28 February 2011

NO DOCTOR (ALGEN Records, 1995)

A short CD (ca.20 minutes) with somewhat crazy 'n powerful music.

Jazz ? - I don't know - who cares. Nicholas Bussmann has recorded a CD for FMP in 1997.

Apropos FMP > http://www.chicagoreader.com/chicago/fmp-total-growth-meeting-free-jazz-peter-brotzmann-jost-gebers/Content?oid=3191347 (Swan song).


Alex Nowitz, voice, electronics, organ
Nicholas Bussmann, cello, electronics
Hanno Leichtmann, drums, accordion

01. Cell 01:52
02. Homeostasis 01:04
03. Warschau 00:49
04. Zurückgeblieben 03:12
05. Weltlauf 02:50
06. Gasgachio 01:25
07. Zell am See 03:46
08. Surfers Ear 00:38
09. Alte Meister 03:07
10. Cell 02:09

Recorded : September 1995 (in Vienna or Zell am See, Austria ????).




Kalaparusha (Maurice McIntyre), tenor sax, clarinet
Malachi Thompson, trumpet
Hakim Jami, bass
John Betsch, drums
Juma Sultan, congas, percussion

1. Kwanza 12:22
2. Leo 12:25
3. Buumba 17:20
4. Around We Go 09:19

Recorded at Jazz Alternatives on May 9, 1977.


Billy Harper Quintet - Live in Rome '81 [New Links]

Recorded by "Ilario", a very long concert by the great Texan saxophonist.

Rec. live at "Teatro Olimpico", Rome, Italy, on March 31, 1981
(mix recording)

Billy Harper,tenor sax
Chris Albert,trumpet
Armen Donelian,piano
Andrew Mckee,bass
Newman Taylor-Baker,drums

First Set (1:09:11) :
1. Dance, Eternal Spirit, Dance! (09:34)
2. Call Of The Wild And Peaceful Heart (22:18)
3. Trying To Make Heaven My Home (23:13)
4. Croquet Ballet (14:04)

Second Set (1:17:13) :
5. Inside (11:27)
6. Soran-Bushi, B.H. (19:50)
7. Cry Of Hunger (34:44)
8. Groove From Heaven (11:10)

Total Time 2:26:24

All compositions by B.Harper except track 3 [J.Parth]

Croquet Ballet

26 February 2011

Henry English - YOU SEE WHAT I'M TRYING TO SAY (1967)

Even if it's not in the habits of Inconstant Sol to write about moving images, we're going to make an exception for a special short film. Made in 1967 by director Henry English, "You see what I'm trying to say" could be described as a portrait of Marion Brown in New York, both parts of the sentence being of importance.

Scarcely shown or circulated, it has kindly been transfered to digital media by Henry and we feel that it's something the readers of Inconstant Sol will want to see. Of note : the film contains shots of a studio session (set-up for the movie) involving Marion Brown, Dave Burrell, Sirone, and Bobby Kapp.

Shortly after the making of the film, Marion Brown - fed up with his poor financial situation - would take off for Europe.

Henry has written a very thorough write-up about the making of the film, that can be accessed at this address.

The movie can be seen online, following this link :


Many thanks again to Henry for his work in bringing the movie back to light.

24 February 2011


Hi Sotise - your wish - my pleasure.


Toshinori Kondo, trumpet, mutes, cheap horn-speaker
Paul Lovens, drums, cymbals
Paul Lytton, percussion, live-electronics

Side A
- Osaka, 1982.9.27 [23:41]

Side B
- Morioka, 1982.9.22 [25:26]

Side A, B were recorded in "live" during "Kiraku-ni-free improvisation" tour.
Side B was recorded with cassette tape.


For all - Enjoy!

Mal Waldron & Gary Peacock- First Encounter-(Catalyst CAT7906, LP Rec 1971)

A treat for those who love the great Mal Waldron's ,wonderful sequence of exploratory albums from the early 70's (quite a few of which are still out of print).
My rip is from the catalyst (U.S) reissue from the mid 70's ..

