31 March 2011


I remember hearing it for the first time ... The Voice ...


Demetrio Stratos, vocal
Paolo Tofani, synthesizer

1. Segmenti Uno 03:38
2. Segmenti Due 04:06
3. Segmenti Tre 04:00
4. Segmenti Quattro 04:33
5. Mirologhi 1 (Lamento D'Epiro) 04:13
6. Metrodora 08:57
7. Mirologhi 2 (Lamento D'Epiro) 04:14

Recorded at Fono Roma-Milano Sound Recording spa/Milano.
Released 1976.

CRAMPS CRSLP 6205 DIVerso n.5
(japanese version POCE-1197)


30 March 2011



Jesus Villa-Rojo, clarinet

1. 4 + … Prima Parte 04:40
2. Second Parte 01:50
3. Terza Parte 01:35
4. Quarta Parte 04:40
5. Schemi 06:25
6. Forme Variabili 09:42
7. Più In Là 09:41

Recorded at Studio Regson, Milano.
Released in 1976

CRAMPS CRSLP 6204 DIVerso n.4 (japanese version POCE-1196)


Steve Lacy Quintet - Live in Paris 1976 repost

There were a couple of requests for a repost of this concert, so here it is again.

Steve Lacy Quintet

Studio 104
Maison De Radio France
Paris, France

October 17, 1976

Steve Lacy - ss
Derek Bailey - g
Irene Aebi - cello,v,voc
Kent Carter - b,cello,harp
Noel McGhie - dr

1. The Crust (Lacy)
2. Micro Worlds (Lacy)
3. The Throes (Lacy)
4. Flakes (Lacy)

Links in comments.


Two more in the Cramps thread...

This LP has never been reissued - not even in Japan, where almost all other Cramps releases saw the light of the day anew in 2007.

In 1995 Frances-Marie Uitti released a CD "2 Bows" (BvHaast) were she continued to examine the possibilities of playing with two bows at the same time. According her website you can get it from www.jdkproductions.com

If you like this LP you should certainly check it out.

More info and other CDs you can find on her own website > http://www.uitti.org/


Frances-Marie Uitti, cello, composition

1. Ukksir 06:22
2. Ieuen 04:07
3. Xantrum 08:51
4. Eoghu 07:21
5. Oaxano 12:27

Full titles of pieces are:
A1: "Ukksir per violoncello solo"
A2: "Ieuen per violoncello preparato a sei corde"
A3: "Xantrum per violoncello solo"
B1: "Eoghu per violoncello a sei corde"
B2: "Oaxano per violoncello solo"

Composition dates: A1: 1978 / A2: 1976 / A3: 1977 / B1: 1979 / B2: 1979.

CRAMPS 5207 307 (Released 1980)


Giancarlo Schiaffini, king trombone, euphonium, contra-alto trombone, tromba
Michele Iannaccone, percussion

1. I Suppli Di Tantalo 08:00
2. Notizziario 06:18
3. Invasione Degli Uomini Verdi 05:18
4. Cimitero Degli Elefanti 02:23
5. Fate L'Amore Non La Guerra 02:46
6. Rifluxus 08:28

Released 1979

CRAMPS 5206 212 - DIVerso n. 12
(This - japanese - edition POCE-1204)


29 March 2011

Ken Hyder's Talisker - Land Of Stone

Ken Hyder's Talisker - Land Of Stone
JAPO 60018 (1977)

Back in February, I posted the "Après La Marée Noire," a collaboration between folk musicians from Bretagne and Francois Tusques and the Intercommunal Free Music Dance Orchestra. I'd like to stay at the intersection of jazz and folk music a little longer, but now we'll move to Scotland and Ken Hyder's Talisker. Their first record was done for the Virgin label in 1975, rereleased on Reel Recordings a few years ago. So we'll move to their second record, released on the Japo label in 1977 and to my knowledge not made available on cd. This record was made possible by a grant from the Arts Council of Great Britain which enabled Hyder to do research in the Scottish Highlands and the Western Isles.

