadly, has had
to extend at the memory of two other great died in the weeks
preceding: Fred Anderson and Bill Dixon.

Rec live at "Piazza del Nuraghe", Sant'Anna Arresi, Italy,
on August 27, 2010 (radio broadcast)

Evan Parker,tenor sax
Peter Brötzmann,alto & tenor sax,tárogató
Harrison Bankhead,bass
Hamid Drake,drums

1. Five Improvisations (1:06:20)


22 August 2011


Translations of the titles later...


Horst Grabosch, trumpet
Willem van Manen, trombone
Stefan Beckers, tuba
Theo Jörgensmann, clarinet, alto clarinet
Eckard Koltermann, baritone saxophone, bass clarinet
Harald Dau, tenor & soprano saxophone
Ingo Marmulla, guitar
Georg Gräwe, piano
Hans Schneider, bass
Achim Krämer, drums

1. Intrada: Das Bergwerk woll'n wir preisen 02:52
2. Kohle, schwarze Kohle 04:10
3. Despair (Sorge, Gram und Eigenwille) 05:11
4. Bergmannsleben 07:52
5. Ländlerminiaturen 04:24
6. Auf jeden Fall...Ich bin ein Bergmann, wohlgemuth 07:12
7. Flöz 04:27
8. Nachtschicht (Ruhe weht vom Himmelszelt) 01:35

All tunes comosed and arranged by Georg Gräwe.

Recorded May 1982 at Cornet Studios, Cologne, Germany.


(lp rip)


21 August 2011

Bennie Wallace Trio - Live in Moers '80

The best concert at the 9th Moers Jazz Festival with a fantastic E.Gomez.

Rec. live at "The 9th Moers Festival", Moers, Germany,
on May 25, 1980 (mics recording)

Bennie Wallace,tenor sax
Eddie Gomez,bass
Alvin Queen,drums

1. The Free Will (17:38)
2. Unknown (07:18)
3. Unknown (11:04)
4. 'Round About Midnight (13:28)
5. Unknown (07:45)
6. Head (15:49)
7. Broadside [encore] (09:16)

Total Time 1:22:21




Joe Farrell, tenor & soprano saxophone, flute, piccolo(3)
Jimmy Garrison, bass
Elvin Jones, drums

1. Reza 07:12
2. Sweet Little Maia 07:47
3. Keiko's Birthday March 06:50
4. Village Greene 05:09
5. Jay-Ree 03:48
6. For Heaven's Sake 05:04
7. Ginger Bread Boy 05:11

Recorded on April 8, 1968 at Englewood Cliffs, N.J.

BLUE NOTE BLP 4282(mono) & BST 84282(stereo)
(This version TOCJ-6598)



Hi to anyone here! And a great THANKS for Your invaluable work!!! As I've mentioned some times ago I think this has been, and still remain, one of the best music blogs in the net, and I've been proud to give a little contribution. KEEP GOIN' ON THIS WAY

Only a brief note:
HERE http://home.arcor.de/nyds-exp-discogs/lacy.htm You can find a link to the latest version of the (bad) Steve Lacy discography

Unluckily this is the only "complete discography" (?) of Steve Lacy. Actually, apart from the completeness, this has become a list of recording informations without any logical (or illogical) rule.
I think Mr. Steve Lacy deserves much more care.

Have a nice and long trip.


19 August 2011

Art Pepper Quartet - Live in Genoa '81

Although Art wasn't in perfect physical conditions, visibly tired,
the emotion of seeing him live was however great.

Rec . live at "Villa Imperiale", Genoa, Italy, on July 6, 1981
(mics recording)

Art Pepper,alto sax
George Cables,piano
David Williams,bass
Carl Burnett,drums

1. Blues For Blanche (15:18)
2. The Trip (12:49)
3. For Freddie (13:05)
4. Over The Rainbow (14:12)
5. Landscape (19:04)

Total Time 1:14:30

All songs by A.Pepper except "Over The Rainbow" (H.Arlen)

The Trip

18 August 2011


Here is the promised MJQK from the 12th German Jazzfestival in Frankfurt, Germany.
Fo more information you can go to ...
http://inconstantsol.blogspot.com/2010/09/moder-jazz-quintet-karlsruhe-trees.html (this was my first post on IS, almost one year ago...).

The title "Position 2001" is a live version of "Position 2000" from the second and last album of this fascinating group.

The links to both albums are still working - only rapdishare.

The sound of this recording is quite good: A-



Herbert Joos, fluegelhorn, mellophone, percussion
Wilfried Eichhorn, bass clarinet, flute, soprano & tenor saxophone
Helmuth Zimmer, piano
Claus Bühler, bass
Rudi Theilmann, drums

1. Announcement (00:45)
2. The Sun Is Coming Over (13:11)
3. Position 2001 (12:55)

Recorded at the 12th German Jazzfestival, Frankfurt, Germany on 22nd March, 1970.