A pity Togashi Masahiko who at the time was performing and recording with Gary Peacock wasn't on hand for this .. other than the heavy handed drumming, this is top class!

there is an mp3 rip floating around for anyone who prefers that format.. just google the name of the album.
-First encounter- : Mal Waldron & Gary Peacock :

 Mal Waldron (p)
 Gary Peacock (b)
 Hiroshi Murakami (d)

Tokyo, March 8, 1971
She walks in beauty Victor (Jap)SMJX-10122
The heart of the matter -
What's that -
Walking way -

Note : Entire session on Catalyst CAT7906 and Explosive (F)538010.
A note,to those exploring Waldron for the first time, its almost all great , but for those who like tougher more exploratory sounds his series of enja discs are exceptionally glorious !

22 February 2011

Evan Parker & Paul Lytton - Live in Imola '78

A classical Duo from the seventies, evolved around 1980 into
a trio with the addition of Barry Guy. Here an OOP record.

Rec. live at "Rocca Sforzesca", Imola, Italy,
on July 13, 1978 (mics recording)

Evan Parker,tenor & soprano saxes
Paul Lytton,percussion & electronics

1. Improvisation (38:26)


18 February 2011

Joe Maneri Duo (Check trio elsewehre)

Joe Maneri Trio

Athens Creative Media Encounter,
40 Watt Club,
Athens, GA

Athens Creative Music Encounter
40 Watt Club,
Athens, GA

April 4, 2004

lineage: AUD > DAT > Tascam standalone > CDR > EAC > FLAC FRONTEND > FALC


Joe Maneri - sax
Mat Maneri - viola

Joe Maneri & Mat Maneri TRIO (check duo elsewhere)

Joe Maneri Trio

Athens Creative Media Encounter,
40 Watt Club,
Athens, GA

April 3, 2004

linage: AUD > DAT > Tascam Standalone > CDR > CDR > EAC > FLAC FRONTEND > FLAC


Joe Maneri - reeds
Matt Maneri - viola
Randy Peterson - drums

Roswell Rudd & Giorgio Gaslini Duo - Sharing (Dischi della Quercia Q 28007 LP-1978)

Never title was more prophetic...

Rec. at "Studio Cinemusic", Milan, Italy,
on July 20-21, 1978

Roswell Rudd,trombone (-A3)
Giorgio Gaslini,piano (-A2)

A1. Simona [G.Gaslini] 9'49"
A2. Four lessons from the third world [R.Rudd] 6'52"
A3. Sharing [G.Gaslini] 3'53"
B1. Ode to a green frisbee [R.Rudd] 12'19"
B2. Tango-Barcarola [R.Rudd] 4'28"
B3. Ow-wah-blues [R.Rudd] 5'33"

Total Time 42'56"

B3. Ow-wah-blues

17 February 2011



Roscoe Mitchell, altosax
Anthony Braxton, reeds
Douglas Ewart, reeds
Wallace McMillian, reeds
Dwight Andrews, reeds
Marty Ehrlich, reeds
Leo Smith, trumpet
Kenny Wheeler, trumpet
Hugh Ragin, trumpet
Mike Mossmann, trumpet
Rob Howard, trumpet
George Lewis, trombone
Ray Anderson, trombone
Alfred Patterson, trombone
Pinguin Moschner, tuba
Wes Brown, bass
Pheeroan ak Laff, drums, percussion
Marilyn Crispell, piano
Bobby Naughton, vibes

1. Harmonium 17:18
2. Mutumishi 05:43
3. Budding of a Rose 21:42

Recorded at Palm Studio, Paris, France - June 1979.
Produced by Jef Gilson.


Lionel Marchetti-Jerome Noetinger-Mathieu Werchowski- (Hermes 034)-2000

Something Special (for me at least) , one of the many great things on the too little known, and much lamented Corpus Hermeticum Lable, from N.Z, once owned and operated by the estimable skronk meister Bruce Russell of Dead-C &A Handful of Dust ,fame.

a timely introduction to the work of French Electro acoustic improvisors and masterly Musique Concrete composers/Soundscapists , Jerome Noetinger , and Lionel Marchetti..

The alternately subtle,nuanced and at times ferociously pugnacious free violin of mathieu Werchowski is wonderous too &and reminds me at times of Malcom Goldstein at his free wheeling improvising  best.

Free Jazz it ain't ...nor is it an easy listen , at least the first time round .... none the less its as  seamlessly inventive and compelling a disc as this unique genre has ever produced...