To properly describe what's on this record, the best I can do is to reproduce Charles Fox's instructive sleeve notes:

The Strathspey King celebrates J. Scott Skinner, king of Scottish fiddlers at the start of the century, as devoted to syncopation as an Afro-American. Hebridian choral music provides the basis for the The Men of Barra, with Minton, Nichols, Eley and Armstrong singing either individually (in that order) or as a group. All ten performers sing at the start of Close the Windows, using the rhythms of a 'waulking song', originally sung by island women as they worked the tweed. See You at the Mission begins and develops like a Gaelic psalm, unitil, once again, instrumentalists take over from singers.

Derek was Only a Bairn, shifting from the pentatonic scale to the Aolian mode, is linked by the bassists to Pibroch In Three Parts, inspired by Ken Hyder's conviction that Scottish bagpipe playing originally involved improvisation. The MacCrimmons were hereditary pipes to the clan McLeod and the scale used in this section corresponds to a bagpipe scale. The drone changes for the next part (the Lydian scale employed here was a favourite of Coltrane's), while the final section (for Ayler) is the freest and loosest of all, with Davie Webster's solo communicating that emotional intensity which seems common to both jazz and Scottish music at their finest.

Side 1

1. The Strathspey King
(drum solo linking passages)
The Men of Barra Know How To Drink But The Women Know How To Sing
2. Close The Window And Keep It Down
3. See You At The Mission, Eh, If It's No' Full

Side 2
1. Derek Was Only A Bairn
(bass duet linking passages)
2. Pibroch In Three Parts
a) for the Mac Crimmons
b) for John Coltrane
c) for Albert Ayler

Ken Hyder drums
Marcio Mattos bass
John Lawrence bass
Dave Webster alto saxophone
John Rangecroft tenor saxophone, clarinet
Ricardo Mattos soprano and tenor saxophones, flute
Maggie Nichols vocals
Frankie Armstrong vocals
Brian Eley vocals
Phil Minton vocals

Recorded April 1977 in London
Mixed at Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg

Philological footnote: "Bairn" is very close to the Scandinavian "barn", meaning "child" in modern English, and is still used in Scotland and parts of Northern England.

28 March 2011

Louis Moholo's Viva-La-Black

Lous Moholo's Viva-La-Black
Ogun Records OG 533 (1988)

We had a request for this album in our requests section, described there as "completely obscure." As this blog thrives on complete obscurity, naturally we had to post it. This was Viva-La-Black's first album, folowed by "Exile" which recently has been rereleased on Ogun. Incidentally, this was the last vinyl album Ogun ever released as cds came to replace vinyls as the standard music reproduction format.

What we have here is a wonderfully varied album. Starting on the A side, we have the stately "Tristan's Line", followed by the lilting swing of "Joyful Noises" and rounding out the first side is the split-second (it's not over when you think it is) precision of "Mongezi-Frames Part One". Flipping the record over, figuratively speaking, we get the elegiac "Lost Opportunities" (my fave), the companion piece to "Frames", "Mad High" and rounding out the proceedings is the propulsive fast-forward shuffle of "Woza". Very accessible, very enjoyable, all in all, and an item not to be left to the dustbins of history, in my opinion. Fine musicianship all around, but a special mention of the very fine sax work of Sean Bergin.

Basic info:

Side A

1. Tristan's Line (Tristan Honsinger)
2. Joyful Noises (Chris McGregor)
3. Mongezi-Frames Part One (Keith Tippett)

Side B

1. Lost Opportunities (Harry Miller)
2. Mad High (Mongezi Feza)
3. Woza (Louis Moholo)

Louis Moholo leader/drums/vocals
Sean Bergin tenor/alto saxes
Claude Deppa trumpet/flugel horn
Thebe Lipere congas/percussion/drums
Roberta Bellatalla double bass

26 March 2011


Another "lost" gem from the GDR - never reissued in Germany.
All compositions provided by one of the Kühn brothers except "Sie gleicht wohl einem Rosenstock" (~ 'she resembles - no doubt - a rose tree'), which originally is a folksong.