Note: an excerpt of "Position 2001" is included in "Born Free" (3 LPs), SCOUT ScS 11.


17 August 2011

BORN FREE (SCOUT, 1970 - a partial compilation)

Here's my third compilation - made from parts of this 3 LP release.
At least one track was reissued (completely) on CD: Peter Brötzmann's "Fuck de Boere".

The track from the Modern Jazz Quintet Karlsruhe is also an excerpt - I shall post a longer version of it's title and more here on IS.

The track from the European Free Jazz Orchestra & AACM (broadcast) was posted in blogland some time ago.

For a complete rip (mp3-128) you can go to > http://schnickschnackmixmax.blogspot.com/2011/03/born-free-jazz-festival-frankfurt-marz.html

The quality of the LP's sound is not the best - like a good bootleg - as far as I know it IS a bootleg.
Released without the permission/knowledge of the musicians.

All in all a really interesting LP with some rare recordings - for example an early example of Günter Christmann - before his groundbreaking duo with Detlev Schönenberg.

I removed some heavy clicks and pops - that's all.


BORN FREE (Compilation)

CD 1

1. Free Jazz Group Wiesbaden
Michael Sell, trumpet;
Dieter Scherf, alto, soprano saxophones, piano
Gerhard König, guitar, flute
Wolfgang Schlick, drums
"Frictions" [excerpt] (08.32)

2. Frankfurter Trio für improvisation
Christian Möllers, clarinet
Wolf Burbat, flute
Klaus-Henning Usadel, bass
"Invention 2" (03.19)

3. Limbus 4
Odysseus Artner, Bernd Henninger,
Matthias Knieper, Gerd Klaus, percussion and diverse instruments
"Kundalini" [excerpt] (04.38)

4. Frédéric Rabold Crew
Frédéric Rabold, trumpet, altohorn
Ulrich Schwarz, soprano & tenor saxophone, flute
Helmut Wilberg, alto & baritone saxophone
Walter Hüber, baritone & bass saxophones
Jochen Nitsche, electric bass
Holger Mayer, bass
Martin Bues, drums
"Tangente" (06.40)

5. Jazzworkers
Axel Hennies, tenor saxophone, flute
Michael Thielepape, alto & soprano saxophone
Ulrich Maske, guitar
Günter Christmann, bass, trombone
Rainer Grimm, drums
"Action Playing" [excerpt] (07:44).

6. Just Music
Dieter Herrmann, trombone
Alfred Harth, tenor saxophone, clarinet
Johannes Krämer, guitar
Thomas Stövsand, cello
Franz Volhard, cello
Peter Stock, bass
Thomas Cremer, drums, clarinet
"März 1970" [excerpt] (09:43)

7. New Jazz Trio
Manfred Schoof, trumpet, fluegelhorn
Peter Trunk, bass
Cees See, drums
"Satz 3" (05:43)

8. Pierre Favre Group
Juerg Grau, trumpet, guitar
Trevor Watts, alto & soprano saxophone
Irene Schweizer, piano
Pierre Favre, drums
"Siddharta" [excerpt] (06:07)

9. Joachim Kühn Group
Joachim Kühn, piano, alto saxophone
J.F. Jenny-Clarke, bass
Jacques Thollot, drums
Rolf Kühn, clarinet
"Rue de la Boule Rouge" [excerpt] (6:08)

10. Gunter Hampel Group
Jeanne Lee, voice
Gunter Hampel, flute, bass clarinet, vibraphone, piano
Willem Breuker, saxophones
Willem van Manem, trombone
Maxine Gregg, cello
Jack Gregg, bass
Arjen Gorter, bass
"Centering" (14:14)

11. Albert Mangelsdorff Quartett
Albert Mangelsdorff, trombone
Heinz Sauer, tenor saxophone
Günter Lenz, bass
Ralf Hübner, drums
"Blues Booth" (06:21)

CD 2

1. Festival Big Band
Conny Jackel, Manfred Schoof, Frédéric Rabold, Ferencz Aszodi, trumpets
Albert Mangelsdorff, Rudi Fuessers, Egon (Günter?) Christmann, Peter Herbolzheimer, trombones
Emil Mangelsdorff, Jaki Freund, Heinz Sauer, Günter Kronberg, Gerd Dudek, saxophones
Fritz Hartschuh, vibraphone
Volker Kriegel, guitar
Günter Lenz, bass
Ralf Hübner, Kurt Bong, drums
"Noisy Silence, Gentle Noise" (06:27)

2. Dave Pike Set
Dave Pike, vibraphone
Volker Kriegel, guitar
Hans Rettenbacher, bass
Peter Baumeister, drums
"Turn Around Mrs Lot" (13:15)

Recorded on 21 and 22 March 1970 at the 12 German Jazz Festival, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Cover has number Scout ScS 11; the three LPs are numbered Scout ScS 12 - 14.

