28 January 2011

Lester Bowie Quintet - Live in Padua '78

One of the best groups led by Lester playing some Gospels, some
Spirituals, some Rhythm & Blues and some Free-Jazz : from the
Ancient to the Future!

Rec. live at "Teatro Tenda", Padua, Italy, on April 4, 1978
(mics recording)

Lester Bowie,trumpet
Arthur Blythe,alto sax
Amina Claudine Myers,piano
Malachi Favors Maghostut,bass
Phillip Wilson,drums

1. Track #1 (31:30)
2. Track #2 (39:00)
3. Encore (03:25)

Total Time 1:13:56


Ten years after "Man Running" from the duo of Scianni and Izenzon the musical possibilities have become "shoreless" and one of the fruits of this re-/evolution you can hear on "La Musique Blanche".
Au contraire to the titel the music is colourful and is offering a range of moods and emotions.

It was Sotise who made me aware of Michael J. Smith - this post is especially for you.

The LP I got was in a very poor condition. I tried - carefully - to remove the scratches.


Michael Smith, piano
Kent Carter, cello, percussion

1. Megalomania (Geomusic 3208) 04:14
2. Ectomy (Geomusic 3203) 04:49
3. Otomy (Geomusic 3204) 04:48
4. Interception (Geomusic 3205) 02:35 (For Lonlon & Tanja)
5. La Musique Blanche (Geomusic 3207) 07:23
6. Sanction (Geomusic 3206) 04:33
7. Preparation For A Descent Into Hell 14:55
(For Doris Lessing)

Recorded in Neuilly, France on 12th March, 1975.


JOSEPH SCIANNI with David Izenzon "MAN RUNNING" (Savoy, 1965)

Joseph Scianni is still active today! His recent recordings are available on "CIMP" and "Cadence".
> http://www.cadencebuilding.com/

"Man Running" is one of a few "modernistic" releases from Savoy Records. As far as I know them they are all worth hearing - at least.

Enjoy this fine duo!


Joseph Scianni, piano
David Izenzon, bass

1. Daniel's Den 03:34
2. Junk Age 07:01
3. A Monday Idea 05:12
4. Little Pink Missile 03:55
5. Man Running 04:02
6. Soul Talk 04:33
7. Memphis Ramble 03:41
8. See Saw 03:56

Recorded on 18th March, 1965.

SAVOY MG-12185

25 January 2011

Gaetano Liguori Idea Quintet - Live in Milan '79

Massimo Urbani : the greatest talent ever produced by
the Italian Jazz. Max lives!

Rec. live at "Palazzina Liberty", Milan, Italy, on
March 22, 1979 (mics recording)

Gaetano Liguori,piano
Massimo Urbani,alto sax
Danilo Terenzi,trombone
Roberto Del Piano,Fender bass
Filippo Monico,drums

1. Peppina (14:44)
2. 3/4 Per Danilo (12:52)
3. Il Tango (13:38)
4. Ballata Per Un Vicolo (07:40)
5. Corale Per Albert Ayler (11:30)
6. Suite Del Terzo Mondo (36:09)
7. Geronimo Boogie (04:33)
8. Unidentified Song by R.Rudd (07:55)

Total Time 1:49:03

All compositions by G.Liguori except (8) by R.Rudd.

24 January 2011


As Dan Warburton wrote in a review in The Wire : "Portuguese New Music's best kept secret".

This is an earlier recording from Sei Miguel along Fala Mariam who is his constant partner.
But it is really a group music although fed by the strong and singular vision of Sei Miguel.

A kind of beauty never heard before - more to the fore on his last albums (precious ones) - but already here it has blossomed. It is like a tender alien from the midst of ourselves.

Hopefully this will help to reveal the "secret".

Check out his website >
http://rt2.planetaclix.pt/seimiguel/enter.html ---
and his last two releases >
http://www.creativesourcesrec.com/catalog/catalog_067.html ("Tone Gardens" - indeed) and his newest achievement on Clean Feed Records "Esfingico".

Two more releases can be found and purchased here:
http://headlightsrecordings.blogspot.com/ (only 12,.Euro in Europe or 15,- in other countries - shipping is included).

Buy his CDs!!!