Rolf Kühn, clarinet
Michael Urbaniak, soprano & tenor saxophone
Joachim Kühn, piano
Klaus Koch, bass
Czeslaw Bartkowski, drums

1. Minor Impressions (R.Kühn) 07:56
2. Solarius (R.Kühn) 06:15
3. Sie gleicht wohl einem Rosenstock (Volkslied) 06:29
4. Mountain Jump (J.Kühn) 06:35
5. Lady Orsina (R.Kühn) 06:22
6. Soldat Tadeusz (J.Kühn) 06:40

Recorded in Berlin (East), DDR.
Track 2,3,5 and 6 on 29th November, 1964.
Track 1 and 4 on 30th November, 1964

AMIGA 8 50 046 (LP)

Beaver Harris 360° Music Experience - Live in La Spezia '79

Concert divided into two sets for the length.

Rec. live at "Teatro Civico", La Spezia, Italy, on June 22, 1979
(mix recording)

Makanda Ken McIntyre,alto sax,bassoon,oboe & flute (-3/5)
Grachan Moncur III,trombone (-3/4)
Rahn Burton,piano
Cameron Brown,bass
Beaver Harris,drums (-3/4/5)

1st set (1:16:15) :
01. Unknown (18:27)
02. Unknown (21:07)
03. Ismay My Mother [B.Harris] (08:10)
04. Charlette [K.McIntyre] (07:29)
05. I Wish I Knew [H.Warren/M.Gordon] (06:35)
06. Unknown (14:24)

2nd set (1:10:01) :
07. High Noon [K.McIntyre] (15:52)
08. Unknown (21:04)
09. Don't I [K.McIntyre] (13:37)
10. African Drums [B.Harris] (19:26)

Total Time 2:26:17

I Wish I Knew

25 March 2011


Recently uploaded by request for a Friend,another transcendent set by the great musical Alchemist/Shaman Tony Oxley who is one of our very favourites here at IS.
For me this is transformative ritual urban folk music ,for a decaying civilization.
FM BROADCAST in brutaly vivid ,superb sound quality..almost terrifying in its intensity.

Tony Oxley - Celebration Orchestra

Gütersloh, Germany,
Alte Weberei, Westfälisches Musikfest 1993

Alexandra Nauman, vocals
Phil Minton, vocals
Johannes Bauer, tromone
Ernst Ludwig Petrowsky, alto saxophone, clarinet
Frank Gratkowski, alto saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet
Phil Wachsmann, violin
Alex Kolkowski, violin
Marcio Mattos, cello 
Alfred Zimmerlin, cello
Hans Rempel, prepared-piano
Tony Oxley, drums
Stefan Hölker, drums 
Joe Thönes, drums
Pat Thomas, electronics 
Matt Wand, electronics

1 The Triple Cabinet Of The Triad 72:37
2 Announcement Speaker 1:51

TT:  74:28

Check Oxley's Bio and Discog.

Originally downloaded as a torrent from Dime-a-Dozen, thanks to the original taper,seeder, traders.

24 March 2011


Don't know what to write - thank you R. for the rip - cover found on the "web-side"...


Eje Thelin, trombone
Rolf Kühn, clarinet
John Surman, baritone saxophone
Joachim Kühn, piano, alto saxophone
Barre Phillips, bass
Stu Martin,drums
Jacques Thollot, drums

1. Black Out (J. Kühn) 00:53
2. Strangulation Of A Monkey (R. Kühn) 06:07
3. Dance Of A Spaceman (R. Kühn/R. Jürgensen) 09:33
4. Reflections Of A Monday Morning (R. Kühn) 03:07
5. Oh! Grand Pa (J. Kühn) 07:42
6. Don't Think (J. Kühn) 05:54

Recorded : November 1969 in Berlin.
(On a morning after a concert at Berlin Jazz Fest -
the J.Kühn Quartet had a concert on 06.Nov. -
they played "Suite to our Father Duke" -
so the actual recording date should be the 7th November 1969.
Track 5 is dedicated to Duke Ellington.)

HÖRZU (Black Label) SHZE909BL

23 March 2011



Patrizio Fariselli, prepared piano, etc.

