30 September 2018

Marilyn Crispell, Harrison Smith, Eddie Prevost - Live In London 2012

Magical concert with a superbe sound, here is a link to a review
Sometimes Harrison Smith’s style remains me of Larry Stabbins, particularly on the first and second track.
-Marilyn Crispell : piano 
-Harrison Smith : tenor & soprano sax, bass clarinet
-Eddie Prevost : drums

-track 1, track 2, track 3, track 4

Recorded at Café Oto on November 7, 2012

29 September 2018


Have the LP since several years. Plus I got a rip from a friend years before I found the vinyl.
The sound of the rip seemed to be really OK. But it had a lot of nasty scratches which caused many clicks and some pops. Tried to remove as many as possible. (cover from the www)

Especially great to my recent listening experience is the bass of PK - but it is all along a classic.
 All four musicians still young and at the beginning of their considerable musical achievements.

Pierre Favre, drums
Evan Parker, soprano & tenor saxophone
Irène Schweizer, piano
Peter Kowald, double bass

A.  What Happened To The Old Cop Sets, Clancy?     19:18
B1. Lovers     3:35
B2. Dedication (For John C.)     15:56

Recorded: November 1969, Tonstudio Max Lussi, Basel.


(vinyl rip)

27 September 2018


While preparing this post I got confused a bit. Got this with a text file which states 11 items but my version has 12. The point of consideration are tracks 5 and 6. The list coming with the CD-r I've got years ago says there's only tr. 5 ( EP-HD-JL). But the folder contained also tr. 6 (EP-JL).
Maybe the performance of the trio was split into two separate tracks? And I cannot hear Hugh Davies on track 6. So it seems the way it is offered here might be accurate enough. Maybe someone can shed some light on this...Andy?

I left the short announcements which are obviously truncated - but better some meagre crumps of hopefully reliable information than none at all.
Interestingly this recording is not mentioned in Ben Watson's book on Derek Bailey, although it has a particular chapter on Company concerts and recordings.
There is an official Company recording from the I.C.A., London, 24-28 May 1983, which is also the only Company never reissued.

But the music is great and IMO that's what is important.

Jon Corbett, trumpet
Vinko Globokar, trombone, vocals
Evan Parker, soprano & tenor saxophone
Hugh Davies, electronics
J.D. Parran, piccolo flute, alto clarinet
Peter Brötzmann, tenor & baritone saxophone, clarinet, tarogato
Derek Bailey, guitar
Ernst Reijseger, cello
Joelle Léandre, double bass, vocals
Jamie Muir, percussion

01. EP-HD-JM 7:05
02. DB-JL 4:24
03. Announcement Speaker 0:46
04. DB-JM 6:41
05. EP-HD-JL 4:03
06. EP-JL 2:23
07. Announcement Speaker 0:11
08. JP-PB-JC-VG 6:11
09. Announcement Speaker 0:05
10. DB-ER 6:04
11. DB-JM-JP-PB-JC-VG-ER 11:52
12. Announcement Speaker 0:06

Recorded at the BBC Studios, London on May 23, 1983.


Gunter Hampel, vibraphone, flute, bass clarinet
Nedley Elstak, trumpet
Loek Dikker, piano
Victor Kaihatu, double bass
Pierre Courbois, drums

1. Ericolphy (Gunter Hampel) 10:07
2. N.S. (Nedley Elstak) 7:42
3. Infinite You (Walt Dickerson) 4:51
4. No One Around (Nedley Elstak) 4:36
5. Solitude (Gunter Hampel) 8:14
6. Consolation (Gunter Hampel) 8:19
7. Esotheric (Gunter Hampel) 6:38
8. Without Me (Gunter Hampel) 3:46 (fades out)

Recorded on April 2, 1966 at Radio Bremen Sendesaal, Bremen, Germany.

Announcements by Gunter Hampel.

26 September 2018


James Newton, flute
Marty Ehrlich, alto & tenor saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet
Cindy Iverson, bassoon
Shem Guibbory, violin
Abdul Wadud, cello
Anthony Davis, piano

1. Under the Double Moon: Wayang No. IV (A. Davis)     42:58
2. Whose Life? (A. Davis)     10:00
3. Still Waters No. IV (A. Davis)     33:25
4. A Walk Through the Shadow (A. Davis)     15:11

NDR Jazz Workshop No. 180; produced by Michael Naura.

Recorded on May 19, 1983 at Studio 10, Grosser Sendesaal des NDR Funkhauses, Hamburg.