Sei Miguel, pocket trumpet (straight muted)
Fala Mariam, trombone (straight muted)
Pedro "chuva" Bretes, basses
José Oliveira, tenor drum
Menina do Tambor, talking drum

01. How Could You ? 03:02
02. Bodyguard 02:31
03. Stone Circus At Saint Clair 03:12
04. Pedro's Tune 02:11
05. The Moon Inside 04:09
06. Craft City 01:23
07. Road 02:57
08. Natural Kingdom Cool 03:05
09. Road Two 02:46
10. C.A.R.E. (A Blues Light) 01:48
11. Much More Vision 01:34
12. Advice & Monk 01:53
13. Chant 03:24
14. The Portuguese Man Of War 05:00
15. The Cloud Piece 01:24

40:37 of Pure Jazz

PJ3.01 (1993)

22 January 2011



Leo Smith,tp,flh
George Alford,tp,flh
Genghis Nor,tp,flh
Bill Lowe,tb,tu
Oliver Lake,ss,as,fl
Marty Ehrlich,as,cl,bcl,fl
Phil Buettner,bs,cl,bcl,fl
Cliff White,ts,bs,fl
Bobby Naughton,vib
Robert de Sesa,vib,perc
Allan Jaffe,g (only tr.3)
Wes Brown,b
Mario Pavone,b
Joe Fonda,b
Gerry Hemingway,dr
Yohura Ralph Williams,perc
Harryson Buster,perc,voc

1. Black Fire in Mother-land My Soul 05:09
2. Return to my Native Land II 14:38
3. The Interstices of a Dream (for Henry Miller) 10:44
4. Picric Wobble 07:41

Recorded: January 12, 1981 at RBY Studios, Southbury,CT.

Front Cover Collage by Yohura Ralph Williams.


20 January 2011

Francois Tusques - L'Intercommunal Free Dance Music Orchestra vol.3

Continuing with the series of L'Intercommunal records, we have now come to vol.3, the remaining one of the four records under that moniker. There is actually a fifth, but we will get to that in due course. This is possibly the most diverse of the four and strongly influenced by the contributions of Spanish vocalist Carlos Andreou. As usual, the emphasis is on urgent political issues of the day, and several of the tracks address political developments in Latin America and on the Iberian peninsula. The crew is more or less the same as on the other L'Intercommunal records; all pieces are recorded live in various locations in France. The music is rough and ready, no studio polish or retakes; this is decidedly not disco or designed for meditative listening on high-graded stereo equipment, but field recordings of gigs in provincial France, far away from the capital. Very much determined by the aspirations of getting closer to les travailleurs and small-town people. Voila!

Francois Tusques - L'Intercommunal Free Music Dance orchestra vol.3
(Vendémiaire VDES 036-6)

Side 1

Blues pour Miguel Enriques/Chant pour L'Amerique Latine (F.Tusques, C. Andreou) J. Maka (alto sax), M. Marre (tp), A. Winkler (tb), S.Ateba & Kiliokus (perc), F. Tusques (piano), C. Andreou (vocals). "Les Marins" (1977)

Piano Dazibao (F. Tusques) piano solo, Pradès de lez "Le Moulin (1976)

Vet Aqui Que Tenen Por/Abrisme Galanica (C.Andreou). F. Tusques (piano), C.Andrreou (vocals), M. Marre and J. Mereu (tp), C. Marre (tuba), T. Ledore (electric bass), Philippe (biniou boz), Jean-Louis (bombarde), Kilikus & S.Ateba (percussion). Le Havre in June 1978

Side 2

L'Heure est la Lutte (F. Tusques) F. Tusques (piano), J. Maka (alto sax), A. Winkler (tb), M. Marre and J. Mereu (tp), Kilikus, A.Mako, C. Marre and Francine (percussion). Le Moulin de Prades le lez 1976

Mar Jo Cantar No Fabia (C. Andreou) Mazir (F. Tusques). F. Tusques (piano), M. Marre (tp), C. Andreou (vocals), Kilikus & S. Ateba (darbuka + congas), T.Ledore (electric bass). La Maison de la Culture du Havre in 1978.

Some beautiful expressive trumpet playing by Michel Marre on the penultimate track!

