23 July 2009

Michel Portal & Bernard Lubat - Live in Imola '78

Just a little help to kinabalu for covering
a bit of ground in M. Portal's musical story :
this is the first of two concerts, by the great
French musician, i've taped.
Really, more than a concert, this duo with
B.Lubat is an happening with moments
remembering the theatre of the absurd.

Rec. live at "Rocca Sforzesca", Imola, Italy,
on July 14th, 1978 (mics recording)

Michel Portal,reeds,bandoneòn
Bernard Lubat,percussions,piano,synth

1. Track #1 (46:10)
2. Track #2 (10:15)

Total time 56:25


riccardo said...

lame (127 MB) :

flac (250 MB) :

Discobole said...

There have been so many concerts and so little recordings that everything from Michel Portal is welcome, especially for a fan like myself.
I will post soon a few more concerts I have collected during my summer vacation...
Thanks a lot! Merci beaucoup

Yelizev said...

Great blog!
Do you have in your collection "jazz flute"?

kinabalu said...

Thanks, Riccardo. This shall be savoured.

Yelizev, not much to go on there. You have a little more info?

Yelizev said...

Nothing special, I just like "jazz flute"

kinabalu said...

OK. Let me think about that for a little while and I'll find something. If you check the Sam Rivers postings here earlier on, you'll find flute passages as it was one of his four selected instruments, alongside tenor & soprano saxes and piano.

Fr. said...

This looks like a fantastic album. Are there new links somewhere, please?