24 September 2018


A firend of mine recorded this - well - years ago. It was stashed away somewhere in the cellar - and several months ago he decided to get rid of all those cassette tapes.
I gladly offered my helping hand.

Conrad Bauer, trombone
Shelley Hirsch, voice
Jon Rose, violin(s)

1. Part I  (25:00)
2. applause (0:15)
3. Part II (13:24)
4. applause (0:39)
5. Encore (4:08)
6. applause (0:34)
7. applause-encore_applause_audience_encore [or what?] (3:47)
8. audience-end-music & end-applause (0:35)

Recorded on July 15, 1989 at Jazzgalerie Nickelsdorf, Austria at Konfrontationen '89.

22 September 2018


A1. Impressions

B1. I Love You
B2. Imba

Koichi Matsukaze, alto saxophone
Koichi Yamazaki, bass
Takashi Miyasaka, drums
Shoji Aketagawa, piano

Aketa's Disk ‎– AD-6

LP Rip

21 September 2018


Here's what mvns about this LP: "Arranged and composed by Keitaro Miho (he didn't perform in this album), this is a spiritual adventure to a world where traditional Japanese music clashes and melts with contemporary jazz improvisations. The result is a monster of an album, with soaring vocals, searing saxophone and shakuhachi solos, mad electric piano action, uplifting koto strummings, as well as grooves so hard it feels you got punched in the gut."
  [There is a CD version (out-of-print) which is a disaster, sound quality-wise - crude needle-drop. There's also a vinyl reissue but it's out-of-print as well]

Takeru Muraoka, soprano & tenor saxophone, indian flute
Takehisa Suzuki, trumpet
Minoru Muraoka, shakuhachi
Suma No Arashi (Hideakira Sakurai, Kazuo Kojima, Nozomu Nakatani), koto
Ryo Kawasaki, electric guitar
Masahiko Satoh, electric piano, harpsichord
Yasuo Arakawa, electric bass
Kikutada Katada, tsuzumi (japanese hour-glass shaped drum)
Akira Ishikawa, drums
Takeshi Inomata, drums

A1. Mizaru   6:33
A2. Kikazaru 4:38
A3. Iwazaru  6:59
B1. Kine     7:16
B2. Nomen    7:39

MCA Records JMC-5026 (promo LP, 1971)

(vinyl rip)

Phalanx "Aka" George Adams & James Blood Ulmer Quartet - Live In Bremen 1986

While I was checking the discography of Phalanx in preparation of this post I was surprised to learn that obviously this concert have been partially published by James « Blood » Ulmer himself on his own label: American Revelation Music Inc. The only reference about this can be found on discogs:

But there is no copy for sale on discogs and I searched on the others most famous places where music can be bought and this cd doesn’t even appears. To have searched years ago some references of American Revelation Music, I know that this label have no distribution except by James « Blod » himself, also everything he publish is in a very limited numbers. So if this cd have existed it might be gone for good and very hard to find now. This is the first reason why I have decided to do this post, the second reason is the fact that on the cd, only a part of the concert have been published and the order of the tracks has been changed, here we have the full concert with the correct track order.
 01. Rough
02. Black Rock
03. House People
04. Recess
05. Where Did All The Girls go?
06. A Night Out
07. More Blood
08. Upside Down
09. I Belong In The USA
10. Nothing To Say
11. Pass Time
12. Love And Two Faces
13. Drum Solo
14. Church
15. Funky Lover

-James « Blood » Ulmer: guitar & vocals
-George Adams: tenor sax & vocals
-Amin Ali: electric bass
-Grant Calvin Weston: drums
Recorded live for radio Bremen on February 26, 1986 
This is the first version of Phalanx, the second one who recorded for DIW have seen Amin Ali replaced by Sirone and G. Calvin Weston by Rashied Ali.

19 September 2018


I grew up in an apartment building in East New York, Brooklyn.
I remember my father coming home after a long day of manual labor, putting records on the turntable, and creating enchantment. I remember capturing a piece of a remembered song that we danced to, and singing it in the reverberant hallways. I was fascinated by how the sound transformed as I moved through different locations in the building and out onto the street, recycling narratives while collecting sonic and visual images along the way.
My work today, conjuring locations, landscapes, personas, finding language, streaming consciousness, forming stories—is an extension of these childhood investigations, which I channel through my compositions, improvised vocal performances, staged multimedia and site-specific pieces, narrative radio plays, and sound installations. The work reverberates in real and imagined places inside and outside of the body which is my recorder, and the storage house of memory.
(Shelley Hirsch)

