29 July 2009

Anthony Davis & James Newton Quartet - Live in Moers '79

For "jazz flute" lover(s) here is a very good concert
by one of the finest groups (in my opinion) of the
late seventies. The highlight is, without doubt,
"Meditations on Integration" : tribute to the Genius
passed away few months before.

Rec. live at the 8th Moers Festival, Moers, Germany,
on June 3rd, 1979 (mics recording)

James Newton,flute
Anthony Davis,piano
Rick Rozie,bass
Pheeroan akLaff,drums

1. Lake [J.Newton] (10:02)
2. Of Blues And Dreams [A.Davis] (25:15)
3. Hocket In The Pocket [A.Davis] (08:30)
4. Pinky Below [J.Newton] (16:04)
5. Meditations On Integration [C.Mingus] (27:38)
6. Encore [Unknown] (11:19)

Total Time 1:38:52

Kris Wanders Double Trio - live in Melbourne 2009

This was dropped in the comments section by Sotise:

Kris Wanders ...was an original member of the Globe Unity Orchestra, was a close friend and cohort of Broetzmann, Van Hove , and being Dutch ..Breuker and the ICP people too.

he seems to have got tired of the European rat race , travelled to north africa ..the Americas and South-East Asia, before finally settling in Australia.

hes pretty much a player in the untramelled,hyper expressionistic ...Frank Wright , Broetzmann vein... high energy ..relentlessly ferocious..
sound appealing?

I recorded this show with Wanders Permission, and its been and gone at DimeAdozen.

Kris Wanders double trio
Kris Wanders t-s /Jeff Henderson bari- s/Rory Brown &
Mike Majkowski bass, Robbie Avenheim & Sean
Baxter drums

@ 'Bar Open'
Brunswick St, Fitzroy Melbourne
april 24 2009
recorded with a Zoom hd-at wav 44100htz- then converted to Flac using FLac frontend level 8

28 July 2009

Nicole Mitchell's Black Earth Ensemble live in Rome 2006

We had a request from Yelizev for "jazz flute" so I thought that might be a good pretext for posting Nicole Mitchell on this blog (as if one is needed). Nicole Mitchell is a second-generation AACM member which will fit nicely with the former post of AACM founder Muhal Richard Abrams.

Here's an introduction to the BEE from her official web site (from where the above pic is taken): "Nicole Mitchell’s Black Earth Ensemble (BEE) is a musical celebration of the African American cultural legacy. Founded and directed in 1998 by creative flutist/composer Nicole Mitchell, BEE has performed in festivals and art venues throughout Europe and Canada and in New York and Chicago. BEE’s music embraces the ancient past and paints visions of a positive future. The music is the weaving of swing, blues, avante garde jazz, bebop, African rhythms, Eastern modes and Western classical sounds. The name “Black Earth” was chosen to honor the feminine source that our lives depend on—Mother Earth. The purpose of Black Earth Ensemble is to inspire the human spirit with thought-provoking beauty and to present a positive, healthy and culturally aware image of African Americans. As a woman-directed, co-ed, multi-generational group, it touches a range of emotional spaces rarely expressed in a “jazz” setting. Black Earth's message is intended for audiences of all ages and backgrounds. "

Basic info from uploader "survivor 69" on Dime:


live FM radio broadcast from "Le Labbra Nude" festival, Auditorium of Parco Della Musica, Roma (Italy), by "Il Cartellone - Radio Tre Suite Jazz", RAI, on friday 12 May 2006, 22:25 hours

Nicole Margaret Mitchell, flute, alto flute, piccolo, vocals;
Dee Alexander, vocals;
Ugochi, vocals;
David Boykin, tenor saxophones, clarinets;
David Young, trumpet, vocals;
Tony Herrera, trombone, shells;
Jeff Parker, guitar;
Josh Abrams, bass;
Isahia Spencer, drums (NOTE: in place of Hamid Drake).

