18 February 2011

Roswell Rudd & Giorgio Gaslini Duo - Sharing (Dischi della Quercia Q 28007 LP-1978)

Never title was more prophetic...

Rec. at "Studio Cinemusic", Milan, Italy,
on July 20-21, 1978

Roswell Rudd,trombone (-A3)
Giorgio Gaslini,piano (-A2)

A1. Simona [G.Gaslini] 9'49"
A2. Four lessons from the third world [R.Rudd] 6'52"
A3. Sharing [G.Gaslini] 3'53"
B1. Ode to a green frisbee [R.Rudd] 12'19"
B2. Tango-Barcarola [R.Rudd] 4'28"
B3. Ow-wah-blues [R.Rudd] 5'33"

Total Time 42'56"

B3. Ow-wah-blues


riccardo said...

flac (202 MB)

SOTISE said...

thanks&cyber hugs Riccardo , i love Gaslini and have quite a few ,but i've not heard this!

onxidlib said...

Thank you Riccardo,

me too - I'm loving Giorgio Gaslini - and here with Roswell Rudd...

I know "Murales" (from IS!),three of the Soul Note double CD's and the LP with Braxton.
Ahh - and not to forget "Nuovi Sentimenti"!!!
That was it until now - THANK YOU.

velobrewer said...

A fine rare gem. Just seeing first time evidence of their collaboration had me grappling for the mouse so I could hit the DL link....Thank you for this and everything found on this great blog-site. These two guys...wow!

Wallofsound said...

Looks great

Damon Smith said...

This is awesome. A recent veiwing of La Notte has made me research Gaslini more! Does anyone have the Gaslini's duos with Eddie Gomez or Bruno Tomasso?

wightdj said...

Quite a treat, thanks.

matt w said...

This is very nice and exactly what I was in the mood for.

The Gaslini I know is mostly Soul Note -- Lampi, the Monk/Ayler records, Ballets -- plus Meets Jean-Luc Ponty And Everyone Else. Hadn't known about this excellent duo.

Andy said...

Oh wow! I've been after this for a while. Thanks.

Daniel Karrer said...

Hi there! Could you maybe find it in your heart to upload it?
all the best

roberth said...

i second the request
would it be possible to re upload this?
anyone have "everywhere"

Nick said...

Hi Daniel & Robert - I do have this so will work on a rip for you

roberth said...

cool that is great. Mr rudd is really moving me these days. his old stuff as well as newer.

Nick said...
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Anonymous said...

thank you and again for the re-up. Gripping and magical! msj

onxidlib said...

There's a re-issue with this album - along with several others > Cam Jazz