1. Roastbeef 05:57
2. Scorie 03:04
3. 46 Re-Blocks 05:56
4. In-Side-Out-Side 05:23
5. Lenny Tristano 08:23
6. Antropofagia 11:34

Released 1977.

CRAMPS CRSLP 6207 - DIVerso n.7
(this - japanese - edition POCE-1199)

21 March 2011

Mary Halvorson Trio - Live in Willisau '10

For all those who haven't already heard this great concert.

Rec. live at "Willisau Jazz Festival", Willisau, Switzerland,
on August 25, 2010 (radio broadcast)

Mary Halvorson,guitar
John Hébert,bass
Ches Smith,drums

1. Totally Opaque (No.7) 09'37"
2. Sea Seizure (No.19) 08'58"
3. Cold Mirrors (No.15) 06'57"
4. Right Size Too Little (No.12) 11'18"
5. Sequential Tears In It (No.20) 06'09"

All compositions by M.Halvorson

Tital Time 43'01"

Sequential Tears In It (no.20)

20 March 2011

AREA "EVENT '76" (CRAMPS, 1976)


Demetrio Stratos, vocal
Steve Lacy, soprano saxophone
Paolo Tofani, guitar, Tcherepnin synthesizer
Patrizio Fariselli, prepared piano
Paul Lytton, percussion

1. Caos II part (1) 20:18
2. Caos II part (2) 09:18
3. Event '76 09:28

Recorded at Aula Magna dell'Università Statale, Milano, 27 October 1976.

CRAMPS 5205 107 (this edtion Akarma AK 1038)

19 March 2011



Kaoru Abe, alto saxophone
Toshinori Kondo, trumpet
Derek Bailey, guitar
Motoharu Yoshizawa, bass

1. Administratio 23:41
2. The Man From S.L.A.P.P.Y. 09:47
3. Spear-Core 06:27

Recorded live at Michada-Kavalinka, Japan on 3rd May, 1978.


(released 1999)


This is the third installment of the Cramps series.

For me he is THE VOICE I admire the most.

Efstratios Demetriou (Alexandria, April 22, 1945 – New York, June 13, 1979) better known as Demetrio Stratos was a Greek lyricist, multi-instrumentalist, music researcher, and co-founder, frontman and lead singer of the Italian progressive rock, jazz fusion band Area – International POPular Group.

Born and raised in Alexandria, Egypt, of Greek parents, he studied piano and accordion at the "National Conservatoire". In 1957 he was sent to Nicosia, Cyprus, and, at the age of 17, moved to Milan, Italy, to attend the Politecnico di Milano University at the Architecture Faculty, where he formed his first musical group. In 1967, Demetrio Stratos joined the Italian beat band I Ribelli, and in 1972, founded Area.

Stratos recorded many records, and toured festivals in Italy, France, Portugal, Switzerland, Netherlands, Cuba, U.S. with Area, as well as a solo artist and in collaboration with other artists. He worked together with musicians, singers, writers, poets, directors, men of learning such as Mogol, Lucio Battisti, Gianni Sassi, Gianni Emilio Simonetti, Juan Hidalgo, Walter Marchetti, John Cage, Tran Quang Hai, Merce Cunningham, Jasper Johns, Andy Warhol, Grete Sultan, Paul Zukofsky, Nanni Balestrini, Claude Royet-Journoud, and Antonio Porta.

He studied ethnomusicology, vocal extensions, Asian music chant, compared musicology, the problem of ethnic vocality, psychoanalysis, the relationship between spoken language and the psyche, the limits of the spoken language. He was able to reach 7,000 Hz, and to perform diplophony, triplophony, and also quadrophony. Daniel Charles has described him as the person who decimated monody by the demultiplication of the acoustic spectrum. His vocal abilities were explored and documented.

Stratos died in New York City Memorial Hospital on June 13, 1979 at the age of thirty–four. His mission was to free vocal expression from the slavery of language and pretty melodies. He considered the exploration of vocal potential as a tool of psychological and political liberation. His study of the voice used as a musical instrument carried him to reach for the limits of human capabilities. The amazing research of Stratos brings many suggestions of unexplored fields of research that are still to be studied.