Note: [excerpt] > as on the LPs!


16 August 2011

Anachronic Jazz Band - Live in Turin '78

In my memory, this group is part (even if minimal) of the Sound of
the Seventies. Unfortunately not the complete concert.

Rec. live at "Parco Sempione", Turin, Italy, on July 10, 1978
(mix recording)

Patrick Artero,trumpet
Claude Gousset,trombone
Marc Richard,alto sax & clarinet,vocal
Dominique Vernhes,alto sax & clarinet
André Villéger,tenor sax
Philippe Baudoin,piano
Lionel Benhamou,banjo
Gérard Gervois,tuba
Dominique Obadia,drums

1. Anachronic Stomp [M.Richard] (01:27)
2. Move [D.Best] (06:11)
3. Ask Me Now [T.Monk] (04:26)
4. My Pet [M.Ager] (06:09)
5. Anachronic Blues [M.Richard] (06:10)
6. 'Round Midnight [T.Monk] (08:15)
7. I Hope Gabriel Likes My Music [D.Franklin] (08:41)
8. Yardbird Suite [C.Parker] (04:29)

Total Time 45:51

15 August 2011

A Midsummer Blindfold Test

The question is: who is playing this crazy version of "Round Midnight"?

Remember that it's only a joke, so don't shoot the piano player!

'Round Midnight

13 August 2011

Abdullah Ibrahim and Carlos Ward live in Kalisz, Poland

Here's an item that has been lying around for ages, displaced and retrieved, so apologies to "amnesia" for not getting to this much earlier. And it dovetails nicely with some earlier postings of Ibrahim.

Here's an introduction from "amnesia" on the background of this record:

The duo of pianist Abdullah Ibrahim and saxophonist/flautist Carlos Ward captured in a rare lp only release from the Polish label Poljazz (PSJ149). Recorded in Kalisz, Poland in December 1984 fourteen months after their Ekapa (not Ekaya!) label recording made at Sweet Basil, New York. Although footage of the concert is available on youtube the Poljazz recording has had limited availability. Unfortunately, the recording and pressing leave something to be desired - Abdullah Ibrahim seems to express his frustration with an audience member or possibly a cameraman around 6 minutes. The sleeve note erroneously attributes Carlos Ward with playing tenor rather than alto. The track listing as given for the continuous performance spread over two sides is reproduced below but I am unsure about its accuracy. Despite these quibbles, an important addition to the Abdullah Ibrahim catalogue which hopefully will intrigue and please his many admirers.

Side A

Thabu Bosiu
The Wedding
For Monk

Side B

Chelsea Bridge
A Flower Is A Lovesome Thing
In A Sentimental Mood
Sotmo Blue
Thaba Bosiu

Apparently, Ibrahim never gave permission to release the LP of this concert but rather to press a few items to be given as gifts to the members of the Polish jazz society. He got very angry when he found out that it was distributed outside of Poland. So in his eyes this LP was (and still is) a bootleg. (source: interview in the early 90s).

Be that as it may, but to these ears, the quality of the music on display here is good enough to warrant a proper release. Lyrical, tasteful and with beautiful interventions from Ward throughout.

"Amnesia", keep them coming and I promise to be quicker next time!

John Carter All Stars - Live in Middleheim '79

The same line-up and the same program of the Roman concert,
even the same date! (What will be the right one?).

Rec. live at "Middelheim Jazz", Antwerpen, Belgium, on August 16, 1979
(mics recording)

John Carter
James Newton,flute
Bobby Bradford,trumpet
Bob Stewart,tuba
Phillip Wilson,drums

1. B.L.'s Delight (24:58)
2. Petals (10:01)
3. Woodman's Hall Blues (16:24)
4. Abstractions For Three Lovers (12:54)
5. Circle (14:46)
6. Encounter [encore] (07:32)

Total Time 1:26:38

All compositions by J.Carter.


9 August 2011

Michel Portal & Bojan Z. + FLY Trio - Live in Bolzano '11

A multi-ethnic and multi-cultural line-up led by a very vital
(seventy-five years old) M. Portal.