Shelley Hirsch, voice, live electronics, Mercurius Wagon Instrument(A5)
David Simons, percussion, drums, prepared guitar, jew's harp, chinese zither (A2, B2, B3, B5)
Samm Bennett, drums, electronic drums, percussion (A4, B4, B6)

A1. HmmmHaaayHaaa     3:25
A2. Utanussa (For Uta)     4:20
A3. Caspian Diva     3:31
A4. Hand Ball     3:49
A5. In The Mercurius Wagon 6:10
B1. Rosenberg Sisters     2:04
B2. Crackerbrain     2:59
B3. Conference Call     2:58
B4. Oh Death! (Traditional)     4:04
B5. Occidental Dreams Of A Geisha     2:33
B6. Why Do You Go There?     3:21

A1, A3, B1, B2, B3, B5 recorded during an Artist-in-Residence grant at Studio P.A.S.S. in New York, early 1985.
A2 recorded live in concert at the Kunstverein in Stuttgart, West-Germany, December 1985.
A4, B6 recorded at The Institute for Audio Research, New York, July 1986.
A5 recorded at the Kammer Theatre in Stuttgart, October 1987 (Mercurius Wagon built by Horst Rickels, Holland).
B4 recorded live in concert at Het Apollohuis, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, January 1987.
Additional re-recording at Such A Sound Studio, Brooklyn, New York.

Apollo Records AR 118706 (Netherlands, 1987)
(vinyl rip)

16 September 2018


Our contributor mvns means: "...a real nice free jazz shredder". And I can't agree more.

Naohiro Kawashita, soprano & tenor saxophone
Daisuke Fuwa, bass
Shiro Ohnuma, drums

A1.  P-Man, Nasu Itame (Daisuke Fuwa) 9:58
A2.  Denki No Teki (Naohiro Kawashita) 9:43
A3.  Mile And Half (Naohiro Kawashita) 7:07
B1.  Umi (Naohiro Kawashita) 22:47

Live recorded October 25, 1987 at "In The Zazzy".

Taruho Farm 1002 (vinyl rip)


A friend send me the following link to a documentary (1979) about Al Neil - recommended viewing.


15 September 2018

Three Motions - Pannonian Flower (Kovarik's Musikothek 1982)

Kovarik's Musikothek, R.A.U. 1011
1982 , Vinyl

A1 - Pannonian Flower
Fritz Novotny - composer, soprano sax
Paul Fields - soprano sax, synthesizer
Walter M. Malli - drums

A2 - Wagram
Walter M. Malli - composer, soprano sax
Fritz Novotny - percussion, clarinet
Paul Fields - soprano sax

B1 - Cold Dog
Paul Fields - composer, violin
Walter M. Malli - drums
Fritz Novotny - flute, clarinet

B2 - Eastern Peace
Fritz Novotny- composer, soprano sax, bombarde
Paul Fields - composer, piano 
Walter M. Malli - composer, drums

Recorded March 13, 1982 at Jazzpodium Thurnthal.

The Nedley "Nedly" Elstak Trio - Conglomeration - Coreco 1978

This lp has been provided some years ago by Solomon in the contribution section. A very beautiful record in my opinion, more inside than outside but with nice compositions.

A1. Over And Over Again
A2. Conglomeration
A3. Vico
A4. Celona

B1. P’Tunia
B2. Simseop
B3. The Looser
B4. Celona II
B5. Remote Control

Martin van Duynhoven: Drums
Victor Kaihatu: electric bass
Nedly Elstak: piano, trumpet

Recorded at Coreco-Studios Amsterdam - Holland Febr. 24, 1978
Coreco lp 02 vinyl rip

14 September 2018


A1. Theme For Yoshida
A2. Moriyama Blues

B1. Bachnise Aketa
B2. Tsunohiro Sentimental Take I
B3. Tsunohiro Sentimental Take II

Masuko Nakamura, vocals (A1-2)
Kazutoki Umezu, alto saxophone (B3)
Shoji Aketagawa, piano
Saito Makoto, bass
Miyasaka Takashi, drums

Recorded live in February (A) and September (B) 1977

Aketa's Disk - AD-5

Vinyl Rip


A1. Bag's Groove
A2. For Heaven's Sake
A3. Smile
A4. Midday Moon

B1. In A Sentimental Mood
B2. Bb Blues
B3. Eyes Of Love

Hiroshi Hatsuyama, vibes
Atsushige Muraishi, guitar
Haruo Ogoshi, bass
Koji Kushima, drums

Fumio Itabashi, piano (B3)
Kazuhide Motooka, piano (A2, A3)
Toru Tsuzuki, piano (A4)