Recommended to fans of the earlier ,much more abrasive sounds of late 60's AMM,MEV ..and those wonderful directed Electro acoustic improvisations that make up Stockhausen's cylcle "Aus den Seiben Tagen"

Although Corpus Hermeticum no longer exists as a label , Internet searches reveal that their are plenty of corpus releases floating around Amazon,Ebay and various other online record shops , Bruce Russell himself may still have items for Sale.

Noetinger also runs the great Metamkine Label specialising in Electro acoustic music and Free Improv, much of his and Marchettis available work can be found there

a short bio of Lionel Marchetti.. Here
Corpus Hermeticum- (a History, and Catalog of releases)

Marchetti-Noetinger -Werchowski- CoRpus Hermeticum -Hermes 034-cd
Track 1- improv- Recorded in Lille Nov-13-1998
Track 2-improv- recorded in Turin Nov 25-1998
Jerome Noetinger- electro acoustic devices
Lionel Marchetti-electro acoustic devices
Mathieu Werchowski-violin



Just to add to the mini Phillip Wilson fest!
Heres an upgrade of another great lp, which has been around the web as mp3's..

this is ripped from a friends Vinyl.. downsampled from 48HZ-24 bit.

Unusual,to hear Dyani with an amped up industrial strength tone... he often occupies the foreground on this one.
the jacket photos were sourced from an upload a few years ago.

-Fruits- : Phillip Wilson Trio : 
Leo Smith (tp,pocket-tp) Johnny Dyani (b) Phillip Wilson (d) 
 Live, "Northsea Jazz Festival", The Hague, July 14, 1978
Electricity Circle
Leo's tune -
F & L -
Death ain't supposed to be negative -


16 February 2011

Sam Rivers Trio - Live in Lovere '77

Is more than a year that we don't share a recording of Sam Rivers
here at IS: it's time!
The sequence (on the long improvisation) is:

Rec. live in Lovere, Italy, on June 13, 1977
(mics recording)

Sam Rivers,tenor & soprano saxes,piano,flute
Dave Holland,bass
Bobby Battle,drums

1. Improvisation (48:08)
2. Encore (11:42)

Total Time 59:51

2. Encore

14 February 2011

Francois Tusques - Sonneurs Traditionnels - Intercommunal Free Dance Music Ochestra - Après la marée noire. Vers une musique bretonne nouvelle

I mnetioned in my last post that there is a fifth Intercommunal record and this is it. This one is different from the others in that it is geographically concentrated to Bretagne in France which is not unrelated to the fact that Tusques grew up there. The idea is to take the traditional Kan Ha Diskan folk music of the Scrignac-Carhaix region of Bretagne, normally sung in a call and response manner and designed to fit with folk dances. Here it is played on the bombarde, a woodwind instrument which can be likened to an oboe, and the binou kozh which translates as an ancient bagipe. The normal procedure is for the bombarde to call and the binou kozh to respond. Players are known as soners (in Breton) and sonneurs (in French). The sonneurs set the basic rhythmic and melodic parameters, and the Intercommunal Free Dance Music Orchestra weaves jazzy-improvisational patterns over and above, drawing on the variegated experience of the Mediterranean countries and the African continent. What comes out of it is hybridisation of folk and jazz, putting the "nouvelle" into tradition, both musically and lyrically. Behind the music, there is as always a political intent which can be gleaned from the lyrics printed inside the cover, reproduced in Catalan, Breton and French.

Basic facts:

Francois Tusques - Sonneurs Traditionnels - Intercommunal Free Dance Music Orchestra - Après La Marée Noire. Vers une Musique Bretonne Nouvelle

(Le Chant du Monde LDX 74703) 1979

01_La rencontre
02_Biniou koz free blues valse
03_Blues gavotte
04_Les racines de la montagne
05_La marèe noire
06_Le cheval
07_Marche des pollués

Jean-Louis Le Vallegant - bombarde
Gaby Kerdoncuff - bombarde
Philippe Lestrat - bombarde and biniou koz
Tanguy Ledoré - electric bass
Ramadolf - trombone
Michel Marre - trumpet, alto sax
Samuel Ateba - congas and bongos
Carlos Andreou - vocals
Jo Maka - soprano sax
Kilikus - darbuka

Recorded at Studio Resonances
Music by Francois Tusques except "Le cheval", coauthored with Carlos Andreou.

I'm going to stick to the folky jazz/jazzy folk-theme for a little while, so stay tuned!


