17 February 2011



Roscoe Mitchell, altosax
Anthony Braxton, reeds
Douglas Ewart, reeds
Wallace McMillian, reeds
Dwight Andrews, reeds
Marty Ehrlich, reeds
Leo Smith, trumpet
Kenny Wheeler, trumpet
Hugh Ragin, trumpet
Mike Mossmann, trumpet
Rob Howard, trumpet
George Lewis, trombone
Ray Anderson, trombone
Alfred Patterson, trombone
Pinguin Moschner, tuba
Wes Brown, bass
Pheeroan ak Laff, drums, percussion
Marilyn Crispell, piano
Bobby Naughton, vibes

1. Harmonium 17:18
2. Mutumishi 05:43
3. Budding of a Rose 21:42

Recorded at Palm Studio, Paris, France - June 1979.
Produced by Jef Gilson.



onxidlib said...
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wildgrebe said...

Many thanks for this .. wGbE

serviceton said...

onxidlib, this is a great record.
But my news about it may shock you.
It is still in print - and available from Moers Music - on LP! !

Some of the items on the Moers recordings page are gone now, although they still have them listed there. But you can still order Budding of a Rose for EUR12 - on vinyl.


Which is pretty cool - but now I'm concerned I have rained on your parade vis-a-vis this excellent post / great album. There's no rules written anywhere here after all about 'in print'/OoP material.
I just thought I would mention it - hope you don't mind

SOTISE said...

Nice choice ,this was also posted here in 2008..the links are long dead... there's also a great roscoe mitchell album on moers from the same sessions "sketches from bamboo"


onxidlib said...

@ Serviceton

Thank you for the hint but I would say that it is NOT available.
I tried to order it four times and there was NO reaction from Moers Music - for whatever reason.
I got it second-hand some weeks ago.
And if it would be still gettable I would thank you nontheless for your alert.In the end rain is refreshing...
So - thank you!

@ Sotise

When I discovered IS one of the first downloads I tried was this LP - but the links were gone.
After hearing it I decided to post it anew.

onxidlib said...

Maybe Moers Music will see this post and mail me a request to delete the link.
Then I could order the other LPs which I wanted to buy already for some time.
We shall see!

And "Sketches from Bamboo" is also still listed on the Moers Music websit but my attempt to order it led to the same results as for the Leo Smith LP.

Until I get the above mentioned request the link will be available.

SOTISE said...

H..i hadnt read you comment when i made mine,but i distinctly rememember this issue came up, when i posted this in 2008 ,people were saying they tried to order lp's from moers but got little or no response in fact ,i my self did so years ago ,and arrived at a similar cul de sac.... or maybe not i cant find the reference... perhaps it came up elsewhere .

SOTISE said...

oddly one of the ones i tried to order was a phillip wilson record ,among a few others ...this is going back to pre internet times ..no response ,then just 4 years ago i attempted an online order and still nothing..no one else seems to stock the lps!

serviceton said...

onxidlib - I think Moers themselves have made it unavailable by not answering email! :o)
If you send them oh, another 4 to 12 emails, some Moers person may actually respond. well I can only speak for what happened to me with them..
The "sketches from bamboo" LP that sotise mentions is 'in print' on vinyl too! But it will be easier to get blood from a stone perhaps, than recordings from Moers Music.
Perhaps here, in this case, some laissez faire is called for...

serviceton said...

onxidlib said... Maybe Moers Music will see this post and mail me a request to delete the link.
Haha - I don't think they are awake enough to do that.

Jost Gebers should run seminars on this, and Tristan from Moers should go!

Until I get the above mentioned request the link will be available.
Given the circumstances, this seems fair onxidlib.

sotise is right, no-one stocks the things. ..

slovenlyeric said...

First I want to thank Onxidlib for posting this.

As to the question of what is up with the label, I was told that there are some legal issues which they face which have caused them to be less interested in sales.

Specifically, there appears to be a question about payment of royalties. (I heard that only a handful of the artists actually got paid, but that may not be true).

When I asked the owner of my local record store to get me several old titles, he said that it was very hit or miss and he never was able to get me a response from the label itself regarding what I was looking for.

I know some old titles may be available through Stores and Distributors who still have some old stock. You might want to Check Cadence to see what they still have.

I get the feeling that right now Moers is not doing anything much. I checked the their web page and it looks like they have not had any recent releases.

If anyone has better info, feel free to comment. I am interested.

onxidlib said...

In 2008 they issued a new CD - James Choice Orchestra "Live at Moers".

I tried to order this and other CDs for resale - as I have done all the years before.
But no reaction to my mails.
The years before it was possible to order although the whole affair was clumsy.

If memory serves me right: There were some heavy arguments between Burkhard Hennen and the community of Moers concerning legal issues (but in this case not about royalties).

In fact Burkhard Hennen faced a heavy opposition from part of the cultural officials over many years.

In 2005 B.H. retired from his position as chief organiser and curator of the Moers Festival and in 2007 he founded a new one called "New Music Festival Gelderland".

In 2008 - the program was complete - Burhard Hennen retired again.The reason seemed to be a lack of a sufficient financial funding for "OffsideOpen" as it was called.

About Moers Music's situation right now I don't know more than what I've written above.

Igor said...

Excellent album, no matter what.
Thanks for flacs, onxidlib.

paul w. said...

hi everybody,
this very interesting discussion about moers music reminded me my experience of contacts with the label in the beginning of the '80s. when they started releasing records of some aacm big stars (most of them were recorded for the first time) i asked them for some promotional copies for my radio programme at polish radio 3. they responded at once with an offer of exchange of their new releases for ... some polish jazz lp's. i was surprised as at this time nobody in the west seemed interested in polish jazz records. i sent them within 2-3 weeks about 200 polish records and they started sending me some of their new releases for about two years. this is how i got info and how i was able to listen to ethnic heritage ensemble (their fantastic album "three gentlemen from chikago" - original spelling from an album cover); anthony braxton; david murray; john carter; the world saxophone quartet; rova; shannon jackson & the decoding society; music revelation ensemble; fred anderson; phillip wilson; george lewis; ray anderson etc.). they were very difficult to find anywhere else in the beginning of the '80s. and i demonstrated all their records of course on air in my radio broadcasts. when this original record exchange came to an end - i tried to contact moers music several times - with no response and no effect whatsoever... even my questions about their new and upcoming releases (and it was time before the internet was introduced)remained without any answer. from the beginning of the '90s i started buying their product through cadence which was easy and reliable. so i am not surprised to read your comments.

best regards.

paul w.

Wallofsound said...

My last contact with Moers was a few years ago when I asked for a couple of CDs which they sent without money changing hands. I sent a cheaque in the post but it was never cashed. Very strange.

serviceton said...

paul w - that is most interesting background
WoS - a fine deal then for you (!!)

lee said...

Any chance of a re-up for this and/or a post with RM's Sketches from Bamboo?

onxidlib said...
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lee said...


Chris said...

Thanks Onxidlib for the upgrade of this Leo Smith album

Bhowani said...

Thanks a lot for this re-up !

DW said...

onxidlib, this is remarkable! Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

anyone ever find Mitchell orchestra - Bamboo LP ?

francisco santos said...

belated BIG THX!...

Ilario Rozen said...

Great Music
Many thanks in advance for a new link

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...