More L'Intercommunal coming up!

19 January 2011

Wallace McMillan - Live in Florence '79

LaRoy Roosevelt "Wallace" McMillan, is a name that probably few
people remember today, but during the seventies he was a regular
contributor to the likes of M.R.Abrams, W.L.Smirh, A.Braxton, H.
Threadgill, R.Mitchell and many others. Is sufficient to recall his
presennce in the R.Mitchell's masterpiece "Nonaah".
So forgotten that it is impossible to find a picture of him on the Web...

Rec. live in Florence, Italy, on July 3, 1979
(mics recording)

Wallace McMillan,alto & soprano saxes,flute,percussion

1. Improvisation (55:49)
2. Encore (10:11)

Total Time 1:06:11


Music that is funny, cheerful and a bit bold.


Claude Bernard, altosax, tuyau d'arrosage, petit tuyau gris
Raymond Boni, guitar

Band 1 [18:54]
- Pleine Lune Pour Le Criquet Somnambule
- Petit Solo Introduisant
- Le Grostuyau
- Le Loup Garou En Pantoufle Cloutée
- Cerisiers Roses Et Pommiers Blancs
- Tenderly (Lawrence/Gross)
- Il Est L'heure Pour La Virgule Terrorisée
- La Danse Des Fèves

Band 2 [05:29]
- Le Saxophone Rouge-Gorge

Band 3 [07:03]
- La Pêche Aux Souvenirs Interdits
- Java En L'isle

Band 4 [13:41]
- Migration
- Quand Les Fourmis Auront Le Temps
- Galoubet Blues
- Mamadou Au Mali
- Mistinguette

Band 2 recorded live at the Riverbop, Paris on April 16th, 1977.
All other titles recorded live at "La Vielle Grille", Paris on April 17th, 1977.

HAT HUT Records G

("tuyau" is a hose or tube > "tuyau d'arrosage" is a garden or water hose and the other one is small and grey")

16 January 2011

B3B (Fred Van Hove + Bruno Chevillon + Barry Guy) - Mulhouse,Météo Festival 2009

B3B (Fred Van Hove + Bruno Chevillon + Barry Guy)

Fred Van Hove: piano, accordion
Bruno Chevillon: doublebass
Barry Guy: doublebass

01. Improvisation 22:19
02. Improvisation 22:16
03. Improvisation 08:45
04. Encore 03:48

Mulhouse 25th August, 2009
Météo Festival

15 January 2011

Harry Tavitian - East-West Creativ Combinations

Harry Tavitian - East-West Creativ Combinations

Harry Tavitian ... p,perc,fl,voice
Corneliu Stroe ... dr,perc,fl,voice
Reinhart Hammerschmidt ... b
Hans Kumpf ... cl

1) side A 16:13
2) side B/1 06:20
3) side B/2 13:40

total disc 36:15

live rec. at 1988 Costinesti Jazz Festival
(exact date needs research)

Leader Jazz Records ST 7001 (LP, Romania)
I got this LP from Harry personally, at the Budapest intl. Jazz Festival 1990 (14.07.90)

Following his words, this rare musical document is the first, if not the only independently produced LP of contemporary jazz in Romania, produced by Harry himself.
side A quotes "summertime" several times, on a quite detuned piano, but the music has magic spirit and oscillates effortlessly between experimental jazz, romanian folk, free improv... you name it.

flac > enjoy!

13 January 2011

Alexander von Schlippenbach - Live in Nürnberg '76

The shortest post in the history of IS.

Rec. live at "Ost-West Festival", Nürnberg, Germany,
on May 15, 1976 (mics recording)

Alexander von Schlippenbach,piano

1. Track #1 (07:19)
2. Track #2 (02:36)

Total Time 09:55


Here is an extension to Riccardo's Company post. Off course this is also Company - in Japan.

This version has almost thirty minutes more music than the original LP.