I know it was posted in blog-land already twice but for my money this recording deserves a "flac".
The cover has an already worn out look though the LPs were in fine condition.

"Live At The East":

Mtume, congas, tonette horn
Carlos Garnett, tenor saxophone & flute
Gary Bartz, alto & soprano saxophone
Leroy Jenkins, violin
Stanley Cowell, piano
Buster Williams, bass
Ndugu, drums
Bily Hart, drums
Andy Bey, vocals
Joe Lee Wilson, vocals
Eddie Micheaux, vocals
Yusef Iman, poetry
Weusi Kuumba, poetry

1. Invocation [by Mtume] 04:17
2. Baba Hengates 17:54
3. Utamu 10:09
4. Saud 10:47

1. Alkebu-Lan 16:36
2. No Words 08:46
3. Seperate Not Equal 07:22
4. Sifa (The Prayer) 14:56
5. (no reference) 01:26

Recorded: August 21st, 1971 at The East, Brooklyn, NY


(Note: On track 5 (LP2) James Mtume is introducing the band members to the audience)


Excellent music by Ekkehard Jost and his comrades. "Palestrinas Reise nach Cadiz" is one of my favourite tunes from him which he has recorded at least twice.
Another version and other clichè-free music can be found here.


I would like to recommend three CDs:

"Deep" with - among others - Tony Oxley and "Some Other Tapes" with different line-ups (including the second version of "Palestrinas Reise nach Cadiz").
And "Wintertango" with his working group.


Herbert Hellhund,tp,flh,zither
Dirk Huelst,ts,roll shuter
Ekkehard Jost,bs,bass-sax,zither,perc
Georg Wolf,b
Joe Bonica,dr,perc

1. Mobibobi 06:56
2. Lonely Langgöns 07:01
3. Kleine Serenade für HeHe 04:38
4. Tangenten 12 & 13 06:39
5. Stieselkick & Dat Walzerle 04:34
6. Palestrinas Reise nach Cadiz 05:56
7. Omega Jive 04:21
8. Saint Malo 04:46
9. Haste Gesagt 06:21

Recorded at Amman Boutz Studio, Giessen, Germany;
on September 11th - 14th, 1983.

(all pieces by E.Jost except tr.8 by H.Hellhund)

View VS 0028/Jazz series

Lester Bowie & Phillip Wilson Duo - Live in Alassio '78

In comments to the previous P.Wilson post, this duo has been
mentioned several times : this is the only recording i've done
of the same duo.

Rec. live at "Belvedere Santa Croce", Alassio, Italy,
on September 9, 1978 (mics recording)

Lester Bowie,trumpet
Phillip Wilson,drums

1. Track #1 (15:18)
2. Track #2 (23:36)

Total Time 38:55

1. Track #1

12 February 2011

Paul Bley - Live in Genoa '03

Pictured above the beautiful chandelier of the theater Gustavo Modena.

Rec. live at "Teatro Gustavo Modena", Genoa, Italy,
on March 8, 2003 (mix recording)

Paul Bley,piano

1. Unknown (08:44)
2. Confirmation (03:46)
3. Ida Lupino (07:46)
4. Unknown (11:24)
5. Into The Night (05:07)
6. All The Things You Are (10:02)
7. Porgy (06:46)

Total Time 53:37

5. Into The Night

10 February 2011

Phillip Wilson Trio plus Guests - Live in Rome '79

Just following the previous onxidlib's post, here Luther Thomas is
involved in a jam with the P.Wilson Trio and other two members
of the Human Arts Ensemble (J.Bowie and D.Mixon), in Rome in
those days.

Rec. live at "Centro Jazz St.Louis", Rome, Italy, on March 25, 1979
(mix recording)

Phillip Wilson,drums
Olu Dara,trumpet
Donald Smith,piano,flute,vocal
Joseph Bowie,trombone (3-5)
Darrell Mixon,bass (3-5)
Luther Thomas,alto sax (4-5)

1. Track #1 (14:17)
2. Track #2 (05:43)
3. Track #3 (13:40)
4. Track #4 (17:08)
5. Track #5 (13:46)

Total Time 1:04:37

2. Track #2

8 February 2011


This one is dedicated to Riccardo!


