1 April 2010

John Carter Quintet - Live in Rome '79

The same quintet recorded (the day before) "Variations on Selected
Themes for Jazz Quintet" (Moers Music CD2084).

Rec. live in Rome, Italy, on August 16, 1979
(mics recording)

John Carter,clarinet
Bobby Bradford,trumpet
James Newton,flute
Bob Stewart,tuba
Phillip Wilson,drums

1. B.L.'s Delight (22:45)
2. Carter's Intro (01:27)
3. Petals (07:57)
4. Woodman's Hall Blues (14:22)
5. Abstractions For Three Lovers (12:13)
6. Circle (13:38)
7. Encounter (07:11)

Total Time 1:20:35


riccardo said...

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alec said...

Thank you riccardo, you are still going strong with these excellent posts. Surely you must have one of the greatest jazz collections in the world!

Wallofsound said...

Thank you. John carter is one of those every special players of jazz. His music is always a joy.

inamorata said...

Thank you so much - really an amazing series of treasures!

Igor said...

Thank you, riccardo.

SOTISE said...

'ALWAYS A JOY" ..yes indeed thank you!

bernizz said...

John Carter has only very few and difficult to find releases. This is a real treasue!! Thanks a lot riccardo!! If there is interest, I could share a show of the Horace Tapscott Sextet in Freiburg, Germany, on 7 August 1987, featuring John Carter.

Anonymous said...

What treasure! Marvelous group, and Bob Stewart is always a treat.

Arcturus said...

Sweet! Five Masters at the top of their game. The Moers concert is one of my favorite Carter recordings - this is a most welcome addition. Just love the suppleness of that Carter/Bradford/Newton front-line.

Bradford's still playing in LA & really hasn't ever received 'his due' recognition . . .

riccardo said...

@ bernizz
of course there is interest!

bernizz said...

Well, then, here it is. Enjoy !!http://rapidshare.com/files/373150547/Horace_Tapscott_Sextet_1987.rar.html

hulaboy said...

mahalo, riccardo!

serviceton said...

riccardo, many MANY thanks for this - it is fantastic !

serviceton said...

@ arcturus - "Bradford's still playing in LA & really hasn't ever received 'his due' " - heartfelt agreement with that .

@bernizz - Nice one !!

SOTISE said...

bernizz , your link is alraedy dead!.. any chance of a reupload , anyone?

Anonymous said...

A ton service m'sieur!
I'll help.

Personnel is
Horace Tapscott - piano
Arthur Blythe - alto sax
John Carter - clarinet
Bobby Bradford - cornet
Roberto Miguel Miranda - bass
Donald Dean – drums
Date is listed as 7th Aug 1987

Sound is hissy (fine after a bit of EQ)
Music-making is fantastic - Try Tapscott & Carter playing duet track 4 - my god !
Files are (same as bernizz uploaded -Windows Media files .wma )
Link is here

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for all the music you share here! You've gifted me with many great moments. Greetings from Argentina.

Hookfinger said...

Sotise - I was looking for a little John Carter and find the motherlode here. I should have checked here first. Thanks for sharing all the great stuff.

centrifuge said...

thanks for this, which i came across rather late - excellent concert. i can't help with the identity of the penultimate piece, but the last number is "encounter", a particular favourite of mine... i've written about this version here: http://tinyurl.com/38n8czy

David said...

Hi, can you please repost? Thanks!

OSIRIS said...

New link https://mega.nz/#!6ARAlAJI!GnJPxw7jHDatTkoUUyAklzjX8shWn74bYQjIhqu6dLk

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Many thanks.

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Many thanks