Rec. live at "Museion", Bolzano, Italy, on July 2, 2011
(mics recording)

Michel Portal,bass clarinet,soprano sax
Mark Turner,tenor sax
Bojan Zulfikarpasic,piano,fender rhodes
Larry Grenadier,bass
Jeff Ballard,drums

1. Dolce [M.Portal] (15:09)
2. Bailador [M.Portal] (12:39)
3. Lady B [J.Ballard] (15:08)
4. Citrus Juice [E.Louiss] (13:40)
5. Sky & Country [J.Ballard] (13:13)
6. Cuba Si, Cuba No [M.Portal] (15:00)

Total Time 1:24:52

Citrus Juice

8 August 2011


(Introducing Takeo Moriyama)

Seiichi Nakamura, tenor & soprano saxophone
Yosuke Yamashita, piano
Takeo Moriyama, drums
Hisahide Katoh, tenor saxophone
Mabumi Yamaguchi, alto saxophone
Kunio Fukisaki, Susumi Kazuhara, Toru Ogoshi, Kenji Yoshida, trumpet
Masao Suzuki, baritone horn
Naoki Takahashi, Hisashi Nishimura, Hisashi Imai, trombone
Kyosuke Aikawa, tuba

1. Hachi (T.Moriyama) 11:10
2. Ballad for Y.Y. (T.Moriyama) 09:04
3. Take One (T.Moriyama) 10:24
4. Gugan (Y.Yamashita) 07:18

Recorded on September 25, 1971 at Toshiba EMI Studio.

EMI ETJ-9091 (first release)
EXPRESS FAR EAST Jazz Series ETJ-60005 (this version)

(lp rip)


7 August 2011

MUJICIAN TRIO "Live in Bristol, 1992"

I used the bass player (above) because on this rare recording of Mujician Paul Rogers is absent.
Andy you asked me wether I know Paul Dunmall - yes I do and I'm glad you shared your treasures with us.

MUJICIAN TRIO "Live in Bristol, 1992"

Keith Tippett, piano
Paul Dunmall, reeds
Tony Levin, drums

1. Set 2 (39:12)

Recorded on 23rd October, 1992 at Rare Music Club, Bristol, UK.


GÜNTER CHRISTMANN & BARRY GUY "Live in Leicester, 1992"

Here is the first post I do on behalf of Andy , who has sent me some recordings he has made in 1992/93.
Two of them I have listened so far. The sound is excellent and the music as well.


GÜNTER CHRISTMANN & BARRY GUY "Live in Leicester, 1992"

Günter Christmann, trombone
Barry Guy, double bass

1. -duo- 10:53
2. -bass solo- 06:13
3. -trombone solo- 05:36
4. -duo- 10:14
5. -bass solo- 05:57
6. -trombone solo- 04:26
7. -bass solo- 08:42
8. -duo- 08:34
9. -duo- 05:56

Recorded: November 4, 1992 at the City Gallery, Leicester, UK.
Dear Andy - thank you for your gift!

Betty Carter Quartet - Live in Monterey '77 [New links]

Another great concert from the 20th Monterey Jazz Festival.

Rec. live at "The 20th Monterey Jazz Festival", Monterey, CA,
on September 18, 1977 (radio broadcast)

Betty Carter,vocal
John Hicks,piano
Calvin Hill,bass
Clifford Barbaro,drums

1. Trio Intro (06:18)
2. I Was Telling Him About You [D.George] (05:46)
3. Caribbean Sun [C.Garnett] (03:22)
4. Timeless [B.Carter] (03:13)
5. I Can't Help It [B.Carter] (02:00)
6. Most Gentlemen Don't Like Love [C.Porter] (03:36)
7. Medley : If I Should Lose You [R.Raiger]/Just Friends [J.Klenner]/
All The Things You Are [J.Kern]/I Didn't Know What Time It Was [R.Rodgers]/Star Eyes [D.Raye] (09:35)
8. My Favorite Things [R.Rodgers] (01:57)
9. But Beautiful [J.Burke]/By the Bend In the River (inc.) [C.Edwards] (12:59)

Total Time 48:51


5 August 2011


Our journey so far...thanks for being a part of it.

To all brothers and sisters (hello - are there any sisters?)!



Hamiet Bluiett, baritone saxophone, clarinet
Don Cherry, trumpet
Talib Rhynie, alto saxophone, oboe
Carlos Ward, alto saxophone
Johnny Akhir Dyani, bass
Claude Jones, conga drums
John Betsch, percussion
Roy Brooks, percussion
Abdullah Ibrahim, piano, soprano saxophone

1. Sister Rosie 04:43
2. Jabulani (Joy) 17:49
3. Hajj (The Journey) 21:10

Recorded September 1977 at Downtown Sound, NY.



2 August 2011

Taylor Ho Bynum Sextet - Live in Saalfelden '10

"One of the most indispensable ensembles in contemporary jazz."
Great stuff!

The picture above is by Claudio Casonovo.

Rec. live at "The Saalfelden Jazz Festival", Saalfelden, Austria,
on August 29, 2010 (radio broadcast)

Taylor Ho Bynum
Bill Lowe,trombone
Jim Hobbs,alto sax
Mary Halvorson,guitar
Ken Filiano,bass
Tomas Fujiwara,drums

1. Apparent Distance (45:34)
2. A Blues (17:31)

Total Time 1:03:06

The beginning of the Blues