6 July 2009

Bill Dixon Sextet - Live in Verona '80

This (short) concert was taped few days before that
published on the double LP/CD "In Italy" by
Soulnote. An outstandig group including another
historical icon of free jazz (Alan Silva), a versatile
drummer (Freddie Waits) and three young students
of the Great trumpeter.

Rec. live at "Teatro Romano", Verona, Italy, on
June 6th, 1980 (mics recording)

Bill Dixon,trumpet,piano
Art Brooks/Stephen Haynes,trumpets
Steve Horenstein,tenor saxophone
Alan Silva,bass
Freddie Waits,drums

1. Track #1 (13:41)
2. Track #2 (09:40)
3. Track #3 (04:55)
4. Track #4 (21:10)

Total Time 49:28


riccardo said...

lame (113 MB) :

flac (310 MB) :

wightdj said...

Great band, never enough archival Dixon. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Grazie, riccardo! The supply of historic recordings continues on...

free bones. said...

wow! thanks for this awesome boot!

i think dixon, unlike many other jazz musicians, was really at a peak around this time (the november 1981 album is a great example).

so many thanks for this gem! it sounds great, too. not so for most boots. :)

much appreciated.


downlowsoul said...

Question: when you travel in public, do you tuck your cape in? Damn!!! Have all recorded stuff except Considerations--been looking for more material from Dixon/Silva for ages. Can't thank you enough....

Stephen Haynes said...

I was part of this group and would love to hear this recording from the first evening of our tour. I downloaded files but cannot open. Please advise.

gd said...

thanks for this!

art brooks lives here in burlington VT & is still a very active musician.
he plays every wednesday night with his Ensemble V.
im going to give him a copy of this recording.

if you have any more recordings with him on it, please share.

thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Excellent! Thank you.

1009 said...

Thanks, riccardo. I really enjoy Dixon's two Italy records & this is a nice complement.

Stephen, thanks for the music, too! In order to open the files you need a .rar archiver. If you just google ".rar" you ought to be able to choose from a number of options. (If you're using a mac, Stuffit Expander should automatically open them for you.)

sotise said...

INCREDIBLE , thanks once again Riccardo....

Stephen, winrar is the most common option for windows ... its free , if you are going for the lossless flac option , and have any problems listening to or burning the files ... post back here and i or someone else should be able to help....
VLC media player is open source and can play just about any kind of file including flac's ... heres a link to their website.. they have versions for mac & windows

riccardo said...

Stephen if you're still having problems with the .rar files, i've re-uploaded (for you) the single tracks (not compressed) :





maybe you can give us an help in naming tracks : i've tried listening to the double CD, but have found some troubles (probably the music developed evening after evening)
is Track 2 : "For Cecil Taylor" ?

a big hug

Stephen Haynes said...

The work is often titled after the fact, when it is gathered for release. For Bill, titling the music is another aspect of the creative process.

While it is true, as one commenter opined, Bill was at a creative peak in the early eighties, it is also true that Bill is still active. Arguably, his recent work will rank high in anyone's assessment of his catalogue. Start by listening deeply to 17 Musicians in Search of a Sound: Darfur. Leave your listening baggage at the door!

We went into the studio with Bill last summer for a new chamber orchestra project. The resulting work, 2CD/DVD with essays and images, will be released on Firehouse 12 Records in the early fall of 2009.

Vist my blog for a journal of the project (Archive/July 2008). Check out Bill's Facebook page. There is a trailer from the new film of this project on Youtube.

If you all really love Bill and his work, help us to connect with presenters where you live to bring new projects to life (e.g., how about The Flynn Theater in Burlington?). The music is alive, and requires active participation (as well as historic appreciation) from you. Get involved!

kinabalu said...


thanks for keeping them coming. I have some serious catch up to do.

Yes, winrar is the option, at least on the platform I'm using. It might be an idea to get the software in any case, even if Riccardo were so kind to post the files individually and uncompressed.

I've just returned from a week in Berlin. Keep an eye out for the excellent Jazzwerkstatt label which is Berlin-based and seems to be a good outlet for what is happening in the city, jazz-wise, and so to carry on the work of the FMP label. I came away with a brand new Aki and the Good Boys cd, recorded at Willisau last year. There was a brand new Trevor Watts, but one thing at a time, eh?

matt w said...

Thanks for posting this Riccardo!

gd, if you know any way to get these musicians into the Flynn that would be great. And if there's anything I can do to help, leave a comment at my blog (linked here).

gd said...

hi matt,
i sent an email to stephen haynes giving him contacts for the flynn theatre. hopefully they will be interested in having bill and ensemble play up here.
i know that the artistic director of the flynn theater, arnie malina, is very interested in adventurous jazz / composition. so i think he'd be open to it. itd just be a matter of fitting it into their schedule.

ubu said...

Thanks a lot!

Just in case you haven't seen this one over on my place:


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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dr. john said...

Grazie Riccardo per l' enorme diffusione di cultura jazz che stai facendo. Ce ne fosse una briciola tra gli organizzatori di Verona Jazz...

DW said...
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DW said...

riccardo, rapidshare is gone. Can this be reposted?