17 March 2011

Gil Evans Orchestra feat. S.Lacy - Live in Italy '81

Every meeting between Evans & Lacy has produced memorable music, as during that 1981 summer.

Rec. live in Italy on July 1981 (radio broadcast)

Gil Evans,acoustic & electric piano
Dave Bargeron/George Lewis,trombone
Lew Soloff/Hannibal Marvin Peterson/Miles Evans,trumpet
Steve Grossman,soprano & tenor sax
Pete Levin,electric keyboards,synth
Luico Hopper,electric bass
Omar Hakim,drums
Anita Evans,percussion
Steve Lacy,soprano sax (2,4)

1. Blues In "C" (John's Memory/Cheryl/Bird Feathers/
Relaxin' At Camarillo) [G.Evans] (11:22)
2. Friday The 13th [T.Monk] (12:04)
3. Drizzling Rain [M.Kikuchi] (14:21)
4. Stone Free [J.Hendrix] (16:28)

Total Time 54:17

Blues in C


riccardo said...

mp3 (123 MB)

flac (367 MB)

Anonymous said...

Mille grazie, Riccardo !!! What a gift !

For all GE addicts, please look at this page :


The project's aim is to release a CD of never played scores of Gil Evans. Ryan Truesdell, who leads the project (and conducts the band, already performing in the USA), is a composer, arranger & producer for Maria Schneider, Ingrid Jensen, Bob Brookmeyer a.o. He works by now with the GE family to achieve this project for the 100th anniversary of Gil's birthday, next year.

Contributions to this project are highly welcome !

Eric said...

Thank you for the wonderful music that you are sharing with us.

Anonymous said...

Simply wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Great music. Thanks for sharing.

john said...

thanks, I'm looking forward to this; haven't got much Gil Evans and it's a nice addition to the Lacy stuff.

Anonymous said...

More than 20 live shows of GE (mp3 only), some are my own FM recordings, 2 are already on inconstantsol, from Riccardo (one - Dortmund - with a pitch fix), the others catched on dimeadozen.org :


wightdj said...

A favorite group for me, thanks.

ilario rozen said...

Riccardo great music,
and Dri many thanks

jazzcol said...

Thanks a million to both Ricardo and Dri!

Andrew said...

Great music Riccardo, thanks very much.

jazzcol said...

Fantastic shows!

Dri, FRY, Sanborn-Schneider_20030399_Vilnius.zip is broken. Downloaded it two times to no avail.

Anonymous said...

Sanborn-Schneider Vilnius updated (seems the 1st up was not complete):


JC said...

Thanks very much.

jazzcol said...

Fantastic, Dri! Thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Dri and Riccardo for sharing this fantastic array of Gil Evans concerts!

David said...

can this be reupped please? Thanks!

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