Derek Bailey, electric & acoustic guitar (except 5 & 6)
Toshinori Kondo, trumpet, alto horn (2,5,6,9)
Kaoru Abe, alto saxophone, harmonica (3,8)
Mototeru Takagi, tenor, alto & soprano saxophone (3,5,6,8)
Motoharu Yoshizawa, double bass (1,7)
Toshi Tsuchitori, drums, percussion (1,4,7)

01. Improvisation 21 (09:28)
02. Improvisation 22 (02:36)
03. Improvisation 23 (12:13)
04. Improvisation 24 (08:03)
05. Improvisation 25 (02:02)
06. Improvisation 26 (05:47)
07. Improvisation 27 (06:27)

08. Improvisation 28 (03:36)
09. Improvisation 29 (05:50)
10. Collective Improvisation 1 (07:07)
11. Collective Improvisation 2 (13:11)

Recorded in Tokyo on April 19, 1978.

KITTY MKF 1034 (LP) 1978
DIW 358 (CD) 1992
Universal UCCU 9021 (CD) 2003

12 January 2011

AMM --- BBC Maida Vale Studios Jan 1988?

Keith Rowe - tabletop guitar, radios and electronics
Rohan de Saram - cello
John Tilbury - piano
Eddie Prevost - percussion

Source: BBC FM broadcast > Aiwa 640 record > Aiwa 880 replay > Yamaha 1300 HD recorder
Transfer AMQR CDR > EAC > Flac Frontend (level 6)
Editing: None
Quality: A++, with relatively little hiss for this vintage

PW: jdiuh7

Company - Live in London '79 vol.1

"For me, Company is still the best way for me to work. It has always
meant that, "in company" as opposed to solo, just with other people,
really. The only thing I could say about Company is that it is not solo.
I always thought the name was anonymous enough not to mean
anything." D.Bailey

Rec. live at "Conway Hall", London, on March 3, 1979
(mics recording)

Steve Lacy,soprano saxophone (1/4)
Han Bennink,drums,viola,bass clarinet,trumpet,etc (1/3)
Wadada Leo Smith,trumpet (2)
Evan Parker,tenor and soprano saxophones (2/4)
Tristan Honsinger,cello (2)
Derek Bailey,electric and acoustic guitars (3)
Maarten van Regteren Altena,bass (4)

1. SL/HB (07:46)
2. WLS/EP/TH (24:54)
3. DB/HB (20:05)
4. SL/EP/MA (19:05)

Total Time 1:11:52

11 January 2011


This is Joe McPhee's third recording - never reissued.


Joe McPhee, tenor & soprano saxophone
Mike Kull, piano
Tyrone Crabb, double & electric bass
Ernest Bostic, percussion
Bruce Thompson, percussion

1. Black Magic Man 09:31
2. Song For Laureen 09:33
3. Hymn Of The Dragon Kings 17:18

Concert at Vassar College, Poughkeepie, N.Y. on December 12, 1970.

HAT HUT Records A


A meeting of Gush with the idiosyncratic singing (plus accordion) of Sven-Åke Johansson - in swedish and german.


Mats Gustafsson,sops,ss,ts,flutophone
Sten Sandell,p,sampler
Raymond Strid,perc,g,banjo
Sven-Åke Johansson,voc,acc

01. Tjo Och Tjim 02:54
02. Quartet VII 04:09
03. Ajax 02:00
04. Quartet IX 03:08
05. Platt År Lusens Huvud 03:11
06. Duo II 02:16
07. Transmissionsförbundets Remmar 03:22
08. Duo IV 03:05
09. Räven Kastar Loss 02:28
10. Quartet VII 04:13
11. Myrslokens Besök 03:17

Recorded at Fylkingen, Stockholm, August 1989.


10 January 2011


More from Bernt Rosengren and his friends. Also a couple of pieces which could be from the Sevda session posted by Owombat some days ago.
Here's again this irresistible "swing" which makes me smile...