Recorded on 7 June 1977 at Aketa-No-Mise

Aketa's Disk - AD-4

LP Rip

13 September 2018


A1. ワルツフォーアケタ (Waltz For Aketa)
A2. ラバーマン (Lover Man)

B1. 外はいい天気
B2. マイフーリッシュハート (My Foolish Heart)

Shoji Aketagawa, piano
Koichi Yamazaki, bass
Kenichi Kamayama, drums

Aketa's Disk ‎– AD-3

LP Rip

12 September 2018


Park Je Chun, drums, percussion
Masahiko Satoh, piano (1)
Kang Tae Hwan, alto saxophone (2, 4)
Wadada Leo Smith, trumpet, bamboo flute (3)
Gustavo Aguilar, percussion (4)
Richard Maurer Jr., percussion (4)

1. Song I     11:56
2. Song II     12:31
3. Song III     7:19
4. Song IV     10:34
5. Song V     9:21

Recorded live at Yeongang Hall, March 10, 1999 (1) and June 30, 1998 (5);
at Duo Mull Workshop Hall, February 14, 1998 (2);
at Jung Dong Art Hall, May 4, 1997 (3); and at Live I Hall, March 21, 1996 (4)

Sang-Joong-Ha Music SJHCD-001 (South Korea, 2001)

Get the scans here.

10 September 2018

Reform Art Unit - st (RAU 1976)

RAU Records 1005
Vinyl, LP

Paul Fickel - violin, percussions
Sepp Mitterbauer - Trumpet, piano, percussions
Günther Rabl - bass, xylophone
Fritz Novotny - soprano sax, oriental reeds, flutes, xylophone, percussions
Muhammad Malli - drums, soprano sax, percussions

A1 - Railway East         19:00
B1 - Stillstand         10:50
B2 - Metallische Gebilde     12:10

Recorded December 4th and 5th, 1975 in Vienna

VARIOUS "AFRICA KARA AFRICA / GENBAKU SHOUKEI = アフリカからアフリカへ / 原爆小景" (HEm, 1974)

Here is some info by our donator mvns about this LP: "...It's part 10 of 11 educational LPs meant to accompany an elementary school-level music textbook. Side A contains a sidelong track composed by Masahiko Satoh that depicts a journey through the history of jazz. It features a lot of J-jazz heavyweights. Side B is an unsettling choral work by the renowned Tokyo Philharmonic Chorus about the nuclear bomb."

 Side A:
Akira Miyazawa (saxophone)
Norio Maeda (piano)
Masanaga Harada (bass)
Jimmy Takeuchi (drums)
Kenichi Sonoda and Dixie Kings
George Otsuka Quintet
Masahiko Satoh's Garandoh [Hozumi Tanaka, Keiki Midorikawa, Masahiko Satoh]
Side B: 
Tokyo Philharmonic Chorus
A.  ジャズの歴史
B1. 水ヲ下サイ
B2. 日ノ暮レチカク
B3. 夜

HEm ‎– H-201 (Japan, 1974)
[vinyl rip]

9 September 2018


A1. Striped Slacks
A2. Invitation
A3. Intrepid Fox – Take I

B1. Intrepid Fox – Take II
B2. When Sonny Gets Blue

Kazumi Odagiri, soprano and tenor saxophone
Koichi Yamazaki, bass
Kenichi Kameyam, drums

Recorded on 1-15 August 1976 at Aketa No Mise

Aketa's Disk - AD-2

LP Rip

8 September 2018


Audience recording made by a friend some time ago.

Willem Breuker, tenor & soprano saxophone, clarinet
Han Bennink, drums, percussion, violin, piano, soprano saxophone, sirene

1. unknown titles  14:37
2. unknown titles  30:05

Recorded at the Meistersingerhalle (little hall) in Nürnberg on April 30, 1988.

7 September 2018

David Murray and friends at WXPN, Philadelphia, August 1975

David Murray & Friends   
WXPN FM Studio 
Philadelphia PA  
Aug 21 1975

David Murray - tenor sax
Sunny Murray - drums
Khan Jamal - vibraphone
Monnette Sudler - e.guitar
Sonny Johnson - bass

One for Wallofsound, this one, I would think. Following on from my earlier post of Sunny Murray at Studio Rivbea, this is from approximately two months later at a radio station in Philadelphia. The line-up retains the Murrays and Monnette Sudler from the earlier recording, but adds interestingly Khan Jamal on vibes and Sonny Johnson on bass.