(from : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demetrio_Stratos - go there for more information)


Demetrio Stratos, vocal

1. Investigazioni (Diplofonie E Triplofonie) [14:43]
2. Passagi 1, 2 [05:19]
3. Criptomelodie Infantilli [06:26]
4. Flautofonie Ed Altro [06:18]
5. La Sirene [06:24]

Recorded in Studio Sciascia/Rozzano, Italy.

CRAMPS nova musicha n.19 (POCE-1230 - japanese edition)
(first issued as CRAMPS # 5206 119, released in 1978)

17 March 2011

Gil Evans Orchestra feat. S.Lacy - Live in Italy '81

Every meeting between Evans & Lacy has produced memorable music, as during that 1981 summer.

Rec. live in Italy on July 1981 (radio broadcast)

Gil Evans,acoustic & electric piano
Dave Bargeron/George Lewis,trombone
Lew Soloff/Hannibal Marvin Peterson/Miles Evans,trumpet
Steve Grossman,soprano & tenor sax
Pete Levin,electric keyboards,synth
Luico Hopper,electric bass
Omar Hakim,drums
Anita Evans,percussion
Steve Lacy,soprano sax (2,4)

1. Blues In "C" (John's Memory/Cheryl/Bird Feathers/
Relaxin' At Camarillo) [G.Evans] (11:22)
2. Friday The 13th [T.Monk] (12:04)
3. Drizzling Rain [M.Kikuchi] (14:21)
4. Stone Free [J.Hendrix] (16:28)

Total Time 54:17

Blues in C

16 March 2011



Vincent Chancey, french horn
Floros Floridis, alto & soprano saxophone
Peter Kowald, bass
Louis Moholo, drums

1. Mongezi 06:11
2. The Spell 09:36
3. Open Side 03:09
4. River People 13:13
5. Peace 07:28
6. A Night To Remember 02:26

Recorded in Athens, Greece, January 1990, at Studio Thita.

OM B/002

15 March 2011

Steve Lacy and Horace Tapscott

Steve Lacy and Horace Tapscott

June 28, 1993
The Western Front, Vancouver, BC
8th Du Maurier International Jazz Festival (6/25 - 7/4/1993)

1. Unknown
2. Art (Lacy)
3. Well You Needn't (Monk)
4. Bone (Lacy)

14 March 2011

Anthony Braxton Quartet - Live in Antibes '75

A classic among the historical lineup of A.Braxton.

Rec. live in Antibes, France, on July 25, 1975
(mics recording)

Anthony Braxton,alto & sopranino saxes,clarinet,
contrabass clarinet,flute
Kenny Wheeler,trumpet,flugelhorn
Dave Holland,bass
Barry Altschul,drums

1. Compositions 23 (51:57)
2. See-Saw [encore] (09:44)

Total Time 1:01:41


12 March 2011


This is the second post of what will become a small thread of Cramps recordings.


Steve Lacy, soprano saxophone, tape, etc.

1. Pinochie 06:19
2. Straws 04:57
3. Hemline 04:01
4. Bound 05:26
5. Feline 06:51
6. The Rise 13:48

Recorded at Fono-Roma, Milano, Italy in 1977.

CRAMPS DIVerso n.6 CRSLP 6206

Horace Tapscott - Hollywood 1978, NY 1979, Moers 1992,

Horace Tapscott Songs Of The Unsung Hollywood, California
February 18, 1978 Interplay IP-7714
Horace Tapscott p, Art Davis b, Roy Haynes dr.