Maffy Falay,tp,darbuka(1/3)
Bernt Rosengren,ts,p(1/2 + 2/8),fl(2/2),taragot(2/3)
Tommy Koverhult,ts,fl(1/2),ss(1/4)
Bobo Stenson,p (1/1,4,5,7 + 2/1,4,5,7,9)
Torbjörn Hultcrantz,b,perc(2/2)
Leif Wennerström,dr,perc(2/2)
Okay Temiz,perc (1/1,2,4,5 + 2/1,3,4,5,7,9)
Bengt Berger,mridagam(1/1),tabla(1/4,5,7 + 2/1,4)
Salih Baysal,voc,v (1/3 + 2/3)
Bertil Strandberg,tb (1/4,5,7 + 2/1,4,5,7,9)
Gunnar Bergsten,bs (1/4,5,7 + 2/1,4,5,7,9)
Björn Alke,b (1/4,7 + 2/1,4,5,7,9)

LP 1
1.Theme from piano concerto no.2 in c-minor, op.18 (Rachmaninov) [07:04]
2.In The Ocean (Rosengren) [03:16]
3.Meyhane (Trad. from Turkey/arr.Baysal) [03:13]
4.Gerda (Wennerström) [07:27]
5.Fly Me To The Sun (Rosengren) [05:14]
6.Gluck (Rosengren) [06:16]
7.Some Changes I (Rosengren) [08:59]

LP 2
1.Some Changes II (Rosengren) [09:22]
2.Iana Has Been Suprised In The Night (Trad. from Bulgaria/arr.Rosengren) [03:17]
3.Hakim Hanim (Trad. from Turkey/arr.Baysal + Rosengren) [03:06]
4.Some Changes V (Rosengren) [05:49]
5.Markitta Blues (Rosengren) [03:44]
6.Splash (Rosengren) [08:14]
7.Psalm (Rosengren) [02:49]
8.Markitta Blues (Rosengren) [00:55]
9.Some Changes VI (Rosengren) [05:11]

Recorded between 17th and 25th September 1973

HARVEST E154-34958/9


Here's another early Dror Feiler recording. Once again with Sören Runolf on cello and with the then 24 years old Mats Gustafsson for the first time. This is Mats Gustafsson's second recording!?
Again there is an "Industrial" feeling within the music.
But it's not only an onslaught as one is tempted to believe given the machines which are used.
Rather a "poésie machine" is prevailing - albeight without "mercy".


Music for Instruments and Machines

Dror Feiler,tenor sax, b flat clarinet, contrabass clarinet, grinding machine
Mats Gustafsson, tenor sax, drilling machine
Sören Runolf, electric violoncello, synthesizer
Raimond Strid, drums, percussion, circle saw machine
Petter Hellsing, planing machine

Side 1
Saw Opening (19:54)
Side 2
Saw Closing (18:58)

Musical idea and concept by Dror Feiler.

Recorded at Fylkingen, Stockholm, September 14th, 1988 by Paul Pignon.


This one is for you - Owombat.

9 January 2011

Leroy Jenkins Trio - Live in Florence '79

A wonderful concert : strongly recommended!

Rec. live in Florence, Italy, on July 3, 1979
(mix recording)

Leroy Jenkins,violin
Anthony Davis,piano
Andrew Cyrille,drums

1. Track #1 (12:52)
2. Track #2 (25:08)
3. Track #3 (12:35)
4. Track #4 (09:53)
5. Track #5 (08:56)
6. Track #6 (05:41)
7. Track #7 (11:50)

Total Time 1:26:58

8 January 2011

Maffy Falay with Okay Temiz, Bernt Rosengren etc. / SEVDA - Stockholm 1972

Maffy Falay / Sevda - Jazz I Sverige '72
Label: Caprice Records
Catalog#: RIKS LP 31
Format: Vinyl, LP, Gatefold

Country: Sweden
Released: 1972
Recorded: TV-2, Swedish Radio, Stockholm March 15th, 1972
Genre: Folk, World, & Country, Jazz
Style: Jazz-Funk, Free Improvisation

Maffy Falay: tp, flh, p, indian fl
Bernt Rosengren: ts, silver fl
Gunnar Bergsten: bars, chin.fl
Salih Baysal: v
Ove Gustavsson: b
Okay Temiz: dr, darbuka
Akay Temiz: darbuka

Tracklist: [ total 48:35]
A1 Taksim 2:39
A2 Hicaz Dolap 2:48
A3 Tamzara 11:45
A4 Batum 5:21
B1 Karadeniz 5:23
B2 Makadonya 8:31
B3 Çifte Telli 8:05
B4 Karsilama 3:59

Sevda is a unique fusion of Turkish music and Swedish jazz, which grooves naturally in exotic time signatures (like 7/8 and 9/4), blending textures, rhythms and swinging improvisations into an exciting whole. It was recorded live at a TV studio, and at the time nobody had any idea it would be issued as a record. On drums is the great Okay Temiz, who also played with Don Cherry for some time (as well as did Maffy Falay).