Luther Thomas, alto saxophone, small instruments, recitation
Luther C. Petty, flute, small instruments

Side One (22:18)
1st Movement - Since I Lost My Baby (I almost lost my mind)
2nd Movement - 11th Street Fire
3rd Movement - Charge And Discharge

Side Two (15:52)
4th Movement - Dormin (Methapyrilene Hydrochloride)
5th Movement - The Fire Just Kept On Burning

Recorded September 2nd, 1978 at Studio K., New York, N.Y.


Bill Dixon 1982 (Edizioni Ferrari BD1 - LP, Italy, 1982)

From Ilario's collection.

"This LP was issued in limited numbers (probably 450) at the occasion
of an exhibition of Dixon's paintings at the Ferrari Gallery in Verona,Italy.
The LP was accompanied by a serigraph of Dixon and a copy of the
exhibition catalog. Two series were issued:
1. cover: signed, some with a photo of Dixon attached; unsigned serigraph
2. cover: unsigned; signed and numbered serigraph (series of 400)
The "Relay" pieces stem from a work done in collaboration with dancer/
choreographer Judith Dunn that was performed in its entirety at
Bennington College. The instrumentation was el-b, alto-fl, b-cl, 2 tp, plus
spoken word and dancers.
Dixon selected some of the solo pieces to be released on this LP.
Tracks 1 to 3 also available on "Odyssey".

Rec. 1970 (4-6), 1973 (1-3)

Bill Dixon,trumpet,piano

1. Solo #6 (trumpet) 8'40"
2. Solo #7 (trumpet) 2'36"
3. Solo #8 (trumpet) 11'34"
4. Relay: Dance #1 (trumpet + trumpet) 9'39"
5. Relay: Dance #5 (piano + trumpet) 3'19"
6. Relay: Dance #7 (piano + trumpet) 6'19"

Total Time 42'09"

5. Relay: Dance #5 (piano + trumpet)

7 February 2011


Here's another discovery (for me) with Marc Levin. A fine duo recording with humour and heart.


Marc Levin,co,flh,fl,voice
Abbey Rader,dr,voice

01. Sunrise For Charlotte 03:17
02. For Ilse 03:50
03. You, Me, Let's Try Gunnar 02:22
04. Cat Anderson's Cat 03:54
05. Hipness 03:58
06. Hally's Dance 06:18
07. Post Card To Mongezi Feza 02:01
08. The Dog Story 02:04
09. Pantomime Of Fear 04:23
10. Sweetest Of The Colors - For Albert Ayler 03:13
11. God was On TV Last Night 01:27
12. The Tactical Police Force 02:57
13. For Bodhi: Our Legacy, Our Heritage, Our Love 04:16
14. Prayer 00:21

Recorded Live At Herning Hojskole, Denmark, March 26,27,28, 1982.


6 February 2011

Julius Hemphill - Live in Lovere '77 [New Links]

Two short performances by the late Julius Hemphill at the
1977 Lovere Festival : the first is a soundboard recording,
the second an audience recording.

Rec. live in Lovere, Italy, on June 12 & 13, 1977
(mix & mics recording)

Julius Hemphill,alto sax,flute + pre-recorded

1. June, 12th (35:13)
2. June, 13th (18:00)

Total Time 53:13

2. June, 13th

4 February 2011

If I Knew Who the Enemy Was ... Roy Bailey, Leon Rosselson Fuse Records CF284 (LP, UK, 1979) (needledrop)

Arranged by Martin Carthy and Leon Rosselson;
Produced by Martin Carthy;
Recorded by Antony David at Riverside Studios, London, May 1979;
Sleeve design by Jeff Perks


Roy Bailey, vocals;
Leon Rosselson, vocals, guitar;
Martin Carthy, vocals, guitar, Jew's Harp, synthesiser;
Sue Harris, vocals, hammered dulcimer, oboe;
John Kirkpatrick, button accordion, melodeon;
Firoz Shapur, piano, French horn