1. Songs Of The Unsung
2. Blue Essence
3. Bakai
4. In Times Like These
5. Mary On Sunday
6. Lush Life
7. The Goat and Ram Jam
8. Something For Kenny


In New York - January 5, 1979 Interplay IP-7724

9. Akirfa
10. Lino's Pad
11. Sketches of Drunken Mary
12. If You Could See Me Now


Horace Tapscott Quartet - 21. International N ew Jazz Festival, Moers, Germany

Horace Tapscott (p), Michael Session (reeds), Roberto Miranda (b), Fritz Wise Cd)

1 The Giant Is Awakened 21:07
2 One For Lately 16:28
3 Humatu 12:39
4 The Dark Tree 10:22
5 LIttle Africa 7: 10

11 March 2011

Horace Tapscott - Petrillo Music Shell, Grant Park, Chicago IL

1993-09-12 FM Broadcast
Petrillo Music Shell, Grant Park, Chicago IL
1. Introduction by Arthur Hoyle
3. Band introductions
6. Tapscott Interview with Neil Tesser
Horace Tapscott - piano
Arthur Blythe - alto sax
Teddy Edwards - tenor sax
Michael Session - baritone sax
Oscar Brasheer - trumpet
Thurman Green - trombone
Roberto Miguel Miranda - bass
Fritz Wise - drums

10 March 2011


A veritable all-star band - an all too rare recording by one of the greatest living drummers.

Subtle and burning - reeds and strings - a great plethora of percussive meandering - a classic!


Johannes Bauer, trombone
Gerd Dudek, soprano & tenor saxophone
Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky, clarinet & alto saxophone
Larry Stabbins, soprano & tenor saxophone
Ulrich Gumpert, piano
Phil Wachsmann, violin
Alex Kolkowski, violin
Paolo Damiani, piccolo bass
Marcio Mattos, cello
Barry Guy, bass
Ali Haurand, bass
Willi Kellers, drums
Nigel Morris, drums
Ettore Fioravanti, drums
Christoph Haberer, drums
Tony Oxley, leader & drums

1. Introduction 00:24
2. Invitation to Karlovyvary 18:41
3. Third Triad 01:56
4. Continuation of Third Triad 22:50

Recorded : October 31st, 1985, live at the Philharmonie in Berlin.


9 March 2011

Archie Shepp-Life at the Donaueschingen music festival, 1967- Saba LP , SB 15 148 st

This is for tony , who privately requested a re-up of 'One for the Trane' posted by Boromir as MP3'S a back in 2008. this is the very same record , in its original form on Saba/MPS . a real Gem by one of Archie Shepps best bands of the day , which unaccountably has never been reissued on CD outside of Japan.
 What a joy to hear R.Rudd and Grachan Moncur tailgating each other and Shepp... Apparently this particular year at Donnaueschingen , was germany's real intro to the second wave of American new thing, and many in the Audience were outraged.. if you listen closely at certain points ,you'll hear a low but steady barrage of booing and jeering ...

 "all of a sudden it became obvious that the battle fronts had reversed themselves under the onslaught of Free Jazz : under the impact of this music even the most serial , aleatoric and Electronic works now belonged to the the small fixed world of the establishment"
 "Prof Strobel, the distinguished head of the Donaueschingen program, had specifically called for a shocking program. Well, it turned out to be such a shocker that he him self was shocked. Archie Shepps wild atacca on the Spiessburgerlichkeit and self satisfaction of the white world,with all the snobbism that goes with it-the respectably "normal"Donaueschingen audience was left limp by this outburst at the end by a three hour concert"
Joachim E.Berendt (from the liner notes)

 -Live at Donaueschingen- : Roswell Rudd, Grachan Moncur iII (tb) Archie Shepp (ts) Jimmy Garrison (b) Beaver Harris (d) Live, "Donaueschingen Musiktage", Donaueschingen, October 21, 1967 One for Trane pt 1 Saba (G)15148SB One for Trane pt 2 - Note :

 Both parts also on MPS (G)61177, BASF/MPS (G)20651, Impulse ASQ154, MPS (Jap)YS-2101-MP, (Jap)ULX-47P, (Jap)ULS-1636P, (Jap)UPS-2108, (Jap)ULS-1710, (Jap)POCJ-2519 (CD),

 Ps , sorry i cant help with Pitchin' Can .. i dont have it!