A recording from a seminal phase in Cecil Taylor's career.
The sound is really not the best - it's a bootleg!
But who I am to complain - in fact it is one of three known recordings from this excellent group - here in a rare early setting with a bassist.


Cecil Taylor, piano
Jimmy Lyons, alto saxophone
Kurt Lindgren, double bass
Sunny Murray, drums

1. Spontaneous Improvisation (C.T.) 14:20
2. Flamingo (Gruoya-Anderson) 14:09

Recorded at the Gyllene Cirkeln, Stockholm, Sweden on October 14, 1962.

INGO sixteen




Julius Hemphill, alto saxophone
Abdul K. Wadud, cello

1. In Space 07:05
2. Pensive 08:25
3. Echo 1 (Morning) 07:54
4. Echo 2 (Evening) 23:22

Recorded at "La Mama Workshop", N.Y.C. - May 28, 1976.


6 January 2011

Wadada Leo Smith - Live in Pisa '79 [New links]

A short one.

Rec. live in Pisa, Italy, on June 30, 1979
(mics recording)

Wadada Leo Smith,trumpet,flugelhorn,flute

1. Solo #1 (10:10)
2. Solo #2 (06:40)
3. Solo #3 (10:44)

Total Time 27:35


Bernt Rosengren started to play Jazz in 1956. He became one of the leading musicians in sweden during the sixties. Through Don Cherry's influence he moved from hard bop into freer regions of sound.
He played among others with George Russell > http://follyfortoseewhat.blogspot.com/2009/10/george-russell-sextet.html < , Krzysztof Komeda, Okay Temiz, Maffy Falay, Tomasz Stanko and the Baden-Baden Free Jazz Orchestra.

This quartet was blowing off the roofs in the 1970´s in Sweden.

.......for me simply uplifting......


Bernt Rosengren,ts,as,fl,p
Tommy Koverhult,ts,fl
Torbjörn Hultcrantz,b
Leif Wennerström,dr,p

1. Fly Me To The Sun 14:22
2. Gerda 08:55
3. Samba-Biten 02:47
4. No Air 11:06
5. Tempo 03:38
6. Free 02:10
7. Claodätt 03:11

Recorded: September 14th 1971 by Göran Freese, Ljudatergivning, Stockholm.


(flac as always & cover)

5 January 2011

Okay Temiz + Johnny Dyani – Witchdoctor’s Son (Istanbul, 1976)

Okay Temiz + Johnny Dyani – Witchdoctor’s Son (1976)
Release: 1976
Label: Yonca Plak (YCSLP 5013)

The Players:
* Okay Temiz - drums, percussion
* Johnny Dyani - bass, piano, vocals
* Saffet Gundeger - clarinet, violin
* Gunnar Bergsten - baritone sax
* Oguz - electric bass

Recorded 1976 in Istambul. Exact date unknown.

(A1) Gece [The Night] (Okay Temiz) [03:46]
(A2) Yesil Fener [I'm a Green Lamp] (Turkish Trad. arr by O. Temiz) [05:46]
(A3) Sark Gezintileri [Orient Trip] (Turkish Trad. arr by O. Temiz) [04:16]
(A4) Karadeniz Dalgari [Black Sea Waves] (Turkish Trad. arr by O. Temiz) [02:10]
(A5) Doktur [Play for me] (Turkish Trad. arr by O. Temiz) [04:57]

(B1) Elhamdulillah Marimba [Marimba] (Don Cherry arr. by Johnny Dyani) [06:16]
(B2) Hepimiz Icin [It's for you all] (Johnny Dyani) [03:57]
(B3) Ben Muslumanim [I'm Muslim Man] (Johnny Dyani) [04:46]
(B4) Moriva [Moriva] (By the Children of South Africa) [07:33]

total time [43:33]

I got this LP in the sales-bin of a tiny record shop in Copenhagen. Never seen it again afterwards. A great musical bridge between cultures, and a very spontaneous, inspired set.

pressing could be better, i did my best to remove noises - have fun!


