8 January 2011


A recording from a seminal phase in Cecil Taylor's career.
The sound is really not the best - it's a bootleg!
But who I am to complain - in fact it is one of three known recordings from this excellent group - here in a rare early setting with a bassist.


Cecil Taylor, piano
Jimmy Lyons, alto saxophone
Kurt Lindgren, double bass
Sunny Murray, drums

1. Spontaneous Improvisation (C.T.) 14:20
2. Flamingo (Gruoya-Anderson) 14:09

Recorded at the Gyllene Cirkeln, Stockholm, Sweden on October 14, 1962.

INGO sixteen



onxidlib said...
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1009 said...

Wow. Really never thought I'd see this anywhere. Haven't listened yet, but wanted to post a thanks!

david_grundy said...


john said...

many thanks. I'd forgotten about these Ingo albums, but there were a lot of very good, if roughly recorded, sessions among them. For me this is Taylor's most exciting period.

matt w said...

Wow. This is golden. Thanks so much for posting it. (And the sound isn't that much worse than Nefertiti, the Beautiful One Has Come.)

trane said...

Terrific, thanks a lot.
Here is complete info about the session (with date specification too)

October 14, 1962

Cecil Taylor-p
Jimmy Lyons-as
Kurt Lindgren-b
Sunny Murray-d

1. Announcement, Swedish
2. Spontaneous Improvisation (14:18)
3. Flamingo (13:51)
4. What's New (7:06)
Total time (35:09)

1 – 3. TV broadcast, tape
2 – 3. Ingo (Italy), Sixteen, "The Early Unit 1962", (LP)
4. In circulation as a radio broadcast.

Notes: The LP, # 2 – 3, is made from the TV broadcast.
According to Sunny Murray, it only happened once in Stockholm that a
recording session took place and as Kurt Lindgren played with the
group only 2 days, it is likely that the possible radio recording
took place on the same occasion as the TV recording. The TV broadcast
is confirmed by a notice in an article from Orkesterjournalen (SE),
November 1962.
The TV tape was reused.
The announcement is made by Bengt "Abbe" Johansson.

Primary Source: Info from Jan Ström, #4 also documented by Ed Hazell in his unpubished C. T. discography

riccardo said...

Many thanks for this post onxidlib, and for having advised me about Michael's message.

onxidlib said...

Thank you Trane for this welcome illumination.
Maybe someone has the radio broadcast and is able to complement this post.

Igor said...

Many thanks for the music, onxidlib.
Thanks for the info, trane.

SH said...

Stupendous, thanks! (And agree on the sound quality relative to Nefertiti...)

JC said...

Thank you!

unitstructure said...

thanks for shedding more light on this band.very enjoyable listening.

Sami said...

Thank you for this. Really interesting year from CT's history. I wish to hear more one day.

nospoonboy said...

Could you please re-upload??? I am so sorry that I missed this. Thanks in advance...

Anonymous said...

Could you please re-upload??? this precious gem
. Thanks in advance...

onxidlib said...

Re-up soon.

onxidlib said...
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Anonymous said...

thank you very much
for reupoading!!!
Alex in Solex

Karl Straub said...

Thanks so much for posting this classic material. It's a perfect balance of lyricism and boiling intensity.

onxidlib said...


Benedrin said...

A big thank you, I was just think about this.

Benedrin said...

Oh..., and here is the missing 7 min incomplete bit titled What's New, taken from this colossal research web-page about Jimmy Lyons at http://www.janstrom.se


onxidlib said...

Thank you very much, Benedrin for the missing track! Great to have it!

Dark Matter said...


Many thanks for the re-up of the Cecil Taylor Jazz Unit - The Early Unit 1962.


Chiquilicuare y Zappa said...

Many thanks for your blog, in special for the albums by Byard Lancaster and Mtume .I discovered these downloads consulting Preview , thank you very much to identify the subject , I was not clear if it was from this session , thank you very much for reup

john said...

Benedrin, thanks for the additional 'What's New' piece, a lovely addition to the rest of the disc- enjoying it now!