Side 1Side 2
  1. Barney's Epic Homer
    Roy Bailey, vocals; Leon Rosselson, vocals, guitar; Martin Carthy, backing vocals, Jew's harp; Sue Harris, hammered dulcimer; John Kirkpatrick, button accordion
  2. The Ugly Ones
    Roy Bailey, vocals; Martin Carthy, guitar
  3. The Testimony of Patience Kershaw
    Roy Bailey, vocals
  4. Song of the Moderate Man
    Leon Rosselson, vocals, guitar; Martin Carthy, synthesiser, John Kirkpatrick, concertina
  5. Across the Hills
    Roy Bailey, vocals; Leon Rosselson, vocals, guitar; Martin Carthy, synthesiser
  1. Whoever Invented the Fishfinger?
    Leon Rosselson, vocals; Sue Harris, oboe; Firoz Shapur, piano, French horn
  2. The World's Police
    Roy Bailey, Leon Rosselson, vocals; Firoz Shapur, piano, French horn
  3. On Her Silver Jubilee
    Leon Rosselson, vocals, guitar; John Kirkpatrick, button accordion
  4. See It Come Down
    Roy Bailey, vocals; Martin Carthy, guitar
  5. The Diggers' Song
    Roy Bailey, Leon Rosselson, Sue Harris, vocals; Martin Carthy, guitar
All songs by Leon Rosselson except
Track 3 Frank Higgins;
Track 9 John Pole;
Track 10 Gerrard Winstanley, Leon Rosselson



Masahiko Sato, electric piano
Toshiyuki Miyama, conductor
Bunji Murata, Kenichi Sano, Koji Hadori, Kunio Fujisaki, trumpet
Masamichi Uetaka, Seiichi Tokura, Takeshi Aoki, Teruhiko Kataoka, trombone
Kazumi Oguro, Shinji Nakayama, alto saxophone
Kiyoshi Saito, Shoji Maeda, tenor saxophone
Miki Matsui, baritone saxophone
Kozaburo Yamamoto, guitar
Yoshinobu Imashiro, piano
Masao Kunisada, bass
Masaru Hiromi, drums

1. ICHI 19:36
2. NI 12:24
3. SAN 04:57

Recorded in Tokyo, Japan (1972?)

TOSHIBA TJ-9004 (first edition,LP)
EXPRESS ETJ-65019 (second edition,LP)


Here is Marc Levin's comment to his album "Social Sketches".
(See also this post > http://inconstantsol.blogspot.com/2009/01/mark-levin-dragon-suitesavoy-new-jazz.html)

Regarding the album Social Sketches, recorded for Enja in the 70's, .... it was made one of several wonderful tours to Finland. The musicians, and what they play are:

Carita Holmström, voice
Seppo Paakkunainen, reeds and flute
Teppo Auta-Aho, contrabass
Reino Laine, drums

These musicians were wonderful. As I remember they were all graduates of the Sibelius Conservatory in Helsinki, (Seppo also studied at Berkley in Boston but their influences from, and knowledge of where the music was from was astounding. They had the elegance and diversity of the American roots, and the fire of the gypsies, well supported by finesse and chops of the classical world.

The record is worth a listen....me too!! The very best, Marc Levin, www.marclevin.net


Marc Levin, co, flh, mel, fl, indian fl, perc, melodica, voice
Carita Holmström, voc
Seppo Paakkunainen, as, bs, fl, viol, perc
Teppo Auta-Aho, b
Reino Laine, dr

A1. Nylon Coverin', Body Smotherin' 07:23
A2. Student Days, New York, 1965 07:40
A3. Wings Of Icarus 06:37
B1. Brothers In War 11:11
B2. Letter To President Nixon
Re: The Chile Affair 09:07

Microvox Studio in Lahti, Finland on January 29, 1975.

ENJA 2058

(lp rip)

1 February 2011

WILLEM VAN MANEN "Willem van Manen" (BvHaast, 1979)

WILLEM VAN MANEN "Willem van Manen"

Willem van Manen, trombone
Misha Mengelberg, piano (track 3, 7)
Harry Miller, bass (track 1, 5, 9)
Martin van Duynhoven, drums (track 1, 5, 9)

1. Dice 04:41
2. Stukko straight plus 04:28
3. Pannonica 04:10
4. Velvet 03:26
5. Tussen neus en lippen 05:18
6. Wah-wah 04:37
7. 's Avonds kouder als buiten 05:50
8. Plunger 04:13
9. For Jimmy K. 07:23

Solo's recorded May 19, 1979 at Brakke Grond, Amsterdam.
Duo's recorded July 3, 1979 at Bim-huis, Amsterdam.
Trio's recorded July 4, 1979 at de Kroeg, Amsterdam.