Six tunes, all untitled according to the info file accompanying this set. Not really a free jam, as it is described, but rather well-structured tunes, imho. And quite melodic, too.

More to come!

T.R Mahalingam - L'intégrale du concert de Rennes, 1er Décembre 1978 - Stil 1979

C. M. Madhuranath
T.R. Mahalingam
K.N. Krishnamurthy
Bangalore H.P. Ramachar
Srimushnam V. Raja Rao
Christian Ledoux

1 Kriti / «O Jagddamba... » Raga Anandabhairavi (S. Sastri)
2 Kriti / «Parmatmudu...» Raga Vagadeeswari (St. Thyagaraja)
3 Ragam / Raga Kalyani
4 Kriti / «Vetavunnara» Raga Kalyani (St. Thyagaraja)
5 Ragam, Thanam / Raga Begade
6 Pallavi, 1ère Partie / Ragas Kamavardini, Dhanyasi et Mohana
7 Pallavi, 2e Partie / Ragas Vachaspathi, Hamsananda et Behag
8 Tani Avartanam
9 Javali / «Appaduru...» Raga Kamaj (Traditionnel)

Intégrale du concert enregistrée le 1er décembre 1978 à la Maison de la Culture de Rennes

Stil cd 0112 S 78 0212 previously published as a double lp.

5 September 2018


A1. カリファ
A2. この悲しみこそをこの大地に踏みしめて
A3. フリー
A4. ラドソン
A5. ノモウタ

B1. テーマ・フォー・トモサン
B2. ワルツ・フォー・フー

Shoji Aketegawa, piano
Yamazaki Kouichi, bass
Miyazaka Takashi, drums

Aketa's Disk - AD-1

LP Rip

A side tracks are not separated


The latest contribution of mvns - a more funky side of Jazz.

Tsunemichi Oka, electric guitar, acoustic guitar
Hiroshi Yaita, drums
Shigeyoshi Sekiguchi, percussion
Noriko Nishihara, piano, fender rhodes, clavinet, synthesizer
Jun Tochizawa, electric bass
Junichi Kikuta, electric guitar (rhythm guitar)
Akihiko Kotani, alto saxophone
Tsunehiko Yashiro, synthesizer programming (B1), synthesizer & solina strings-ensemble (B2)

A1. My Favorite Fellows    
A2. Gentle Rainy Night    
A3. Theme From Three Days Of Condor    
B1. Arrival Point    
B2. Summer Breeze    
B3. Nymph Of The Sea

Recorded on January 22 & February 11, 1980 at Pale Green Studio, Akasaka, Tokyo.

West Wells WWL-1003
(vinyl rip - high def)

4 September 2018


Jim Dvorak, trumpet, pocket trumpet, whistles, voice, percussion
Marcio Mattos, double bass, cello, electronics, percussion
Ken Hyder, drums, percussion, khoomei & kargiraa vocals

Tibetan Buddhist Monks of the Schechen Tennyid Dhargyeling Monastery:


Thung-Chen - long, deep-toned instrument similar to alpine horn
Jya-Ling - double-reeded shenai
Kangling - thigh bone trumpet
Dun-Kar - conch shell trumpet
Rollmo - small cymbals
Sinyin - large cymbals
Na - large double-headed bass drum

1. Who's Watching the Watcher I (Trowo) 2:14
2. Light Shower (Benzasattva)  8:33
3. Horn Of Plenty  8:33
4. Minder's Kindly Eye (Shiva) 5:40
5. A) An Essence Of Its Own (Du Sum Sange) B) Mountain Journey  7:13
6. Inner Voice 121 (Chin Bep)  5:04
7. A) Good Beat B) Skeleton Dance (Dördak)  2:03
8. Who's Watching the Watcher II (Trowo) 2:08

Recorded at The Premises, May 28th 1995.

Impetus IMP CD 19527 (1996)

1 September 2018


Here on side A we have monks chanting with Jazz. I know only one other project which mixes Jazz with Buddhist chanting: Bardo State Orchestra - Wheels within wheels.

Thanks to mvns!

Tetsuo Fushimi, trumpet
Konosuke Saijo, tenor saxophone
Norio Maeda, piano
Yasuo Arakawa, bass
Takeshi Inomata, drums

A1. 般若心経     5:11
A2. 般若理趣経     19:03
B1. フォー  (Four)           9:15
B2. キュート   (Cute)  10:57
B3. 奠供             1:39

Recorded in front of a live audience. Side A has (three?) monks chanting, while side B contains regular jazz playing.

CBS / Sony ‎– 25AG 234 (1977)
(vinyl rip - high def)