18 July 2009

Borah Bergman - Live in Genoa '81

Thanks to IS i've met again (after many years) an
old friend of mine : "Ilario"
"I" has recorded all the Roman concerts, while i
was active in north Italy. This recording is the
first result of our new (and i hope long lasting)

About the music : probably this has been the first
concert held by Borah in Italy (the day after i've
listened to him in Milan but, unfortunately, i've
lost the tape). A totally unknown pianist (at that
time) for the European audience but a Real Giant!

Rec. live in Genoa, Italy, on July 27th, 1981
(mix recording from BC collection)

Borah Bergman,piano

1. Track #1 (10:30)
2. Track #2 (10:30)
3. Track #3 (09:17)
4. Track #4 (13:13)
5. Track #5 (11:35)
6. Track #6 (04:11)

Total Time 59:18


riccardo said...

lame (134 MB) :

flac (289 MB) :

alec said...

Just incredible! Many thanks for sharing your treasures with us Claudio and Riccardo. I too hope your collaboration continues as these are some of the best recordings from this era I have yet to hear.

sotise said...

i'm with alex, great to have this early snapshot of Bergman ... the man's a phenomenon...
thanks again Riccardo, Claudio!!!

Ilario said...

Hi Mr. Ric,
many thanks for your "quotation".
Yes, the web and the blogs are very to find again kinds of music abandonated or forgotten and refused by the "great archives".

We have (I and Ric and also other friends) many treasures, that we would like to enjoy with all the music lovers. I hope that, after a long time (25-30 years!) our recordings will be still interesting, not only about music, but also for the audio quality.

I hope that this collaboration will be continued, good concert to all; in this moment we are working for you and for the jazz music.


patrick fadely said...
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lev said...

thanks a lot!
i can't believe in listening to this remarcable concert at last.
it's so difficult to find smth of borah bergman!
a great post!

Anonymous said...

After putting a question in the "Requests" page, I'm asking here again: Is it possible to re-upload it? Thank you!