01 Time For a Change [CUT, start missed] 2.07
02 Love Has No Boundaries 10.55
03 Woman's Body, Child's Mind 12.22
04 instrumental 10.50
05 For Daughters Of Young Love 2.59
06 Journey For The Three Blue Stones 8.43
07 Message From The Mothergoddess 5.45
08 Thanking The Universe For Our Path Together 12.29
-- encore break and radio announcements
09 Peaceful Village Town 7.48

running time : 73'58"

So, enjoy!

26 July 2009

Muhal Richard Abrams - Live in Rome '79

Wonderfully recorded by my dear friend "Ilario",
this Muhal's concert remains among the best things
i've never listened by the Great Chicagoan pianist.
A true lesson about piano jazz and not only.
Higly recommended !
(the day after concert [February 11th] in the next future)

Rec. live at "Centro Jazz St. Louis", Rome, Italy,
on February 10th, 1979 (mix recording)

Muhal Richard Abrams,piano

1. Track #1 (36:30)
2. Track #2 (35:43)
3. Track #3 (07:58)

Total Time 1:20:13

25 July 2009

Michel Portal Unit - Live in Lovere '79

My second and last contribution at the musical
story of M.Portal : a single piece, since the
concert devoleped as a long (very long) medley.
Terrific work by the couple Francioli/Favre,
at the level of the most famous Holland/Altschul
or Parker/Drake.

Rec. live in Lovere, Italy, on June 17th, 1979
(mix recording)

Michel Portal,reeds,bandoneòn
Albert Mangelsdorff,trombone
Leon Francioli,bass
Pierre Favre,percussions

1. Track #1 (1:19:49)

23 July 2009

Michel Portal & Bernard Lubat - Live in Imola '78

Just a little help to kinabalu for covering
a bit of ground in M. Portal's musical story :
this is the first of two concerts, by the great
French musician, i've taped.
Really, more than a concert, this duo with
B.Lubat is an happening with moments
remembering the theatre of the absurd.

Rec. live at "Rocca Sforzesca", Imola, Italy,
on July 14th, 1978 (mics recording)

Michel Portal,reeds,bandoneòn
Bernard Lubat,percussions,piano,synth

1. Track #1 (46:10)
2. Track #2 (10:15)

Total time 56:25

18 July 2009

Michel Portal Unit feat. Albert Mangelsdorff live in Willisau 1976

I've posted a set of the Michel Portal Unit from 1974 before, so fast-forwarding to 1976, here is a set live at the Willisau Jazz Festival on 27 August 1976. The line-up is as follows:

Michel Portal: sax,bcl,bandoneon
Albert Mangelsdorff: tb
Bernard Lubat: p,synth,perc
Beb Guérin: b
Leon Francioli: b
Pierre Favre: dr,perc

Portal, Lubat, Francioli and Guerin are in the picture above which adorned the front cover of the Chateauvallon 76 lp. In addition, Pierre Favre is in this line-up (as well as on the former Unit album from Chateauvallon 72) and last, but not least, Albert Mangelsdorff is putting in a fine performance here.

In essence, one long piece, cut into three on this upload from ........... As with the 1974 concert, a strong rhythmic pulse, driven by two percussionists and two bassists and a flowing shift between genres and styles, never losing sight of the melodious touch. At one point Portal is grabbing the bandoneon to insert a bit of folkiness and the final piece ends on a smoochy note with what sounds like fireworks erupting in the background. A communal feel to the unit with no leader calling the shots all the time and with enough space for everyone to throw their bits into the ring.

More to come from Portal for sure. I'm planning to do it chronologically, so we'll end up in 2009 for sure at some point in the future, but lots of ground to cover before then.

Borah Bergman - Live in Genoa '81

Thanks to IS i've met again (after many years) an
old friend of mine : "Ilario"
"I" has recorded all the Roman concerts, while i
was active in north Italy. This recording is the
first result of our new (and i hope long lasting)

About the music : probably this has been the first
concert held by Borah in Italy (the day after i've
listened to him in Milan but, unfortunately, i've
lost the tape). A totally unknown pianist (at that
time) for the European audience but a Real Giant!

