15 September 2018

The Nedley "Nedly" Elstak Trio - Conglomeration - Coreco 1978

This lp has been provided some years ago by Solomon in the contribution section. A very beautiful record in my opinion, more inside than outside but with nice compositions.

A1. Over And Over Again
A2. Conglomeration
A3. Vico
A4. Celona

B1. P’Tunia
B2. Simseop
B3. The Looser
B4. Celona II
B5. Remote Control

Martin van Duynhoven: Drums
Victor Kaihatu: electric bass
Nedly Elstak: piano, trumpet

Recorded at Coreco-Studios Amsterdam - Holland Febr. 24, 1978
Coreco lp 02 vinyl rip


correct silence said...


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mike said...

Thanks, CS. I'm sure you posted this as I had requested a re-up in the request forum.

I had never heard this before, and must say after listening, it is not for me. I was hoping it was more along the lines of his "The Machine" album, of which I love the music, but care not for the vocals.

Oh, well. At least I gave it a try.

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ritzbird said...

It is one of the wonders of this site that you can always pick up something interesting/intriguing/exciting by someone you have never heard of before.Many thanks.

Luc Mosley said...

thank you!