World Sax Quartet & Max Roach - Live in Rome '81

Recorded about four months after the "historic" meeting :
M’Boom and World Saxophone Quartet at The Cathedral
of St. John the Divine, N.Y.C., June 26, 1981.

Rec. live at "Teatro dell'Opera", Rome, Italy, on October 28,
1981 (mics recording)

Hamiet Bluiett,baritone sax,clarinet (-09)
Julius Hemphill,alto & soprano sax (-09)
Oliver Lake,alto sax (-09)
David Murray,tenor sax,bass clarinet (-09)
Max Roach,drums (09-14)

01. Sundance [H.Bluiett] (01:39)
02. Plainsong [J.Hemphill] (06:42)
03. Revue [J.Hemphill] (14:13)
04. Bordertown [J.Hemphill] (08:07)
05. My First Winter [J.Hemphill] (08:31)
06. Hymn For The Old Year [O.Lake] (07:22)
07. Stick [J.Hemphill] (10:20)
08. Ming [D.Murray] (07:43)
09. Max Solo [M.Roach] (20:14)
10. Hattie Wall [H.Bluiett] (03:55)
11. Funny Paper [J.Hemphill] (04:16)
12. Touchic [J.Hemphill] (05:08)
13. I Heard That [H.Bluiett] (04:35)
14. Fast Life [D.Murray] (03:44)

Total Time 1:46:34

Urs Bloechlinger - Neurotica


HatArt 2008
Swiss pressing 1984
2 record set in special cardboard sleeve
Cover grafic design by Ruedi Wyss

Urs Blöchlinger alto
Ruedi Häusermann flute, alto
Hans Koch tenor
Glen Ferris tromb
Jürg Ammann p
Thomas Dürst b
Dieter Ulrich dr

side 1:
King Arthur meets Hans Eisler in Hollywood - 12:48
Peggy's Blue Skylight - 5:44
Quick motion picture with a break shoe - 5:35

side 2:
Oh, soviel Vieh, Sophie - 3:36
Where is my funny Ballantines? - 9:32
Combinations - 11:29

side 3:
Kungusisches Arbeitslied - Niemand weiss hinten, wie er vorn dran ist - 14:16
The psychology of steeple chase - 8:01

side 4:
Neurotica - 12:17
Adrenallini - 4:43
Baghwan business - 1:35

total ca. 90 min

LP-rip to .flac - 2011-01-04
cover and inside reproduced in .zip
extended liner notes (german)

my 1st contribution here - enjoy!

Gato Barbieri-Obsession 1967 (feat-J.F.Jenny- Clark,A.Romano)Affinity-lp,EAFF-12

Heres a unique if forgotten gem by Gato Barbieri , who's early playing is one of the marvels of .. the second wave of 60's free jazz.
Recorded during Barbieri's fecund Roman period whilst still a member of Don Cherry's fabulous group ... this  features the same ferociously inventive rythm section as "Togetherness".. one of Cherry's lesser known records...

Some confusion seems to exist regarding this session ,which is sometimes mistaken for 'In search of the mystery:" Barbieri's  ESP album, of the same year featuring very different versions of Michelle and Obsession #2 ..for my money good as In Search ... is, its the weaker session!

 Romano ,Jenny-Clark and Barbieri .. had also appeared  the previous year on the spectacular "Nuovo Sentimenti'by Giorgio Gaslini.. along with Cherry... strongly recommended it can be found on Gaslini's intergrale disc 4- Soul Note-121352/3-2..

This whole record  has the feel of having been flayed down in one take without a break ...then later Edited into 3 tracks.

Any fan of contemporary Brazilian saxophonist Ivo Perelman , will notice just how hard he must have listened to this and other 60's barbieri .. it definitely brings to mind  Sad life and Siero...
...but for the sound and my familiarity with Barbieri's inimitable tone , in a blind fold test i would almost certainly guess this as a  Perelman record
In Short a Masterful scorcher that ought to be heard and Cherished ..
thanks to Iain ,who turned nme onto this one 20 years ago ..and who's vinyl i have transferred..