Rec. live in Genoa, Italy, on July 27th, 1981
(mix recording from BC collection)

Borah Bergman,piano

1. Track #1 (10:30)
2. Track #2 (10:30)
3. Track #3 (09:17)
4. Track #4 (13:13)
5. Track #5 (11:35)
6. Track #6 (04:11)

Total Time 59:18

17 July 2009

Lol Coxhill - Live in Florence '78

A brief but intense set by one of Greatest
of the European scene.

Rec. live in Florence, Italy, on July 6th, 1978
(mics recording)

Lol Coxhill,soprano saxophone

1. Track #1 (23:34)
2. Track #2 (08:05)
3. Lol Announcement (0:33)

Total Time 32:13

12 July 2009

Muhal Richard Abrams & Fred Anderson - Live in Verona '79

One of the rare performances in duo by these
two Greats of the AACM.

Rec. live at "Sala della Guardia", Verona,
Italy, on May 20th, 1979 (mics recording)

Muhal Richard Abrams,piano
Fred Anderson,tenor saxophone

1. Track #1 (43:41)
2. Track #2 (47:29)
2. Encore (08:12)

Total Time 1:39:23

8 July 2009

Theo Jorgensmann & John Carter - Live in Moers '79

After Bill Dixon another rather underrated Master :
John Carter, here together a young Theo
Jorgensmann (German clarinetist).
This concert was part of the morning projects at the
8th Moers Festival.

Rec. live at the 8th Moers Festival, Moers,
Germany, on June 4th, 1979
(mics recording)

Theo Jorgensmann,clarinet
John Carter,clarinet

1. Jorgensmann & Carter Duo #1 (01:44)
2. Jorgensmann Solo #1 (04:12)
3. Jorgensmann Solo #2 (06:44)
4. Carter Solo #1 (06:41)
5. Carter Solo #2 (06:13)
6. Carter Solo #3 (06:50)
7. Carter Solo #4 (07:31)
8. Carter Solo #5 (09:36)
9. Jorgensmann & Carter Duo #2 (06:20)

Total Time 55:56

6 July 2009

Bill Dixon Sextet - Live in Verona '80

This (short) concert was taped few days before that
published on the double LP/CD "In Italy" by
Soulnote. An outstandig group including another
historical icon of free jazz (Alan Silva), a versatile
drummer (Freddie Waits) and three young students
of the Great trumpeter.

Rec. live at "Teatro Romano", Verona, Italy, on
June 6th, 1980 (mics recording)

Bill Dixon,trumpet,piano
Art Brooks/Stephen Haynes,trumpets
Steve Horenstein,tenor saxophone
Alan Silva,bass
Freddie Waits,drums

1. Track #1 (13:41)
2. Track #2 (09:40)
3. Track #3 (04:55)
4. Track #4 (21:10)

Total Time 49:28

2 July 2009

Betty Carter Quartet - Live in Rome '79

This was the first time I saw Betty Carter in person
and since that evening i've always thought that she
has been the greatest jazz singer after Lady Day : i
had the occasion of listening in concert to E.
Fitzgerald,S.Vaughan,C.Mcrae,J.Lee etc. etc.,
but no one never impressed me as Betty that night.
I hope you could enjoy the recording.

Rec. live at the "1st Women Jazz Festival" in Villa
Borghese, Rome, Italy, on July 5th, 1979
(mics recording)

Betty Carter,vocals
John Hicks,piano
Curtis Lundy,bass
Kenneth Washington,drums

01. 'Round Midnight (05:39)
02. No More Words (04:03)
03. Deep Night (02:00)
04. What's New (07:42)
05. The Trolley Song (03:27)
06. I Think I Got It Now (03:14)
07. Droppin' Things (05:50)
08. Medley :If I Should Lose You /Just Friends/I Should
Care/All The Things You Are/Unknown/Star Eyes (09:44)
09. Open The Door (04:48)
10. My Favorite Things (01:47)
11. This Is Always (04:24)
12. Swing Brother Swing (03:15)
13. Every Things I Have Is Yours (07:30)
14. Sounds [Movin' On] (20:45)

Total Time 1:24:16