6 March 2011


It may seem unlikely but this CD (then as a LP) was my first exposure to music made by double bass solely. Since this "satori" some 25 years ago I have heard a bunch of sometimes outstanding solo outings by bassists. (K.H. Stockhausen once called F.Grillo the "Buddha" of the double bass).
There's a buddhist proverb which goes roughly - "If you meet Buddha kill him" - in this case I would prefer to caress him.

Today it seems he's concentrating on his personal vision of baroque music.
There are not many available recordings with him in a contemporary setting. One exceptional exemple of his skills can be heard on Iancu Dumitrescu's first published CD, where he plays a grandiose interpretation of "Medium III" - strongly recommended.

'Nuff said...


Fernando Grillo, double bass

1. Fluvine Uno 05:27
2. Fluvine Due 09:11
3. Fluvine Tre 09:07
4. Fluvine Quattro 22:45

Recorded at Studio Ricordi, Milano, Italy.
Released 1976.

CRAMPS DIVerso n.3
(This rip from the - now deleted - japanese CD edition POCE-1195)

Wolter Wierbos Trio - Montreal 1986

Wierbos - van Kemenade - Kuiper
Live in Montreal

live recording 1986-July-04
Festival International de Jazz Montreal

LP (1986) - Traction Avant 400

Wolter Wierbos, tb
Paul van Kemenade, as
Jan Kuiper, g

B1 - weird (PvK) 7:33
B2 - who the hell (PvK) 9:57
B3 - Mairobi (all) 6:30
A1 - Mister Monk (JK) 5:30
A2 - Pluis (JK) 6:18
A3 - Big River (JK) 9:45

total: 45:36

"... one of the few original moments of the festival, since this group had something else to say than almost anybody else." (Marc-A. Chenard, Coda 210, Oct/Nov 1986)

Owombat says: it appears from the musicians comments, that the concert started with the music on the B-side of the LP.


5 March 2011

Enrico Rava/Roswell Rudd Quartet - Live in Milan '77

The great 1977/78 Rava's quartet feat. R.Rudd with a difference :
G. Liguori (piano) replaces J.F.Jenny Clarke absent for illness
in those days. The original quartet here.

Rec. live at "Teatro Uomo", Milan, Italy, on November 14,
1977 (mix recording)

Enrico Rava,trumpet
Roswell Rudd,trombone
Gaetano Liguori,piano
Aldo Romano,drums

1. The Fearless Five/Blackmail (39:46)
2. Lavori Casalinghi [inc.] (45:00)

Total Time 1:24:46

Lavori Casalinghi (excerpt)

3 March 2011



Masahiko Togashi, dr, perc, syn, solina, etc.
Isao Suzuki, b, piccolo-b, cello, p, solina, perc

1. A Day Of The Sun 08:04
2. Birth Of Yellow Eggs 04:32
3. Lonely Blue 07:19
4. Creatures In The Deep Blue Sea 08:02
5. Silvery Flash 04:35
6. Awakening Of The Fresh Green 05:37

Recorded : February 1-3,1979 at King Records Studio #2, Tokyo.


2 March 2011

M'Boom Re:Percussion - Live in Milan '82

Dedicated to all fans of Max Roach & Company.

Rec. live at "Teatro Ciak", Milan, Italy,
on October 28, 1982 (mics recording)

Max Roach,drums,whistle,vibraphone,xylophone,tympani,orchestra

Fred King,marimba,orchestra bells,tympani,percussion
Omar Clay,marimba,tympani,timbales,timbales,percussion
Joe Chambers,chimes,vibraphone,marimba,xylophone,percussion
Warren Smith,drums,tympani,vibraphone,orchestra bells,percussion
Freddie Waits,drums,orchestra bells,xylophone,percussion
Roy Brooks,drums,musical saw,percussion,temple block,cymbal,
tympani,steel drums

Ray Mantilla,African & Latin percussion,triangle

1. Onomatopoeia [O.Clay] (15:47)
2. Twinkle Toes [W.Smith] (03:45)
3. Epistrophy [T.Monk] (11:51)
4. The Glorious Monster [M.Roach]/Caravanserai [J.Chambers] (33:42)
5. Kujichangla [R.Brooks] (14:45)

Total Time 1:19:53

Twinkle Toes