17 February 2011

Lionel Marchetti-Jerome Noetinger-Mathieu Werchowski- (Hermes 034)-2000

Something Special (for me at least) , one of the many great things on the too little known, and much lamented Corpus Hermeticum Lable, from N.Z, once owned and operated by the estimable skronk meister Bruce Russell of Dead-C &A Handful of Dust ,fame.

a timely introduction to the work of French Electro acoustic improvisors and masterly Musique Concrete composers/Soundscapists , Jerome Noetinger , and Lionel Marchetti..

The alternately subtle,nuanced and at times ferociously pugnacious free violin of mathieu Werchowski is wonderous too &and reminds me at times of Malcom Goldstein at his free wheeling improvising  best.

Free Jazz it ain't ...nor is it an easy listen , at least the first time round .... none the less its as  seamlessly inventive and compelling a disc as this unique genre has ever produced...

Recommended to fans of the earlier ,much more abrasive sounds of late 60's AMM,MEV ..and those wonderful directed Electro acoustic improvisations that make up Stockhausen's cylcle "Aus den Seiben Tagen"

Although Corpus Hermeticum no longer exists as a label , Internet searches reveal that their are plenty of corpus releases floating around Amazon,Ebay and various other online record shops , Bruce Russell himself may still have items for Sale.

Noetinger also runs the great Metamkine Label specialising in Electro acoustic music and Free Improv, much of his and Marchettis available work can be found there

a short bio of Lionel Marchetti.. Here
Corpus Hermeticum- (a History, and Catalog of releases)

Marchetti-Noetinger -Werchowski- CoRpus Hermeticum -Hermes 034-cd
Track 1- improv- Recorded in Lille Nov-13-1998
Track 2-improv- recorded in Turin Nov 25-1998
Jerome Noetinger- electro acoustic devices
Lionel Marchetti-electro acoustic devices
Mathieu Werchowski-violin



SOTISE said...

and now 3 Other masters...enjoy

roberth said...

its good to see something on the dead c 's label here. warms my heart.

Owombat said...

it has been a while since last time i visited IS - just stumbled over this one that clearly has deserved more than 2 thankyou comments!

Frédito said...

Merci Sotise, c'est superbe.

Anonymous said...

please, do you have a link for this work?
thanks a lot