I have to confess to liking all but the most over produced, and Disco-fied of Barbieri's records ...its a sprawling uneven oeuvre, but one containing many beauties and depths ,which are well worth seeking out.

-Obsession- : Gato Barbieri (ts) Jean-François Jenny-Clark (b) Aldo Romano (d)

Milan, May /June 1967

Obsession pt 1 Affinity (E)AFF12

Obsession pt 2 -


3 January 2011


Wonderful music from the under-recognised Rudolf Dašek. Joined here by the grandseigneur of czech jazz Karel Ružicka on piano and Zbigniew Wegehaupt - whom I didn't know before - on bass.

It starts quite conventional. But already during the first piece they show a idiosyncratic way of interpretating this song by Carla Bley. All other takes are originals by the musicians and they arouse an appetite for more music by this group.

Original guitar playing and a drummer out of dreams - Andrew Cyrille.

Not without a cause Andrew Cyrille is clearly to be heard saying: "YEAH".


Rudolf Dašek, guitar
Karel Ružicka, piano
Zbigniew Wegehaupt, double bass
Andrew Cyrille, drums

1. Kocicí ocí - Olhos de gato (Carla Bley) 08:38
2. Jako vcera - Like Yesterday (Rudolf Dašek) 06:28
3. Fašank - Fashank (Rudolf Dašek) 08:44
4. Nech to tak - Let it stay (Karel Ružicka) 05:36
5. Vše,co zustalo - Everything That's Left (Rudolf Dašek) 06:57
6. Mezipristani - Inter-Landing (Rudolf Dašek) 09:12

Recorded at the Supraphon Mozarteum Studio, Prague on April 10/11, 1983.

SUPRAPHON 1115 3279 H

(flac + cover in comments)

2 January 2011

Francois Tusques - Intercommunal Free Dance Music Orchestra vol.2

Some may recall that I posted a while ago vols. 1 and 4 of the Intercommunal Free Dance Music Orchestra. This was a project of Francois Tusques to go "popular" - to connect with workers and immigrants, to take the music to the people, very much in line with the ethos of les gauchistes at the time. While Tusques had been at the forefront in introducing the concept of free jazz to French and European audiences from the mid-60s onwards, including the Intercommunal album on Shandar we posted here earlier, the Intercommunal Free Dance Music Orchestra was a step in a new direction, in the direction of accessibility and connectedness. This meant engaging in current political topics, domestically and abroad. Whether this made a dent in the larger scheme of things, is doubtful, but it remains a document of incorporating into jazz popular music from near and afar, with musical references to the Middle East and to Africa, a precursor of what was to be known as world music, though I hate that term.

This was the second release on the musician-run Le Temps des Cerises label, taking its name from a French song associated with the Paris Commune and thought to be dedicated to a nurse who was killed during the government strike-down of the commune. We posted the first earlier, but from a rerelease on the Vendemiaire label. The recording sounds as if it was done from the audience, the pressing is not too great and the music is ramshackle, but what the hell, we're not into polished aesthetics here. The music was recorded at Moulin de Prades-le-lez which is in Languedoc, not too far from Montpellier.

Basic facts:


Side 1

Un peuple qui en prime un autre ne peut pas etre un peuple libre (F. Tusques) (10:20) Michel Marre (baryton), Francois Tusques (piano), Jo Maka (soprano sax), Adolphe Winkler (trombone, maraccas), Guem (tam tam).

En souvenir de Cante Facelli (F. Tusques) (8:40) Jo Maka (soprano sax), F. Tusques (piano), Guem (tam tam), Adolphe Winkler (maraccas)

Side 2

Relaxation (A.Winkler) (11:05) A. Winkler (trombone), F. Tusques (piano), Guem (congas), Jo Maka (tambourin)

Chanson pour Pierre Overney (F. Tusques) (8:40) Francois Tusques (piano), Jo Maka (soprano sax), Adolphe Winkler (trombone)

Recorded in Prades-le-lez, Occitanie, 25-26 January 1974

(Le Temps des Cerises 02)

Michel Marre is listed as being on the first track, but I can't hear him. Listen out for the long, lucid solo by Jo Maka on the second piece. I'll have to seek out more from him. All in all, bit of a jolly down at the village hall or wherever it was. To be enjoyed!

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